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It’s that time of year to start calling in sick when it’s too cold out

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G: "Should we not be having fishes any more?" W: "Why!?" G: "Game Changers??" . . W: "You mad!?" . Actually surprised how many people are taking this documentary serious as Netflix releases another bias documentary suggesting veganism is the only way . Being a vegan athlete is achievable but there a lots of considerations you need to make to ensure it's the right choice long term and you're making time to educate yourself about the new issues you may encounter and how you can overcome them . How to actually get all the micronutrients you need to support your system, your recovery and health . That the bioavailability of certain nutrients is significantly lower and harder to achieve more so for an active individual with higher requirements in iron alone an 80% increase is suggested.. that's 33mg a day for a female! That's 1.2kg of spinach! Not even factoring in that you absorb that less efficiently as it's a vegetable source, so you would actually need more. So no your morning greens smoothie doesn't cut it! . That some things contain phytates which further reduces your ability to absorb that iron... And this is just one example oh things you need to conaider . Needless to say the research picked was all biased and chosen in a way to push their agenda. . My main point is.. don't be gullible if you want to be vegan that's fine but do so responsibly and take time to educate yourself about that or hire a nutritionist to help . If you want to see me do a full breakdown on this then drop a comment below on what in particular . #gamechagers #vegan #pseudoscience #bias #realnutrition

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quarkeyeview. The Baloney Detection Kit was first proposed by Carl Sagan, and then l

The Baloney Detection Kit was first proposed by Carl Sagan, and then later modified into this checklist by Dr. Michael Shermer. It is used to evaluate the believability of any claim, and aims to tell the difference between science & pseudoscience, and to detecting personal agendas. It is recommended that it be used heavily to claims made on/by: Acupuncture Alien abductees Anti-vaccine movement Astrology Climate change deniers Faith healing Flat Earthers Homeopathy Psychics Reiki Religion ... and more! . . #quarkeyeview #qev #qevscience #qevimages #qevfacts #science #pseudoscience #baloneydetectionkit #carlsagan #michaelshermer #acupuncture #astrology #religion #flatearth #homeopathy #psychic #antivaccine #reiki #facts #factoftheday #instascience #instafacts #instafollow #instafollowers

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paleoguy073. The most essential nutrients in the diet of almost every animal are vi

The most essential nutrients in the diet of almost every animal are vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. Though believe it or not most animals can produce their own nutrients and thus don’t need to eat as much things to gain specific nutrients. Except us, we as well as other Primates have to eat a large array of foods in order to gain the right nutrient supplements so that we don’t die. A famous example is Vitamin C, most animals can produce their own including your dog or cat. Vitamin C is essential for making over a dozen amino acids and we need to consume Vitamin C or else again we’ll die. And actually most mammals have a gene that creates this Vitamin C, but somewhere during the Evolutionary tree a mutation actually broke this gene the Primate ancestor. Today we still have this non-functional gene today, doesn’t seem like a very intelligent design to me. Especially giving all primates separately broken Vitamin C gene Is. On top of that us humans can only produce 11 essential Amino Acids, overall there are 20 and lots of animals can generate all 20! This means that we essentially have to be ready with the correct material in our environment in order to live, otherwise we won’t have the right nutrients to generate other nutrients or we won’t get the right nutrients that we don’t generate. If you’re a creator and you give all the other animals the ability to generate their own nutrients but then you give other animals the inability to generate some of them, then you give your supposedly most favorited and perfect creation the inability to generate most essential nutrients while all the other animals can generate these nutrients. That isn’t intelligent, if anything that’s not even just unintelligent it’s just unnecessary. #evolutionisfake #evolution #biology #science #evolutionarybiology #primates #humans #diets #nutrients #vitaminC #aminoacids #humandiet #homosapiens #primatology #health #nature #intelligentdesign #creation #creationism #creationscience #religion #spiritualim #pseudoscience

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thewellnessfactchecker. Many people can easily associate the word \"insulin\" with \"diabetes\", b

Many people can easily associate the word "insulin" with "diabetes", but how many of us actually know what insulin is? Check it out 👇 - Insulin is a hormone naturally produced in the pancreas (a small but super important organ located in front of your stomach). - Could easily write an entire essay on all that insulin does 😉 but I'll keep it brief for you all: - When we eat any type of carbohydrates (🍎🥕🍞🥛🍫), the carbohydrates are broken down into mostly glucose which is absorbed into our blood stream. ➡️ This is when your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels rise and this is when insulin is secreted. - ⭐ The main role of insulin is to allow our body cells to pick up that circulating blood glucose. Our cells use that glucose to supply the energy they need to function. ➡️ Picking up the glucose from the bloodstream effectively lowers our blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. - Individuals with diabetes often need insulin from another source (more on this tomorrow!). The insulin they use is actually made using recombinant DNA. 🧬 Meaning scientists put the human insulin gene into the DNA of bacteria (a strain of E. coli). 🧫 In fermentation tanks, the bacteria then actually start producing insulin that can be harvested. - We used to have to harvest insulin produced from the pancreases of cows and pigs, but using the recombinant DNA technique allows us to produced insulin on a much grander scale. Is science cool or what? 😄 - - - November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Odds are you or someone you know has diabetes, so my goal for this new series is to help fill in any knowledge gaps you all have about the disease! 👍

