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You will arrive, no matter your path is short or long, no matter your process, no matter how many fails you experimented or how many falls, you will arrive to your destination and there you will rejoice just being yourself, your true self 💖 #utkatakonasana . Pc @lopezayerdi ✨🙏🏽

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catie.brier.contortion. I have been getting a LOT of requests for stretches/trick tutorials, s

I have been getting a LOT of requests for stretches/trick tutorials, so today I want to talk about WHY I don’t do tutorials or otherwise teach through IG.⠀ ⚪️⠀ As a contortion coach, I feel that it would be irresponsible for me to post instruction because there are so many things I would look at when assessing whether or not a student is ready for things like cheststand, deep backbending progressions, needle, etc. When I work with students and start to figure out what they should be working on, I take into account their strength, coordination, body control, background, and body type, in ADDITION to flexibility. And even after making assessments I HEAVILY spot tricks and give very personalized detail and instruction to ensure they’re doing the stretches/tricks in the safest way possible. I’m also able to give feedback, which is something I don’t have time to do on IG. Getting feedback from a coach is SO important, and giving instruction without being able to give feedback is something I don’t feel comfortable doing.⠀ ⚪️⠀ Instagram tutorials should be used to SUPPLEMENT formal training, and I worry that a lot of people rely solely on tutorials on IG and YouTube. And although it can be hard to find good flexibility/contortion coaches, you really should find a coach who you respect and has a good reputation and work with them. Working with a good coach is the best way to reach your goals and ensure you are training in a safe way. If traveling isn’t an option for you, a lot of people teach online now. So there are options!⠀ ⚪️⠀ As far as tutorials for stretching/active flex drills goes: I have worked for years to create a cohesive curriculum for flexibility training that really works. I will post an exercise here or there, but I prefer not to as all the exercises/stretches I do work best when done together, and taking one exercise out of context really doesn’t give you the full picture of how your training should look to really see improvement, or train safely. If you’re really serious about your flexibility training it’s well worth investing in, whether it’s with me or someone else!⠀ ⚪️⠀ I hope this makes sense, but feel free to drop questions in the comments!👇

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I will never be the best at anything, therefore I am always a student at everything! Thank you Master @miguel_hand_balance for training my hand balancing this month, not only have I learned some new great techniques but you have also given me inspiration from your passion towards the practice! Much love brother ❤️🤸🏻‍♂️ . If you are in Melbourne Australia at the end of the month and want to join Miguel’s epic training check out his page for details. . Legend behind the lens @lauragabrielagutkowski ❤️🙏 . Wearing @werkshop 🦅 p.s this photo looks better upside down 😂

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One handstand a day keeps the doctor away 🍎🤸🏻‍♀️

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tugceinam. Bütün ''hazır olmamalar'', bütün ''zamana ihtiyacım varlar'' anlaşılab

Bütün ''hazır olmamalar'', bütün ''zamana ihtiyacım varlar'' anlaşılabilir, ama sadece bir süre için. Gerçek şu ki, asla bir ''tamamen hazır olma'' söz konusu değildir, asla bir gerçekten ''doğru zaman'' yoktur. Bilinçdışına her inişte olduğu gibi, öyle bir zaman gelir ki, sadece en iyisi umularak burun sıkı sıkıya kapatılır ve en derin sulara atlanır. Clarissa P. Este

