tierra.denae. Hey y’all 👋🏾 I have a few things coming up and then I’m gonna be gho

Hey y’all 👋🏾 I have a few things coming up and then I’m gonna be ghost for a bit after October(besides my regular classes). 👻 - The Disconnect Retreat ( @thedisconnectretreat ) is October 12-14th *Ticket Sales end October 1st. We currently have a scholarship for you to nominate someone who is in need of a holistic retreat💕❤️ Check out our Facebook page if you’d like to nominate someone you know! . Nude Movement is October 5th 7-9pm $30 per person/$50 per couple We meditate heavily and the energy is ALWAYS vibrant. Discussion Circle & Vegan bites post practice! (Slide in my DMs if you want in!) . Rocket 🚀 inspired Trap yoga every last Friday at 6:15pm!👉🏾 @yogapodaustin If you’ve never taken a rocket class COME THROUGH!!! It’s fun, creative and empowering 💕 . Peace to you and love always. . . . . .


Join us every Saturday morning from 9-10 am for Zumba with Instructor Heather💃🏻. Get your weekend started with some fun, dance fitness🔥💪🏻. $15 drop-in or $10 for students. We also have our punch card option available for $100 +HST for 10 sessions👌🏻. For more information about our services contact us at: 📧aimforfit_ @hotmail.com 📞519-304-7575 🌀www.aimforfit.ca . . . . . . #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitnesscommunity #fitnessmotivation #movement #exercise #zumba #zumbadance #zumbafitness #strong #strongwomen #strongisbeautiful #weightloss #weightlossjourney #dance #fun #happy #healthy #lifestyle #workout #aimforfit #brantford


#USOrepost with @ezrataylor_bsmcoach ・・・ It’s taken over 35yrs for me to realize I had operated the majority of my life from a place of anger, embarrassment, shame, sadness and guilt..... I thought it was the answer to addressing and dealing with suppressed emotions and painful experiences. Along with binge drinking and addictions which I only understand why now compounded to producing the same old played out results and life experiences. At stages I I would be drawn to more controlled, balanced and explorative learning in #Movement and found a sense of peace. I would get lost in complex and instinctive patterns that stretched a left and right brain connection. On the contrast I would be drawn back into punishing movement and ridiculous volume and resistance without the calculated planning in progression & programing knowing that it was not what I needed. Why do it to myself? Well there is plenty of Science why but metaphorically I was distracted and would be pulled by ego into self hate and punishment. I had emotions deep down that controlled a rage and I needed to hurt myself and try to release. I can happily say I have found a peace internally and work every day now at shaping new thought, externalizing and releasing emotions and building self love. My movement and performance is now in line with Balance where there is no ego, no punishment, no pain or anger. I move to challenge and help me with changing the perception of the struggle and can honestly say my heart is open and I operate from a self aware place of love and values........ How are you moving? #Loveyours #embracethestruggle #BSM #Mindset #HolisticGangster #Performance #Strength #Love #brisbane #TGE #Meditation #Balance #usogear #uso #usomovement #each1teach1 #empoweringgenerations @officialdrjoedispenza @louise_hay_affirmations @brucelipton @dr_jordan_peterson @jimkwik @portal.ido @flexiblebodymassagetherapy @holistic_health_performanceau @mitchpike_ @benmurphy @trainballistic @natalie_purcell @brisbane_strength_movement @dylanevolved Thank you🙏🏽

omahfitness. From your own struggles, what part proves the toughest to lose fat? 

From your own struggles, what part proves the toughest to lose fat? We all have our problem area. It's not enough to lose weight, there is always that part of our body where fat is stored the most that just refuses to go. That kind of fat is also called stubborn fat. And from my own experience, most people have their arms and belly as problem area. It takes consistency and a lot of patience to get rid of that kind of fat. If you're not patient, you're likely going to give up on it. There are specific exercises to burn fat in specific areas of your body but you must eat right, not necessarily be on a calorie deficit as I've seen people who weigh 50kg with a big belly or fat arms. You can't ask such a person to eat less, they'll end up underweight which is equally not good. You just have to eat healthy most of the time and be consistent with your exercises. Good Morning Fam! #omahfitness #weightlossmotivation #positivevibes #strength #healthiswealth #nopainnogain #exercise #diet #fitlife #fitfamng #naijabrandchick #movement #femalepreneur #hustlersquare #active #dedication #bodygoals #naijamade #naijastartups #fitnessmotivation #naijafitness #naijafoods #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthyliving


