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Harika hissediyorum ❣ Feeling amazing☝️ After @wowclasses opening party 🙏❤💜💙💯🎉 #wowclasses #motivation #deneyim #hareket #experience #movement

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apollosicarus. feeling a lot more like myself here lately

feeling a lot more like myself here lately

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What does it mean to have integrity? Maybe its when you feel trust in yourself to 'own it'. To take what comes not necessarily in your stride (because life is messy) but to take the wobbly steps anyway, knowing you are moving with the wind of your truth. Whatever we practice gets stronger... so lets do our best to practice this. Take responsibility for what you choose. Support others in doing the same. If we can each hold to this...what might the world become, collectively? 🌱

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sepertinyamungkin. Little Step to The Hill:
Menjadi sebuah ruang untuk berkampanye, eduka

Little Step to The Hill: Menjadi sebuah ruang untuk berkampanye, edukasi dan berbagi dengan media seni terhadap segala persoalan sosial lingkungan dan kemanusiaan serta cara untuk membangkitkan kesadaran generasi muda terhadap isu isu sosial lingkungan dan kemanusiaan. - Membuka opini generasi muda untuk peduli lingkungan dan mendengar lebih cermat pesan yang akan disampaikan dalam gerakan kampanye peduli lingkungan hidup. - Menunjukan dan mengajak generasi muda untuk berpartisipasi secara aktif dalam menjaga dan merawat lingkungan mereka sendiri. Menguatkan dan memperluas jaringan kerjasama antar generasi muda dalam jaringan gerakan Bersama Lindungi Ekosistem (BERLINE). - Sosialisasi kegiatan dan fundraising camp seni di hutan Forest Art Camp (FAC). Tanggal 22 Oktober-3 Nopember 2019 Agenda Little Step To The Hill akan Start pada 22 Oktober @basecamp_ibupendaki @the_sinau Pekalongan 23 Oktober @gbugsshelter Tegal 24 Oktober @kopie ngoemah Pemalang 25-27 Oktober @umahsuwung Purbalingga 28 Oktober @rumahbacayangti Purwokerto 29 Oktober @purwojati Banyumas 30-1 Oktober @Rumahkayusemampir Banjarnegara dan berakhir 3 Nopember @Omahguyubjogja Jogjakarta Monggo Kagem Sedulur sedulur Bumi yang berada disekitaran area tersebut bisa merapat, bergabung, belajar dan, berbagi bersama. untuk Sedulur sedulur Bumi yang ingin kita sambangi kotanya bisa langsung hubungi kami yaa... Dan jangan lupa bawa Donasi terbaikmu... gerakan Bersama Lindungi Ekosistem Kelestarian Hutan dan Air Guyub Rukun Gotong Royong Gugur Gunung sejuta harapan dalam doa dan perdamaian untuk Bumi Rahayu. #bersamalindungiekosistem #BERLINE #movement #littlesteptothehill #environmentart #environment #forestartcamp #campaign #fundraising #Workshop #sharing #learning #ecolabel #ecological #footprints #ecology

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_fortnite_giveaway_free_. Which item you miss most? 🤔
Comment and don't forget about 2.800 v-bu

Which item you miss most? 🤔 Comment and don't forget about 2.800 v-bucks giveaway. _ _ _ _ #fortnite #fortnitegame #fortniteitem #videogame #weapons #gamer #fortnitegamer #chapter2 #season1 #movement #delate

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thisgirlgenius. “i’ve been thinking\" @catpowerofficial handsome boy modeling school.

“i’ve been thinking" @catpowerofficial handsome boy modeling school. page two includes a fall 😎 my students have been inspiring me to try arm balances again. it's been awhile. . . . #moving meditation #breath #music #lights #yogaroom #movement #selfcare #selflove #expression #strong #worthy #flow #balance

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Tell me about a negative experience you have had, which helps me as a trainer to grow. I’m all about learning, positive, safe, comfortable environments to allow ourselves to be who we are, moving our bodies shouldn’t be a negative experience so I want you to give me the chance to help you find it fun again. . . . #mackay #mackayqld #mackayfitness #8weekchallenge #fun #enjoylife #movement #getontrak

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skytrainingbyshirin. My body needs it’s morning routines. It’s the time of the day where I

