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roanokeyoga. Boat Pose (Navasana) was around long before the yoga world starting ta

Boat Pose (Navasana) was around long before the yoga world starting talking about core strength and dipping into the Pilates well for new variations on crunches and leg lifts. It remains one of the best ways to focus on your abdominal strength, which helps you do so many other yoga poses, especially gravity-defying arm balances and inversions. Benefits *builds abdominal and core strength *works the deep hip flexors. These muscles get lazy when you sit too much *it will also help you build your balance Too often, students think the pose is all about straightening their legs, which they struggle to do at the expense of their straight spine and upright torso. Having straight legs when your spine is slumped and your upper body is inching toward the floor is not doing great things for you. Focus instead on keeping a tight V between your thighs and torso. Half boat, with the legs bent at the knee, is really a good place to work on this pose. Straightening the legs can come later. Need a Modification? You can hold the backs of your thighs with your hands if that helps you keep a straight spine. Don't be in a hurry to straighten your legs. Keeping the back straight and away from the floor is more important. However, you could use a strap looped under the soles of your feet. Grip the ends of the strap while you raise your legs and press against the strap, keeping your balance. Up for a Challenge? To increase core strength, try some boat crunches: Lower the legs and torso simultaneously towards the floor and hover there just before your feet and head touch the floor. Come back up in full Boat or Half Boat pose like a situp. Repeat this five or more times. Reach up and take your big toes in a yogi to lock. Make sure that your shoulders stay away from your ears and that your upper arms are plugged into your shoulder sockets when you do this variation. Safety and Precautions Traditionally, it is recommended to avoid this pose when you have a headache, diarrhea, low blood pressure, asthma, or are pregnant. . . . #RoanokeYoga #yoga #instayogi #YogaForEveryBODY #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogateacher #boatpose

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Sabias que tens apenas 6 segundos para que a tua mente não te vença a deixares de fazer aquilo a que te propuseste! Se amanhã decidiste ir ao ginásio! À aula de yoga! Correr! Ou fazer qualquer tipo de actividade física! Deixa tudo preparado na véspera! Para que não dês mais razões à tua mente para arranjar ainda mais desculpas! Muitas das minha manhãs quando o despertador toca passam-me um TGV de pensamentos/desculpas para não me levantar da cama e subir para o meu tapete! Não houve uma única vez que me tenha arrependido de não ter cedido à preguiça! Porque a seguir à minha prática acabo sempre melhor do que quando comecei! Mais feliz! Mais presente! Mais grata! Mais forte! Não te deixes vencer por ti mesmo! Começa por aí ... tudo o resto se vai arranjando e arrumando! Todas as vezes que cedi às artimanhas das desculpas da minha mente a sensação não foi boa! Assim no tapete ... assim na vida • #yogiofinstagram #myyogajourney #igyogafamily #yogapratice #photographer #photograph #photo #photooftoday #instayogi #yogaposes #pic #instapics #yogalifestyle #yogamotivation #thuesday #handstandla #asana #variacion #variation #garudasana #vinyasa #ashtangayoga #cascais #soham #sohamsanluis #om #shanti #paz #marichyasana #yogaportugal

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#YogaBrings Patience Day 2 Lunge/Split with a teeny tiny backbend . It’s a little crazy to admit, but here we are. I’ve been working on my splits for over a year and I’m still. not. there. (Say whaaaat!? 😲) I’m definitely much closer than I was at the start of my fitness journey. I’ve learned a lot about different ways to stretch and I’m still determined I will be in a full split one day. Yoga has taught me to be patient for my goals. . In the meantime I’m just over here trying to enjoy the other perks yoga brings me...👉🏽 yoga booty 🍑 heeeeeeyyyyyy! Happy Hump Day!!! 😜 . . Hosts 🌹 @balancewithbronwen @simona.yoga @matcha.inspired.yogi @yoga_bunny_uk @freedyogi . . Generous sponsors 🎁 @lunaandsoulactive @vayumudra @yoganomalous (US only) @namastayfresh (Europe only) @rangoonactive @startsmiling_illustrations (Nikofrostcreative) @bunniesandzen_yoga_accessories (Europe only) . . Pose lineup 🧘‍♀️ 1. Mountain pose/tree pose 🖤 2. Lunge/split 🖤 3. Bridge pose/wheel pose 4. Yogis choice for International Yoga Day 🌟 5. Forward fold/trikonasana 6. Pigeon/king pigeon 7. Shoulder stand/pincha . . . #lunge #splits #stretching #flexibility #flexible #yogachallenge #igyogachallenge #igyoga #instayogi #asana #glutes #myyogajourney #yogaprogress #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #yogaeverydamnday #yogaflow #yogahappy #yogainspiration #yogalove #yogalife #yogamom #yogagirl #yogabooty #yogajourney #yogafit #yogapractice #yogafun #yogastrong #yogapose

