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Load me up and put me in D. #benchmarkvehicles

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Your escape from a rainy day. #benchmarkroamer

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Grain matched ceiling. Details. #benchmarkwestcoast

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Forgive the non-Jeep related post, but some of you Jeep guys in the Denver area will be interested in this... A few of you know I’m building a Mercedes Sprinter-based adventure van (@overland.van ) because #VanLife and shit. I wanted to set off the interior with what I call #SafetyThirdOrange accents. I brought the seat brackets that hold the rear bench seat over to @milehighpowdercoating and they CRUSHED IT! Nailed the color, and the finish is GORGEOUS. If you need stuff powder coated and you’re in the Denver area, give them a try. They do tons of powder colors, from plain old matte black to prismatic colors with metallic flakes and everything in between. Super happy with how this turned out!

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A little taste of comfort. Step away from the norm, do it in a Benchmark van. #adventurevehicle

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We work with some of the best partners in the industry.

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Buddies. Game on point. #benchmarkroamer #benchmarkvehicles

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vanlifehacker. Repost from @pete_greep ・・・
When building a van, certain little things

Repost from @pete_greep ・・・ When building a van, certain little things never even cross your mind…things you never even think of until you actually go out and use it. Things like a "porch light"! This is one of our favorite #vanlifehacks that we came up with for our Sprinter build. It's so simple and cheap thanks to LED and solar technology. No drilling, batteries or wires. Just stick it on the side of the van. It's also motion activated making it a nice security feature at night. 🚐 Check out the full post on my blog. Link in bio @pete_greep ___ ✌️Tag us in your vanlifehacks! #vanlife #sprintercampervan #sprintervan #vanlifehack #vanhack #sprintercampervans #vanlifeideas #overland #overlandvan #camping #sprintervan #vanlove #vanlifeexplorers #vanconversion

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WOW! @milehighpowdercoating freaking CRUSHED IT on this job! If you need powder coat work done and your near the Denver area, they are the place to go! Friendly, professional staff that does high quality work! Since I won’t have interior panels in the van for a while, I thought it would be cool to match the seat brackets to the @adventure_wagon MOAB elevator bed powder coat, and expedition orange (aka safety orange) looks great with the Stone Grey paint, so i had always planned on doing some orange accents. More to come in that regard. If you’ve seen my Jeep (@rubicongoldberg ), you probably figured out that I like bright colors 😎 Now, to get these in the mail to the crew at @whiteriveroverland

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For the last few months, I’d been feeling pretty bummed about the van build. Building a Jeep is one thing, but building a van is an entirely different beast. So much more to learn, the scope is broader, and the work is much different. Much different considerations. With the rise of #VanLife and the increased demand for converted vans, even with more outfitters popping up, working timeframes from Denver-area upfitters were pushing toward into December and beyond for the work I didn’t feel comfortable doing myself, and constantly heading to the airport with my line of work, I needed an upfitter somewhat close to home. I’d been starting to feel like I was never going to get the van where it needed to be by ski season, which is half of the reason I bought the van. Enter the team at @whiteriveroverland in Aspen. Fresh off their WRO build, they told me they could knock out what I was looking for pretty quickly, and they weren’t too far from home. I brought the van to them on Wednesday and they introduced me to each team member personally, and went over the scope with me in great detail (and let me drive their WRO build to check out a few things). By the end of the day, we had a finalized scope. Work started Thursday, and by Saturday they had made some serious progress! Wow! Looking forward to this with excitement, like a kid on Christmas

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Due to the ice outside our headquarters today, the only way to pull the dumpster away from the building was to use the @warnindustries #winch on the @aluminess bumper to pull it back with the help of the @quigley4x4. That’s how you #VanDOit 👊🏻🚐

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rich.pdx. Dizzy goes on our road trips with us. He's an all around goofball and

Dizzy goes on our road trips with us. He's an all around goofball and security system.

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disco.ratsun.garage. Another shorty WIP 😁 cut almost half the body length off, but I think

Another shorty WIP 😁 cut almost half the body length off, but I think it looks like more. Gonna do a bit of an overland rig with this guy. Got a couple ideas, you guys got any for me? #discoratsungarage #diecastpics

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Countdown until next weeks adventure with @j2xck & @grant_mcdonnell

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Why stop here? #benchmarkwestcoast

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prerunner_vans. Tag/DM us your photos to be featured!
#Repost @weldtecdesigns (@ge

Tag/DM us your photos to be featured! ••• #Repost @weldtecdesigns (@get_repost) ・・・ This is one sweet Ford van freshly equipped with a #bajagrocerygetter lift kit on @methodracewheels . #liftedvan #liftedford lifted Ford van #e250 #e350 #econolinevan #fordeconoline #Vanliftkit #bgg #bfg #offroadvan #overlandvan #canlife #conversionvan #prerunnervan @prerunner_vans

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Looking for next level comfort? Don’t strive too far, @scheelmannusa has you covered.

