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It’s very close to the end of the year, and thinking back over this one I am happy to have tried my @pranamat ECO massage mat & pillow. I don’t think my body would be the same without it, it’s the best addition to my self care routine. After the first time I used it I felt the benefits, and never turned back. My feet and back thank me after every use. There is still time to get this @pranamat gift for someone you love, or give a little self love 😉 Get someone’s new year off to a healthier start. #pranamat

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I’m being challenged at the moment to truly live in the NOW....My mind is jumping forward to ifs, maybes and whens! Staying present is a challenge we must embrace! - Life can feel like it moves so fast that it’s difficult to have clarity. Clarity of our true purpose, of what brings us peace. - So right NOW I am making a choice! Today I am going to try and live in the present, to take every second as a beautiful gift from the Universe. To breathe, be still and see the beauty in things that I take for granted. To be fully aware of the beauty all around me. - Can we all try, just for today to be as fully present as possible?? Let’s see what arises!!!! - Just for today... “So not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” Buddha ❤❤ . . Tomorrow is the Second Day of #HipHipHolidayz sponsored by @yoga_democracy ✨ Next up is any plank/kneeling type pose with a hip opener! ✨

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nataliasyoga. Distant, arrogant, unapproachable 
That‘s what people often call me wh

Distant, arrogant, unapproachable That‘s what people often call me when they don’t know me. I‘m a very shy person, especially when it comes to meeting new people. I got a lot better but meeting new peeps used to terrify me. I still don’t like being with a lot of strangers but I learned how to hide it a little. People often mistake my shyness for arrogance. I don’t think that any of those charasteristics above describe me very well but I can see why people would call me that. Once you get to know me I‘m quite the contrary. I‘m a quirky weirdo. I can’t help but wonder how I judge people. How often do I call someone this or that without giving the person the chance to show me who they really are? And can I question my impressions of others? Something I really want to work on. Are you aware of your first impression? . . . . . . . . . . . . #yoga #yogapic #yogapose #yogagram #yogafam #yogacommunity #yogaeveryday #igyoga #instayoga #igyogafam #aloyoga #strikeapose #mandukapro

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✨How to Front Splits✨ . . . [Updated version 😊] I’ve made several tutorials about front splits in the past (you can see all of them under #TutorialsWithLiz 🙏) And while they’re all informative, I can’t possibly put all the information I want in one single tutorial about the splits 😱 This one is more dynamic, focusing on strength in flexibility, opening up the low body with a flow rather than static stretches Because we’re always changing + growing, this sequence reflects my personal practice currently! . . Main things to open: Hamstrings Hips Quads Hip flexors **all of these with dynamic movements! . . . (Warm up before jumping into this sequence and alternate legs!) 1. Dynamic leg warm up - front kicks x10 for 3 sets 2. Runner’s lunge 3. Wide pyramid pose - move between 2 & 3 10-30x 4. Runner’s lunge with back knee down 5. Half splits - move between 4 & 5 10-30x 6. Low lunge with hands on front thigh - pulse or hold, squeeze back glute 7. Low lunge with hands on front thigh - lift back ankle up and down x10 and then hold for 10 counts 8. Crooked monkey - option to drop to forearm 9. Malasana/ Yogi squat - move hips around, side to side 10. Side lunge - move from side to side with or without hands on ground 10x 11. Half Pigeon pose - hold for 10 breaths 12. Half Pigeon pose - bend back knee up and down x10 and then hold for 10 counts . . . Practice this 2-3x a week and let me know how it goes! ♥️ Wearing all @aloyoga

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🤩⛄️🐳 Day 1️⃣8️⃣ of #CollateralPractice with @cyogalife ➡️ Standing #Parighasana 🐳⛄️🤩 Confession: Parighasana is one of the toughest poses for me and, though I make myself #practice it daily, it’s never become comfortable or much easier than the first day... maybe that’s why I find this version extremely challenging too. I’d love to read your thoughts on it so, feel free to comment below if you want. Now, the pose itself is very straightforward, just like regular Parighasana, only this time we’re standing up (usual pose is done kneeling) and we have the wall to guide and tell us which is our plane of movement. Stand with feet together, back against the wall, then lift arms overhead holding one wrist with opposite hand. Before leaning sideways, lengthen up by lifting the ribcage and gently pulling with the arms, imagine growing an inch, THEN lean laterally, always preserving that extra length. Whenever you feel you’re losing it, stop right there to avoid crunching the side and lumbar area. Keep legs very straight and active (if you bend them, it’ll also go into the low back). This is a fantastic pose for those of us with ‘stubborn’ shoulders, as that’ll help warm them up and feel more limber in the upper back. 5-6 long breaths on each side and, chances are, you’ll start sweating quite a bit. Breathing fully is always more difficult when arms are overhead (diaphragm is pushing against lungs, so they’re harder to inflate), don’t worry how far to the side you lean but rather concentrate on the quality of the breath and the length created. Alternate sides, then repeat again to feel a difference between first & second time! You got this, let’s go!! For alternatives and further explanations check out @jinny.suh.00 and @gmcyoga. For translation to Korean, visit @cyogalife.korean . Upcoming workshops: 🗻 1/19-19 Guatemala Workshop 🏖 1/20-26 Yoga Retreat 🌞 1/27-28 Guate TT intensive 🍌 2/8-11 Costa Rica 🧘🏻‍♀️ For more info, visit cyogalife.com. For online classes go to vimeo.com/cyogalife/vod_pages

