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Last day of #HipnoticNovember challenge😭 Today is the end of the weekend and end of our challenge. For the last day we are showing you Padmasana or Yogi Dandasana. Both poses require lots of openness in the hips and warmed up body. Thats why usually these asanas come at the end of the yoga class or as I show in the video at the end of my Ashtanga practice💓 Thank you everyone for joining and sharing your beautiful hip openers🥰and stay tuned because soon we will bring you another Hipnotic challenge. Have a beautiful Sunday 💓 . . 📿Hosts @andreamegale.yoga @indira.yoga @ritaayoga @temyoga . 📿Sponsors @liquidoactive @bolderafashion @samaste07 @theasanasyoga @alayama_yogawear @morpho_jewels . 📿Asanas🧘‍♀️ Day 1 - Anjaneyasana 🌺 Day 2- Utthan Pristhasana (Lizard pose)💓 Day 3 - Baddha Konasana 🌸 Day 4 - Gomukhasana💞 Day 5 - Skandasana (Crouching Tiger pose)💓 Day 6- Supta Baddha Konasana ❤️ Day 7 - Padmasana or Yogidandasana .💓 . . #practiceandalliscoming #temyogalove #padmasana #iwearliquido

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100 days of instagram😊 . I challenge myself all the time. In a fun way. 100 days of whatever. Mostly stuff that helps me grow. Meditation... A compliment a day... Dare to share my feelings... Eating healthy... Instagram. Sometimes it's my own challenge, sometimes I get a friend involved. So I'm involved in different 100 day challenges here and there and I love it. . I feel like 100 days is too long? I do 108! 😇 I miss a day? It doesn't matter. I still keep going because within the 100 days if I only make, let's say 50, it's still 50 right? A lot more than zip. And mostly I keep going after my challenge is completed. Maybe not on a regular day to day basis but it sticks to my mind and isn't forgotten. . So this is me on day 100 of my instagram challenge. Pretty proud. And thankful. ✌️ . I've learned so much already. I'm figuring out what I want to share and I've met wonderful people. 🤗 I also had to find out how instagram is real business and sometimes not my way. . I have some stories to share, but that'll have to wait til tomorrow since my writing space is limited. It also means I'm gonna continue this challenge as well. 😊 So if you're interested in hearing more, see ya tomorrow... . Have a lovely friday, friends! ❤️ To be continued... 🙏 . . . #instagramchallenge #igchallenge #100daychallenge #yogini #yogablogger #myyogapractice #splitprogress #hanuman #hanumanji #hanumanasana #yogacologne #yogagermany #yogapicture

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The struggle is real! Look at me pushing my fingers into the grass. Look at the grim on my face... I did it but it was messy and sloppy and shaky and blah... and slide 2 shows you what happened next. But slide 3 is me doing the same thing the other day. This goes to show you how practice changes every single day. And how our mental state translates into our own practice. Notice me smiling on the video and look at my face on the photo 1. . Thank you all for joining in #peaktopincha This was an awesome journey. And thatnk you to my cohosts 😘😘😘 . Hosts @crizia_rn_yoga @carolineanneyoga @shiziks @shreeyoga @salty_hair_yogi @_monette . Sponsors @aloyoga @alo.moves . . . . . . . . . . . #practiceandalliscomingy

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Week 3 of November edition #IGYogaStudio Today we are working on Paschimottanasana 😽 seated Forward fold. 🍂The key of this pose is to have the legs straight while the lower and upper back maintain same line. 🍂From Dandasana (➡️slide for a video of how to enter) lift your arms up, stretch up and fold over the legs grabbing the big toes (➡️slide for the other hand variations A,B, C,D). 🍂Always maintain the spine long and shoulders away from the ears. Your aim in this asana is to constantly lengthen the crown of the head towards the feet while bringing the chin to the shins. 👁Drishti (gaze in the pose) is at the toes. ➡️Slide for all 4 different variations and video of my speed up Ashtanga practice of this pose. Have an amazing day🌺❤️🌺 🧘The Hosts: . @andreamegale.yoga . @esteryoga . @temyoga . . . 📿The sponsors : @liquidoactive @gocleveryoga @mymalanecklace . Our November Schedule: . 1 Nov (Week 1) - Virabhadrasana 2 ( Warrior 2)🍂 . 8 Nov (Week 2 ) - Parsvottanasana ( Pyramid) 🍂 . 15 Nov (Week 3) - Paschimottanasana A, B and C🍂 . 22 Nov (Week 4) - Janu Sirsasana A, B and C . 29 Nov (Week 5) - Navasana (Boat) . Each month we will have 3 sponsors and 3 winners. #igyogachallenges #igyogachallenge #stretch #flexibility #TemYogaLove #igyogafamily

