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I legit haven't lifted in sooooo long. It felt good to lift again. My legs were smoked. Almost caught a butt cramp doing some ghd stuff too 🤣🤣 slowly getting into the swing of things! #fitness #fitfam #olympiclifts #olympiclifting #liftingislife #liftyoumust #liftheavy #liftheavytrainsmart #snatches #cleanandjerk #olylifting #oly #prcity #stronger #fitnation #doyouevenlift #squats #garagegym #weightlifting #trophyhusband #crossfit #backsquats #progress #gaintrain #guyswithtattoos #weightlifting

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Played around with some new things today! Hit 80kg from really high blocks 🙌🏼 And attempted a 95kg power clean. I know that They weren’t high power but this was definite progress...for me! So I’m proud 😁 (I normally Clark on attempting 95kg for power) #mastersweightlifting #teamfortnash #liftlikelips #usaweightlifting #usaw #weightlifting #olympiclifting #olylifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #squats #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitgirls #girlswholift #strong #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #musiccityfit #nashvillefit #nike #barbellvoodoo #nashville #nashvilleweightlifting #nutrishop #nutrishopusa @barbellvoodoo @nutrishopbellevue_greenhills @nashville_weightlifting_club @cfnweightlifting @nashvillefit @fortissportusa

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Was feeling a little beat after yesterday but took my time warming up adding more to my daily routines. Gonna keep to the books and hit my numbers daily. We’re gonna be on top someday! 🤷🏼‍♂️🙏🏼😂 _______ 350lbs jerk 405 BS _______ Bless up my personal camera crew I only hire guys named Brandon 😂😂😂 @brandontoledo_ @brandon___13 I appreciate y’all @team_titanathletics @lyftrx @team_titan_weightlifting #weightlifting #olympiclifting #fitness #gym #bodybuilding #workout #crossfit #powerlifting #mobility #training #strength #muscle #gains #strong #health #squats

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wod_advisor. Meme autobiografico! 😔😅🤣

Meme autobiografico! 😔😅🤣

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trpl_ext. Your next best lift awaits. It’s time to rise up to the challenge.


Your next best lift awaits. It’s time to rise up to the challenge. #snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #olylifting #olympiclifting #olympicweightlifter #trplext #crossfit

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Athlete of the Week: Amber Tantog. Today Amber leaves for basic training to embark on her new journey in the USAF. She loves so fearlessly and is full of life. Amber has been a huge blessing in both the CrossFit and faith communities here on Oahu & we can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. Thank you for supporting our ministries with your presence, energy and YouTube, haha. Praying for you always & see you again when you come home! #ffnfamily

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Snatch grip deadlifts this morning at 90 kg. Finally got a thumbs up from Coach Zheng! 👍🏽

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Really starting to enjoy snatching 🏋🏽‍♂️👌🏼 I still need a few more master classes from @thehallwaypt but my technique is certainly getting alot better 😁 #CrossFit #fitness #olympiclifting #snatch @sagittacrossfit

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what does your athlete need? think outside the box⁠ fundamentally i liken the lifts to a jump. the reason is that the lifts, like a jump, both require driving the legs against the ground to produce force. another is because the jump is a natural fundamental movement that most people do not have problems with and therefore I can get them to this movement pattern and hopefully bypass the overthinking. ⁠ .⁠ however, some oly coaches do not believe this and therefore not only do not teach that but preach the opposite - that the lifts are not a jump. (that's ok, my feelings aren't hurt - to each their own.) So because of that, when I now ask for a jump, the athlete is confused because for so long they were told, and tried, to not jump.⁠ . ⁠ also, after i ask for a jump, some athletes will either consciously or subconsciously hold back due to previously being taught something different or because they're just holding themselves back.⁠ .⁠ So now, in my head, if I'm verbally asking for something from an athlete, and I'm not quite getting what I'm wanting I need to assess is it because they think because it's oly i shouldn't be jumping? or is it a mis-interpretation of my ask? or is it because they're not capable? So let's test and find out. Jump for me. But outside and separate from the lifts. Reach that thing super up high - a thing high enough that will really challenge and force you to get some ups - a triple extension of a different kind of sorts. Oh you can do it. Awesome! Now do that. except with this pvc pipe in hand. no need to worry, stay with me. i got you and i'll guide you. #getityougotit #reachyourpotential #getliftinggetlifted⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ @_jjfernandez_ @_jc_ @abroody @torrance_training_lab@cmasukawa #crossfit #athlete #coach #girlswhocoach #girlswholift #jump #gym #train #oly #olympicweightlifting #olympiclifting #usaw #snatch #clean #cleanandjerk #olytips #wod #hwpo #strong⁠ #howtosnatch #lift #howtolift