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Ready for #benchmarkwestcoast

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Let the light in and don’t be afraid to push the limit. #benchmarkwestcoast @gimlistravels

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mtbmr2. Tin cup, 6pack.  I don’t always go to @topotruck #FamilyMeal w/ @johnn

Tin cup, 6pack. I don’t always go to @topotruck #FamilyMeal w/ @johnnysgb but when I do I snag the @tincupwhiskey #Carabinercups #whiskeycup left behind. #campcups #vanlife #overlandvan #bestwhiskeycupsever

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overland.van. Added a @rockymounts BackStage to the van. Just need to figure out how

Added a @rockymounts BackStage to the van. Just need to figure out how to clear the passenger side rear door with the handlebar... hitch extension, perhaps, though I was hoping to not have to use one because they always wobble...

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Fully custom built adventure vehicles. Talk to us about yours. #benchmarkroamer

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It’s The Weekend. Load up and go! We build your escape. #mobilebasecamp

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Fall colors bring out the best in us. #benchmarkroamer

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tomo_t70. 会場の隣には、オランダから陸路自家用車で走って来られたご家族連れの姿も🇳🇱

会場の隣には、オランダから陸路自家用車で走って来られたご家族連れの姿も🇳🇱 ユーラシア大陸各国を移動後に、ウラジオストクから船舶を使い、境港に上陸されたらしい。 かつてはヨンマルを所有されていたが、お子さんが増えたのをきっかけにハイエースに買い換えられたとか。 真のオーバーランダーだ❗ #熊本エクスペディション #lcf会場で気になった車両 #hiace #ハイエース #overlandbound #overlander #overlandvan #vanlife #overlandvehicle #オーバーランダー #リアルガチ

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Spending last weekend in the mountains has made me so excited for winter adventures.

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AWD Astro Van for sale! Ready for your winter shenanigans! Helped my good friend @insta.luke with this rig and he is now moving over seas so it’s time to go. $9600 and Offers may be considered :) 2” lift with 30” Patagonia snow tires. New transmission New (used refurbished) transfer case New (used refurbished) rear end Rebuilt drive shaft New alternator and battery Fully tuned engine new fuel pump Two deep cycle batteries and inverter. Insulated panels New rear carpet New windshield Front light bar and under slider step light Bed liner protecting roof, hood and side skirts. Included with the vehicle: Racking system with rocket box (with camping gear and other van accessories), 8x8 extendable awning, ski/ snowboard roof mount, 2 bike carrier hitch mount, and open top hauling box roof mount (I used this to haul firewood, coolers, gear totes. Also has hooks attached to dry wetsuits) Has all the original seats. Limited characters for description..Pls ask. #snowboarding #awdastro #awdvan #skivan #4x4van #overlandvan #overlandvanproject #adventurevan #skiing #sendit #astrovan #astrocamper

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Where will your adventures take you? #benchmarkroamer

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Skylight, window and flare trim. Laminated with rounded corners for maximum sexiness. (2018 144” Sprinter) A W O L More pictures of this project can be see on our website: awolrigs.com #vanbuild #sprintervan #sprintervanconversion #sprinter #sprinterbuild #vanlife #adventuremobile #homeiswhereyouparkit #madeinmaine #overlandvan #travel #travelvan #landyacht #vanlifediaries #vanlifeideas #vanlifers #overland #igersmaine #campervan #outboundliving #projectvanlife #sprintercampervans #adventurevan #overlandexpo #awolrigs

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Not a sexy wilderness shot, but it's nice to have a safe place to park the Escape Pod when we're not road tripping. I'm able to keep the house batteries topped up too. #campervan #camper #vanlife #sportsmobile #sportsmobiles #sportsmobilewest #promastercampervan #promaster @sportsmobiles @sportsmobilewest #offroad #offroadvan #offroadrv #offroading #overland #overlanding #solarpowered #vanconversion #vanbuild #adventurevan #campervanlfe #overlandvan #roadtrip

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Added a little bit of flare to this build. Where did you escape to this weekend? #benchmarkwestcoast @gimlistravels

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Back to work this morning! I know where I’d rather be waking up.

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Where did your weekend take you? Hopefully, somewhere amazing like our friend here @pete_greep! #ExploreVanX Repost @pete_greep ・・・ The best camp sites require a little more effort to get to them. 🚐 #overland #overlandvan #sprintercampervan #sprintercampervans #vanlife #vanlifeexplorers #sprintervan #whoneeds4wd

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