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Needed some lengthening tonight. The #pilatescadillac always has my back 🥰 now, who is going to work out my knots in my shoulders?! 🤔 #pilateslover #pilatesinstructor #ilovepilates #clubpilatessantabarbara

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¿Ya has probado en clase el “magic circle” o aro de Pilates? 💁🏻⁣ ⁣ Es uno de los accesorios preferidos de nuestr@s pilater@s, y les ayuda a “dificultar” algunos de los ejercicios para realizarlos de forma más intensa (haciéndolos también más retadores) 💪🏼 o a facilitar otros 👍🏻

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✅ทดลองเล่นแบบตัวต่อตัว โดยเทรนเนอร์ผู้เชี่ยวชาญที่ออกแบบโปรแกรมให้เฉพาะคุณ สนใจ ‭สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม‬ Line : http://nav.cx/2GEg9PV 📲 096-914-5659 ___________________ #pilates #studiopilates #pilatescadillac #pilatesreformer #reformer #ilovepilates #pilateslover #healthy #healthygirl #พิลาทิสรัชดา #womenstyle #ออกกำลังกายส่วนตัว #ออฟฟิสซินโดรม #พิลาทิส #พิลาทีส #ครูสอนพิลาทิส #ppjshapeup ขอบพระคุณรูปภาพจาก พี่ไอซ์ พี่แอน ด้วยนะคะ🙏🏻🙏🏻

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ritita.sales. Pilateando con Benji, gran compañero #ilovepilates #pilatesreformer #p

Pilateando con Benji, gran compañero #ilovepilates #pilatesreformer #pilates

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emmafilosipilates. I’ve been running around all day trying to get caught up from my trip.

I’ve been running around all day trying to get caught up from my trip. So enjoy this shakyyyyy video from last week. Side planks are killer for me!

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boditree_pilates_and_healing. #teasertutorial  the TEASER is a quintessential Pilates exercise that

#teasertutorial the TEASER is a quintessential Pilates exercise that has gained immense popularity thanks to industry leader @laurabpilates and her creation of #teasertuesday. There are three cues in this exercise that are often missed and hugely influence one’s capacity to get to the top point. I would argue the one correction many miss out is the critical aspect of the start and end position. If those wrists do not connect (see my pause, I am emphasizing the hold component specfically as an educating aspect of this clip), because many miss that mark. It makes or breaks the exercise. The beauty of #classicalpilates is we are not only honouring Joe’s work, we are actually practicing Pilates effeciently when we follow his rules. He developed these exercises and the apparatus they are executed on, so if you really want to understand Pilates, look no further than the work of Joe Pilates, and for the Teaser, it is all about elongation of the Lats, and connecting the wrists at the top and end points. The other two key cues are breath, and when to lift the legs. If you consider a clean entry into the 100’s, you’ll see the connection to Teaser, to hollow back in Gymnastics, and then you will really get this exercise. How to modify ? Take it to the Mat. There is no room for props or short cuts, because this is an advanced exercise when executed on Long Box. If you need a bolster or some other prop, you need to reasses your Teaser on the Mat then practice it on the Cadillac with an unsprung swingbar. Why ? To elongate those armpits and ride the breath. Want to learn more like this from Boditree ? We have #pilatesteachertraining commencing February 2020 ! All weeekend modules are open to the public, attend the whole program or just select weekends, its entirely your choice ! We are happy to welcome you to our fully equipped Pilates studio 💕 💪🏼 Don’t forget to #entertowin ONE FREE PRIVATE PILATES WORKOUT in our fully equipped Pilates studio (located right outside that barn door), simply by following us here on IG, and tagging two friends in the comment section below ! #raffle draw is November 30th ! #vancouverfitness #fitvancity #boditreepilates

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dailypilates_au. The same can be said for Pilates!

The same can be said for Pilates!

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eu_evoluo. 4 anos que faço pilates.
4 anos que comecei a cuidar não só do meu cor

4 anos que faço pilates. 4 anos que comecei a cuidar não só do meu corpo, mas também da minha mente 4 anos que optei por superar o medo de altura, superar a preguiça, superar os desafios propostos 4 anos que eu melhorei minha flexibilidade, mesmo ela continuando péssima Nesses 4 anos eu fiz muita prancha, muito alongamento, muita abdominal, treinei pra um TAF, botei a coluna no lugar, curei dores. 4 anos de um relacionamento de amor. Eu amo o pilates! #pilates #pilateiras #ilovepilates #30paramelhor #desafiodapaulinha #maisamor

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yoga_philippines. TGIF! See you at Yoga Philippines. Our Friday schedule:
🧘7:00am Ash

