Progress is being made! So far, the framing, wiring, and flooring is done. ✅ I also realized I haven’t exactly said the details of the van yet! She’s a 2017 Ford Transit 148” wheelbase with 60,000 miles and the interior height is 6’7” 🙌🏼. People often ask for tips on finding a van and I always say to expand the search far and wide! You don’t always have to look only in your area. I ended up saving a lot of money by flying to Georgia and getting this van versus any around here in the Midwest. ❤️ So just be patient and look everywhere you can! Super excited to keep moving forward and working on this beauty.

nikephysco. me: okay
me with acrylics: LMAOOO. OKUUURRRRR. The fuck.

me: okay me with acrylics: LMAOOO. OKUUURRRRR. The fuck.


C’è più mare che cielo qui. 🌊

mochilandoomundo. Segunda-feira, não esqueça de ser incrível !!
A cachoeira mais alta

Segunda-feira, não esqueça de ser incrível !! .. A cachoeira mais alta e mais bonita em Bali. Jóia escondida que requer um pouco de exercício para chegar. Você deve descer cerca de 350 degraus escorregadios e atravessar um rio para ver as quedas de perto. Localizado na área norte de Bali, geralmente leva cerca de 3 horas de carro de Kuta Um guia não é necessário para uma visita, mas eles são muito amigáveis e nem um pouco insistentes, então se você quiser apoiá-los, você poderia ir junto com um. Photo by  @miskajakub_travelers #nature   #landscape   #indonesia   #canggu   #kuta   #legian   #thebaliguideline   #exploreindonesia   #liveauthentic   #folkindonesia   #agameoftones   #beautifuldestinations   #wonderful_places   #skypainters   #adventure   #igers   #jakarta   #australia   #singapore


Happy Birthday to Me!!! 💐🎉


War ein cooler Tag auf dem @worldfitnessday in Frankfurt. Hab mich sehr gefreut die Jungs wieder zu sehen mit denen ich vor wenigen monaten noch um Pokale um Titel gekämpft hab 💪🏼 ———————————— #bodybuilding #passion #love #sport #motivation #tagsforlikes #tflers #igers #instadaily #picoftheday #photooftheday #eatclean #trainhard #posing #friends #leistung #brachialarmy #worldfitnessday #fun #gym #gymlife




In that last cupboard, tucked into the bottom most shelf was this treasure of a book. It shook the "civilized society" when it was first published almost 50 years back. And it did the same a few years back when it was translated in English. IT is a narrative by the Daya Pawar who belonged to a certain sect of the society which was notorious for feeding on dead cattle and doing certain chores assigned to them. Begging for food was considered normal and education wasnt something they sought. Daya refused to be a part of this and realised that only education could help him out of this. However, he still had to face questions, often by learned people, as how the dead cattle's meat tasted? Education changes mindset only if you allow it to. #goodreads #bibliophile #reading #indianauthor #igers #bestreads #indianblogger #StrokesofKP



shavacs. “No sé qué pasa que lo veo todo negro”

“No sé qué pasa que lo veo todo negro”


Ich habe mir in der letzten Zeit einfach das Training VOR der Arbeit angewöhnt und ich liebe es! Ja es ist früh aber das find ich nicht so wild. Man startet wach und zufrieden in den Tag, sobald man es geschafft hat und das Studio ist noch nicht so aufgeheizt und voll wie nachmittags/abends. Ob ich das in der dunklen Jahreszeit auch schaffe, weiß ich nicht aber jetzt im Sommer ist das so für mich die beste Lösung ☺️

jacobkillz. I’m fat 😎

I’m fat 😎