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consciousweight. Affirmation 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

In thi

Affirmation 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ . . . _________________________________ In this day take a moment to thank your self. You are blessed, you are whole, you are love. You are a born from stars. A vessel to experience the universe from within. Whenever your mind strays from thinking anything but this, just take a step back and reaffirm to yourself you are love. Negative situations or thoughts are but only a distraction, a hindrance, a test, allowing you to learn and grow. Smile through the ups in life, get back up from the downs, feeling grateful for every living moment, as this is your journey. Create, immerse yourself in every moment. You are love. _________________________________ . . . 📸 @consciousweight . . . #photography #artphotography #sunset #grounding #consciousness #awakening #spiritualawakening #soul #intuition #sunworship #sun #landscapephotography #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #highervibrations #manifest #manifestation #love #selfesteem #growthmindset #loveyourself #selfreflection #mindset #mindfulness #chakras #meditation #chi #unity #1111 #namaste . . . Namaste 🕉🙏☯️

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Are you holding on to your story? I held an “identity” for the longest time that was doing the opposite of serving me. “But I have anxiety” “Good things don’t happen to people like me” “I’m just unlucky” “It’s because of my family” “I’ve gone through too much trauma” This may come off harsh. But there are 2 types of people in this world. There are people who are victims and there are people who don’t allow their past or what happened to them define their future. I don’t care how painful — we’ve all been there in one way or another. I’m challenging you to consider this today, is your story serving you? Or is it making you small? LET IT GO. #Manifestation #spiritual #spirituality #superattractor #theuniversehasyourback #love #purpose #dream #dreambig #positivity #lawofattraction #lawsofattraction #abundance #wealth #prosperity #money #meditation #thinkandgrowrich #thesecret #Synchronicity #gratitude #intuition #wisdom #loveandlight #untetheredsoul

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thedandelionkate. Blood Moon Tart Spread 🌝 by @LionHarts
Balance and refocus on my

Blood Moon Tart Spread 🌝 by @LionHarts .🌼. Balance and refocus on myself and on my self love. I am the one I have been waiting for and I will guide myself on this amazing adventure called life 🥰 .🌼. Let go to grow all the pieces that aren’t mine. I thought I was helping and maybe I was. But everyone’s baggage is weighing me down and I deserve to carry myself, alone, for a bit. .🌼. Self affirmation: within I carry all the riches I’ll ever need; without I am free to fly! .🌼. #intuition #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotchallenge

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This past week, I’ve had two separate people introduce themselves to me as if it was our first time meeting, even though we had actually met before. One of the women had even given me Reiki a couple of months ago. Her hands had literally touched my body. Both of these instances, while incredibly minor, were ofcourse emotionally triggering. ⁣ ⁣ “What? You don’t remember ME? How can you not remember ME??” my ego cried in reaction, momentarily registering their slights as confirmation of my complete unimportance as a human being. ⁣ ⁣ “I must be forgettable!” was my initial takeaway from both these experiences, before I got a hold of myself and remembered what was probably at the root of their behavior: inattention to detail, absent-mindedness, ungroundedness, and/or self-absorption. And truthfully, we can all be that way! ⁣ ⁣ Reminding myself that their behavior wasn’t personal is helpful and yet, I still had my own personal reaction to it. I still told myself it meant something about me. I let it prove the point that I was unimportant and forgettable. And perhaps, underneath all that: I was unlovable. ⁣ ⁣ A friend recently posted a video about dealing with these types of emotionally triggering situations, how we can use them as opportunities for self-inquiry, self-acceptance, and ultimately personal transformation. And I think that is the 100% best way to handle it. Because, in truth, we are all just holding up magnifying mirrors for one another, allowing each other to get a closer look at what often goes unacknowledged.⁣ ⁣ And so, perhaps instead of getting annoyed at these ladies (which I was), maybe I should have given them both giant hugs and kisses and said, ⁣ ⁣ “Thank you!! Thank you for showing me what I didn’t realize I was still carrying within myself. Thank you for amplifying some negative background noise. Thank you for giving me an excuse to show some love to the parts of me that feel neglected. And because your behavior bothered me so much, thank you for showing me how I don’t want to treat others and for reminding me of who and how I’d like to be.”⁣ ⁣ As my higher guidance always reminds me: ⁣ All is purposeful. ⁣ All is an opportunity for love.

