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It’s Thanksgiving week. A time to gather. A time to reflect. A time for gratitude. . We are so grateful for this existing, and growing, community of yogis. . Over the weekend, we had a little “omie” gathering. In casual conversation, we talked about when we first felt we started living a life that felt authentic to our true being. . For us, much of that authentic life and path started when we found a common community with all of you. For that, we can’t possibly thank you enough. Thank YOU for being a part of our lives. . Sending so much love and gratitude this week. 🙏🏼 - Joella, Stacy, Bryana, Amanda❤️ . 📸 @comfortandcashmereimages . 📿 @moxiemalas . #borealblissyogaretreats #omies #borealblissomies #gratitude #yoga #thankful #mnyoga #thanksgiving

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mattportwood77. Aren’t you tired yet with stories?  I’m exhausted. This identification

Aren’t you tired yet with stories? I’m exhausted. This identification with body and thoughts doesn’t end well. Yet beyond all narration, Infinity dances self evident for anyone ready to look outside the box. 📸@rolandomoralesperez

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yogafitstudios. Yoga because you can't get through Black Friday shopping without it...

Yoga because you can't get through Black Friday shopping without it... #YogaFitLife • • • #yogafitness #fityoga #yogaworkout #yogamember #yogafriends #blackfriday2018 #yogafitfam #mnyoga #keepcalmanddoyoga

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anniehayeswellness. Thank you to a student who posted this,  @leahblashka. The Sunday yoga

Thank you to a student who posted this, @leahblashka. The Sunday yoga crew @utepilsbrewing rocks my world. You all inspire me, make me feel like WE are creating better communities one class at a time. Join @anniehayeswellness in the yoga revolution. . . . . #mpls #minneapolis #mplsyoga #mplsyogi #twincities #twincitiesyoga #minneapolisyoga #minnesota #nempls #northeastminneapolis #neminneapolis #liveauthentic #minnstagramers #yoga #vinyasa #cityofminneapolis #mncommunity #capturemn #exploremn #wholemindwholebody #livelikearebel #liveyourtruth #liveyourlife #liveyourpassion #anniehayeswellness

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lindsaykocka. Yoga Asana is notorious for asking us to put our body parts in positio

Yoga Asana is notorious for asking us to put our body parts in positions with the leverage of other body parts. I don’t think this is inherently bad, but I do think we can also benefit from working our active and controlled ROM, if we want our bodies to feel better and do better. Try moving into a pose similar to the one pictured here, squeeze and engage, and then let your foot go and see what your hip flexion is really made of. The yoga pose paradigm is shifting. I’m of the opinion that if we want to honor the history of this practice, we have to let it continue to evolve, as it always has.🧡 📷: @northernyogacenter

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One more shot from hanging with my little buddy Romeo poolside in Minneapolis. Isn’t he just a little prince? 👑 It was exactly four years ago that we moved to Minneapolis, definitely a special city that will stay in my heart forever! Luckily I still run a yoga business there and have lots of excuses to travel back all the time! . . #urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose #backbend #yogalove #flowthroughlife #pisces #minneapolislove #yogabusiness #yogainspiration #mnyoga #urbanyogi #minneapolis #minneapolisskyline #bikinigirl #bikinilife #summertime #sirsasana #poolside #poolsideyoga #mermaid #mermaidlife #afternoonswim #summer #summerlife #sunbabe #bikiniyoga #puppylove #minatureyorkie #yorkielove #doga

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Sunshine salutations. #myactualyoga #mnyoga #lovenorthoaks

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Getting out of your comfort zone is good right? We did something waaaayyyy out of our norm on Friday night! . Thank you SO MUCH to the amazing women of @wyld_fiyah for a night to remember! We celebrated three omie birthdays, including our very own @joellaerin. We shook what our mommas gave us in so many ways we didn’t think we even could! 😂 . Many of us (but not all!) were way out of our element, but Melissa and Chloe are pros and they had us singing, cheering, and dancing with them in no time. (When your instructors come out twerkin’ in salt shaker costumes it’s hard not to immediately smile and decide to let loose!) They made us feel so comfortable, confident, accepted, and really amazing! . These women are very special souls and we highly recommend checking them out, whether for a @majorbody class or a @wyld_fiyah Strawberries and Stilettos class. They are having a special Christmas theme Strawberries and Stilettos, where they will also do a tutorial, on December 22nd at noon! 👠 👌🏼❤️🔥 . #borealblissomies #borealblissyogaretreats #shakeit #twerk #mnyoga #yoga #havefun #letloose #wyldfiyah #strawberriesandstilettos #twerkitout

