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pure_living_yoga. Meet @sian_godin (and Cai of course)! First off, Sian is just a cool h

Meet @sian_godin (and Cai of course)! First off, Sian is just a cool human. Not only is she a fantastic yoga teacher and an awesome mom, but she is also a stunt double on some pretty major shows. Fun right!? Well, we are so excited to have her on our team teaching some regular classes as well as taking over our Mom & Baby and Pregnancy Yoga sessions. Early bird pricing for these sessions ends on September 1st, so get on it if you want to save some $$. Link in bio! There are so many reasons to be excited for the fall and we are happy Sian is one of them!

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This little man is Cai! He belongs to our very own @jessegodinmovement and @sian_godin! This group of humans truly represent the family aspect of Pure Living Yoga. The fall season has brought some amazing things to the studio and family is one of them. We are so excited for November as we have Family Yoga, Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga coming! Stay tuned to our IG stories tomorrow for the details! . #familyyoga #kidsyoga #pregnancyyoga #prenatalyoga #mommyandmeyoga #yqr #yoga #yqryoga #family #yogafamily #thisisyoga #purelivingyoga #thisispureliving #yogainspiration #lululemon

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Kicking off the Birthday Celebrations with Vinyasa!!! All classes are free, everything is 10% off, we can feed you, and of course hug you and love you! Swing by anytime today friends!!!

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Have you heard? We are launching our first ever yoga in the park series. Join us and the newest PLY teachers at 9:30-10:30am on a Saturday June 15th, 22nd, and 29th for just $5/person. Sign up in the link in bio! . It is 100% family friendly so please feel free to bring your kids, pets, and whatever else you consider part of your fam! . Kicking things off is one of our long time students, family, and new teacher Kristen Kish. See on the mat, and under the sun. . This class is weather permitting so please check out our online schedule at 8:30am to make sure class is a go! Late cancels and no shows apply as normal. . #yogainthepark #yoga #yqryoga #yqr #yogaoutside #summeryoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogaforeveryone #familyyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #purelivingyoga #sweatchillbe

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The fall schedule is locked and loaded! We are so excited for the upcoming season. We have curated the most intentional schedule to date. It includes your all time faves, plus many new and special offerings. It is going to be another transformational year for us all. Continue to keep your eyes peeled for events, workshops, and micro workshops coming your way over the next week! . Check out our schedule highlight. What is your favourite things so far? Tell us below!

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_averot. ✨G R A T I T U D E ✨
🙏🏼Did you know that gratitude LITERALLY trans

✨G R A T I T U D E ✨ . 🙏🏼Did you know that gratitude LITERALLY transforms our brains?! . 🙏🏼Feeling happiness has a direct affect on our central nervous system. . 🙏🏼According to UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, expressing gratitude on a regular basis PHYSICALLY CHANGES the molecular structure of the brain!!!! 🤯🧠. . 🙏🏼Gratitude is the most effective practice for stimulating feelings of happiness! It keeps the gray matter in our brains functioning, in turn making us happier + healthier. . 🙏🏼When we regularly express gratitude we become more peaceful, less reactive + less resistant. . ✨HERE ARE 3 WAYS I IMPLEMENT GRATITUDE INTO MY DAILY LIFE: ————————————- 1. 📓 Keep a daily journal + write 5 things I am grateful for each day. (a functioning body, access to clean water, etc etc) 2. 💜 Practice telling family, friends + strangers on the street something I like or appreciate about them. 3. 🌈 Every time I think a negative thought about myself I force myself to think of 3 things I DO like about myself. . ————————————- HOW DO YOU PRACTICE GRATITUDE?

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What you don’t see here is the person who helped hike my legs up to my shoulders. You are also seeing the one second right before I landed on that booty of mine like gosh darn rolly polly olly. . Now don’t get me wrong, I can do this pose on my own. But it’s doesn’t usually look this clean... especially in motion. In real life I look more like a clunky chicken with no head versus a floating swan. . Don’t believe everything you see, we are all out there literally sharing the snapshots of the moments of our lives that look good. I don’t inherently believe that there is anything wrong with doing that, but I do think it’s important to remember. . Either way I feel bad ass in this moment and I appreciate other people’s bad ass moments. Little moments make life sweet and it’s great we get the opportunity to document and look back at our scrap book of happiness. . Anywhooo, here is your cliche moment of reminder that there is always more to a story than the cover of the book. . Much love friends! . #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #yogainspiration #titibhasana #asana #armbalance #yogateacher #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #meditation #movementmeditation #mobility #saskyoga #yogacanada