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What do you think? . Shadows are either present or not, this is because there is or is not a source of light. Sometime between July 21, 1969 and July 24, 1969. The apollo 11 crew traveled “home” and took a photo of the moon. I believe they did not foresee something called moon connection or time and date. Maybe #nasa will rescind these lies one day and publicly announce they didn’t make it to the moon, for some obscene reason; Russia, aliens, time travel, Nickelodeon, etc. I don’t know there excuse but there will be something ridiculous. #moonhoax #astrothots . Find files on Apollo Archive Apollo 11

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steph.sci.access. SUGAR HAS NO MORAL VALUE. It is not good. It is not bad.
I gotta adm

SUGAR HAS NO MORAL VALUE. It is not good. It is not bad. . I gotta admit though, this is the most literal case of demonizing sugar I’ve ever seen. (swipe) . Sugar is NOT addictive. It is not a drug. The research that says it is was done in starved animals, who then binged on sugar when it was provided. It’s not good research, and isn’t applicable to humans. At all. . Even besides that though, connecting sugar to religion and then guilting people into following a crappy diet culture recommendation of a sugar fast in order to be more religious?? And PROFITING OFF OF IT?? That’s just gross. . Fasting is an important aspect in many religions as a way to focus in, for repentance, sacrifice, many other reasons, etc. That is DIFFERENT than what this is, and not the focus or point of this post. This post is about a deliberate use of diet culture, in which it is setting out to change a specific nutrient to change body size. And then that idea is being SOLD to people. . It is using morality (right/wrong, good/bad) as a diet culture weapon. As a way to sell a detox. . So some reminders: . ⭐️You are not a failure for having sugar cravings. Or cravings in general. Or eating sugar. . ⭐️You DON’T have to LOSE WEIGHT to “gain faith“ and be a better member of your religion. That is a SICK, twisted, weight bias filled message. That message makes me want to vomit in my mouth. . ⭐️If you want a better relationship with food, I highly recommend seeing an RD who can work with you instead. And there is NO SHAME in that.

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cicap_it. 🐳LA “BALENA” ASSASSINA. È il 20 novembre 1820, e a 3.000 kilometri da

🐳LA “BALENA” ASSASSINA. È il 20 novembre 1820, e a 3.000 kilometri dalla costa occidentale sudamericana un gigantesco capodoglio – del peso stimato (o forse un po’ romanzato) di oltre 80 tonnellate, attacca la baleniera statunitense Essex, affondandola. L’equipaggio sopravvissuto, diviso su tre scialuppe e con poche scorte di acqua e cibo, è costretto a un viaggio drammatico di 95 giorni nell’oceano per ritrovare la terraferma. Durante la traversata, la disperazione porterà gli uomini a cibarsi della carne dei compagni già deceduti, e a sorteggiare fra i vivi chi sacrificare; dei 20 effettivi al momento dell’impatto col capodoglio, solo otto torneranno vivi a casa. La vicenda ispirerà Herman Melville a scrivere il celebre romanzo Moby Dick, pubblicato il 14 novembre 1851 e basato sui resoconti del primo ufficiale Owen Chase e del giovanissimo mozzo Thomas Nickerson. • 📸 Immagine dal sito della BBC e uno schizzo del mozzo Thomas Nickerson descrive l’impatto col capodoglio (copyright: Pubblico dominio)

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filomathis_. Αυτες τις μέρες βλέπω ξανα το φαινόμενο οπου όλοι νιωθουν περήφανοι γι

Αυτες τις μέρες βλέπω ξανα το φαινόμενο οπου όλοι νιωθουν περήφανοι για τα κατορθώματα ενός ατόμου το οποίο δεν γνωρίζουν καθόλου προσωπικά και δεν εχουν τίποτα κοινό πρα μονο την ιθαγένεια. Αυτή η νοοτροπία πρέπει να σταματήσει αν θέλουμε να αλλάξουμε προς το καλύτερο ως έθνος . . . . . . #elonmusk #philosophy #tsitsipas #space #logia #stixakia #astronomy #science #physics #chemistry #universe #greece #athens #thessaloniki #crete #greek #quotes #ideas #philomathis #philosophy #sunset #wine #view #thinking #bookstagram #books #reading #greek _quotes #pseudoscience