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depth.rx. Love to include stabilization movements as it’s a key function into li

Love to include stabilization movements as it’s a key function into lifting!! #noweaknesses

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fitnationbc. As many of you may already be aware, one of the main injuries that our

As many of you may already be aware, one of the main injuries that our Kinesiology department focuses on is the low back pain + disc bulge. From last year of November to now, we’ve worked with over 30 patients that were experiencing either debilitating lower back pain or issues surrounding a disc bulge in the lumbar spine. The Big 3 – Episode 1: Curl-Up Once we’ve identified what issue is occurring in the lower back, we then turn to Dr. Stuart McGill’s exercise prescription in order to build a pain free foundation for strength. The first exercise done from the Big 3 is the McGill Curl Up. 1. Start with laying on your back; place your hands beneath the lumbar spine where the naturally occurring L shape is. 2. Keep one leg straight as the heel of the other foot slides towards your glute. 3. Brace the torso enough where you feel the muscles activate, however, not to the extent where it increases the lower back pain. Raise the elbows and head one inch off the floor. 4. Each repetition is held for 10 seconds. Complete 5 reps per side when beginning out, and then switch the legs when switching sides. 5. The muscles touching your hands at the back of your body should not tense up. They need to remain relaxed! If you’re someone that suffers from chronic back pain then adding this into the arsenal of movements you complete everyday would be a good idea! However, it’s always best to have your specific low back injury assessed from a practitioner in order to determine the exact protocol you must follow for your particular symptoms. Contact us today for a FREE pain analysis and take the steps to live a pain free life today!

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cleans from the box and aikido mats. gym so quiet today was able to concentrate on form on snatches and cleans from the box. push presses for dessert w @jaybum424. #completeworkout #snatchesarehard #cleansarehard #girlswholift #i💚🥑⚡️ #olyguac #oly #olympiclifting #crossfit #wod #strongnat #breathe #bestgymever #progress #fitoverfifty #moreplease

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n_crafty. Been having a severe arm pain for a couple weeks. Couldn’t even lift m

Been having a severe arm pain for a couple weeks. Couldn’t even lift my arm, so it becomes leg day! Like is this really FKN 40??? I tested these old knees! Haven’t really squared in months. A few sets of 3x3’s here and there at #. But when the legs, knees and back say it’s go time, ya go! Worked up to set of 5 at 215. Then reduced to 1x20 and 65%ish. I’m sore! #quadgoals . . #usaw #lift #olympiclifting #mastersathlete #christianathlete #momswholiftheavy #squat #thisis40

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OLYMPIC LIFTING CLASS Tuesday & Thursday 630 pm Our OLY Room is always available during business hours. #olympiclifting #lockednloadedcf #llcfplainfield #barbellworkout #strength #girlswholift

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The Collective WEEK (104 C) - interval weight training - higher loading, lower reps. Recovery fully with each rest cycle and maintain speed through each set. :: --5 sets; 2 min rest-- 8 Bench press 6 Pendlay row 4 Power clean :: Go to www.impel.fitness to join the newsletter or read our blog. Each week three sessions are published for our community⚡️

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Some extra snatch technique work last night with @brett_cf & @sarahlengfield. Muscle snatch x2 + Pause OHS + snatch balance @ 135/145/155/165/175 #crossfit #snatch #olympiclifting #birthdayhatforjennie

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Learned how to hook grip today. If you're anywhere near Gilroy I highly recommend you check out @xiosfitness I learned how to hook grip properly. Did 585 for a few singles, then 615, then 620 because I wanted to beat @catchsumzs his first time using hook grip because I'm a man child and terrible friend. Posted the 620 video first. Also @coach_dlc fixed some of my many, many mobility issues. I wish I was in the area more so I could come more often. I highly recommend stopping by and especially if you're into powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting💪💪💪 Decided to learn how to hook grip 1. Because I do not want a bicep tear and 2. I'd like to keep my back development more even _________________________ #powerlifting #weightlifting #hookgrip #deadlift #deadlifts #strength #training #strengthtraining #gilroy #gilroyca #gilroystrong #xios #olympicweightlifting #olympiclifting #gym #videooftheday #backday #biceps

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kratospersonaltraining. What else is there to do on a Sunday morning when you discover someone