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stephkerrintuitive. Yes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Those who attend my workshops will love reading this

Yes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Those who attend my workshops will love reading this. The Room of Mirrors. A powerful tool #intuition #happiness #bekind #selflove #goldcoast #instagood

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Full Moon in Aries. Be the embodiment of your personal power. Breathe. Dissolve any old identities with resilience. The next phase of your life is illuminated here. For some, a risk is involved... which will aid you in becoming the best version of yourself yet. .✨. If you’re still being triggered, ask yourself what needs healing, and get to it. The veil is so thin now... so, ask for help from All That Is. Get quiet. The magic is RIGHT THERE. Listen carefully to what you intuit. It’s important to heed those messages coming In from the ancestors and from your higher self. No fear! Act like what you’re dreaming of is already yours. Setting your intentions and dreams sends out the frequency for alignment to receive - and allow in - what you’re asking for! ✨🔥✨ Be brave, beauties! ♥️ #pacificwindswellness #fullmoon #fullmooninaries #theveilisthin #iam #allthatis #lawofattraction #bebrave #magic #goodwitch #intuition #fullmoonmagic #nofear #selfcare #alternativehealing #whatsmeantformewillfindme #listen #dothework #alignment

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linda.instants.serenite. INSTANT ÉNERGIES DE LA LUNE :

Aujourd'hui 13 octobre 2019 c'est la pl

INSTANT ÉNERGIES DE LA LUNE : Aujourd'hui 13 octobre 2019 c'est la pleine Lune en Bélier ♈. Elle pourrait réveiller vos peurs et vos inquiétudes en vous confrontant à des difficultés, notamment dans votre relationnel aux autres. Et en même temps ces contrariétés vont vous permettre de faire le point sur ce que vous voulez et ce que vous ne voulez plus ! Il est temps d'assumer pleinement vos positionnements et de les faire respecter autour de vous. Attention cependant à ne pas foncer trop vite tête baissée car l'énergie du Bélier est impulsive et têtue alors mesurez vos réactions et adaptez les à l'importance des situations. Face à ce besoin d'authenticité, vous allez ainsi pouvoir vous libérer...délivrer de contraintes inutiles qui vous freinent et vous étouffent. Prenez votre place et assumez vos pleins potentiels 💫. Car les énergies de cette Lune vous amènent également beaucoup de chance et d'opportunités. À vous de les saisir pour continuer votre belle évolution 🤩. Nous vous souhaitons une belle journée de pleine Lune 🌝 #instantsserenite #pleinelune #energiespleinelune #pleineluneenbelier #moon #moonshine #intuition #energie #octobre2019 #liberedelivre #chance #goodluck #pleinpotentiel #fullmoon #lune #fullmoonenergy #moontime #moonritual #moonenergy

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badbitchmotherteresa. Happy Full Moon in Aries, friends! Here's some insight on the moon's p

Happy Full Moon in Aries, friends! Here's some insight on the moon's planetary interactions, and it's lessons during this time. . This new moon squared Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn says time's up. No more fun and games, you must now decide. This is a Full Moon where we can cut ourselves free of all that is holding us back and weighing us down. What are you holding onto that is weighing you down and preventing you from shining more of your energy out into the world? We're at a crossroads, where do we want to be in our lives? Everything we endure now is a reflection into our worth and identification of self. You can no longer gloss over weird relationships or situations in your life where your worth and desires are being pushed to the side. Why do you keep going to places where you know your emotional cup will not be full? The universe has been showing you these changes but you've been putting them off due to fear of the unknown. Yes it can be scary but isn't it scarier to stay stuck and stay in places you know aren't apart of your highest good. We know what feels like home to us and we're being asked to make this commitment to our inner child. Even if you may not know what's behind every door you open, the commitment to yourself to open up and go into adventure is what you're being asked now. . As long as you align with where you know what feels like home, you'll be guided down the path you know is right.Listen to your emotional sense and don't be afraid to follow that. Can you let go of what has felt comfortable, due only to you settling / compromising your inner peace? . The time has come to step out from behind our masks and to spread our wings for all the world to see. This service to yourself will guide you to the answer to this question and will help you to feel confident, stronger, and more directed on your path. You will be supported. Your tribe will be there. Even if they are newer faces, you'll know they mean right. You'll know it feels right.

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spiritual.readings. 🦋💗🌈🕯@spiritual.readings🕯🌈💗🦋 •Hello, I'm Love advisor Alysia! I

🦋💗🌈🕯@spiritual.readings🕯🌈💗🦋 •Hello, I'm Love advisor Alysia! I’m a gifted spiritualist healer helps in all problems.🔮❤️🕯 💞Specializing in💞 💗🌈🔮🕯🤩 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💏🔮💗❣️🌈 Phone readings are available 📲 (310) 746-6628 DM for prices 💌 #spiritualguidance #love #ayurveda #motivation #healer #psychic #lovepsychic #chakrabalancing #chakras #relationship #angelcard #tarotcards #palmreading #intuition #lightworker #thirdeye #1111 #intuitive #help #clairvoyant #keto #ottawa #hamsa #empath #UK #Netherlands #Canada #starseed #wisdom #universe

