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Please stay with this long post...
Two years ago an

#mondaymotivation Please stay with this long post... Two years ago and probably only one year ago, most people in this room couldn’t have even got themselves into this exercise pose without rolling over or letting go of their legs! 😃 Now they can hold it with great poise and control for at least 15 seconds at the moment! (I recorded that by the video won’t upload 😞). They still have work to do to refine this one but I’m so impressed with their level of control of their body, of every muscle, of their breath, the deep core, their thighs and their strong and mobile spines and shoulders. This is because they show up week after week and dedicate themselves to a practice that makes them stronger, feel less or no pain, and far more capable than they thought they were. That’s what it takes, it’s what anything and everything in life takes... ...Not fairy dust and magic pills. Just the bravery to take that first step into a new class or group, then the commitment to weekly or daily practice, showing up even when you don’t really feel like it today (because you know those are the days when you REALLY need to so you can feel better about yourself and have more energy afterwards), and to do the best you can every time. Everything you want to change and improve in your life takes the first step and then just keeping one step after the other and stay on that path. It’s logical, scientific and inevitable that you will get there and you’ll go beyond ‘there’ (wherever that is for you) because you’ll become stronger so can go further and do so much more than you imagined. One year from now, where to you want to be? What do you want to be doing? How do you want to feel in your body, what pain do you want to be free from (physical and emotional), and what do you want to achieve? How will it feel to BE that, DO that, have that? And so... bring it back to right now, not tomorrow because that never comes, but to right now - what is the first step you need to take to start walking towards that goal? Have an amazing Monday! 💖 🙏🏼 #inspiredbypilates #pilatesinspired #pilatesinspiresme #pilatesisinspiring #inspirationalpilates #motivationonmonday #mondaymanifestation

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Beautiful Charell @cb.fitpilates recently posted an amazing clip on fascia therapy and on inspiration love! Her combination of bosu and tower plus incredible cues and tips make it an amazing learning opportunity. Here I use the bosu and a very light yellow resistance band (my doors are massive 😓!) and let Charell’s inspiration guide me! #faciatherapy #functionalFitPilates First video super sped ⏩ for IG Happy Friday! #inspirationalpilates #yourpilatesinspiresme #pilatesrollup #stretching #spinemobility #spinestretch #pilatescommunity #pilatesinstructor #pilatesinspiration #fitness #fitnessmotivation #setyourgoals #beinspired #move #movementheals #health #spinehealth #strength #pilatesstrong #pilatesstretch #bosu #resistancebands #hydration #release #control #london

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Joy she attends #1:1 weekly development over 3 years she is trying assisted rolling work with opener for first time #inspirationalpilates she note she started her #pilates #rehab having had a knee replacement 5 years before, in her own words it has changed her #wellbeing #pilatesbody #confidence it's a wonderful transition of a person and there body to watch and be part of - fabulous work Joy xxxx

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