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shrinkingthebeast. Day 35 📍#sundayclub
🤩Usually take sundays off but I decided to at le

Day 35 #sundayclub 🤩Usually take sundays off but I decided to at least get some kind of workout in today!whatever it maybe! I’d rather go one step ahead than stay in the same place every step wether it be small or large is progress! Go get it! Started with some lay pull downs and seated rows before finishing on rack pulls! Here we are again less than 2 weeks till weigh day! You bet I’m putting in work everyday! #noexcuseswork #gym #fattofit #fit #fitness #workout #obesetobeast #weightloss #transformation #myjourney #fitnesslife #mylife

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„Překážky vás nesmí zastavit. Pokud běžíte do zdi, neotáčejte se, nevzdávejte to. Najděte způsob jak ji přelézt, jít skrze ní nebo ji obejít. ” – Michael Jordan 🌷🥀🌹 #selflove #love #behappy #positive #positivevibe #only #likeforlike #noexcuseswork #followforfollow #better #justdoit #instagramers #photooftheday

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ilsa_ruckert022319. There has been so many changes in my life this past year and it has ta

There has been so many changes in my life this past year and it has taken me a while to get back to my old self. I am finally there back to how I was feeling before kid #5 before all the weight gained, before breastfeeding and all the stuff that comes alone with having a baby. I am truly greatful and blessed but boy I had to fight hard this time around to find myself again. . . Life has it's challenges good and bad but you always have to find yourself in the mist of the chaos, and keeping going make yourself a priority. I am smiling because I am feeling great! Working towards my goals daily sticking to my routine and loving the process. . . #selfgratification #proudofmyself #justme #amom #workingmomsrock #busylifestyle #todayoutfit #itstheweekendbaby #curlyhairstyles #babyboy #thisyear #phase4 #sunnydays🌞 #mylife #kidsactivities #postbaby #breastfeeding #marriedliferocks #maternity #babytoys #loveroflife #noexcuseswork #virtualgym #weightloss #drivn #lifeofamom #bossmom

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Hola, hola buenas noches! Mis amores para todas las que me han escrito que no pudieron ver la entrevista ayer en el Show de Carlucho quiero avisarles que ya la tienen en mi canal de YouTube. Pueden acceder al link de mi canal en mis historias o en mi biografía. Recuerden que a partir de la próxima semana estaré de vuelta en YouTube con dos videos cada semana. Si aún no estás suscrit@ a mi canal te aconsejo que te suscribas ya que se vienen muchos videos nuevos por allá. - - Espero que hayan tenido un lindo sábado, les mando un besote 😘. - - - - #entrevista #elshowdecarlucho #univistatv #lifestylebyolgui #mihistoria #motivacion #loseweigh #trasformation #changeyourlife #estilodevida #habitos #habitossaludables #noexcuseswork #fitnes #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #fitnesscoach #nutriciondeportiva #miami

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If you would have told me a year ago that I would be doing my first CrossFit competition today, I would have laughed. At that time I could barely do more than 5 push ups unbroken, and that is not an exaggeration. I was not strong and the thought of attracting attention to myself was icky so doing any kind of a competition would have likely garnered a “hell no” kind of reaction from me. 😝 For years I thought that if I ran around for a little bit that that was a good workout, but man, have I learned a lot about myself and fitness in general... About a year ago, I picked up a barbell. Since then I have pushed myself physically and mentally farther than I ever have. I was not comfortable, I felt weak, it exposed parts of my character I never really tested out before, it hurt, and it was hard to keep going. But after a while, it felt like I was earning a part of myself that deep down I never knew. I wanted to know more, so I kept reaching. Now I absolutely love going and attacking whatever the workout represents for me that day. I crave it. The rush of the challenge, seeing how far I can push. And also seeing others around me doing the same, rising up, is just amazing and empowering. I did my first CrossFit competition today. It was an all women competition for breast cancer and it was an absolute blast. I am so freaking proud of myself and of the effort that Erin and I put forth today. And damn, I am SO THANKFUL for all of the things that I have gained within the past year, not even physically, but through all of this. God has placed so many newfound friendships and priceless treasures within my heart. I don’t think it is any coincidence that yes I am the strongest that I ever have been physically, but I am also in my faith and in my relationships. The parallels are pretty cool, God provides. Thank you Andrew for talking me into this, period. I was scared to death to even try and you told me to get over it and do it anyway! I needed that. And indeed I did, I got over it. Thanks to all of my friends who have seen me push. Coaches, gym friends, my family— I seriously appreciate every single nod of encouragement, fist bump, good job. It means the world to me! 💖💪

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jluis_trevi. A dormir Asturias!! #dreamsetup #noexcuseswork #livefit #lifestyle #gy

A dormir Asturias!! #dreamsetup #noexcuseswork #livefit #lifestyle #gym #stronger 💪❤

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vantagestrength. Reposted from @livelikemike -  Welcome to @lvacgram - your local thera

Reposted from @livelikemike - Welcome to @lvacgram - your local therapist tonight/this morning 🧐 • #oneteam #winorlearn #next #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #train #vantagestrength #getyourvantage

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vantagestrength. If you want to be the best, you can't take the path of least resistanc

If you want to be the best, you can't take the path of least resistance. When your mind tells you it's too early, and your body tells you you're a little too sore... Look deep within yourself and know what you want and what you're striving for.

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shadesofag_0990. At Home Core Workout 1- Ab Wheel Rollout 2- Russian Twist 3- Leg Raise

At Home Core Workout 1- Ab Wheel Rollout 2- Russian Twist 3- Leg Raises 4- Mountain Climbers Every exercises 4 sets 20reps #ncfitness #noexcuseswork #fitness #lifeofafitnessaddict #healthiswealth #cltfitnesscommunity #cltfitness #bodysculpting

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I Nordens Paris å feira snuppsii🙌🏼

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