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addarchstudio. ADD Architecture Studio has received the GOLDEN @adesigncompetition Aw

ADD Architecture Studio has received the GOLDEN @adesigncompetition Award 2018-2019 for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category. This is the second consecutive year we are receiving this award for one of our designs! Back to back happiness and a huge honor! The awarded design is called “Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp” and aspires to reconsider what a #walllamp is and what can be. The inspiration to design this lamp emanates from the desire to match two inseparable concepts, that of #time and #light . A #clock and a #lamp fused together into one unique object. As the time passes a discus gradually lights off in parts which correspond to the segmentation of a clock. Half translucent fiberglass, half golden like brise soleil the discus rotates corresponding to the different needs of direct and indirect light during the day while always indicating the time. The 6 segments of fiberglass of the upper half discus gradually light off from 9am till 3pm and then the discus rotates 180 degrees. The same process occurs from 4pm to 9pm and repeats itself every 6 hours. Light and shadow change according to time offering a spectacle to the observer. . . . #addarchitecture #adesignaward #adesigncompetition #awardeddesign #lampdesign #awards #interiordesign #goldaward #sunclock #lightandshadow #lightdesign #dayandnight #furnituredesign #productdesign #lightproduct #brass #fiberglass #archilovers #designboom #archdaily #dezeen #architizer #instadesign #instalifo #lifestyle

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앉은자리서 근황업데이트만 했는데 네시간이라니😂 #안율너마저 #동기모임 제가바로 #이약07 #탑투 #유노윤호 내 앞엔 요다 너야

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ascentbranding. Just having goal with no plan doesn't work...

Just having goal with no plan doesn't work...

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i.dcoiff_tamines. Top mèches ombrée beige#brushing bouclée#tamines#by Céline😍❤️🥰

Top mèches ombrée #brushing #by Céline😍❤️🥰

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My amazing cousin @mike_mo8 took these pictures of my sweet baby old man Justice on one of his better days back in December. It was hard to get some of them because even though he's a very good listener, he can be a scaredy cat in public and he's a mama's boy at heart. He usually stays right by my side with or without a leash so getting him to pose proved to be a bit of a challenge. I am hiding next to him or behind things in most of these pictures because of that. I have to say that I'm not adjusting well to the thought of life without my biggest constant for the last decade plus. If you messaged me, I promise I got it and I appreciate you. I was just too heartbroken (not to mention terribly sick) to respond because that meant treating everyone's condolences and the loss as real. I'm happy I got to share Justice with so many people and he brought so many of you the same happiness he brought me daily. From his ride or die buddies to bands who stayed with us and met him once to people who only knew him through pictures and videos, thank you for sharing your favorite memories with me publicly and privately. It really does mean everything. I don't really know how to heal but I know the love and friendship you've shown is a good start.

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#Boss 🆙

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My trainee is better than yours!!! My little superstar has been doing lashes for only 2 weeks and this is all her work!!! 😍😍😍 swipe ➡️➡️ She is excelling at everything we put her way and lashes are clearly no exception!! Next week Chloe will still be doing full sets of classic lashes for $50!! Snap an appointment up as they won’t last long with work like this at that price!! 💜💜

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