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Ball hard for the children 🙏

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Check out our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sale! 20% off storewide, 35%off all Virus Compression and 50% off select Noli and ClimaWear! Support your local stores!!! • Tooth and Nail is 100% locally owned • #minnesota #fitnessmotivation #mpls #mnfitness #shoplocal #shoplocalmn #retail #shopping #boutiqueshopping #mncrossfit #crossfit #crossfitstyle #vikings #fitspo #health #fitfam #workout #gym #fitness #fitlife #hiit #hiitworkout #circuittraining #mnyoga #yoga #yogastyle #mnyogi #yogaworkout

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upyogamn. Everything you need, you already have within you. 🙏⠀
Modified sche

Everything you need, you already have within you. 🙏⠀ -⠀ Modified schedule for the holiday week;⠀ Thursday 9:30am Thanksgiving Power Up - only a few spots left!⠀ Friday 9:30am and 5:30pm⠀ -⠀ #lookinward #practiceandalliscoming #stopsearchingstartmeditating #yoga #yogamn #mnyoga #peace #growth #community 📷 @kalilynnphoto

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It’s the week of thanksgiving! An ideal week to practice yoga. I have three options for class this week: . Monday | 4-5pm | Walker School *Class is moved to a first grade classroom today. Contact me with any questions: 507-327-6303. . Friday | 8-9am | Walker Area Community Center (WACC) | POP-UP POST-TURKEY DAY YOGA | Feel good about the start to your Friday! Eat some leftovers and indulge in a nap after class! 😋 . Sunday | 5:30-7pm | Portage Brewing Co. | Special Gratitude Class | We will be joined by live music! Guitarist Steve Reiter and Native American Flutest Lynn Mineer. Enjoy your choice of @portagebeer after class. . Maintain a focus on gratitude and practice yoga this week! 🙏🏼 . #gratitude #yoga #walkermn #longvillemn #hackensackmn #mnyoga #upnorth #thanksgivingyoga

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I have a less than normal teaching schedule coming up this week. I’m taking some time off, plus stepping in to cover a couple classes. Who’s joining me for some yoga during this Thanksgiving week? __________ Monday 5:30pm Open Flow @voyager_yoga Tuesday 9am C2 @ CPY-NE Wednesday 6am C2 @ CPY-SLP Wednesday 7:15am YS @ CPY-SLP Wednesday 10am C1 @ CPY-Mpls Wednesday noon C2 @ CPY-Mpls Wednesday 6pm C2 @ CPY-NE Thursday 7:30am C2 @ CPY-Mpls Friday 9am HPF @ CPY-SLP Friday 12:30pm C2 @ CPY-NE

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In tonight’s yoga class at Portage Brewing Co. we took a more specific look at intention-setting. Sometimes it’s hard to land on a focus in a yoga class. . What should I pick? . Do I have to choose one? . Sometimes I like to practice letting an intention choose me. We do this often at our @borealblissyogaretreats. It’s a beautiful way of connecting with a word and applying to your life, in this moment. . Next week at 5:30-7:00pm on Nov. 25th, we have a very special gratitude yoga class! Guitarist, Steve Reiter and Native American Flutist, Lynn Mineer will be playing for us again! Serenading in meditation and savasana is the absolute BEST. 🙌🏼 . See you next Sunday at @portagebeer! . #intentions #meditation #yoga #walkermn #portagebrewingcompany #northernnamaste #mnyoga #yogaandlivemusic

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thanksgiving holiday classes: -TUES- 6:45 PM 🙏🏽 FLOW+YIN w/ @mindy_luv -WED- 10:30 AM guided 🙏🏽 flow w/ @kayla_brugger -THURS- 7:00 AM 🙏🏽 #HIITyoga w/ amanda s. -FRI- 9:00 AM 🦃🔥 FLOW w/ #nickbez __ 🖤 J O I N U S 🖤 __ #mplsyoga #minneapolisyoga #yogastudioowner #mnyoga #mnsmallbusiness #plymouthmn #wayzatamn #yogapeople #yogagram #crescentlunge