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Love your friends and take care your hearts ♥️🔮 @_dev.eli_ @sjanes428 @kylebbrock #tarot #gemini #pseudoscience

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La lithothérapie. Aussi appelée \"pierr

(LIEN DE LA SUITE DANS MA BIO) La lithothérapie. Aussi appelée "pierres qui guérissent" par les lithothérapeutes; ou "encore une bonne grosse merde" par l'ensemble de la communauté scientifique. Comment ça marche ? Je vous ai concocté une vidéo explicative. . . . . #lithotherapie #pierresnaturelles #cristaux #bienetre #sante #voix #chant #acapella #medecinedouce #medecinealternative #pseudoscience #chakras #gammaspot #gaellolliot

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You see so much bull**** on social media and the media in general about health products and protocols. The truth is that most of it is just lies being told for marketing purposes. You 100% do NOT need to detox, your liver does that just fine IF you follow the three rules at the top. Enemas do NOT detox your colon, they remove beneficial bacteria and can cause perforation which can be fatal. If you follow the three rules above, your colon will be fine. Why on earth would anyone (Gwyneth Paltrow apparently) drink their own pee? Just drink water you clown! Acting like some kind of holier than thou arsehole who looks down on everyone for not being as 'woke' as them about health nutrition reveals their narcissism. These #influencers #gurus and #pseudoscience peddlers probably have eating disorders and other mental health issues and clearly care about your money more than your health. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM! Also, "BIG Pharma" don't pay scientists to lie in research and anyone who says they do is a scaremongering conspiracy theorist who probably believes the earth is flat. Honestly, the truth is a lot less marketable, but exercise, nutrition and sleep are what you should be focusing on, not sensational nonsense shilled by celebrities (and that includes professional athletes). If you are still confused how to implement the first three rules then for goodness sake hire a coach to help you. Why not tag a mate who needs to read this? . . . . #fitness #food #sleep #BS #science #Hitchin

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🧗Le immagini mostrano le grotte di Toirano (il nome deriva dall’omonimo paese che si trova in provincia di Savona). Dalla grotta della Bàsura (strega in dialetto ligure) comincia il percorso aperto al pubblico. Le grotte di Toirano non sono solo un immenso patrimonio naturale, per la ricchezza di stalattiti e stalagmiti, ma anche per la grande importanza a livello archeologico. Infatti, nella grotta sono stati ritrovati numerosissimi resti di Ursus spelaeus, l’orso delle caverne (alto quasi 3 metri per 800 chili ed erbivoro), che la utilizzò come rifugio per il letargo (tra circa 50.000 e 24.000 anni fa), all'interno si trovano molteplici resti di esemplari che non sono sopravvissuti al letargo. • 🧗 Sono stati rinvenuti anche importanti testimonianze dell’ingresso di uomini preistorici (circa 12.000 anni fa), si tratta di impronte di: piedi, mani e ginocchia; nella “sala dei misteri”, sono state scoperte numerose palline d’argilla attaccate alla parete contro la quale furono scagliate, probabilmente con significato rituale. Queste tracce sono riferibili a uomini del Paleolitico superiore cacciatori-raccoglitori che frequentavano la regione, e utilizzavano questa grotta non come abitazione ma, si suppone, per scopi rituali. • 🧗Nella zona detta "Sala del laghetto" si trova uno specchio d'acqua abitato da piccoli crostacei del genere Niphargus, essi sono depigmentati e ciechi: si sono perfettamente adattati all'ambiente buio. Un'ultima piccola curiosità, parti della grotta sono state scoperte nel 1944 da ragazzini che cercarono riparo dai bombardamenti. • 📷www.legrotteditoirano.it

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astrlgyy. hello everybody!
i know i’ve already touched on this in my previous vi

hello everybody! i know i’ve already touched on this in my previous video, but i want to continue talking about this issue. if you haven’t watched the video already, i talked about some of the negativity astrologists go through. a lot of non-astrologists (for lack of a better word), especially scientists, tend to completely dismiss astrologists and their beliefs. this is because astrology is factually considered a pseudoscience, as it has not been scientifically proven to be accurate. as a matter of fact, people who aren’t familiar with astrology would even go out of their way to mock those who believe in them (ex. memes on social media that make fun of astrology). this is not okay in any way, shape or form. now, i am not saying that we should force non-astrologists to believe in astrology. people have the right to believe in anything they want to. whether it’s evolution, religion, or a higher power — individuals should be allowed to create their own values in beliefs. however, completely invalidating and mocking other people’s beliefs should not be tolerated. and i think one of the main reasons this happens in astrology is because of the lack of proper education about the topic. more often than not, there are a lot of inaccurate depictions of astrology that are shared online by individuals who either not familiar with it, or people who like mocking it. that in turn not only spreads false statements, but it makes others believe that astrology shouldn’t be taken seriously. so, with that being said, the reason why i created this page is to inform open-minded individuals of what astrology really is. if you’re reading this right now and refuse to learn more about it, feel free to exit. but as for the rest of y’all, welcome! i look forward to educating you guys about this unique discipline. ❤️ • • • #astrology #astrology101 #costar #thepattern #birthchart #zodiacsign #mercuryinretrograde #pseudoscience

