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1 year ago today I sold my RS4 and flew up to Scotland and drove back in a big white van. Now it parked outside my house in Norway ready for wherever I want to go 🤙🏼

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The Merc got a little stance today thanks to @vancompass stoked! #vanlife #sprintervan #overlandvan #overland

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Transit or Sprinter? You choose... #benchmarkargonaut #benchmarkdiamondridge

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Here’s a quick video of some very light off roading in a marsh by a small waterfall and stream. I’m slowing taking steps to see how capable the sprinter is, but with no winch and very few recovery options the steps are small. I don’t want to ruin a trip by getting stuck or stranded! After snow, ice, mud, rocks, pouring rain, gravel I’m so far relatively impressed 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Make yourself known. #benchmarkvehicles

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Toyota Master Ace Surf Old, rough and rusty minivan from beloved Toyota Aces family. This one is 86-89 model year and judging by decals, paint and sunroof (aka sunlite roof) this was the top version of master ace. And it is a four wheel drive. Master ace had the same front end as US-spec Toyota Van. It’s closest brother was Town ace, and the only difference was only the design of headlamps and bumper. And then there was a Lite ace, which was slightly smaller and had different body panels, but still was very much the same car over all. However, this one is kind of abandoned and forgotten. Старый добрый Master Ace Surf. Ближайший родственник Townace и Liteace. Топовый вариант, судя по люку, раскраске, оракалу и полному приводу. Но теперь стоит забытый и заброшенный. Может устал, может сгнил, а может и конструктор притащили. #toyota #van #masterace #masteracesurf #townace #liteace #yr30 #yr31 #cr30 #cr31 #skyliteroof #4WD #overland #overlandlife #overlandvan #vansofvlv #abandoned #abandonedcar #abandonedcars #vans #minivan #80s #decals #carsofinstagram #vansofinstagram #jdm #jdmvan #vladivostok #carspotting

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We build the finest Ford Transit adventure vehicles. Talk to us today about what you would like to see for 2019.

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We will be at the @outdoorretailer #snowshow Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in #Denver, #Colorado! ❄️🚐

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benchmark_vehicles. Looking for your dream Transit build this year? Talk to us, we have so

Looking for your dream Transit build this year? Talk to us, we have some exciting new products coming up.

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Match game on point. #benchmarkdiamondridge

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benchmark_vehicles. Evening light. Where did you escape to this weekend?

Evening light. Where did you escape to this weekend? #benchmarkdiamondridge

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Sunset drinks after a day on the mountain. #benchmarkdiamondridge

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Wishing I was out playing in the snow with the @vanlifenorthwest crew today, but works gotta be done. So for now heres Bender after a night of heavy snow from last week in the mountains. #vanlife #exploremore #delica #delical300 #optoutside #mitsubishi #4x4van #overland #overlandbound #benderthevan #overlandvan #fujifilmxt1 #ishootfujix #adventuremobile #adventure

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benchmark_vehicles. Standing tall next to stacks of cedar logs.

Standing tall next to stacks of cedar logs. #benchmarkdiamondridge

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No snow could keep us from the Mississippi Valley Bike & Outdoor Expo ❄️ We hope to see you there!

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Warm sunsets aren't too far away to get planning! Where are you going in 2019? #goexploreusa #optoutside #familyadventure

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Where did you escape to this weekend? #benchmarkwestcoast @gimlistravels

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Occasionally it feels like we rival the Roosevelt/Smithsonian Expedition, but we four season camp in comfort! #goexploreusa #optoutside #FamilyAdventureVan @discobed

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Built for the escape. Off grid, full time adventure vans. #benchmarkvehicles

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spock.the.van. I’m waist deep into research this weekend because of the 6 P’s (Proper

I’m waist deep into research this weekend because of the 6 P’s (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance). . Planning for big expeditions takes a lot of time. Adding to the fact that I’m a quadriplegic, the tasks can be a bit overwhelming at times. . I’ve realized that though the internet is an unbelievable tool for research, it can also be a black hole of information that never seems to end. What are the Best spots? Where is the Best food? What is the Best tool for the job? Best cell phone internationally? Best boarders to cross... etc etc . As I write this, I’m reminding myself that many folks have already done these sorts of expeditions and long before the internet is what it is today. I don’t always need the ‘Best’. I’ll never cover all of the ‘what if’s’. But instead, at a certain point just get on the road and cross those bridges when you get there. It’ll all work out. . When in doubt, keep moving forward and the rest is history after-all 🖖🏼

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WELCOME TO NORWAY. This was the road that *wasn’t* closed. Good job I’ve got 4 wheel drive and @bfgoodricheurope Tyres. It’s crazy to think that this van that started life in Scotland, and then converted in England is now taking me around Norway.

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On the hills of west-Vancouver #day&night

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Looking for a Ford Transit specialty upfitter? Give us a call, let’s talk about your 4x4 Transit. #mobilebasecamp

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