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elisagianoncelli. All you need is your intuition #intuition #innerknowing #yourhighersel

All you need is your intuition #intuition #innerknowing #yourhigherself #knowing

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whiterose_wellness. You’re weekly intuitive guidance has been uploaded to my YouTube chann

You’re weekly intuitive guidance has been uploaded to my YouTube channel. . I filmed it “landscape” and won’t post to IGTV properly, so just find the link to the channel in my bio where you can watch it. ✨✨ . Next week I’ll film my video in the proper format to upload here! I hope! Lol. 😊 . In the meantime, please feel to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I plan to be posting videos there that won’t be shown here on IG. . Wishing you a great week everyone. . . Be you. ❤️💜❤️ . . . . . . #morgangreer #spiritualguidance #divineinspiration #weeklytarot #selfhealing #tarot #intuitiveguidance #highestgood #soul #positivity #weeklyspread #tarotreading #wisdom #intuition #divineguidance #spirituality #meditation #inspiration #portalberninghealing #portalbernitarot #vancouverislandhealing #vancouverislandtarot #healing #mindbodysoul #metaphysical #witchesofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #meditation

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motherofprisms. Witch’s feet. They’re dirty. They’re calloused with chipped polish and

Witch’s feet. They’re dirty. They’re calloused with chipped polish and nails that need to be trimmed. They’re made for creation and cannot be tamed.

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cartomancy_spreads. #Repost @wisdomkeeperstarot
Aries Full Moon Spread 🌕✨♈️

#Repost @wisdomkeeperstarot ・・・ Aries Full Moon Spread 🌕✨♈️ Reclaiming Respect . . 1) What area of my life needs to be given focused attention in order to call my energy back? ✨ 2) What needs to be released so that I can stay true to myself? ✨ 3) How can I better respect myself and come into my natural given power? ✨ 4) Which Tarot card is my ally to assist me in reclaiming self respect, as well as the respect of those around me? ✨ . #tarot #ariesfullmoon #tarotspread #tarotcise #learntarot #ariesfullmoonspread #tarotnerd #tarotcommunity #wisdomkeeperstarot #astrology #aries #power #respect #intuition #divination #personaldevelopment

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dorte_eilsoe. \"I’ts not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are

"I’ts not happy people who are grateful. It is grateful people who are happy."⁠ ⁠ Vidste du, at du kan opleve (mere) lykke ved at praktisere taknemmelighed for det du allerede har i dit liv? ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #coaching #lifecoach #mentaltraining #mentaltrainer #lederskab #leadership #naturligtlederskab #naturalleadership #personligudvikling #personaldevelopment #selvudvikling #selfdevelopment #mentaltræning #mentor #guidance #growth #intuition #selfcare #selflove #mentalhealth #health #dorteeilsoecoach

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This is one of my favourite corners of our home. Well, actually- there are many of my favourite spots in our home. That’s the funny thing about manifestation- it happens with and without our conscious knowing. It’s not an ego thing. It’s not about thinking “oh, I created that” over and over again without deep appreciation and gratitude for the craft and the divine power of source. There are a few different ways of looking at and understanding law of attraction. What I know from my life and experience is that the things that are in my life that I really appreciate and enjoy- they have been previewed to me and sprinkled into my consciousness throughout the journey. . I remember one of the first times I stepped into someone’s home and felt a deep desire emerge. It somewhat shocked me, as it was something I hadn’t felt before. Their home was the perfect twist of bohemian, rustic and modern. It was spiritual, warm, inspiring and grounding. There were various spaces throughout the home for you to be- all which held an essence of that beautiful and colourful energy of art and inspiration. My friend was staying there to house sit while the owners were away. A super eclectic and innovative power couple- which you could tell by the choices on the shelves and the space dedicated to work and purpose. While I was there having tea with my friend, I noticed a deep & quiet voice speak from within, “I want this”. . Here I am just a few years later, in a space that resembles the one I visited. And as I’m here, I notice a blend of deep appreciation and budding desire. There is nothing wrong w/ desire; we are always growing. Our reality is sprinkled with signs and gentle (or not so gentle) nudges of who we are to be & where we are to go. . What I realise & reminded, is that in this space of witnessing- is a knowing that it will happen. The desire is there because it is already in your reality at some point of the timeline. The more that you can root yourself in the knowing that it will happen & it already has happened, the easier it is to be here & to allow dreaming to occur w/out resistance, fight or doubt. . Today’s full moon is about dreaming and desire. What is here for you?