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charmed_by_yoga. ERLEUCHTUNG
. \"Erleuchten\" heisst doch einfach: Licht reinbringen! ☀️

ERLEUCHTUNG . "Erleuchten" heisst doch einfach: Licht reinbringen! ☀️ . Immer wieder. Bewusst werden. Sehen was in dir abgeht. Helligkeit in die Dunkelheit bringen. . Bewusstseinsarbeit wird zum Glück immer wichtiger für die Menschheit! 🤗 . Je mehr wir mitkriegen, desto leichter fällt es uns so zu sein, wie wir wirklich sind! . Let's use our superpowers! ...✨ And the sun keeps shining, so let's keep smiling! 😀☀️ . . . 📸@simoneszymanski . #myyogapractice #lunge #lunges #anjenyasana #twist #yogacologne #yogagermany #twisting #yogapicture #yogafotography #myyoga #myyogalife #myyogajourney

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y0ga_finder. Balancing on see through glasses :) It was pretty view to balance and

Balancing on see through glasses :) It was pretty view to balance and to be concentrated at the same time 😻👍🌁 Follow us: @y0ga_finder Via: @serchma_a Thank you so much !

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icons_of_fitness2. Fitness Icon, Taylor of @taylme  creates stunning images of graceful,

Fitness Icon, Taylor of @taylme creates stunning images of graceful, power, that inspires and motivates. - #taylme_iof - #yoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenge2018 #blackgirlyoga #basicyoga #yogaforbeginners #practiceandalliscoming #backbend #flexibility

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shainakins. 💙🎶🎵
I never knew the difference between bullshit and sincere
as lon

💙🎶🎵 I never knew the difference between bullshit and sincere as long as it sounded good while coming out - @butchwalker 💙🎶🎵 Kids aren’t home this evening so I spend the time moving on my mat. Expressing with movement. Working through the clutter. Getting ready to watch Sweeney Todd (my go to, always). #freeflow #feelingrusty #saturdaynight #release #makespace

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shainakins. Day 1 of the #IYP program with @thejourneyjunkie 💙 I forgot how much

Day 1 of the #IYP program with @thejourneyjunkie 💙 I forgot how much of a ball buster this creative cardio flow was. The beginning stretches are sooo nice. And then BAM we are flowing and we are sweating. 🤣😂 It felt really good to get all that shiii out. Feel free to hop in with @awwjoaww and myself at any time! #thejjcommunity

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cripxm. ❤️ #TreePoseForCalifornia | 🙏❤
Thanks for the tag dear Sis @cbdugan .

❤️ #TreePoseForCalifornia | 🙏❤ Thanks for the tag dear Sis @cbdugan . . 🌱🌺 Here is my #treepose 🌳 sending hugs and prayers!! “...we’ve lost mountains of beautiful trees here in California due to the wildfires 🔥 It’s really sad seeing the devastation. I’m tagging some yoga friends to do a tree pose or its variation if you want or when you get a chance and use the hashtag 👉🏾 #treeposeforcalifornia to honor the taken (66 dead and hundreds missing so far) from the deadliest wildfires in the state’s history. Staying hopeful. . Please join in the support when you'd like to! 🙏🌹❤ . . . . . . Join in #TreePoseTuesday with @ilovegurus 🌵 they will plant a tree for every tree pose today and every tuesday #gurustpt 🌱 . #sailing

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