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*PINCHA PRESS DRILLS* . . #angelasyogatutorials . . . . . This is going to be short and sweet, but wanted to share a few thoughts on this pose after teaching it today. . . 1. Pressing into the pose with my head slightly more “tucked in” than I have had in the past. (Thanks to @acromegan) this allowed me to remain less arched in the upper back. I know it looks like my head is resting on my hands, but I promise it is just the angle. This allows me to press and compress my body much easier. When you arch you lose your compression which makes you “hinge” at your hips. This causes the legs to kick out behind you rather than compress towards your midsection on the way up. . . 2. In forearm plank strongly push the floor away and shift forward and then press back. This is the same action you will need in the press. To stay protracted as your shoulders shift forward. . . 3. The next step is to try this action again in dolphin pose! . . 4. Then, tip toe your feet back into forearm plank and then forward into dolphin. All the while continue to press the floor away with your forearms and hands and keep your shoulder blades strongly protracted (spreading away from one another) Resist your shifting your shoulders forward as you walk your feet to your hands. Keep pushing them towards your legs as you engage your core and lift your hips. You will need to find this same resistance of the shoulders when you press up. . . 5. My friend and fellow teacher @buddhiyogini did this entry in class and it is a great way to work the pose if straddle is not your thing. 🙌🤸‍♀️ Good luck! 👍🍀 . #pinchamayurasana #pincha #pinchadrills #yogagirl #inversions #inversionjunkie #yogavideo #yogavideos

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omniyogagirl. Age doesn’t determine how old you are; your attitude does. Personally,

Age doesn’t determine how old you are; your attitude does. Personally, I plan on being a ninja level handstanding badass when I’m 60... Oh, & anyone uttering the words ‘too old for that’ will be punishable by the use of extreme sarcasm 😋🤣 Speaking of having the right attitude... I’m getting my big girl pants ready for tomorrow, because I’m recording for BBC Wiltshire & giving a radio presenter an Ashtanga lesson 😱 Doing my best not to be terrified! 😂 Wish me luck! . Tomorrow is Day 6 of #YogisAgeGracefully with ‘any splits for 36’ to celebrate Vera’s age & I took mine into a wall assisted handstand 👍 . ⭐️ Wearing: @liquidoactive #iwearliquido ➡️ Use LAURALIQUIDO for 15% off Mat: @liforme ⭐️ . Hosts: @CrazyAsiaYoga @JessieYogaHill @OmniYogaGirl @YogicByNature @Sophie_Seoul_Yoga @Wapatoose 💜 Sponsors: @FlowAndFlyYoga @GreatCBDReviews @TheWayMat @OmSoulShop @CBD_Oil_Solutions @YourBondhu - use code “BondhuYogis” throughout the challenge for 15% off your order . . . . #yogaaddict #inversionlove #strongnotskinny #myyogalife #yogavibes #yogastrong #thisismyyoga #yogablog #attitudeiseverything #yogaplaytime #yoginionfire #feeltheyogahigh #yogarocks #strongandbendy #asana #inversionjunkie #boldfearlessandfree #ukyogis #handstandvariation #yogateacherlife #invertyoself #yogainspiration #getupsidedown #igyogachallenge #handstand #splits #adhomukhavrksasana #hanumanasana

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yoga_hype. Hit Like if you  Love Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️ 🧘
Follow 👉 @yoga_hype for

Hit Like if you Love Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️ 🧘 • • Follow 👉 @yoga_hype for daily amazing Yoga photos.

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When your Saturday night tunes become your Sunday morning motivation. How time flies when your having fun... 🎧 🎶 Cold air •Heart pumping•Autumn Colours•Music playing•My own thoughts•Endorphins flowing•Feeling accomplished• 🎧🎶 I love this little escape running gives me, now time to do Sunday 🎧🎶 How do you take your time out?

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#acroyoga @woj.calisthenics 🤸🏻‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️💜☯️✌🏼 📸 by @jordy_gillardpk. Wearing @sweatybetty.