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{A Rant on Striving} // When I started practicing yoga, I had a love-hate relationship with forward folds. . On one hand, I was uncomfortable. I couldn’t “do” it (i.e., get my forehead to my knees or the floor). On the other hand, I experienced a sweet stillness. Right away I saw it as an opportunity to slow down, turn inward, even if I couldn’t “achieve” the full expression of the pose. . One of the most important things that yoga teaches us is to recognize and accept reality, entirely, in the present moment. All of it. . I quickly learned about the power of mind. About ego. Yoga taught me to recognize and accept that I had an inner critic so loud and bossy that I was frustrated on my mat more than I was calm. A teacher would never say to me what I’d tell myself. Fighting with my ego about what was happening in my body NEVER helped. . Pantanjali described this as “asmita” or egoism. Yoga teaches us to set aside those veils and to see the world in its true colors, with pure awareness - which means we are invited to back off from a pose that may be too intense for us. When ego gets loud and pushes you to go deeper, this can be a reminder to not mistake who we are, for how we are in our practice. . Yoga teaches us to accept where our bodies are(or are not) in any given moment. With this acceptance, we develop greater capacity to be still, and settle in. To stay with it. And with time, consistency, non-striving - we gain flexibility. . One of my favorite things to do with this asana is to be fluid within the fold. Inhale to lengthen the spine (coming out of the fold slightly from the hips as you fill the lungs) and exhaling release navel to the floor. This is subtle, inches, but can feel like miles. I find with moving gently in this way, I maintain greater awareness of not only where I am holding on, but also that I can open both my muscles and my mind. . Which pose did you love/hate at first? . . . #selfluminescence #yogateacher #yogastudio #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #safespace #selfcare #mnyoga #stcloudmn #sangha #innerwisdom #selfawareness #pantanjali #yogasutras #movementmeditation #movementmedicine #mindfulmovement #forwardfold #upavisthakonasana

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💛 Special Gratitude and Heart Opening Candlelit slow flow + yin class tomorrow night! 6:30 at Excelsior and Grand in SLP💛 Link in bio or DM me for more info and to register! NamaSUNDAY loves! 🙏💫 . . . . . . . 📷= @therosequartzgoddess #gratitude #liveingratitude #eternallygrateful #heartopening #anahatachakra #chakraopening #candlelityoga #yogateacher #lightworker #mnyoga #minneapolisyoga #yogaeverydamnday #liveinspired #openyourheart #positivevibesonly

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From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’re entering the season of the Water Element. Being a fire sign with a Pitta disposition, this element resonates with my need to simplify, strip away, and access vitality through a steady and intentional distribution of energy. Over the next few months, you’ll find emphasis on the kidney and bladder meridians in both my movement and restorative classes. Who knows, I may even offer a Yoga and TCM Winter Water Element Workshop for ya, it sure has been a while.💙📷: @northernyogacenter

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fullmetal_naturalist. All bodies welcome and encouraged ❤
#yoga #teach #yogi #amputee

All bodies welcome and encouraged ❤ . . . #yoga #teach #yogi #amputee #clearwater #mnyoga #centralmn

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imbue_yoga. Practical Magic: Kundalini Yoga to Detox & De-stress with @laurenashei

Practical Magic: Kundalini Yoga to Detox & De-stress with @laurenasheim December 8th 4-6pm Imbue Yoga Studio $25 pre-registered / $30 at the door - imbueyoga.com/prices 💛 . Experience miracles from the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation tradition to help the body detox from all those holiday treats and to relieve the stresses of the season. Lauren will guide you through a gentle Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class to relax and renew and will share some tools and practices that you can continue to use through the holidays. Self-care is so important in this busy season and it can be as simple as taking some time to breathe, to rest and to chant.