Practicing with calm mind for inner freedom- always some words hit me on my head during practice - Stretch your armpit , spread your toes, Make the mind feel the stretch. Awaken the mind of the little toe. My guru ji words- keep your armpit open, you never get depressed. Here I am Just playing like a kid and try not to stay yet one place. #movementculture #yoga #movement #liveshareinspire #hanging


Strength & Stability piece for @infinitfitnessakl tomorrow 👍


Why is it that people want to make it so hard for themselves with their plan for training and nutrition? . Yet they seem to cut their reps and sets, reduce the range of motion and do everything possible to make everything they do in the gym easier for themselves? . Maybe you should make the long term plan as simple and easy as possible, and challenge yourself as much as possible every time you put some weight on the bar . #moveeveryday #training #nutrition

annepoint. Offset - Survive by © ANNE• 2018
Today is the opening of @deptfordx

Offset - Survive by © ANNE• 2018 . Today is the opening of @deptfordx from 6-8pm. . Double bill screening OFFSET by @annepoint Letters 1&2 by @gill_houghton_photos At #DeliX, 156 Deptford High Street . with dream team @kathringramelsberger @cassiekinoshi . "There is no guidebook on how to survive the agonising hurricane of pain when you find your most intimate self betrayed. Trapped between the walls of pain, you try to fight your way out. How much of the pain do you need in order to survive, what time do you get to test the truth of your expectations and how much do you let yourself be told of what is right? In fight for breath, love balances us sharply on hopes blade." . #Offset #newwork #openingnight #shortfilm #balance #love #hope #pain #fight #strength #betrayal #survive #allfemale #woman #femalecrew #architecture #solo #film #dance #rhythm #gstar #GstarRAW #Amsterdam #London #contemporarydance #videoart #movement #DeptfordXfringe


„Calling all women of the world: Step into the power and grace of the divine feminine. Inspire and lead through the depth and radiance of your being. Bring your light, your love, and your intelligence to the fore. The world needs your leadership and wisdom now.“ ( @3hofoundation ) ⚜️ “You are the nucleus of this Universe. You are the source of beginning. You are the master of the space. You are the hub, you are the pivot, you are the force, you are the mother. If you walk tall, that's all you have to do. Resurrect yourself, exalt yourself, excel. You are born to rule, that's the rule of the creation. You are Ashtabhuja Bhagvati, the giver, and the omniscient and omni-powerful woman to whom God bows." (Yogi Bhajan) ⚜️ SO MUCH GRATITUDE FOR THESE TWO EMPOWERED YOGIS @frau_m & @gurujagat • IT IS TIME WE TRULY GIVE FEMININE LEADERSHIP THE SPACE & SUPPORT IT LONG DESERVES • THIS COMING AGE NEEDS THEIR ENERGY AND DEDICATION AND I AM PROUD & WILLING TO SUPPORT THEIR EVERY STEP • YOU‘LL NEVER WALK ALONE • #yogaoftheaquarianage ⚜️

healthandhorti. Move - loads!
For 2.5 million years our ancestors moved or travelled a

Move - loads! For 2.5 million years our ancestors moved or travelled an average of between 6 and 12 Miles per day some of it running to capture food or walking, climbing or scrambling to forage or find water . (Btw 6 Miles is c.10k or 10,000 steps if you are a tall paléolithic dude). Our brains are hard wired to expect this level of activity. Furthermore our brains need exercise for growth and maintenance so it’s not only our muscles, heart and lungs that benefit it’s our brains too. Exercise stimulates the release of brain-cell nourishing hormones NGF and BDNF and lack of exercise is thought to be cumulative and those with less exercise over their lifetime are thought to be at a higher risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise also lowers the excretion of cytokines that lead to excessive inflammation. So we need to get moving and move often. Exercise should involve stretching, balance work, lifting heavy things and of course aerobic conditioning such as walking briskly or running. In fact as crazy as it sounds gardening achieves many of these movements! Whilst you might be motivated to start your plan to move right now a great motivation is to share your ambition or commitment with your friends or family; hey you may even inspire them too. #exercise #explore #healthylifestyle #health #healthylife #gardening #paleo #movement #running #bdnf #lifting #fitness #live