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My intention with this page is to share my passion and my life and spread as much joy, positivity and inspiration as I possibly can. To show up for myself and do the work and in turn be able to hold space for others to do the same. Don’t mistake that for my life always being positive and joyful because I’m human and it of course isn’t. I don’t share my personal struggles and insecurities and hardships here because of personal boundaries I feel are most authentic to me but that doesn’t mean I don’t have them. Sometimes I feel like I post lots of yoga photos with, hopefully what people feel are, positive and inspiring messages but lately it’s felt a bit surface level and honestly shallow 😂 will I delve into the depths of my soul on this platform? Honestly probably not it’s just not me to share like that...but I guess I’m trying my best to be as real and authentic as I can 😊 thanks for following along I really appreciate you 💛✨💛✨💛✨PC @synima 🙌🏼 @onzie #real #honest #open #authentic #human #miami

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#BaddhaVirabhadrasana , or humble warrior, and #ViparitaVirabhadrasana , or reverse warrior for day 3 of #faithsbirthdaygiveaway . I enjoy all the heart openers because each of them opens so many areas of the body and mind. Yoga has helped me to be friends with myself and to be realistic about my abilities. When I first saw yogis on IG, I saw all the poses as an either/or. That is, I could either do it or not. The concept of a personal yoga journey and appreciating one’s own progress changed that thinking. This thinking has been useful in all areas of my life. . . “Practice yoga and all is coming” ~ Guruji. . . We’re celebrating Faith’s upcoming birthday on June 23 with her #faithsbirthdaygiveaway challenge! Find out more on the banner at @faithfoxmoma . . . Host @faithfoxmama and our lovely sponsors include: @AumnieCreateBalance @MadHippieSkinProducts @Soultrees @UrbanizedBeauty @Pricklypearmalas @NoelleKovary @romanticmosaics4yourrebelsoul @faithfoxdesigns . . Remaining challenge outline 💝 20th: Hip opener pose: how has yoga helped you to release? 21st: Twist pose: how has yoga helped you to see things differently? 22nd: Arm balance or Inversion: how has yoga helped you find your inner strength? 23rd June: Rest pose: how has yoga helped you find time for self care? . . #arcierostyle #igyoga #igyogacommunity #instayoga #instayogi #keeppracticing #practiceandalliscoming #realmendoyoga #saltlakecityyoga #stretchingtime #utahyoga #yogaat60 #yogachallenge #yogajourney #yogalove #yogamen #yogaover60 #yogisofinstagram

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J'arrive toujours bien en avance au travail. Alors je me suis dis "vas y en vélo, qui sais tu seras à l'heure, voir en retard." Et ben non. Je suis arrivé en avance et j'ai même eu le temps d faire du yoga. #yoga #instabike #instayoga #goworkwithmybike #gowork #yogi #meditaion #meditationplage #plage #beach #morning #morningyoga #bike #velo #allerautravailenvelo #envelo #instayogi

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The moment during the day when we very first open our eyes and come into consciousness is a precious opportunity. It sets the tone for all that comes after it. At this moment, our ability to create the day is at its most powerful, and we can offer ourselves fully to the creative process by filling this moment with whatever inspires us most. It may be that we want to be more generous, or it may be that we want to be more open to beauty in our daily lives. Whatever the case, if we bring this vision into our minds at this very fertile moment, we empower it to be the guiding principle of our day. Sometimes we wake up with a mood already seemingly in place, and it's important to give this feeling its due. It can inform us and deepen our awareness to what's going on inside us, as well as around us. As long as we are conscious, we can honor this feeling and also introduce our new affirmation or vision, our conscious offering to the day. We may want to decide before we go to sleep what we want to bring to the next day of our lives. It could be that we simply want to be more open to whatever comes our way. Or we may want to summon a particular quality such as confidence. Then again, we may simply call up a feeling that perfectly captures the texture we want our day to have. We can reaffirm our vision or affirmation as we shower and eat breakfast, as well as recalling it at various times throughout the day. We can write it down and carry it with us on a little slip of paper if this helps. Simply by being aware of those first moments, we set the stage for a more conscious, enlivened experience, and we become active participants in the creation of our lives. #sankalpa #consiousness

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francescayoga. This Friday we are celebrating International Day of Yoga at @trufusion

