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PRE-WORKOUT NUTRITION 👊🏻 SAVE THIS & REFER TO IT LATER 💪🏻 . There is no denying that nutrition can improve your exercise performance. But knowing what to fuel with can very confusing 🤯 So, I’ve tried my absolute best to simplify things for you 😎 . A serving of protein for amino acid availability, carbs for energy during the workout and caffeine for straight gainnnnnz 🧠💪🏻 . Minimal fat and fibre pre-workout? Why? Fat actually takes a while to digest, and can slow down the digestion of your other food (protein + carbs)....which can negate the effects of a pre workout meal 😯 . Too much fibre pre workout has been shown to cause a tummy upset for some. So be mindful of that too 🌽🍐💨 . While pre workout nutrition is important, the broader picture of your diet as a whole has a huge influence on your performance What I mean is that you can’t just focus on your pre workout nutrition and think “she’ll be right mate I just had my protein shake, banana and pre workout. Sorted” 😂 . While that’s a great pre workout option. The other 2-5 meals around that meal are just as important 👌🏼 . Think of it like this 👉🏻 If you fill your tank with e91, but add 1 litre of e95, your can’t expect the engine to run like it’s got a full tank of e95. That’s the same as nutrition, you can’t expect to see your true performance potential if your only fuelling for performance 5% of the time 🚘 . In saying that, the guide above is a great starting point for someone looking to improve their performance- these numbers will of course change, but as a starting point they’re pretty bang on in my book 📚 . . . . . #nutrition #infographic #information #nutrients #macros #macronutrients #instanutrition #nutritionist #protein #carbs #fat #fibre sport #sportsnutrition #student #studying #foodforfuel #foodforthought #foodforthoughtnutritionfitness

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I used to be an #allornothing kinda girl, until I shifted my mindset and realised that I can have my cake, and eat it too... I just needed to account for it in my daily energy intake. 🍰 Repost: @whenharrymetsalad

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michaelsole1. THAT TIME OF THE MONTH?⠀
If you haven’t downloaded this useful tool

THAT TIME OF THE MONTH?⠀ ⠀ If you haven’t downloaded this useful tool yet, and are still battling with understanding why you feel a certain way.⠀ ⠀ DOWNLOAD this free guide from the link in my BIO. ⠀ ⠀ #sickcontent⠀#fitness #nutrition #healthy #vlog #calories #fundamentals #weightloss #thepowerofnow #learning #dubai #nutritionist #dubaifitness #fitnessindxb #caloriedeficit #macronutrients #micronutrients #fitlife #lifestyleblogger #fitnessblogger #michaelnutrients #wewill #protectthishouse #underarmour

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audriennef. Boost yourself up! Kickstarting your day with a  smoothie ensures that

Boost yourself up! Kickstarting your day with a smoothie ensures that you've ticked off most of your 5-a-day! The BEAUTIFUL green colour comes from Spirulina.. A cyanobacteria that is bursting with nutritional value. Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and essential amino acids, B-Vitamins and Iron! I blended it up with my usual orange juice, #mangos #pineapple and #kale. Pretty, delicious nutrition! 😍🌱 . . . #spirulina #cyanobacteria #ironrichfoods #vegannutrition #whatveganseatforbreakfast #allthegreens #greensmoothie #smoothietime #breakfastideas #greenorigins #micronutrients #ifitfitsyourmacros #macronutrients #boost #devilsivy #pothos #veganmalta #reusablestraw

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#BREAKFASTOFCHAMPIONS!!! 😁👍🏻👌🏻💪🏻 My #StrawberryAndBananaSmoothie!! 😁👍🏻👌🏻💪🏻 There's a reason you see this flavour combo in every smoothie bar; it's a match made in heaven. This is a super simple recipe, perfect for breakfast on-the-go. Ingredients: . 55g of protein powder . 220g of strawberries . 160g of bananas . 220g of coconut yogurt, dairy free . 650ml of almond milk (unsweetened) . 260g of ice, solid Method: 1. To a smoothie maker, add the dry ingredients - banana, strawberries, and plant protein powder. 2. Now add the wet ingredients - coconut yogurt, almond milk, and ice. Blitz until smooth and creamy. It's as easy as that! 😁👍🏻👌🏻 Here are the #Calories and #Macronutrients for this meal... . Calories: 691 . #Protein: 44g . #Carbohydrates: 85g . #Fat: 18g . #Fibre: 19g . #Sugar: 43g . #Sodium: 891mg Make sure to follow me here on #Instagram to know how to make this recipe and for all my other #food recipes for #healthier meals, all of my #workout plans too, and all of my tips on having better health and better living!! 😁👍🏻💪🏻

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bonnieanneactor. Protein Pancakes by @emdnutrition - These are sooo good! Anybody needi

Protein Pancakes by @emdnutrition - These are sooo good! Anybody needing a food plan to help lose those extra pounds, I 💯 recommend! Each plan is tailored to you and she even does you a shopping list!!! 😋 . . . . . . #instafood #instagood #motivation #slimming #macros #diet #getfit #gethealthy #nutrition #ambassador #protein #proteinworld #instagood #instafood #instadaily #followme #followmyjourney #followforfollow #journey #onplan #backtoit #inspiration #macronutrients #instablog #weightloss #dietwhatdiet #shreddingforthewedding #followmyweightlossjourney

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vanillin_runner. Breakfast wrap; @mydelikitchen wrap, @buryblackpuddings, @sainsburys s

Breakfast wrap; @mydelikitchen wrap, @buryblackpuddings, @sainsburys skinny sausage, 2 eggs scrambled & a tomato. Great way to start the day! Macros; 416 kcal, P36g, C38g, F14g.