My body needs it’s morning routines. It’s the time of the day where I have some quality Me time. I rinse my nose with salt water, I do some easy stretch poses in bed, if I don’t do yoga on my yoga mat, and I do my meditation, drink water and warm lemon water. And then I am ready to hit the shower. Feed your body with mobility and a conscious breathing every day. It can create miracles #skytrainingbyshirin #routines #morning #breathingexercises

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Totally a shy spectator but so jazzed by the house dance I saw tonight at Space Jam at the Gold Saucer. So much inspiration watching these three (@Josh eeong @warntheharbour and @funkyshazam ) dance. My fellow clown school friend Josh Ongcol hosted this rad event. 😍 #dance #movement #streetdance #fantasticspace #movementismedicine #movementculture #curatedspaces #housedance.

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my.everglow.journey. When your chronic  physical pain leaves your body, other areas of your

When your chronic physical pain leaves your body, other areas of your life slowly fall into place. Life begins anew. It’s nothing short of a rebirth. I am forever grateful to @painacademy for helping me take my pain away. Because when I saw how powerful I was in healing myself physically, I found the courage and strength to heal every other aspect of my life- #mindbodysoul. ✨✨ Living an authentic life could not have been possible while wearing every possible mask under the sun just to survive life while in chronic pain. Making sure everyone thought I had it all under control so that I wouldn’t be outed as someone in pain 24/7, took all my energy and strength. With these masks, I raised twins while working full- time as a litigation attorney in one of the toughest professions. I made partner in my law firm when my babies were 4 years old. All the while, I earned enough money on the side (in addition to working full-time) to be able to put as a down payment for a house. I walked around with a smile, bright clothes, nails, and lipstick, perfectly coiffed every day, with a tough exterior. It was exhausting. And no one caught on with my pain. Until my sister saw me in a swimsuit from the back one day and exclaimed in shock over the deformed, crooked, and twisted body in front of her. That’s when I found @painacademy. That’s when the pretend life ended. And my new life began. ✨✨ Today, I live an authentic life. I have no masks. I let the world, including the legal world, see me as I am. See me vulnerable. And that’s where I found my true power. In my authenticity. Inside of my vulnerability. Right inside of my heart. Where I my true self was waiting for me. Patiently. All this time. [Wearing a green necklace from @awarecauses for scoliosis] (pic by @delightedlyani

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thewellwritingretreats. Does one of these desks have your name on it? •
Psychologist Mihaly Cs

Does one of these desks have your name on it? • Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of 'Flow' (1990) tells us that #environment matters when it comes to optimal #productivity. As glossed by thebodyandmindcoach.com: "Routine is the cornerstone of productivity. But you’ll rarely enter a state of flow just by doing the same thing you did yesterday." • A change in environment might be just thing you need to enter your #flow state this December and get that chapter/paper/presentation underway. #thewellacademic2019 is filling up fast, but there are still a few places left! Book your private or twin room in the lush surrounds of the NSW Blue Mountains and join us for a #restorative and week of #mindfulness, #movement and #writing! Bookings at www.thewellwritingretreats.com #ecr #ecrchat #hdr #phd #yoga #academicwriting #ishouldbewriting #selfcare #academicselfcare

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Sadece hareketle ilgilenenlerin değil farkındalıkla ilgilenen herkesin alması gerektiğini düşünüyorum anatomi eğitimini, Ben yoluma Neval hocamla başladım, Bana sorarsanız tarzı ve dili benzersiz, Anatomi benim kaçtığım bir alandı, ancak ilk eğitimimden sonra öğrenmeye başladığımı ve en önemlisi içimde anatomiye dair konulara merak sarmış olduğumu görüyorum İşini tutkuyla yapan, bende hayranlık uyandıran şekilde konuları sistematize eden ve birbirine ören, parçadan bütüne film izler gibi büyülü bir atmosfer yaratıp size konuları aktaran, en önemlisi kendinizi, bedeni ve canlıyı sorgularken bulacağınız bir hocanın varlığı bilginin doğuşu ve yaşamı için çok önemli! Iste yeni serüvenin detayları👇 . #repost (@sensingbodyacademy) . Ve başlıyoruz! . Hareket anatomisi ve duygusal anatomi uzmanı Neval Aras ile geçecek keşif dolu Anatomi Serüveni ilk modülüyle başlıyor! . Yapı & Anatomi 10-12 Ocak Antalya! . Duyguların yansımalarına doğru yolculuğun ilk adımı! . Hücreden-Sisteme vereceğimiz bilgilerle başlayacak olan modülde, bilgileri işinize yarayacak şekilde ve bütünü değerlendirirken kullanabileceğiniz birer kılavuz olarak öğreneceksiniz! . Fonksiyonun Anatomisi ve Duygusal Anatomi modüllerine katılmak isteyen herkesin alması gereken bu modülde, . 💯Kavramları ve alt başlıkları öğrenecek, . 💯Bedendeki kas, kemik isimleri ve yerlerine hakim olacak, . 💯Eklemlerin ve kasların fonksiyonlarına ve sistemlerle olan ilişkisine aşina olacak, . 💯Ve fizik bedeni çözümlemeyi öğreneceksiniz! . Farklı illerdeki sevgili takipçilerimiz, bu modül bu yıl için yalnızca Antalya’da olacaktır! . Detaylı bilgi için: 0537 741 85 82 ayse@sensingbodyacademy.com . . #yoga #anatomy #emotionalanatomy #mindful #movement #body #awareness #newbook #training #functionaltraining #sensingbodyacademy

