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Передайте видео-привет 👋 нам у себя в сториз 😍♥️♥️ Лучшие попадут к нам😋 #близняшки #djworld #follow4followback #follow #twins #dj #djs #likes

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dounia. Delightful video out now on @thefader / &on YouTube now ♥️ link in bio

Delightful video out now on @thefader / &on YouTube now ♥️ link in bio . Thank u for loving this song. Thank you @2mattyb for directing this and being awesome

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Ojo nyawang kocomotoku karo topiku sam 😂

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c.c.rider.shizuoka. C.C.RIDER、今週末10月20日(日)は都内は高円寺ショーボートです!
She3pとTHE CLARENCEの素晴らしいイベントに参加

C.C.RIDER、今週末10月20日(日)は都内は高円寺ショーボートです! She3pとTHE CLARENCEの素晴らしいイベントに参加します。 ゴキゲンなフライヤーからしてヤバいスメルがプンプンします! はたして元ネタの映画を分かる人が何人居るのでしょう(笑) 是非とも参戦して下さいませ❗ 2019/10/20(日) 高円寺ShowBoat She-3P&THE CLARENCE Presents 「高円寺大パニック 東京VS静岡」 〈OPEN/START〉14:30/15:00 〈ADV/DOOR〉2,000yen/2,500yen+1D 600yen BAND C.C.RIDER the 1970 導火線 Durango's Mexico‼︎ ラヴロック She-3P THE CLARENCE HIGHWAY CULT JESSY ザ☆ペラーズ Hot Dog Buddy Buddy DJ マツキ(GRAVEYARD LIMOUSINES) KAZUKI(THE→CROSS COUNTER) お気軽によろしくどうぞ! #高円寺ショーボート #she3p #theclarence #ccridershizuoka #punkband #punkrock #punk #rocknroll #japanesepunk

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#wovember2019 #Stash-prompt delayed me. Capturing the ‘stash’ when you’re a production fiber farm requires resources of time and talent! Wool is in every room of our home, in every corner of the farm, from top-dressing in the perennial-beds to a giant bucket of warmth for the barn kitties. We are pro-stashers! This is but one cubbie where I keep ‘Early’ W & P samples. I tag and keep a sample from every skein we’ve ever made so I can reference it for future spins. What we love gets made again, what we didn’t love stays in the stash as a reminder of those good flock-members that grew their wool so well and were/are sweet members of our flock-family. Sometimes they serve as a comparison when we’re considering how next to spin the fiber. Sometimes they’re a tribute to a beloved animal. I have our cria, India’s, entire fleece in my stash. We lost her this fall and I’m unsure what I will do with her fiber, but it will be handspun, by me, at some point, and I will make something special for Char with it. We loved her so and it was, and is, an awful loss for us. On a light note, I had attended a guild meeting this past month and there was a report on a ‘Stash Management and Fiber Estate Planning’ Workshop. It was a serious workshop about cataloging/recording all of your stash and the many spreadsheets and bins that are useful in that process, in an attempt to prepare your stash should something happen to you. It was addressed in a humorous way, but the reality is that it IS good practice to organize your belongings, of any type, if you know it is of use to others...lest that $$$-set of hand-carders, nostepinne, swift with skein-counter, wheel, yarn, etc., get tossed to the dumpster or thrift-store. It would allow others to be able to understand the value, if not sentimental, at least monetary, of your stash so that it is easier to manage for others.

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martisoare.romanesti. Simbol solar

Simbol solar www.martisoareromanesti.ro

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