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Another month, another Development Workshop! What is this baby about you ask? Well let me tell you. . This workshop basically started PLY. It has been our longest running workshop to date because of how valuable the information is. . Have you ever gone to a yoga class and said “what the heck is this teacher talking about?”... ya so have we. Because of this, we decided we needed something to answer that question. And so the Development Workshop was birthed. . This is a four week series that we run monthly. It answers the ins and outs of the most common postures, different modifications, how to use props for your body, common breathing techniques, the basics of meditation, and more. . Sound like something you might need to fill in a few blanks? Join us tonight and for the next four Monday’s @ 7:15pm. Cost is just $111 and comes with an 8 class pass to put the info to use in regular classes! . Link in bio. Reach out with your questions! See you on the mat!

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To my seeds of intention, I promise to continue nourishing you for you are my nourishment. I devote myself to your growth and I trust in the time you need to thrive. I am deeply thankful for your uniqueness, inspired by your persistence, and humbled by your strength. I love you. . What intentions are you planting in your life right now? Do you have the patience it takes to care for them? Do you trust the cycles and seasons of growth? Do you believe in them and love yourself enough to keep going? . If these questions scare you... I am right there with you. But I also know that fear is useless. Everyday I remind myself that I cannot be fixed on my fear. So I plant more seeds. I focus on the growth even when nothing seems to be growing. Mindset is powerful and it’s such a humbling process just like gardening. So who is out there gardening the fuck out of their lives? Let’s share our tips and tricks and make the coolest community garden ever! Are you with me?

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@jlwphotography1 does it again! Seriously... head to her page ASAP and check out what she captured from her session with @joannelavoie. So in love!

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Have you had the privallage of getting to enjoy the amazing yogi tea that @deschambaultkreutzer makes for some of her yoga classes? It is absolutely amazing and has so many awesome benefits. We figured we should share the love and give you the recipe because it is a must try. Here you go and let us know how you make out at home! ——————————— YOGI TEA RECIPE BY YOGI BHAJAN . - Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil then add - 20 whole cloves - 20 whole green cardamom pods - 20 whole black peppercorns - 5 sticks of cinnamon - 2" slice of fresh ginger root - Continue boiling for 15-20 minutes . Optional steps - Simmer for 2-3 hours - 1/2 tsp. of black tea (any kind) - 1/2 cup of cold milk (per cup of liquid) . You can store the tea in the refrigerator. When ready to serve bring the tea to boil, removing from heat immediately when the tea returns to the boiling point. Add the milk and some honey to taste if you like. ——————————— Here are some cool facts about the ingredients: - Cloves: for the nervous system - Cinnamon: for the bones - Black Pepper: blood purifier - Cardamom: for the colon - Ginger: strengthens immunity, reduces inflammation, relieves nausea, increases energy

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Seriously though... how absolutely perfect is this view? Our yoga in the park spot is perfection. You can join us and @_averot this Saturday and Saturday the 27th @ 9:30. Class takes place in the Emerald Park Soccer Field and is $5 for anyone participating. Family and pets are welcome! . #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #sweatchillbe #thisispurelivingyoga #purelivingyoga #parkyoga #yogaasana #trianglepose #trikonasana #asana #movementmedicine #movementmeditation #neature

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@britkish in her natural element (aka getting a little weird on the yoga mat) . Join Brit this Sunday from 7:00-8:30pm for the New Moon Manifestation. . She will be leading us through some gentle breath based movements to open and relax the body. We will then explore a meditation for reflection over our last decade and of imagination for the upcoming decade. After this we will take the time to ourselves for a journaling exercise that is designed to inspire you in the future. . See you there #yoganinjas!

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_averot. 💫H U M A N  C O N N E C T I O N💫 .
👥The first time a teacher adju

💫H U M A N C O N N E C T I O N💫 . . 👥The first time a teacher adjusted me to relax my shoulders in yoga, I started BAWLING. In that moment, I realized HOW LONG it had been since someone had reached out + physically touched me. It felt so fucking good. . 👥Of course, the researcher in me hadddd to find the science behind it. 🤓 Here it goes 👇🏽👇🏽. . 👥Sustained eye contact + human touch encourages feelings of love, trust + bonding by releasing oxytocin in our brain. Oxytocin plays a huge role in social bonding + sexual reproduction. It extends to generate feelings of compassion during human interactions. . 👥Human touch also notoriously reduces social anxiety + stress by increasing levels of dopamine + serotonin — two neurotransmitters which help to regulate our mood. . 👥Even more, it is known to improve the function of our immune system, as well as reduce diseases associated with the heart + blood. . 👥If you don’t currently have another human you like to snuggle with, COME TO YOGA! I teach a Yin Massage + Guided Meditation at 7:45PM on Thursday nights @pure_living_yoga . . 👥Not quite feeling the yoga? A pet is a wonderful companion + massages can help too! Either way, I’m here to remind you to give yourself or someone you love some human touch this week.🥰🥰🥰