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active.caroline. #BackBendWithWerk • Day 5 • #wheelpose • I have so much love for this

#BackBendWithWerk • Day 5 • #wheelpose • I have so much love for this pose 😍💕 @julianmrkramer . . . . Calling all backbend loving yogis! Three lovely ladies and I have teamed up to put together a challenge for those who love a deep bend just as much as we do, called #BackBendWithWerk ! From Nov 14 to 20, each day will showcase one form of backbend, and at the end we will select a few very fortunate winners to receive a gift from our generous sponsors! 💛 . 💕💕💕 🎀 Hosts: @alysia_cen @lizfair_yoga @yoga_karlet @em.luker . 💕💕💕 🎁 Sponsors: @werkshop @malabella_jewels @urbanizedbeauty @sashka_co @insideoutsideoutsidein @yogisecretbox @gocleveryoga . 💕💕💕 🌈 Pose lineup: Day One: Wild thing 💕 Day Two: Pigeon 💕 Day Three : Dancer💕 Day Four: King cobra💕 Day Five: Wheel💕 Day Six: Camel Day Seven: Yogi’s choice . To play along please: 1) Repost this flyer and tag a few friends who might want to join! 2) Follow all hosts and sponsors. 3) Take a pic/video of the daily pose and post it using the challenge hashtag #BackBendWithWerk Don't forget to tag all hosts and sponsors in every post! 4) Be sure your account is set to public so we can see your posts in the gallery. And more important thing enjoy yourself and have fun . . . . @igyogachallenges @challengethyyoga  @quantumyoga @yogachallengeworld @myyogachallenges @loveyoga4life . #yoga #yogi #igyoga #inversion #liquidoactive #yogaeverywhere #igfitness #fitness #instagood #wanderlust #travel #photography #yogachallenge #namaste #inversions #inversionjunkie #sunsetyoga #fitspo #yogateacher  #yogadaily #flexibility #minfulness  #strength #fitnessmotivation #gym #instagood #positivevibes #goodvibes

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I don’t belive in dogma, but I do belive, that everybody when they find their right path, can reach peace of mind, joy, hapiness I don’t belive that there is one right technique, but I do belive in respecting the teacher you decided to study with, trying what he suggest and after some time decide if it works and you gonna stick with it, or let that go. I don’t belive that we have to reach every goal we set, but I do belive in trying, in putting our energy and time in whatever we feel as important, as our calling. I don’t belive in being happy all the time, in fact I think that it’s not even possible, without dark there would be no light, therefore without sadness, without moments we feel down, there could be no moments, when we are joyfull. But I also belive, that at the moments of feeling “not on the top of the world” you find who is your real friend, and you can find who you really are...that makes these moments very important. And if you at that point right now, you can just be sure, that it will be better - sooner or later. As my wedding ring says: “This too shall pass” The key is to not to take pretty much anything too seriously 😉 🇨🇿 Neveřím v dogmata. Věřím ale, že každý můžeme dojít ke klidné mysli a radostnému životu. Když pochopíme, jakou cestou se k máme vydat - tahle cesta se může být pro každého jiná. Nevěřím, že existuje jedna správná technika. Věřím ale, že když si nekoho vybereš jako učitele, měl bys respektovat jeho styl a to, co učí. Dát si čas na to, vyzkoušet, co doporučuje a až po nějaké době se rozhodnout jestli to pro tebe funguje, nebo ne. A pak v tom buď pokračovat, nebo to nechat plavat. Nevěřím v to, že bychom měli dosáhnout každého cíle, který si vytyčíme. Věřím ale, že když nám něco přijde důležité, měli bychom tomu věnovat čas a energii a udělat vše, co je na našich momentálních silách. Nevěřím v to, že bychom měli být pořad jen šťastní. Věřím ale v to, že každý moment, kdy se necítíte úplně v pohodě nám ukazuje, jak skvělé pak je, když se to zase otočí. Protože bez tmy bychom neměli světlo. Stejně tak bez smutku, bychom nemohli rozpoznat radost. Nabíc tyhle momenty, kdy jsme “na dně” nam často ukáží,...pokrač.v komentářích

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ifeelwelll. Originally posted by @buddhaquotes_

Originally posted by @buddhaquotes_

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Slow and steady. After doing a two weeks intensive Mysore practice with my teacher @susanna.finocchi.3 I really got to discover patterns in my mind while practicing. Discovered the importance of having a teacher guiding me on my journey and keep me focused. Discovered how and why I love this practice so much. I grateful, thank you for guiding me 🙏🏽

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forrestyoga. “You deserve to be thrilled and exhilarated every day!” - Ana Forrest.