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🍳BREAKFAST🍳 Brekkie is by far my favourite meal of the day...eggs or proats are usually up there as regular choices. - My plate or bowl will always contain fruit or veggies to get in the vitamins, minerals and fibre to run alongside my protein, fats and carbs 🙌🏻😋 - Credit here to @absolutesanctuary for their delicious omelette dish👌an ideal way to start the day. - How do you start your day?

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higher_standard_of_health. Who likes smoothies? 🙌

My morning routine consists of drinking 1-2 g

Who likes smoothies? 🙌 My morning routine consists of drinking 1-2 glasses of room temperature water then I make a berry smoothie with chia seeds, protein powder, turmeric, water or coconut milk, walnuts and sometimes I add bananas or apples. This has been my routine for many years now and I can’t start my day without my morning smoothie. 🥰It gives me natural energy without added sugar, keeps me full and sustains my gut health overall well being!👌 💚 Benefits & Signs of a healthy gut: 🍃healthy digestion and Absorption of nutrients 🍃blissful bowel movement 🍃balances hormones and metabolism 🍃a optimized immune system 🍃reduces anxiety and depression 🍃increased energy and optimism Sounds amazing right? If you feel like your gut health is not what it should be! I can help you achieve all the benefits mentioned above. Schedule a Free Gut Healing Strategy Call with me today. Link in Bio ☝🏻 • • • • • • • • • #healthiswealth #beginnervegan #guthealth #weightloss #plantbased #vegansofig #healthylifestyle #plantbasedcommunity #veganlifestyle #plantbasedgirl #plantbasedlife #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #nutrients #macronutrients #increasedenergy #boostimmunesystem #startsinthegut #reducedanxiety #healthydigestion

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Last week I tried Emily Frisella’s Faux-Fried Cod, and let me tell you, it was delicious. Even Marvel loved it. And she’s a fucking picky eater. I may love seafood, but I still need some variety to not get burnt out on a type of food. And this recipe fucking nailed it! Next time I’m making her sweet potato fries with the fish. Have a healthy version of fish and chips 😋 Finding healthy varieties helps keep me on track with my meals and macros, and healthy versions of comfort foods is a Godsend and keep me from indulging in cheat meals. If you haven’t already, check out @emilyfrisella’s cookbook The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen. You definitely won’t regret it! 💪🏼 #HealthyFoods #iAm1stPhorm #WeDoTheWork

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gracious.healing. Mason Jar Salad prep!!! Try to get 1 Salad in a day with lots of raw v

Mason Jar Salad prep!!! Try to get 1 Salad in a day with lots of raw veggies and protein. . . Kale, romaine lettuce, yellow squash, cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes, black olives, red onions, oven roasted pumpkin seeds, chives and cilantro. Will add olive oil and protein right before we eat them, give them a good shake and eat up. Perfect for grabbing on the way out the door. . . What’s your favorite way to use a mason jar? . . #glutenfree #paleo #paleorecipes #paleodiet #paleolifestyle #gardenveggies #vegtablegarden #eatwhatyougrow #eattherainbow🌈 #macronutrients #foodismedicine #macronutrients #lowcarbrecipes #ketomeals #quickmeals #mealsonthego #nutrientdense #fuelyourbody #nutritionaltherapy #wholefooddiet #yourbestself

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healthcoachlucy. Stop comparing yourself to things and people that aren’t really real.

Stop comparing yourself to things and people that aren’t really real. Don’t let this social media shit fool you. Spend time with real people, doing real things.

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healthcoachlucy. The brain is one of the least understood organs in the human body. It

The brain is one of the least understood organs in the human body. It is responsible for cognitive processing, stores our memories, and helps regulate functions throughout the body. In fact, it’s estimated that the brain processes about 70,000 thoughts each day! Brain health is related to a variety of factors, including mental and social stimulation, but is also affected by what we’re exposed to in the environment – for example, neurotoxins like lead or ethanol. In fact, environmental toxins are thought to negatively affect the formation of the brain and cognitive skills. WHAT MAKES THE BRAIN SO VULNERABLE? Almost all the cells in the brain are in place by age two or three, and only a few small regions of the brain grow new cells after that point. Given this short window of time a person has to develop a healthy brain and maintain healthy cells, the human brain is extremely vulnerable to environmental pollution. The brain may only account for up to 2% of a person’s weight, but it consumes 20% of the body’s energy at a rate that is ten times faster than the rest of the body per gram of tissue. This energy-hungry organ requires a constant supply of energy to function, and what you ingest and are exposed to has a direct impact on its processes. The idea that small amounts of exposure are safe is what keeps some of the toxins legal in many countries’ commerce today. Here are steps you can take to better protect your health and your brain: Opt for foods grown organically or with little to no synthetic pesticides. Experiment with chemical-free yard and garden solutions. Evaluate the ingredients in your everyday self-care and cleaning products, I use @youngliving products to make my own or use their ready made natural alternatives. Contact your local or state health department to find out how you can have paint and dust testing done in your home. Information provided by @nutritionschool

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