This Friday we are celebrating International Day of Yoga at @trufusion_southaustin! We have some amazing things planned for you and you don’t wanna miss it. Also- all the yoga classes are FREE on Friday. Need I say more? 😍 Link in bio to learn more and register! Can’t wait to have all you incredible humans in our home. 🥰⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #practiceandalliscoming #lululemon #thesweatlife #sweat #sweataday #sweatlife #inspo #fitspo #fitbit #instayogi #instayoga #instagood #everybodyyoga #feedyoursoul #feedyouryoga #atx #atxyoga #austinyoga #yogaeverydamnday #gratitude #hustle #heart #lululemonambassador #yogaaddict #yogaeveryday #keepaustinfit #trufusion #findyouredge #internationaldayofyoga

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🖤. “The things that we love tell us what we are.” Thomas Aquinas . 🖤 EKA PADA SIRSASANA . 🖤 Ashtangis out there! . I would like share and hear from you if you feel the same: . The Intermediate Series or in Sanskrit Nadi Shodhana, is to cleansing and opening of the subtle energy nervous system. By opening and cleaning the nadis (energy channels), we also open the functioning of our chakras (internal energy centres), and are able to fill ourselves with prana (life energy), and balance the dualities within us (ida and pingala). So, practicing the Primary Series correctly, we make ourselves open and strong enough to go through the energetic healing of the Intermediate Series. When we have opened our energy channels and accumulated prana within us, we can embark on the Advanced Series. The advanced sequences effectively stabilise and ground the large quantities of energy that we have accessed. Ok. So far, so good. Sometimes I had to stop practicing Nadi due injuries, and due frame of mind too, etc. After my recovery, I am back at it, for few months now. Still have to avoid certain asanas, or like kapo, practicing with the wheel. My healing leg is not there “yet”. Still hurts. But what I can feel, after practicing and on days after, a HUGE - think huge as the capitals letters here - amount of energy. Also, my dreams ! Vivid, colorful and detailed as a film on a big screen. Have you experienced anything similar? I am curious to know. . . Bank holidays here tomorrow and I have a busy day ahead. . . . . Wearing: @arctic.flamingo.leggings - use ANDREA to plant a tree 🌳 . . .

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🌿How to: 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐞🌿⁣ 🌟Check out the step by step instruction to achieve this beautiful pose which helps to open up some of the deepest and tightest layers of your body like: your outer hips, adductors and the entire side body.⁣ ⁣ 🌟Prepare yourself with the steps 1-3 (use a strap if you need for the pose 1.) and additionally do some shoulders stretch (Puppy Pose, Cow Face Arms) and twists.⁣ ⁣ 🌿Have fun and stay safe beautiful yogis!🦋🦋

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citromfubiobolt. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
🌱Citromfű Biobolt és Ezoterikus Webáruház 🙋‍♂️
🧘‍♂️Yogi tea,

⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🌱Citromfű Biobolt és Ezoterikus Webáruház 🙋‍♂️ 🧘‍♂️Yogi tea, ✔Dr. Chen féle vitaminok, 🍵Mandala tea 🌻,. - 🛒https://www.citromfubiobolt.hu/ . . . . . . #citromfubiobolt #yogitea #mandala #fitlife #citromfűwebáruház #fitness #herbatea #fűszerestea #yogalife #gyógytea #chaitea #yogi #yoga #drchen #vitamin #egészség #ayurveda #relax #jóga #instayogi #greentea #cupoftea #tea #biobolt #healing #tealovers #health #rooibos #gym

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tfjr_yoga_store. Check out our store @ www.theyfitjustright.com

Check out our store @ www.theyfitjustright.com

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Connect with nature, Connect with your true self Having difficultly in connecting? Change the internal sim card to 'Yoga' for uninterupted high speed connection For best upgrade to Yo-Gi #yogadayeveryday #yoga #iyd #ayush #jindagirahekhush #yogaday #yogi #yogaconnect #bratislava #divineyoga #hariomtatsat #serenityyoga #divineconnection #shiva #fullmoonyoga #yogariver #dunaj #danuberiver #kaivalyadhama #shivayogapeeth #travelingyogi #instayogi

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Reason I record my self practice is to see my alignment . It’s so helpful particularly when you are practicing alone. Also posting them, you never know whom you are inspiring😊 #mypracticewk

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gabipea. J U I C Y 🎀 ...And not like a velour sweatsuit but like I hear it’s g

