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It’s Spooky season, New Yorkers ! Halloween is filled with fun tricks and yummy treats! If you’re looking for some scary treats for your next Halloween get together, here are our favorite treats! The only trick? These treats are good for you! Yup! Celebrate Halloween eating something sweet, and feeling good about what you’re putting into your body! Find out what they are on out new blog post LINK IN BIO #insta_nyc #manhattan #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyme #wellness #wellnesstips #nycphotographer #imagesofnyc #nyclife #nycdotgram #nyc_explorers #nycart #cityart #art #halloween #Haloweentreats #diy #treats

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Robert and Mela having a little snuggle in the office!

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Ce po(i)nt de vue à Central Park était encore plus joli et plus charmant cet hiver mais j’avais trop froid aux mains pour l’apprécier à sa juste valeur et encore plus pour le prendre en photo. ❄️ Voici la version été/automne. 🍃

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Have you ever kept a box of chocolate or some other food item in the refrigerator or freezer? You kept it there saving for a special moment ..or a time when you think it would be most appropriate to eat. . It stays there...day after day it's there. The days become weeks ...then you finally decide to eat that box of chocolate...but...you really can't enjoy it because the chocolates are all dried up ..and there's no rich, delicious flavor that you are familiar with. . . So what do you do? . You toss it. . Let's break that chain and LIVE! . . By the way...What's your favorite chocolate bar? . . Art @Governorsisland. Let's just call it an outdoor museum...that's free! . Have a great day! . . .. . #made_in_ny #nypostnyc #nyloveyou #thebigapple #i❤️nyc #i❤️ny #imagesofnyc #newyork_ig #lovenewyork #enjoynewyork #discovernyc #exploringnyc

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If you’re waiting for a new video of 10 Dollars, 1 City, 1 Day, don’t worry it’s coming out soon! For the meantime, checkout my new video - 12 hours in New York! Link in bio!

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Concrete Jungle

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trevortwomey. 🐕 Cardio Hour

🐕 Cardio Hour

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Avenue Of The Americas

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trevortwomey. Thank God it’s  Monday 🙌🏼

Thank God it’s Monday 🙌🏼

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Remain alert 🚨

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Havemeyer nights

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Chinese New Year 👲🇨🇳

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