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So all you need from me is beauty? All I need is anything else. @leahjstone stone

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yoga.tutorials. @ania_75 on SHOULDERS! 🥰 Gather ‘round and feel better... 💋

@ania_75 on SHOULDERS! 🥰 Gather ‘round and feel better... 💋 ・・・ Here is my favourite shoulder mobility and strength sequence as a warm up before my yoga practice with the focus on arm balancing poses. Try it out and let me know how it feels for you! Cozy outfit by @aloyoga #yoga #yogatutorial #yogavideo

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I’ve been practicing arm balance drills lately and just held my very first Elephant trunk pose last weekend! 🐘 It’s exciting to have a new area of poses to practice and have fun with 💙 : #ArmBalance

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What’s happened with my life after vipassana? It’s funny that sometimes you could divide your life on before and after. First, it gave me discipline which I needed, I started waking up at 3:50 and meditate, constantly, everyday, for an hour, before that btw I couldn’t sit longer than 15 min, so when people tell me that they can’t meditate for long time something is always bothering them, I gotcha you! I’ve been there and I know how it is! And I think the secret of getting your self practice (Sadhana) is to choose the right teacher and right technic which will work for YOU. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 🙏🏽🕉 For me the right technic is #vipassana, for you maybe something else. How to choose the right technic? Try different ones. I tried visualization, guided meditation, chakra balancing and etc but only by doing #vipassanameditation I saw the result. My monkey mind was getting calmer and calmer. Why am I saying getting? Because it’s loooong way to go, it has to become your lifestyle is not just what you do from time to time, it has to be everyday commitment, the same as yoga, you don’t do yoga, you live yoga. 🧘🏻‍♀️ (right @swanyogaretreat ?). I’m not perfect, sometimes it happens that I pause my practice, because of travels or other excuses which I can make it up easily 🙈, so nobody is perfect but at least we can always try our best even if we shifted little bit from track, we need to remind ourselves why are we doing that and comeback with even more determination. Second...(see in next post☺️)

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pureyogaofficial. Don’t be scared of going deep, let the waves embrace you.

Featuring P

Don’t be scared of going deep, let the waves embrace you. Featuring Pure Yoga teacher Wendy. @yogawithwen

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sasha_shita. Last day of #AJourneyTowardsWheel is #wheelpose (#wheeldropback)

Last day of #AJourneyTowardsWheel is #wheelpose #wheeldropback) . . Thank you for all Hosts and Sponsors. I love practice with you. I learned more from here. See you in the next challenge 😘😙🙏 . . Hosts: @shiziks @inspiremyyoga @belleyoga.tokyo @the.home.practice . . Sponsors: @onzie #onziegear @liforme #liforme @infinitystrap @yogisurprise @alayama_yogawear @sand_cloud . . Lineup: Day 1. Wrists (cat/ cow)✔️ Day 2. Chaturanga (triceps)✔️ Day 3. Puppy (Shoulders)✔️ Day 4. Bridge✔️ Day 5. Cobra✔️ Day 6. Lunge✔️ Day 7. Camel (camel drop back)✔️ Day 8. Wheel (walk hands down the wall/ dropback)✔️ . . #yoga #yogagirl #igyoga #yogachallenge #igyogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogaaddict #yogaholic #yogalover #yogainspiration #creativeyoga #yogamotivation #yogapractice #yogahomepractice #yogapose #urdhvadhanurasana #backbend #getbendy #heartopener #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #yogastretch #igyogachallenges #practicemakesprogress

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There is a lot of “yoga” happening in the world today that has very little to do with what it really is. 🍃Sadhguru explains, Head to our FB page to watch the video! 👉 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ #yogasystemshathayogaschool #ishafoundation #yogalife #yogasession #sadhguru #instayoga #balance #yogini #yogagram #yogadaily #stretch #bliss #namaskaram #energy #igyoga #yogalove #yogaeverywhereigo #breathe #yogapractise #om #selflove #weightloss #skin #meditation #iloveyoga #yogaposes #findyourflow

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It wad fun to give a lesson to Janice’s team🙂 Watsons wine team, welcome to The Practice, hope we can help you to sweat some alcohol out and empty some space for Xmas😛 Hope can see you guys soon❤️