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shelby_riche. Doctors orders was yoga ✔️to bad when she said it was low heat I under

Doctors orders was yoga ✔️to bad when she said it was low heat I underestimated the amount of water I’m able to sweat out 💦 #lowheatmyass . . . . #allaboutme

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Yogis on a mission! We seriously look like this everywhere we go. Full hands, fuller hearts, and big dang smiles. We are so pumped to take our gear on the road this weekend for Sweat Chill Be in the beautiful Kenosee! If the studio looks bare for a day or two it’s because we are lost underneath it somewhere... and you may have to send help. . #sweatchillbe #travelingyogi #yqr #yqryoga #yogaretreat #saskyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #purelivingyoga #travelsaskatchewan #yqrretreat #saskretreat #yogacanada #canadayoga #lululemon

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So #yoganinjas, we have a badasana challenge for you! . A 'too good to be true' challenge. . It's simple, pick up a Yoga Blackout bingo card and get to work. . This bingo card contains 9 tasks. Your goal is to complete these tasks between October 15th - 31st. . Participation is $33 (or free with unlimited membership). Once you pay you are all set to go with unlimited yoga for all regular classes during the challenge. . Yup... that's it, no catch. Just pay $33 for as much yoga as you want during those 17 days. Crazy right?! . And of course you have a chance to win stuff! Complete all 9 tasks to get: - $55 off your first month of any membership - 1 free workshop of choice - 5 free friend passes - 1 entry into the grand prize draw for 1 free retreat ticket and a $300 WestJet voucher . Sounds like a no brainer! RSVP below with a big YES! Passes go on sale on October 15th, register in studio or online, pick up your bingo card and go! . www.purelivingyoga.com/pricing-packages/

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yoga_by_the_sea_athens_greece. Come and feel the energy of the sun, the energy of the moon, the energ

Come and feel the energy of the sun, the energy of the moon, the energy of the sea, the energy of the earth and the stars. It’s all here... waiting for you. #yogabythesea #yogaingreece #vouliagmenimylove #sunsetyoga #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #yogaforhealth #yogaforrunners #yogaforbackpain #breathedeeply #purelivingyoga #

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Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in our beautiful community and beyond. The experience of becoming a mom, being a mom, getting raised by a mom, is special. No matter your journey, or story as a mom we love you and hope today is amazing. You deserve it. ... #mothersday #yoga #mothersdayyoga #thisisyoga #purelivingyoga #yogainspiration #yogaforeverybody #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #motherdaughter #connection #meditation #movementmeditation #yqr #yqryoga

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Today is the day!!! The @amazingracecda kicks off tonight on @ctv! Our very own @joannelavoie and her sister @laurenlavoie are going to steal the show and we cannot wait to watch and celebrate along side them. Make sure to tune in at 8:00pm or join them for a viewing party tonight at the @reginaclimbingcentre (or just watch it after yoga class 😉)! You can also catch them every Wednesday morning on @ctvreginalive for the insider details! . #yoga #yqryoga #thisisyoga #thisispurelivingyoga #yqr #theamazingracecanada #prairieproud #purelivingyoga #sweat #chill #be #sweatchillbe #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday

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The 2020 Pure Living Yoga Method 200hr Teacher Training is here! . Interested? Tune in to our IGTV to see the entire video of what our teachers had to share with us. And catch our student testimonials while you are there. . You can get more info at www.purelivingyoga.com/teacher-training/ (link in bio) . See you on the mat!

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Walking the G-dawg by the light o’ the moon 🐕🌘 #purelivingyoga

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One week until it is time to celebrate the most important women in our lives, our moms. Of course we believe that this celebration is bigger than just one day, but we still have something special planned. If you want to do something different for Mother’s Day this year, join us next Saturday for The Mother Daughter Reconnect with @deschambaultkreutzer and her daughter @lunarlightconnections. Info in to bio and workshops highlight! ————— #purelivingyoga #thisisyoga #thisispureliving #mothersday #yoga #yqr #yqryoga #asana #meditation #connection #family

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Day 2 at @pure_living_yoga !!! Nap time now 😴😴 #purelivingyoga #yogabingo #yogiintraining

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