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Sunday is sacred. It’s my non-negotiable day of rest. Having set rest days as part of a training regime are so important! Rest is essential for muscle repair, adrenal balance & for motivation. Without it we can’t train as hard, efficiently and maybe most importantly, enjoyably. . On a rest day I like to go for a long slow walk or bike ride and do some gentle stretching or mobility work. . Mobility training although slightly tedious is really important to overall health and helps in the avoidance of injuries. It improves the range of motion of our joints and muscles and can assist in improving our posture. It can alleviate everyday aches and pains and improves our body awareness. . Giving your body the maintenance work that it needs is essential if you want to continue to stay fit and train into your 30s, 40s and beyond. We may have bounced back in our 20s with a quick stretch post workout but that doesn’t quite cut it as we age. It’s a bit like a hangover. So be kind to your body and listen to its signs and signals. Cultivate a mind body connection, it’s actually pretty therapeutic once you get into it. ✨ . #exercise #mobility #stretch #flexibility #restandrecovery

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tufo12batam. TROFEO SPORTIVITAS OKTOBER 2019 . .


TROFEO SPORTIVITAS OKTOBER 2019 . . Teams: KARAMBIA FC PKDP FC BINTANG SALJU FC DS FC Enjoy Your Moment . MENANG DENGAN SPORTIVITAS ADALAH KUALITAS TEAM ITU SENDIRI 😍 Sekarang Sudah Pake 2 Lapangan😍 yang mau bergabung silakan TROFEO AJANG SILATURAHMI . . . . 📅SABTU. 19 OKTOBER 2019 📍Lap futsal Aku Tahu Center 🕘20.00 wib Bersama @tufo12batam . 📷@tufo12batam Supports @futsalakutahu. @movement pocarisweat @ts_sportwear @blezzincoffeeandkitchen 🙏🙏🙏 . . #EnjoyYourCompetition #EnjoyYourGame #futsalsatukankita⚽ #FutsalBukanKungfu7 #movement #pocarisweat #Trofeosportivitas #futsalbatam #futsalakutahucenter #specsindonesia #nikefutsal #mygameisfairplay #player #goalkeeper #futsalindonesia #tsportwear #enjoyyourmoment

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hoyaart1. Roè Volciano, Italy, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Germany winter to spring

Roè Volciano, Italy, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Germany winter to spring transition in 2006 Mixed media on 300lb cold pressed 18”x24” paper _ _ _ #art #artwork #work #euro #europe #paris #france #italy #germany #frankfurt #european #design #painting #draw #drawing #paint #artist #print #canvas #river #city #travel #explore #roé #icewine #rhineriver #country #earth #energy #movement

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catarina_yogafusion. \"La pose de yoga no es la meta. Ser flexible no es la meta. La meta es

"La pose de yoga no es la meta. Ser flexible no es la meta. La meta es crear espacio donde alguna vez estuviste atrapado.Para descubrir las capas de protección que has construido alrededor de tu corazón. Apreciar tu cuerpo y tomar conciencia de tu mente y del ruido que crea, para hacer las paces con quien eres. Cambia tu enfoque y tu corazón crecerá. " Geeta Iyengar #yoga #geetaIyengar #vinyasaflow #movement #woman #mymedicine #yogastudent #breath

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