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Sunday’s are made for greatness. Mariana’s class worked on this great pike variation. Great job everyone. #Pilates #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #abs #pilatesstrength

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As an instructor, I firmly believe it is important to listen and observe what the body is trying to tell you. If you can’t see what is completely going on, be open to feel what the tissues are trying to tell you. Understandably so, every client is different with a different journey, different lifestyle, and a house of emotions that react to situations differently than the next person. So, understandably so, your approach can not all be the same for each person, it has to be specifically tailored and artfully designed to guide the body to where it needs to be, wherever that place may be. • I have been reluctant to share ‘teacher tips’ because it may not be applicable to everyone. Additionally, I also fully am aware that I still have so much to learn and that does contribute to my apprehension to step out more publicly as an educator. It’s quite conflicting because when I’m with a client, my self judgement and ego was left at the door and I just let the body guide me to where we need to go; I’m completely open to the story it has to share with me. It’s after I leave the studio is when the flood of self deprecation comes in and I am constantly on the journey to expand my knowledge to be adequately equipped to help my clients the best way I possibly can. • What I can say is this: do not be reluctant to spend time with the basics and being comprehensive with the work and what that may be for that individual person you’re working with. Do not shy away from being ‘boring’ or feel as if you have to do fancy choreography to retain a clientele. At the end of the day, it’s about the person in front of you, and what tools you have to help them reach their goals and live their best lives. Even if that means you do the same routine every single session till they get it down. • Tomorrow I will be doing my very first mini workshop on Instagram live about exploring how to feel Your Abs, but not just from your frontal plane. We will discuss recruitment of the pelvic diaphragm, imagery to help the nervous system make this connection, and exercises that anyone can practice at home. See you tomorrow at 3:30pm PST. • Photo: @ruthmariephotography

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BREATHE 101 FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP • Sunday October 13th, 2019 @ 1:00pm • “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breathe." - Amit Ray • In this Breathe 101 Fundamentals Workshop, participants will explore how their daily breathing habits can be contributing to feelings of anxiety, stress, brain fog, and poor judgement. See actual quantitive results in your daily life and learn the science behind what many mystics and sages have been practicing for centuries. @michaelagoorahoo , the founder of @expandbreathe , uses the techniques to help you understand you individual breathing style and its affects on your health. • This experience is for anyone who wants to combat stress in their lives, learn simple life hacks to increase your immunity, improve focus, concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. • Early Bird: $45 Two weeks prior to day of workshop: $55 To make a reservation, please email info@arapilates.com

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We are a sanctuary, a destination that gives you space to reset and find clarity. A community where those around you feel like family and support you. Our mission is to inspire you, provide a haven for movement, and be your sanctuary for serenity and enlightenment. • Have you joined the movement? #thearamovement • Photo: @jennavanzantphoto

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Get your stretch on! I was reminded today how much I love this stretch. I can’t believe that I haven’t done it in quite a while. Added a nice little shoulder work at the end. #pilates #PilatesReformer #ProgressivePilates #Stretch #PalmSpringsPilates #pilatespalmsprings #pilatesbody

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We are a community of individuals that choose wellness and movement to enrich and empower our lives. Every body is different, each journey is different, but we come together to support one another as we discover our paths to wellness and fulfillment. • Have you joined the movement? • Photo: @jennavanzantphoto

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Today is Missoni’s birthday! To celebrate she wanted to offer a special gift to all the movement lovers out there. If you bring a friend / family member / colleague to Ara Pilates and Movement and you both purchase a package, you both get 50% off your package! There is no limit to how many packages you can buy or friends you can bring, just as long as you both purchase a package to get the discount. • Sale ends on Sunday! Tag your friends and experience the movement for half the price! • Photo: @ruthmariephotography

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We are approaching season and are working on new class designs and adding more classes back on the schedule! What times would you like to see on the schedule? Let us know! • Photo: @jennavanzantphoto

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The new Vuori shipment is in. Mariana and Rachel are sporting the new Clementine Short in Light Gery Heather. After class, shop til you drop. #welovevuori @vuoriclothing #pilates #PalmSpringsPilates #PilatesPalmSprings

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A great series with the adjustable resistance bands from @hookedonpilates HandiBands. Our students challenged their entire body with this upper body strength flow. #Pilates #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #Fitness #PilatesFlow #Strength #ReformerWorkout

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I love the chair. I have got some more work to do on the lift up at the end. With my spine injury, I am still overusing my low back a bit too much however, I am up for the challenge. I’m grateful even with three disc herniation‘s, that I am able to do extension exercises pain-free. #abs #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #PalmSprings #Pilates #spineextension

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A little spine rotation is good for the soul. #palmspringspilates #pilatespalmsprings #pilates #palmsprings #pilates

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pilatesstalker. #repost @seanbergarapilates
Give these three great moves a try and

#repost @seanbergarapilates ・・・ Give these three great moves a try and let me know how it works. I used two red springs which challenged my standing hip. The last move requires you to hold the foot bar under hand and use it to stretch deep. #abs #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #PalmSprings #Flexibility #pilatesreformer

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fuseladder. #Repost @seanbergarapilates
There are so many reasons why I love t

#Repost @seanbergarapilates ・・・ There are so many reasons why I love the @fuseladder For one, the back support is amazing and the dual pull- up bars are awesome I used the bar closest to the wall and it allowed me to feel 100% supported in both my shoulders and my spine. I have taken leg raises out of my practice because of my spine injury. I am so happy to have the @fuseladder in my life. This set-up, using the softball at my sacrum and the arm position on the back pull-up bar, made this a possibility for my body. • • Want to learn how to combine limitless options of movement on the reformer? Register today for my August Progressive and Athletic Pilates workshop. • • Click on the link in my bio for jnfo and registration. Message me if you have any questions. • • #PalmSpringsPilates #pilatespalmsprings #ilovepilates #pilates #pilatesreformer #macgyverpilates #palmsprings #fitness #PilatesWorkshops #PilatesWorkshop #fuseladder #strengthtraining #stallbars

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Give these three great moves a try and let me know how it works. I used two red springs which challenged my standing hip. The last move requires you to hold the foot bar under hand and use it to stretch deep. #abs #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #PalmSprings #Flexibility #pilatesreformer

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What a treat to have a free hour to myself today. I love to get on the reformer and combine moves. My classes always love it when I have a free hour before classes. #abs #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #PilatesPalmSprings

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Here is a challenging control front variation on the trapeze table. #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PalmSpringsPilates #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSprings #abs

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Work your abs with Mariana. It’s the best way to target your entire body. #palmspringspilates #pilatespalmsprings #pilates #abs #palmsprings

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I have to say that I prefer this exercise on the @fuseladder rather than on the #TrapezeTable. Deposition of the feet and hands are so much better than on the trapeze table. Experience the @fuseladder, I’m telling you, you’ll love it’s versatility. @fusepilates #pilatesbody #stretch #fitmen #fitness #PalmSprings #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates

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I love my #Handibands from @hookedonpilates . I’m using them with every piece of equipment and I’m loving them. Here’s a wonderful upper and lower body series using the Handibands and the #wundachair. I am so glad I no longer have to twist and wind resistance tubing around the foot bar or other equipment. The Handibands are adjustable and so easy to use. They simply slip right over the side of the chair. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did. #latspecsandabs #pilatesreformer #pilatesbody #stretch #PilatesPalmSprings #PalmSpringsPilates #fitmen #fitness

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