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2 words: Power 👏 Couple 👏⠀ ⠀ Caroline and Ethan are bringing back MixxedFit Circuit Remix for a Thanksgiving special. ⠀ ⠀ Thursday, 11/22 @ 10:30am 💥⠀ ⠀ Swipe left to check out our entire Thanksgiving schedule for some more things to be grateful for 😉⠀ ⠀ Follow the link in our bio to give back to yourself with a fitness and/or dance class. See you at the studio! ⠀ ⠀ #PowerCouple #FitFam⠀ #ThanksgivingWorkout⠀ #MinneapolisFitness⠀ @mixxedfit @shesmightyfine

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coalfury. I’m having way too much fun prepping for the fascia workshop. 
Tight i

I’m having way too much fun prepping for the fascia workshop. Tight is a neurological response. Your nervous system constricts muscles and joints when it perceives a threat. If you just ‘stretch’ or roll a tissue out, you’re not necessarily addressing why your brain tightened up the area in the first place, nor are you improving tissue function or movement patterns in any real way. We approach and release with the nervous system, and then we move and look for integration. Or we can explore integrity of movement and stumble across the nervous system. You see what I mean: they are the same thing. The whole thing is only interesting in being a greater way to understand yourself and care for self. Ps, chances are neither your hips or your hamstrings are ‘tight’. #science #unbound #deconstructingvinyasa #tulayogaandwellness #returnyoga #mnyoga

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W H O L E N E S S At Yara Yoga all of our classes are trauma-informed and designed to support whole-being, well-being. We are grounded in the belief that people are born whole and our well-being is innate — always available within. This is our birthright. Stress and the impacts of trauma can create barriers to wholeness and well-being. Through breath, movement, meditation, somatic awareness, tension release, mindfulness & relaxation techniques, we reconnect our body, mind & spirit. Our goal is to empower participants with tools and techniques to respond to and effectively manage the difficulties of life. #youarewhole #wholeness #yoga #thisismyyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogini #traumasensitiveyoga #traumainformedyoga #somaticyoga #hathayoga #vinyasa #healing #wholebeing #wellbeing #mnyoga #duluthmn #yara #yarayoga

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Slow down. Sip some tea. See you tomorrow night? This donation class is open to all.

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“She believed she could, so she did.”⠀ 📝⠀ Happy Saturday Straightliners! Meet this bundle of joy also known as Piloxing instructor Cammie (@cammielin) ⠀ 🤗⠀ Favorite outdoor activity:⠀ Take me to the North Shore! Love spending time around there and hiking!⠀ 🌲⠀ Fun fact:⠀ I was born in Germany and have lived in 5 states.⠀ 🌍⠀ 3 things in your fitness bag⠀ Water bottle, piloxing gloves, and an excessive amount of socks⠀ 🧦⠀ What do you teach and why do you teach that?⠀ I am currently teaching @piloxing and will be getting certified in Piloxing’s #TheMix. Since starting Piloxing, I have loved the blend of power and dance. It’s so fun, I forget I am working out most times!⠀ 💃⠀ What advice would you give to someone just starting their fitness journey?⠀ Do/try something out of your comfort zone, you never know what it will lead to… a new found strength, a new passion, or a few new friends!⠀ 🙌⠀ Come hang out with Cammie on Fridays at 5:30pm for Piloxing, it’s a great way to kick off the weekend and feel good while doing it! Visit the link in our bio. ⠀ 💕⠀ #Piloxing #TeacherFeature #GroupFitnessInstructor⠀ #MnFitness

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💚Special Thanksgiving Gratitude and Anahata-Heart Chakra Opening classes this Monday and Wednesday! 💚 * * ✨Candlelit Slow Flow + Yin Classon Monday @6:30pm at Excelsior and Grand in St. Louis Park. ✨ Chakra Balancing on Wednesday @9:30am @openmindsfusionstudio in Uptown. * 💚Join us for an incredible hour of tapping into our self love and gratitude practices not only for ourselves but for all of the loved ones in our lives at this special, heart expansive time of the year. Click here➡️ @the.wellness.wander3r or the link in bio ⬆️ for more info and to register! Namaste loves. 🙏💚 . . . . . . . . . 📷= @ericakrysta and @wholesome_healer // #loveyourself #anahata #heartchakra #chakraopening #selflove #bodymindsoul #thelawofattraction #positivemindset #positivevibesonly #raiseyourvibration #loveandlight #spreadlove #belove

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carrie.your.yogi. I was boutique shopping a while back and I came across these socks. I