J U I C Y 🎀 ...And not like a velour sweatsuit but like I hear it’s gonna rain all week and you should try this cozy hip focused flow at home. It’s sped up a lot so take that into consideration and savor these shapes for as long as you want, especially those restorative ones in the beginning. Props used: two blocks and a bolster. Books and pillows work great too for making homemade props of your own. . . •the low lunge variation with your thigh bone on the bolster and the knee just beneath it (shown in first video) gives some deliciousness of an extra hip flexor stretch as opposed to the normal version with knee on the ground. . •I’m not knocking velour sweatsuits. I used to rock them like they were my uniform. . •shoutout to @trpugs & @deirdreweeks for inspiring this in our session together last night! ☔️🌧

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carolineanneyoga. Day 5 of #YogaDayYogis 🧘‍♀️
Do you have a yoga pose you

Day 5 of #YogaDayYogis 🧘‍♀️ . #CrowPose . Do you have a yoga pose you avoid? For me, it’s crow pose or in fact most arm balances 😄 This category of asanas is the hardest for me, I don’t particularly enjoy practicing them so I tend to neglect them 🤫 I guess I’d rather save my arm strength for practicing inversions 🙃🤸‍♀️ If like me you struggle with this pose, here’s a good prep exercise to work on building up your strength for it 💪 . Please check with my amazing co-hosts for their variations too: 🧘‍♀️ @omniyogagirl 🧘‍♀️ @lancuks_yoga 🧘‍♀️ @belleyoga.tokyo . And show some love to our generous sponsors: 💝 @moonchildyogawear - use YOGADAYYOGIS15 for 15% off 💝@liforme 💝@merubeads . Poses: 1. Camel ✔️ 2. Plank ✔️ 3. Downward facing dog ✔️ 4. Boat ✔️ 5. Crow ✔️ 6. Headstand 7. Yogi's choice

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sevialovesyoga. Day 2 of #YogisOfColours is #hipopening. I went with #goddesspose .


Day 2 of #YogisOfColours is #hipopening. I went with #goddesspose . Hosts 🤸 @esteryoga @saraalaire . Sponsors 🎁 @feetup @vibratehigherofficial @shopcharged @sow.eden.organics @toplus_bodyfit @vayumudra . Line up : 🌈Be creative🌈 . 🌈Hip opening 🌈 . 🌈Arm balance . 🌈Twist . 🌈Balance . 🌈Heart opening . 🌈Let your creativity fly . . . . . #asana #yogajourney #yogi #yoga #yogamotivation #yogainspiration #yogalover #yogamom #yogaover40 #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenge #igyogafam #yogagram #instayogi #hipopener #wellness #health #yogalife #yogalove #yogalifestyle #yogaisfun #yogamakesmehappy

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IMPERFECTIONS...........................................................................................................a couple of weeks ago I got to fly this jump to throne with @slavagoloubov but I hadn’t done it before so I asked for his hands. I landed softly and he said ‘I think we would have been fine without hands’, I believed him and I believed in myself! So a week or so later I tried it with @acroyoganinja . What happens after the jump isn’t so smooth but hey that’s what happened. LOVE this jump - feels kind of like jumping on a slackline - trying to land light and tight! • • If you’ve never tried acro you really really should. Catch me this Saturday @sealanesbtn teaching a beginners class 9-10.30am assisted by @yogawitholive we won’t be jumping at each other but I guarantee fun!

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Something really exciting is coming! Can’t wait to share it. But it’s still baking in the oven. As soon as it’s iced and decorated...... 💖🌈👄👸💃🏿👸💋🌈💖 . . . . . . . . #mp.teachers# #queenrenaissance

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yogaprasad_institute. Trikonasana becomes Triangle pose, Vrikshasana becomes Tree pose but w

Trikonasana becomes Triangle pose, Vrikshasana becomes Tree pose but what happens when Ardha Matsyendrasana becomes 'Half fish' pose or Natarajasana becomes 'Dancer' pose ? This is when Asana is stripped off its cultural and historical background and disregard replaces reverence. Asana practice then becomes a mere pursuit of bendiness.. . There are some Asana names that go beyond generic nomenclature, they signify an event, either in the mythology or history of Yogic development. They are proper nouns that need to be addressed the way they are without literal translation. Example: Matsyendra Natha, on whom the Ardha Matsyendra Asana has been named, was the founder of Hatha path. Modern Asana based practices are loosely modelled upon the practices of Hatha Yogis. It is rather presumptuous to address the founder of the methods that you practice a "Half-fish" (what does that even mean?) Same is the case when the profound Nataraja aspect of Shiva is addressed as a 'dancer'. . Without reverence, respect and gratitude the beautiful dimension of Asana practice may make you flexible at the muscular level but will keep you rigid at the human level. Know what you do and why you do what you do in your Asana practice...Something for modern Asana practitioners to reflect upon.

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