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No day is as promisingly fresh as the first day of something. The unknown plays a seductive part on any story, with tender caresses on the abyss of what seems to be borrowed. Hence, entirely out of her natural element, she surrounded herself with the dripping branches and falling leaves. It could be the first day of a true journey. . . . . . . . #theshortstoryteller #mundaneidyosincrasies #shooters_pt #instagoodmyphoto #2instagoodportraitlove #lartenellaquotidianità #chasinglight #rsa_color #pursuepretty #livethelittlethings #seekthesimplicity #thatauthenticfeeling #theartofslowliving #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #aquietstyle #momentsofmine #moodygrams #inspiremygram #instamood #slowliving #lifeandthyme #inpraiseofslowness

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theshortstoryteller. He was thankful for her being there, she saw it in his eyes. She was u

He was thankful for her being there, she saw it in his eyes. She was unsure it was the right call, yet she sat down on the chair, under the golden sunset , facing him. She fought the urge to touch him by crossing both hand on her lap. "Would you go back to what it could had been", she asked. Ashamed of her temerity, she covered her mouth asking for forgiveness. Never would she believe she would dare such approach. He smiled at her and replied "no, not right away. We are no longer bonded by heart, as much as we used to when we jumped from the cliff together". It was both metaphoric and litteral. "But if you let me, I'd love to get to know the today's you", he asked. She allayed a tear from her eye, stood up and said "I'd love to, but I can't. I'm living in the past. There... I'm still in love with you". Not allowing him to have the last word, she stepped away. He was the love of her life. She had to let him go.

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Life has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. It is funny how we try to predict the upcoming times and nothing seems to go as imagined. Fortunately, we don't have the whole power to drive the wheel. Otherwise, imagination might be in short supply. Nevertheless, it would be nice to ask for a pit stop on the way, be allowed to request something, especially one of those things that are not for us to decide when, where and how.

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In Barcelona I couldn't rest - how could I, with so much going on and to be discovered throughout the city? My feet hurt at the end of each day, I put on some weight, but my mind got richer, yet lighter. Today is the day I will say an important goodbye, but I am happy. And hopeful.

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I haven't travelled as much as I wish I had. I've crossed borders, all right, I've dived in three different oceans and went through several time zones. But the world is still so vast, so broad... I hope I can keep on going to somewhere new every year.

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In plain sight (Part V) Nothing, on that journey, was what it apoeared to be, for looks were purposely deceiving. Was it all a test? Or a long lifechanging road he ought to cross in order to become the best version of himself?

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The metaphor of a lifetime is to find your anchor the moment right before it sails away. Some sort of "if you love someone set them free" ; "what belongs to you will always find its way back". So just watch the waves go up and down and dream about the moment that ship anchors again.

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theshortstoryteller. Há um lado negro em todos nós. Quanto poder dar—lhe e o que fazer com

Há um lado negro em todos nós. Quanto poder dar—lhe e o que fazer com ele quando vem à tona é inteiramente responsabilidade nossa. EN: We all have a darker side. How much powerful we make it and what we do out of it when it takes control of us is entirely up to us. . . . . . . . #p3top #shooters_pt #igersportugal

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theshortstoryteller. EN: Who’s your real super hero?

Luckily, I am surrounded by incredibl

EN: Who’s your real super hero? Luckily, I am surrounded by incredible people, who are and do amazing things. That is why I admire them and am influenced by them. @_goodoldfashion is a great friend, who was brought to me unannounced and stayed, always bringing positivity, knowledge and love to my life. She is creates amazing things out of nothing and everything she touches becomes something interesting and gorgeous. Furthermore, she shares what she can with other people, so the world is more appealing and beautiful. She might not be a super heroine, but oh, she is admirable. And her smile brightens up the days. PT: Têm algum super-herói real? Tenho a sorte de viver rodeada de pessoas incríveis que são e fazem coisas incríveis e é por isso que as admiro e que sou influenciada por elas. @_goodoldfashion é uma ótima amiga que chegou um dia à minha vida e ficou, enchendo-a sempre de positividade, conhecimento e amor. Cria coisas maravilhosas a partir do nada e transforma tudo aquilo em que toca em algo interessante e extraordinário. Para além disso, partilha tudo aquilo que puder com os outros, para que o mundo se torne mais apelativo e bonito. Talvez não seja uma super-heroína, mas é sem dúvida admirável. E o sorriso dela ilumina tudo.

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