TGIF! See you at Yoga Philippines. Our Friday schedule: . 🧘7:00am Ashtanga Led w/Chantal 🧘8:30am Pop Dance w/jackie 🧘9:30am Gentle Yoga w/Candie 🧘10:30am Beginners ashtanga led w/Nora 🧘4:30pm Yoga for Beginners w/Ariadne 🧘6:00pm Beginners Ashtanga w/Ariadne . We offer Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Pilates, Zumba, Total Body Conditioning, and Health and Wellness forums at your work place for as low as Php 200 per person! Contact us for more information! . See you at Yoga Philippines. . 📞7388927 . 📱09175009642 . 💻www.yogaphilippines.com . 📧yogaphilippines@mail.com . 📫No.38 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque City. . . . . . . #yogaphilippines #yp #ypyogaphilippines #yoga_philippines #pilates #pilatesfusion #matpilates #pilatesmanila #abs #abworkout #pilatesphilippines #pilatesstudent #pilatesteacher #yogaph #yogalates #yogilates #ilovepilates #strong #pilatesstudio #fitness #workout #fit #healthy #core #legstretch #fitnessstudio #yogastudio #wellness #health #mindandbody

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Boa noite!!!! " O controle do core é a essência do controle do movimento humano." ( Joseph Pilates). Com @clarasouzw no Cadilac. #concentração #força #core #lcstudiodepilates #ilovepilates #amopilates #pilatesbrasil #Pilates #larahcaroline #educadorafisica

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THURSDAY 5-minute EXERCISE to STRENGTHEN, Mobilise and Stretch our BACKS!!! Join today’s SESSION focusing on ISOLATING THE RIGHT & LEFT SIDE of the body. 3 MOVES: ✅ side leg lifts ✅ side kick ✅ side twist 👆🏻 Our THE GOAL is to live PAIN-FREE & happy LIFE by KEEPING MUSCLES functional & strong with regular movement & nutritionally balance diet💪🏼 For the full video CLICK the LINK in my BIO & visit our interactive Facebook group Fit On The Board. Stay TUNED IN each Thursday. To make sure you do not miss a session comment ⬇️ TAG ME IN

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dra.gabivinhasfisio. Novas perspectivas, a vida é cheia delas, vamos experimentar ? O Pilat

Novas perspectivas, a vida é cheia delas, vamos experimentar ? O Pilates proporciona uma nova visão para quem o pratica, um novo olhar de si mesmo, do corpo, da respiração. Enxergamos novas possibilidades com cada exercícios desafiador, adquirimos mais confiança em nós mesmos e descobrimos um dos maiores tesouros, descobrimos que somos capaz de tudo, basta se dedicar e não desistir. #pilatespose #pilatesbrasil #pilatesposeoftheday #ilovepilates #profquetreinapilates #profquetreina #instructor #fisioterapia

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What’s so magic about the magic circle? It’s a small thing but it makes you work harder and feel everything more! Pilates is that way too. Small, unassuming, movements & small adjustments make you work on a whole new level! (FYI we do big things too after building super solid foundation.) Feel the magic of what happens when you work with you body and make connections! Pilates is the foundation of fitness. Pilates will unlock your potential and change your body. Magic!!!

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Pilates desenvolve um corpo uniforme, corrige posturas erradas, restaura a vitalidade física, vigora a mente e eleva o espírito. 💘 . . . . . #pilates #pilatesclassico #cadilacpilates #invertidaspilates #ilovepilates #instapilates #pilateira #pilatesmove #pilatesmotivation #posicoespilates #pilatestime #exercise #flexibility #forca #contrology

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hannafialotta. Idag var det dags för #pilates igen i Mjölby. Fokuspunkt idag var tekn

Idag var det dags för #pilates igen i Mjölby. Fokuspunkt idag var teknik så jag gick in och petade lite mer med detaljer. Det var uppskattat av deltagarna. Innan passet gjorde jag några övningar. #openlegrocker och #teaser Men teasern blir i ett annat klipp. 🔥🔥🔥

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“Se faltam as forças, que surjam as inspirações para continuar sua luta.” . Desafio cumprido✔️😉🤸🏻‍♀️ . #sfpilatesithana #pilatesithana #fisioithana #neopilates #ilusionismo #pilates #maceioalagoas #maceio #fisioterapia #morceguinhaspilateiras

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Me diz aí o que vc gosta mais, exercício de isometria ou dinâmico? Temos aqui fortalecimento de quadríceps dinâmico e isometrico,associado ao fortalecimento de braços com a toning de 1kg da #proaction e a mola, tbm isometrico é dinâmico. Pilates e suas variações 🥰 Aluna Priscila #quintafeiraediadepilates

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