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Once I decided to be a “modern” person and find a guy for the night. Without all these experiences, “what if I wasn’t good enough and he won’t call me back.” You know this, at lunch you saw a picture and swiped right, and in the evening you already get your best underwear and put on your highest heels. In general, everything went according to plan. The guy was given high growth, broad shoulders and a pretty face, what else can you demand from a person whose name you didn’t bother to remember? ⠀ After champagne and a light introductory conversation, we went to him and here my plans began to decay decisively. ⠀ Do you think that now begins the story about how bad he is in bed, etc.? No, not guessed. Just because I have no idea how he is. Until about 4am I listened to stories about what his ex rubbish and bastard (girl, I'm on your side, you did the right thing that you left him). When he finally fell asleep, I realized that I didn’t understand where I was at all, and I decided to sleep too, at least for a couple of hours. ⠀ Epic happened in the morning. Having a good night's sleep, the guy realized that in fact we were not going to talk, and instead of a good morning I flew “well, give me BJ real quick?” ⠀ Dude, I spent half a day looking like Victoria's Secret Angel, I was your “psychotherapist” for free all night and didn't even get a pillow to sleep. No, that bottle of champagne was clearly not worth it. ⠀ Since then, when the offers come to me in the style of “Come, I will call you a taxi” my eye begins to twitch and the desire to leave the house disappears even for food. ⠀ Dear universe, tell me where did I turn the wrong way? ⠀ #bluehair

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kathiridley. Um... has anyone seen my acorn squash? #NotYourToy #VeggieThief

Um... has anyone seen my acorn squash? #NotYourToy #VeggieThief

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ineffable.sillage. ⏩Netta-Toy⏪
#netta #toys #notyourtoy #lyri

⏩Netta-Toy⏪ ___________________________ #netta #toys #notyourtoy #lyrics #şarkıçevirileri #şarkıçevirisi #ineffablesillage

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janininmiami. Broken doll. #notyourtoy

Broken doll. #notyourtoy

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judepost. Ball? What ball?  #notyourtoy  #bully #kittensofinstagram

Ball? What ball? #notyourtoy #bully #kittensofinstagram

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When our favorite and so very gifted @neta.barzi sees a dog she likes on the #streetsoftelaviv ❤️ #weloveyouneta #notyourtoy we did not want to take a closer image to intrude 😌 just were overjoyed to run into our #idol 🙏 #telaviv #thisistelaviv #onlyintelaviv #ilovetelaviv #shesgottalent #israelisinger #eurovisionwinner 🚀🚀🚀

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janininmiami. Not your toy. #notyourtoy #brokendoll #halloween2019

Not your toy. #notyourtoy #brokendoll #halloween2019

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sarah_jkwwnails. 🧸Not your toy 🧸 
Swipe 👉🏻 to see the teddys I made. I have the fee

🧸Not your toy 🧸 Swipe 👉🏻 to see the teddys I made. I have the feeling they’re super cute but not easy to wear 😅 Inspo by @salon_de_lumiere and @asisweng1111 🧸 • 🧸 • #nails #moschinonails #teddynails #notyourtoy #thisisnotatoy #moschino #handpainted #instanails #nailart #nailartaddict #pinknails #blacknails #whitenails #designernails #3dnailart #naildesign #nailitdaily #nageldesign #gelnägel #gelnails #cutenails #sarahjkwwnails

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Have you ever woken up with a person who looked completely different than in the evening? ⠀ Well, in the evening there were high cheekbones, eyes with a wisp, breast on about C-D size. And in the morning on the pillow you see a pretty nice girl, but the eyelashes remained on the bedside table, instead of perfectly drawn cheekbones you saw chubby cheeks, and the chest, along with the bra, remained under the bed. ⠀ I was always interested in what is the point? If you order french fries you don’t want to see rustic fries on your tray, right? ⠀ #beyourself

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agnesavy. Wonder woman don't you ever forget! You're divine and he's about to re

Wonder woman don't you ever forget! You're divine and he's about to regret ❤ #notyourtoy #netta #metoo #lyrics #smile #polish #polishgirl

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Mohla si mě nenávidět, Mohla si mě i milovat, spíš radši nenávidět, lásky můžeš litovat. 💔🙏 #hi# #brownhair# #😇

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joyplatinumdiva. If you are confused by this post.....look in the mirror and ask yourse

If you are confused by this post.....look in the mirror and ask yourself the question, “How am I treating her?” #justsaying #takeresponsibilityforyouractions #iamnottheonlyone #differentbreed #notyourtoy #respectworksbothways

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Sasha is obviously having serious travel anxiety.... #notyourtoy #werehomecalmdown #thatsoursuitcase

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A short story about how I ruined my karma. ⠀ He was tall, with a perfect shape and ... had a girlfriend. Ok, about the last I found out somewhere on a 3-4 date. Not that I have already chosen the names of our unborn children, or believed in the power of sisterhood and female solidarity. Just why do I need extra problems? I don’t know why I didn’t finish everything at once, either the abs was really good there, or I didn’t have enough adventures on my ass. In general, everything ended badly. Guys continued to drag on their relationship (in the end, however, they broke up) and I became for someone a “bitch” who drove the penultimate nail into the coffin of their “they live long and happy.” ⠀ A lot of time has passed, but I still do not understand why he created bullshit, but am I to blame? So, girls, pulling another woman out of your boyfriends’ bed, think, maybe she didn’t even know about your existence? ⠀ #freedom

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redding_tmoekepickering. #Reddington really loves hiding my new phone. #NotYourToy