“You deserve to be thrilled and exhilarated every day!” - Ana Forrest. Daily practice will also help you build the strength and courage necessary to invert. . Ana recommends starting with just three poses a day. Practice Down Dog at the wall, Handstand with a spotter or at a wall, and, finally, Handstand away from the wall to work on balancing. . . . #inversions #forrestyoga #inversionjunkie #getupsidedown #anaforrest #handstands . . Image via @allyparks

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Meditating in between these beautiful autumn leaves. 🍁 Do you like to meditate? How often do you meditate? . . #zeynepyoga

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crystalgrayyoga. Day 7⃣ and last day of #UniteToLightParty.Thank you all who joined and

Day 7⃣ and last day of #UniteToLightParty.Thank you all who joined and helped raise funds and awareness to the Unite to Light foundation @unitetolightKeep .We appreciate all you do!.Check out my upcoming yoga retreat and yoga teacher training! The next YTT is in January in Costa Rica and the next retreat is in Peru in April!. . Hosts: @crystalgrayyoga @yogisoli @shreeyoga @gratefuljaime . Sponsors: @omstarsofficial @yogapaws @infinitystrap @will2wow_jewelry @unitetolight @cbd_oil_solutions @feistypositivity @crystalgrayyoga @treelanceyoga @bottleom @arthleticwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yogaeveryday #yogalover #yogatime #yogafun #bendyyogis #yogacommunity #yogajunkie #inversionjunkie #yogaaddict #ekapadakoundinyasana #yogalifestyle #yogachallenges #yogadaily #yogapractice #yogapose #yogajourney #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogagirl #yogamakesmehappy

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Как мы готовились к Италии. Он: —куда будет отпуск? Она: — Италия. Он: — город? Она: Рим. Он: а в Риме что? Она: Колизей. 😌 Конец. Больше мы ничего искали и не смотрели заранее. Никаких специальных спойлеров. Бронь хостела и загрузили город на мапс.ми. Остальное делает Рим. И люди в нем. Задавать вопросы на ресепшене, читать Гугл, следовать рекомендациям людей бывавших тут, эти опции на выбор. Но, да в основном всю работу делает Рим. ☺️ Кормит пиццей, поит водой питьевой на улицах и итальянским кофейком. Подрумянивает щёчки в полдень. Заводит улицами в прекрасные районы. Тропами ведет на вершины всех холмов. Показывает внезапные широчайшие виды и места для отдыха. Открывает the keyhole of Rome. Знакомит с монахиней, поклонницей творчества Пушкина, Достоевского и Петербургского метрополитена. Chao! Bonjorno и perfecto! Arrividerchi 👌🏽 Раздаётся с каждого угла. Как же это прекрасно ааааа. Мы ещё не уехали, но я уже хочу ещё 🤤 О, мы вернёмся ещё в Италию. Си, сеньор! Только теперь в деревню и летом. Чтоб как в 'call me by your name', только без такой истории взаимодействия, но с велосипедами и прогулками в шляпах. 💛

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yogaomkar. Everytime I fell down I remembered 
@regeesh_vk  saying do it 25-30 ti

Everytime I fell down I remembered @regeesh_vk saying do it 25-30 times but don't stop .🤸😀 @mrinali171988 Saying hold , be there ,steady , focus on breath .😌 And my mind saying you can do it .😊 Well it's happening .🌺💖 #happiness #fun #inversionjunkie #handstand #yoga #yogi #instafit #instayoga #instayogi #yogateacher #yogalife #yogaeveryblessedday #yogachallenge #yogalove #funkyhandstandchallenge #gratitude #love #banglore

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anna_hon. I went to see my physio for the old injury from skating, also my right