What else is there to do on a Sunday morning when you discover someone’s left the 2.5kg plates on the rack.....some hang cleans of course. And thought for fun, I’d film them in super slow motion...then add some cool music. Mainly picked this as it seemed like appropriate entrance music for the young men slowly walking behind me ☺️ Is also good to be able to watch my technique and form. Still not 100% happy but it’s better then when I first started 😋 #goodlifebeenleigh #goodlifehc #olympiclifting #sundaysesh #barbell #crossfit #practice #slowmotion

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thejgbcrew. December 11 | 🐪 | #JustGetBetter
Don’t forget about

December 11 | 🐪 | #JustGetBetter ————————————————— Don’t forget about our giveaway this month! Post your scorecards every day. The top three athletes who posted their score cards win a shirt 🤙🏼🤘🏼👌🏼 ————————————————— • • • • • #CrossFit #Fitness #gym #workout #training #fit #motivation #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #wod #weightlifting #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames #sport #powerlifting #health #gymlife #strong #lifestyle #muscle #instafit #crossfitter #crossfitlife #strength #jgb #olympiclifting

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8s are the absolute worst. I’d much rather do 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s or 20s😂 just something about them! I’ve been on a new Oly program. Yesterday was snatches, deficit pulls, overhead squats and then 3x8 back squats. I did 275 for all 3 sets of squats. It wasn’t that long ago I couldn’t do anything with a 275lb barbell. Literally. Not a thing. Now I can deadlift, squat, and bench press it! Clean coming soon, snatch eventually😂 I want 8s with 315, then 365 and maybe some day 405! Long way to go! @parksidecrossfit @pambition #crossfit #backsquat #northhollywood #pcf

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Introducing the newest toy in the Brain Meets Brawn arsenal! • This is not an ad. • There are several massage guns on the market ranging wildly in price and technology. I choose the Hypervolt due to its Quite Glide concept and multi level vibration frequency (30, 40, and 53 Hz). • The moment this device hits your muscles you may never be the same again. • What can the Hypervolt do for you? - Reduce pain and inflammation - Increase muscle strength & joint range of motion - Regulate blood and lymph circulation - Promote healing of acute injuries • Coming in at 3200 percussions per minute, the Hypervolt produces a strong vibration sensation that can radiate above and below the treated area. • The following video shows the thermal effects vibration frequency can have on the muscle in just 90 seconds. Note this video is of a similar product made by the same company. • https://youtu.be/ZCoN6cKAPR0 (link in bio) • We are currently offering the Hypervolt massage gun as part of our personal training program only. If you are interested in trying the device we will be offering a complimentary 1/2 hour session through MindBody. • Please stay tuned as we will soon be releasing a new service line that will give you access to the Hypervolt and many more recovery tools to help manage pain and promote recovery!

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Every time you run, jump, or even step the ankles are absorbing and distributing force. For all of you FitBit users out there 10-20,000 steps per day is not unusual. That means each ankle is being stressed 5-10,000 times per day! Have you ever done that many reps with any other body part? • The ankle joint and associated muscles are the most heavily utilized, stressed parts of our body. Any other muscle or joint that receives that much activity would probably feel tight and sore the next day. Since the ankles have been doing this for years we don’t “feel” the effects therefore we don’t consider them to have been “worked out.” • Posture also plays a pivotal role in the stress placed on the ankle joint. Forward head and rounded shoulder posture can lead to a gradual weight shift forward into the toes. This will lead the calf muscles into a chronic state of activity and cause immobility in the ankle joint. • A susceptible population to this issue are women who are pregnant (and men with big ol’ bellies). The added forward weight will tend to cause a counterforce through our ankles to prevent a forward lean. Overtime the constant pressure in the toes will cause the calf muscles to tighten. This issue has painful effects on the knees, hips, and low back. • There is no “proper” tool to use when stretching the ankles. The only rule that needs to be followed is using an object that allows the toes to be elevated while the heel remains on the ground. • Lean the butt and hips back while locking the ankle in place against an object. For simplicity make sure that object is pushed up against a stable object like a wall. • Using the glute muscles on the same side ankle being stretched, slowly stand up using the glute to push the hip forward over the ankle. Make absolute sure the low back is not arching in this position. The hip joint should shift forward over the ankle joint. • Tension and a deep stretch should be felt throughout the calf muscle. Continue to use the glute muscle to maintain or increase pressure. Following the first 30-60” attempt to apply rotation L and R through the ankle joint. This can be observed in the second portion of the video.

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