I was boutique shopping a while back and I came across these socks. I LOVE them! I love them because they say things I want to say to everyone I meet...AND, given what they say, I guess that might be a bit socially awkward and weird. I've come to a point in my life where I'm not going to apologize for who I am. I'm embracing who I am and truth be told I do struggle with that. I AM "complicated", I AM the "rainbow sheep", I do wear my heart on my sleeve, I am an open book and if I could be a unicorn, I WOULD(wouldn't you?)! AND at this moment, since I am Carrie, I am going to try to be authentically ME! I will love and get my heart broken. I will love and receive amazing gifts from those who CAN love me in return. I chose to put love into the world again and again. If you choose love, comment with the word "love". #forgiveness #affirmations #bethelight #daringgreatly #meditation #moment #gratitude #yoga #yogainspiration #mylife #coolsocks #beyou #embraceyou #twincitiesyoga #mnyoga #rainbowkidsyoga #yogaismorefuntogether

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#Repost @movement_at_ve ・・・ Who’s coming to get cozy with us at Yoga and a Pint at @dualcitizenbrewing tomorrow morning? For this installment, @yoganinjagirl will be leading you through an invigorating and grounding flow! We’ll see ya at 10:30am, don’t forget to bring your mat! #YogaVE ... #dualcitizenbrewing #dualendeavor #yogaandapint #mnyoga #visitstpaul

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Hop on over for Yoga fun with cute bunnies! YES, you read that right! YOGA W/ BUNNIES!! (15 - 20 free roaming bunnies while you practice) Experience the benefits of yoga and the calming effects of cute adorable bunnies! FurEver Home Rescue will have several adoptable bunnies roam free while you enjoy a yoga class led by Greenway Yoga instructors. *Limited Tickets Available* BUY ONLINE: $29 https://www.greenwayyoga.com/events (Screenshot Purchase for Entrance) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE Drop-in tickets same day: $35 (5 spots will be OPEN for drop-ins) $15 will go to FurEver Home Rescue (Bunny Division) and the other portion will go towards helping Greenway Yoga create accessible yoga for all! Mat rentals available for only $2. Buy a new mat starting at $9.95 FEHR: Is a local non-profit bunny rescue that serves the surrounding TC metro. Unlike other area rabbit rescues, they take in urgent surrendered rabbits, actively go out and capture dumped domestic rabbits, take on injured and sick bunnies, rabbits in need, as well as taking in those from other rescues. All of the bunnies are fostered in private homes of approved volunteers where they receive socialization, medical care, rehab and lots of love! FEHR rescue bunnies are housed in private foster homes through out the TC and receive vetting, spay or neuter and microchips before adoption. To learn more about FEHR or to fill out an adoption or foster application please go to www.fureverhomerescue.com For more information on Greenway Yoga and Location please visit: www.greenwayyoga.com #greenwayyoga #mnyoga #fureverhome

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yoga_service_project. #Repost @mindbodysolutions (@get_repost)
Our story began as a stor

#Repost @mindbodysolutions (@get_repost) ・・・ Our story began as a story of one when Matthew Sanford had the realization that it mattered how we lived and moved in our bodies, regardless of ability, age, or condition. Nearly 20 years later and we continue to share Matthew’s vision through our adaptive yoga classes, teacher training programs, community outreach, and more. Today on Give to the Max Day, we invite you to join us in sharing this message of hope with people living with trauma, loss, and disability. Become part of our growing global community and evolving story... Learn more and give through the link in bio. #GTMD18 #GiveToTheMaxDay #GiveMN #community #connection #support #insight #hope #givingback #philanthropy #ourstory #yourstory #healingstories #stories #adaptiveyoga #shareyoga #mnyoga #yoga #mindbodysolutions #matthewsanford

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My practice has changed a lot over the years. Initially I wanted to move fast, do big postures, and work really hard in my physical practice. Now things are very different. I like to move slower. I appreciate the subtlety of a detailed practice. Plus I appreciate the quiet moments more than the rapid flows. I’m very excited to share a chilled out practice at @voyager_yoga with all of you. Come join me for Sunday Night Slow Down THIS Sunday, November 18th 6:30-8pm. Bring a mug if you want to sip on some tea. Bring a friend to share the experience. Wear your coziest yoga clothes and prepare to unwind. The class is donation based. You truly pay whatever you want via cash or Venmo. See you there.

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