#Reddington really loves hiding my new phone. #NotYourToy

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bagelkim. 모빌달아놨더니 베이글이 더쉰났네. 꺼내달라고 낑낑대고난리 #니꺼아니다 #곧인형가지고싸우겟구나 #notyourtoy

모빌달아놨더니 베이글이 더쉰났네. 꺼내달라고 낑낑대고난리 #니꺼아니다 #곧인형가지고싸우겟구나 #notyourtoy

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ijustreallylikechickens. 🎃 Happy Halloween, everyone 🎃
⚠️Please keep you black cats indoors t

🎃 Happy Halloween, everyone 🎃 ⚠️Please keep you black cats indoors tonight!⚠️ Especially in very religious countries, so many of them are being abused, mostly around this time of the year. Austrian youth is neither very religious, nor full on halloween enthusiastic, but Haupi still won't be roaming around tonight! Keep your fur babies safe! As always: Black kitters are friends! . . . . . . . #halloween #blackcat #pumpkin #cat #safety #safetyfirst #furbaby #animalabuse #petowner #petsafety #blackkitten #religion #outdoorcat #indoorcat #notatoy #purr #trickortreat #void #darkness #tonight #staysafe #ghost #supernatural #satanicritual #halloweencandy #pet #demon #blackpet #notyourtoy #satan

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I hope that not only in my life there is such nonsense. ⠀ I become attached to people whom I don’t know and don’t even try to recognize. ⠀ I go to a coffee shop on Fridays, because that day the girl Christina works there. I’ve never talked to her, but for some reason when I see her my mood constantly rises. But Christina remained many thousands of miles away. ⠀ Here I found a new man for my mood. There’s one guy in my gym. In general, without a clue who he is and, tell the truth, he is not my type of men. For myself, I called him Jesse. And now my third training session, Jesse is gone. I’m even starting to worry about him. Dude, get back to training, no one does deadlift as amazing as you. ⠀ And in general, when you are looking for a reason to force yourself to go to the gym, think that maybe for someone you are the sun, and she doesn’t miss her training just because of you. ⠀ #russiangirls

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otterslover. #Repost @theottercollective
• • • • • •
Sometimes we wonder - what wil

#Repost @theottercollective • • • • • • Sometimes we wonder - what will we do without a mother? 🍀 Beautiful artwork by Camille Pepin @pepin_pomme 🍀 Otter pups taken from the wild, lose their mothers in a violent way. Their entire families are killed just so they can be sold as pets. • Being fed by its mother is crucial for a helpless baby otter. Otter mothers care for their pups for atleast the first six months, teaching them to swim, groom and be alert when danger comes. • Humans can’t provide the same nurture and care for otter pups. Most baby otter videos online showing a pup - are not from any rescue nor rehabilitation facilities. • Be aware of what’s happening to #otters in the illegal pet trade. Don’t support unconfirmed online sources. Help stop the illegal otter pet trade. Join #STOPwildlifetrafficking #WildForLife #EndWildlifeTrafficking #TheyDeserveBetter #OttersDeserveBetter #NOpetotters #theydeservebetter #ottersdeservebetter #NotYourToy #conservation #Nature #nopoaching #ProtectWildife #memerang #カワウソ #นาก

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30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall Today, 30 years ago, the wall fell in Germany. One country was reunited after nearly 30 years and with it it’s people. Now it’s time that there is also a reunification of all women. Women have been separated for centuries and taught that they are in competition with each other. We have to realize, that we do not compete with each other, we are sisters. We must begin to reflect on our similarities rather than separating ourselves from other women. We all go through very similar experiences, regardless of our religion, ethnicity or social class. Our oppression is sex based. Let us tear down the walls between us and finally live in freedom. Photo from #March8 2019 when Femen broke down the wall at #Herbertstrasse which Hitler first installed in 1933. #Herbertstraße #Sisterhood #Reunification #Wiedervereinigung #SisterhoodIsPowerful #Sorority #Solidarity #Systerskap #EnoughApartheid #Femen #Feminism #PatriarchyWillFallInOurTime #Patriarchy #NotYourWhore #NotYourToy #Oppression #Freedom #Nov9 #TheWall

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tsins712. Not sure if the IKEA orangutan stands a chance sharing this tree. #ike

Not sure if the IKEA orangutan stands a chance sharing this tree. #ikea #catsofcolumbus #notyourtoy

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I am firmly convinced that you need to be with your exs, if not friends, then at least not be enemies. And I always succeeded. At least none of them crossed the street on the other side at the sight of me. ⠀ But once something went wrong. Okay, I’m " the fool herself is to blame" and it was necessary to say no to the question "Merry me?" and not when his mother already chose a dress for the wedding. On the other hand, I didn’t go into the sunset on a motorcycle with a hot biker right from the ceremony. ⠀ In general, it was the strangest breaking up in my life. After my speech that it’s impossible to continue like this and that everything is bad and we need to break up. I was asked the most stupid question in this situation: "do you understand that if I leave now I will never come back?". Dumn, of course, I understand, even more than that I’m trying to achieve this. In general, this question was repeated to me in different versions 10 times, then they gave me a week to think, then for a couple of months I realized that someone was in my apartment in my absence (he refused to give the key outright). Six months later, he decided that I was sleeping with someone, gave me a scandal and disappeared, removing me from all social networks and telling all my friends what rubbish I am. ⠀ No, I'm not sorry, but what the hell was that? ⠀ #socal

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Are you brave enough to grab that toy? #DoubleCatDareYou

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