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drtarimack. When others mirror back the beauty and light in you, accept it. This i

When others mirror back the beauty and light in you, accept it. This is important information for you. And learning to accept the love that others offer you is an important life skill. If someone offers you a gift, accept it. We often don’t see ourselves accurately. We don’t see the beauty and light within us. But others can be a reflection of that. When someone offers you a compliment, learn to let it in. This is how you grow. . . . . . #love #loveislove #relationships #relationship #selfawareness #intuition #universe #selfhelp #knowledge #selfmastery #help #mentalhealth #everyrelationshipisatest #personalgrowth #personaldeveloment #psychologist #vibrations #highvibration #goodvibrations #datingadvice #boundaries #datingtips #lovecoach #truth #drtarimack #thepathofjoy

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themedicinewithin. L u n a r  I n s i g h t s / / What do the Phases of the Moon mean to

L u n a r I n s i g h t s / / What do the Phases of the Moon mean to you? . While it is nice to be able to read up on the influences of the New & Full Moon each month - it is more important to figure out your own relationship with the lunar cycles . Over the past year I have been following the cycles of my own body in relation to the moon. Each day I track my emotions, dreams, desires and wellness. What I have found is that while universal New & Full Moon astrology insights can be helpful in figuring out the energetics of that month, how the moon impacts you as an individual cannot be taken and applied from someone else’s view point . While the common presentation of the Full Moon is to turn inwards, reflect and wade through the emotions that arise, this has never been true for me. Instead the Full Moon has been a time of great energy, hope, planning and excitement. It is durning this time that I can tap into my greatest ideas and take action, making my dreams become reality . In the time of the New Moon, while it is often described as playful, creative, intentional and great for manifesting - this has also never been the case for me. During the time of the New Moon I have many shadows that come up, I am reserved, quiet and always in a constant battle with my inner dialogue. For 3 - 4 days around this lunar phase I have to treat myself with extra compassion and patience, knowing that the dip in the wave will pass. . . Starting this month I encourage you to explore how the Lunar Phases impact your own body, mind and soul. Do you find that at certain points in the month you are extra emotional? Are there other times when you are more confident and sociable? How does the moon interact with your feminine cycle? Do you find that common statements about New & Full Moon themes do not always resonate with you? . Only when we have explored our relationship with the Moon can we step into its truest energy

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PSYCHIC ADVISER, LOVE MASTER, SPELLCASTER, INTUITIVE ENERGETIC CONNECTOR No situation is too big or small. I am able to see what others cannot. i specialize in distant readings and use my third eye & hypersensitivity to energy connection to pick up on all situations and effectively help you. My services are guaranteed to guide you in all matters of life. All my readings are 95% accurate, confidential&judgemental free, true heart to heart connections. I can aide you in areas others have failed to do so! Why wait when I am just one moment away? ______________ DM or text (848) 467-6505 for one free question, tarot card readings, intuitive energy readings, love&relationship specific services, prices on all services, block removal and white spells. paypal, venmo and cash app only! must be 18+! Serious inquiries only! 16 yrs of experience! #intuition #empoweredempath #reikimaster #relationships #raiseyourvibration #vibratehigher #energyworker #soulcoach #mediumship #spiritualmedium #psychicmedium #psychic #clairvoyant #love #spiritguides #angels #healing #empath #lightworker #lawofattraction #psychicreader #astrology #psychicreading #tarot

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New crystal bracelets...do any of these speak to you? 💎💎💎 . Red Jasper- calms emotions Rose Quartz- unconditional love Amethyst- spiritual, enhances intuition Blue Lace Agate- free expression, opens throat chakra, neutralizes anger Rose + Clear Quartz- healing, love

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angelajayne.wellness. Tarot reading for the week of October 13. 🌕
This week brings us the

Tarot reading for the week of October 13. 🌕 • This week brings us the Knight of Pentacles. There is a softness here, a reminder to stay on track and keep focused. With hard work, and consistency we can achieve anything. Although this may some times fell dull and boring, the Knight of Pentacles is a reminder to keep going at a steady pace. • Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians. 🦃 🍂 🍁 . . . #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #weeklyenergy #tarotenergy #sundayreading #trust #intuition #messagesfromdivine #divineenergy #raiderwaite #raiderwaitesmith #intuitiveguidance #intuitive #intuitivereading #magic #magicofthetarot #witch #witchesofinstagram #guidance #goodwitch #earthenergy #airenergy #knightofpentacles #pentacles #coins #sonofpentacles

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spiritual_mind_blessing. Ma carte pour la pleine lune.
Laissé briller cette lumière qui est en

Ma carte pour la pleine lune. Laissé briller cette lumière qui est en vous 😍 . #carte #tarot #oracle #lune #pleinelune #fullmoon #cartomancie #affirmationpositive #intuition #artisandelumiere #briller #spiritualité

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