I went to see my physio for the old injury from skating, also my right SI joints been having some freaking cracks💥💥💥 for a few months, it happened some rang of motions at training but recently the sound’s getting more and more often. I started to worry... . 👨🏽‍⚕️Physiotherapist asked💭 Are you entering a competition again? Why don’t you come earlier for that?!? 🙈I was like a terrified kid to said, None,👉🏻👈🏻cause I’m afraid to hear that you saying stop all your crazy training. 👨🏽‍⚕️He shrugged, why you come today? 🙈Me, I’m now even more worried to hear that you say why don’t you come earlier... 👨🏽‍⚕️Then he laughed🤦🏻‍♂️😂. . After all checking, my spine is healthy and all good, he gives me some exercises, said 👆🏻if I see your contortion things I probably tell you to stop doing it lol😆you can bend but never stop keep your muscles and core strong. . . . . . . #handstand #upsidedownfun #inversion #handstandjourney #handbalance #contortion #snake #handstandeverydamnday #yogagirl #practiceandalliscoming #pressup #yogaeverydamnday #hkyoga #yogateacher #instayoga #handstand365 #handstandlove #handstandpractice #ilovebeingupsidedown #yogainspiration #workout #strongwomen #happyyogi #fitness #upsidedown #inversionjunkie #yoga

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sanandran. @Regran_ed from @yogawithgandha - 👋🏼 Hey Yogis!
🍁🍄🍃 FALL is in fu

@Regran_ed from @yogawithgandha - 👋🏼 Hey Yogis! 🍁🍄🍃 FALL is in full swing so we think it’s the perfect time to #FallForCore !!! 🔥 Join us November 24 - 30 as we show you new ways to strengthen the vital powerhouse of our bodies. For 7 days we will present fresh, fun ideas so you will have a whole new repertoire for your personal practice!Here’s how to play along :: 🔸 Follow all hosts & sponsors. 🔸 Share this flyer on your page with the hashtag #FallForCore & tag some friends to join 🔸 Check out the hosts’ posts each day of the challenge for helpful ideas, tips & tricks. Then share YOUR practice of the day’s pose! 🔸 Tag hosts, sponsors & include the hashtag #FallForCore each day on your public posts so we can see you & give you some love. 🔸 Most importantly—do what feels comfortable for YOU and have fun! . 🌻Hosts :: @yogawithgandha @ritaayoga @yogawesermarsch @cece.carson . 🌟 Sponsors :: @Liquidoactive @liforme @organicsocksofsweden @niinaa_corner . 🔥 Lineup :: 1 on hands & feet 2 on tummy 3 on butt 4 on back 5 on head/inverted 6 on forearms (and feet) 7 on hands . #strongyogis #strongcore #strongbody #strongbodystrongmind #yogafun #yogainspiration #yogaathome #learnyoga #ArmBalance #inversions #inversionjunkie #inspiredyogi #creativeyoga #yogasocks #loveyoga #yogafit #yogastrong #strongisthenewsexy #corepower #workthatcore #yogapants #yogawear #yogamat #yogainspiration - #regrann

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movewithace. Breathing is one of the most important aspect of asana practice. But h

Breathing is one of the most important aspect of asana practice. But how can you breathe properly if your have clogged nose??? 😷😷😷 . #adhomukhavrksasana #handstand #handstandpractice #practice #progress #transformation #diamond #inversion #inversionjunkie #inversionaddict #yoga #yogi #yogalove #yogilife #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogagirl #yogi #yogini #yogilife #practiceandalliscoming

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Day 281: #handstand365 back to where it all began #ninjaacademy

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laurenscolari. Night time vibes, raw movements and tunes. It’s funny, I used to be su

Night time vibes, raw movements and tunes. It’s funny, I used to be such a hardcore metalhead, but I get down with some Drake. 😂Happy Saturday ✨🌙✨ 🎧 ☕️ video 2x #movement

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