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coachkellyl. Best article I’ve read for easily showing how slanted and fact spun th

Best article I’ve read for easily showing how slanted and fact spun this documentary is. I’ve had some interesting convos with people around this documentary and others on Netflix, and while there are definitely pros and cons to being either a vegetarian or meat eater, do it because it makes sense and works for you, your lifestyle, your body! Perfect example from the article, how easy it is slant the findings: what they don’t mention is Diaz lost to MacGregor on the rematch as well as 10 other fighters that are meat eaters. Showing how info is pulled out selectively to support their stance. As with all things in the nutrition and fitness world please take the time to fact check and think about how the info is presented and who by before jumping on the bandwagon and doing something that can stall your results, cause you issues or harm or just make life not that fun by restricting things you actually enjoy! I encourage you to read the article and ask questions before making a choice in how you fuel your body. #thibarmy #tnation #pseudoscience #knowthefacts #nutritionmatters #performancenutrition #factsmatter #stopthenonense

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shan.delle. My overall goal is to raise awareness! Repost, Share, Whatever you can

My overall goal is to raise awareness! Repost, Share, Whatever you can to help! Link in bio! 💚 #2020goalsetting #mentalhealthawareness #explorepage #gofundme #growthmindset🌱 #depression #anxiety #ptsd #pseudoscience #psychology #growingideasimpactinglives #repost #share #donate

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☆𝘈𝘙𝘛𝘐𝘍𝘐𝘊𝘐𝘈𝘓 𝘚𝘞𝘌𝘌𝘛𝘌𝘕𝘌𝘙𝘚 𝘈𝘕𝘋 𝘐𝘕𝘚𝘜𝘓𝘐𝘕 𝘚𝘌𝘕𝘚𝘐𝘛𝘐𝘝𝘐𝘛𝘠 ☆ Follow @antidiet_dietitian 🥑 DID YOU KNOW THAT most of these studies carried out have been done on RATS in EXTREMELY HIGH DOSES. These VERY HIGH DOSES are toxic to the body, but guess what? 📌 ANYTHING IN EXTREMELY HIGH QUANTITIES IS TOXIC TO THE BODY, EVEN WATER. ⁣ 📌A new study in humans using more realistic doses by Ahmad et al. found there's probably NO REASON FOR CONCERN. Daily repeated consumption of pure sucralose or aspartame for 2 weeks had NO EFFECT ON GLUCOSE METABOLISM OR INSULIN SENSITIVITY among normoglycaemic healthy adults. . The amounts of these compounds found in diet drinks and coffee sweeteners are nowhere near high enough to cause serious harm. On top of this, these studies for the most part are CORRELATIONS, but CORRELATION does not IMPLY CAUSATION! . 📌DISCLAIMER: I am not promoting diet drinks or encouraging you to take up artificial sweeteners if you don't have them or don't like them. But if you don't take it at least you are well informed regarding its safety and they benefits as well. . My point and issue lies in #scaremongering journalism and misinformation spread on the topic without any regard for clear scientific proof . If you do not enjoy or feel the need for artificial sweeteners or even much sugar in general then perfect. But, if you find incorporating sweeteners into your diet whether it’s splenda in your coffee or a can of diet coke every other day, then go for it. Diet drinks and artificially sweetened foods can be MASSIVELY useful when someone is trying to lose weight. Giving them the option of something sweet and tasty with fewer calories. . 👉TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS . SHARE🙏 . . . #artificialsweeteners #dietcoke #aspartame #dieting #research #fitness #evidencebased #antibullshit #energybalance #pseudoscience #dietitian #obesity #diabetes #type2diabetes #nutritioncoach #nutritionist #nutritionfacts #fightobesity #sucralose #fatlosshelp #nutrition #insulinresistance #insulin #aspartame #fatloss #pepsimax #splenda

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fe_messenger. In this video Waykiwayki askes the famous Astrophysics Professor Dr. S

In this video Waykiwayki askes the famous Astrophysics Professor Dr. Svetlana Berdyugina a very interesting unanswered question?🤔⠀ ⠀ Please watch until the end and you be the judge! ⠀ ⠀ #questioneverything⠀ #seekknowledge#seektruth#videooftheday#thinkaboutit#instagood#instadaily#astrophysics#pseudoscience#nonsense#theories#dailytruth

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