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jess_fields_23. \"The eagle has no fear of adversity.  We need to be like the eagle and

"The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror. " Joyce Meyer 18th day of #25daysofbuti 2018! SPONSORS @butiyoga @movenkd @goldenrationutrition @breakmethod HOSTS @butibutibecky @aconsciousapproach and @namastadrienne 🎅Day 1- Navasana//boatpose 🎅Day 2- Uttanasana//forward fold 🎅Day 3- Vasisthasana//side plank 🎅Day 4- Balasana//child’s pose 🎅Day 5- Prasarita Padottansasana//straddle forward fold 🎅Day 6- chaturangadandasana //lowplank 🎅Day 7- Bhujangasana//cobra 🎅Day 8- Utthita Trikonasana//triangle 🎅Day 9- Ardha Chandrasana//half moon 🎅Day 10- Anjaneyasana//lowlunge 🎅Day 11- UtkataKonasana//goddess 🎅Day 12- Utkatasana//chair 🎅Day 13 - Upavistha Konasana//seated straddle forward fold 🎅Day 14- Hanumanasana//split 🎅Day 15- Natarajasana//dancer 🎅Day 16- Malasana//garland or wide squat 🎅Day 17- Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana //standing split 🎅Day 18- #Garudasana // #eagle Day 19- Vrksasana//tree Day 20- Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana//big toe pose Day 21- Parighasana//gate Day 22- Dhanurasana//bow Day 23- Bharadvajasana Day 24- Matsyasana//fish Day 25- FLOW• • #igyoga #igyogachallenge #butitribe #sweatwithintention #yoga #decemberyogachallenge #25daysofbuti2018 #loveyourworkout #soulmateworkout #butisattva

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soonayoga. 🎅Day 2 of #SantasWerkshop: Super Teddy Bear pose! 🎅
I didn't know

🎅Day 2 of #SantasWerkshop: Super Teddy Bear pose! 🎅 . I didn't know what pose this was but it looked like people were doing two different poses 🤔 So I decided to do just both of them! 😁 I also got some help from one of my teddy bears haha🙈🐼💕 Jolly Hosts: @kittycatdang @yogajosey @themuscleboundyogi @silver_cloudss . . Holiday Sponsor: @werkshop . Pose List: 1. Super Toy Soldier✔ 2. Teddy Bear Pose✔ 3. Candy Cane Pose 4. Turtle Dove (Pigeon) 5. Christmas Tree 6. Reindeer Pose (Stag Legs) 7. Fallen Snow Angel . . . . @igyogachallenges @challengethyyoga @quantumyoga @yogachallengeworld @myyogachallenges @loveyoga4life #instagramyoga #yoga #yogisofinstagram #yogalover #yogacommunity #yogafamily #yogaaddict #yogafun #yogastrong  #yogagoal #yogabalance #yogajourney #igyoga #yogafit #yogavibes #yogaholic #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogalife  #yogagirl #yogisgivethanks #yogachallenge #decemberyogachallenge #yoga #yogi #yogabeginner #beginneryoga

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namaste_af. 💀💀💀 Tide Pod Tuesday’s 🤣 Check out The Yogi Show Live rewind

💀💀💀 Tide Pod Tuesday’s 🤣 Check out The Yogi Show Live rewind . Repost @yogimemes . ❤️ THIS 🔥, and go watch The Yogi Show replay in my story. I haven’t laughed that hard in a longggggg time. If you already know about THE TIDE PODS then drop some fire in the comments. #theyogishow #namasteaf #laughteristhebestmedicine

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highdesertyogi. How much caffeine should you be consuming per day? ☕️ I was curious! “

How much caffeine should you be consuming per day? ☕️ I was curious! “The USDA recommends that people consume no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (otherwise, you risk those unpleasant side effects). Caffeine levels can vary widely among drinks (depending on the brew, the size of the drink, etc) but here's generally how each drink breaks down: * A cup of brewed coffee has around 92 milligrams of caffeine. * A cup of brewed black tea has 47 milligrams of caffeine. * A cup of brewed green tea has 29 milligrams of caffeine.” - - Source: Women’s Health Magazine - - #highdesertyogi #healthyfood #health #healthylifestyle #healthybreakfast #healthyish #healthyeating #healthy #healthier #healthandwelness #caffeine #coffee #coffeequotes #coffee☕️ #coffeeortea #coffeetime☕️ #tea #yoga #yogagirl #yogapractice #yogagram #igyoga #instayoga #igyogafam #practiceyoga #yogaphoto #yogalove #todayisagoodday #yogalife #yogaanywhere

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🎶 #büyükevablukada - #arayanbulur 🎶 insan büyüdükçe kusura bakma giderek kendine benziyor ben bir beni bulup içine girip saklanırsam kim beni bulur . sevdiğin müzikte farkında olarak ak 💧 . . flow with music 🌊 move with control 🧘🏻‍♀️

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happybeingyoga. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM HAPPYBEING YOGA! Thank you all for your amazing v

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM HAPPYBEING YOGA! Thank you all for your amazing vibes and energy this year at Yoga! Can't wait to see you all in 2019!⠀ ✨✨✨⠀ #yogamelbourne #yoga #inspo #fitspo #warrenwood #happybeing #happybeingyoga #stayfit #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #instayoga #yogaforlife #melbourne #instagood #australia #ig #igdaily #igyoga #igfitness #alignment #hatha #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #yin #namaste #ringwood #croydon #whitehorse

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mystic_sprout. We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the fait

We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the faithful wife, the earnest scholar get little of our attention compared to the embezzler, the tramp, the cheat. ~ John Steinbeck #holidayasanas . 🎄To play along simply: Follow all hosts and sponsor. Like and repost this flyer tagging your friends to play along too! Post daily using the tag #holidayasanas Make sure your profile is public so we see and like your beautiful photos. Always listen to your body. Use props and modify as you need to. . . ❤️Hosts: @whitneydavisyoga @warriorfromwithin @yogi.jodie @kelleyapril @freckled_yogi @bentley.likethecar . . ❤️Generous Sponsor @aloyoga @alo.moves ❤️Pose list: Malasana Padmasana Extended hand to big toe pose Anjaneyasana Puppy Wild thing Bow Fish Hero Pigeon . . . . #aloyogachallenge #yogachallenge #yogisofinstagram #yogacommunity #aloyoga #alomoves #beagoddess #yogainspiration #yogafam #instayoga #igyoga #yoga #yogalife #yogi #yogagirl

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Sunset at the Ashram earlier today....

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lunar11mermaid. Tomorrow is day 3 of #feetup4xmas 👣🎄
we want to see any #hipopener p

Tomorrow is day 3 of #feetup4xmas 👣🎄 we want to see any #hipopener pose . I went with a #compasspose !! Check my cohosts out for their variations. ❤️ . . . . 🎄 🎅🏻 CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 🎅🏻🎄 . #Feetup4Xmas 🎅🏻🎁 . . December 17-21 . . Christmas is knocking on the door and we invite you to have some fun with asanas for 5 days before Christmas! Inspire and get inspired, share your favourite asanas with or without your feetup trainer. Don’t worry if you don't have one - you get the chance to win this wonderful prop! And we're thrilled to be giving away lots of other wonderful goodies ! 🎅🏻🎁 🎅🏻Your Hosts 🎅🏻: . 🎊 @jennyg2bfit 🎊 @shiziks 🎊 @lunar11mermaid 🎊 @__sil_06 🎄 Awesome Sponsors 🎄: . 🎁 @feetup #feetup #feetuptrainer 🎁@aumniecreatebalance #aumnie 🎁 @awakenthepeace 🎁 @vayumudra 🎁 @yogisurprise 🎁 @lovetucketts 🎁 @alayama_yogawear 🎁 @panda.shopz . . . . 🎄⛄❄️LINE UP ❄️⛄🎄 . DAY 1. Inversions 👣 DAY 2. Heart opener ❤️ DAY 3. Hip opener ✨ DAY 4. Balance DAY 5. Yogi’s choice . . 💙 OUR RULES 💙 . 👉Share this flyer and tag a few friends 👉 follow all hosts and sponsors 👉 post a photo or a video and set your profile public so we can find your posts . 🎄⛄ Have fun yogis!⛄🎄 .

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an den....!

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chin_sicka. Day 1 tree pose

Day 1 tree pose #YuletideSeasonAsanas Hosts: @jennyg2bfit @yoga_helwahtin @blaze_esther @yoga.qinmeng . . Sponsors: @UYounger2day @zendomarket @cosmic_beads @ZellyaDesigns @vayumudra @alayamayogawear . . Pose line up: 1. Christmas tree --- Any variation of tree pose, or any pose that looks like a Xmas tree in shape or beside Xmas tree 2. Twinkle Star --- Any variation of five-pointed star pose 3. Dove Love --- Any variation of crow pose, or any bird pose 4. Rein deer --- Deer pose or any pose that looks like rein deer in shape 5. Santa Claus --- Any variation of dancer pose (Santi Claus can dance!) 6. Jingle Bend --- Any heart opening pose 7. North Pole --- Any variation of compass pose (traveling to north pole at Xmas) . . . . ----- ----- #yoga #yogi #yogalife #yogagirl #yogalove #inspiration #fitness #igyoga #yogachallenge #yogapose #flexibility #stretch #strength #balance #yogaart #sports #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogaphoto #asana #namaste #YogaChallengeAnnoucement #igyogachallange #igyogis #yogatribe #XmasYoga #Xmas

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