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andylown. The struggle is real.

The struggle is real. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #facethetruth

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notthatfrench. All that remains of one NSW family’s house, dumped in front of parliam

All that remains of one NSW family’s house, dumped in front of parliament today - their compost bin and rubble 😢”I want you to act as if your house is on fire” @gretathunberg #attnscottmorrison it is!! #ifnotnowwhen 📸@mrspress

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On this beach two years ago, we said, “I do!” 💙 It’s our 2nd time back to the very spot we exchanged leis, vows and danced barefoot in the sand in front of a small group of our close ohana (the other time was on our 1st anniversary). I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that came over me last year and today walking out on “our beach” and reliving our wedding day! We stayed awhile and watched the surf until it started to rain. It’s rained every time we’ve come to this beach, and in Hawaii, that’s good luck...✨ @dmacchi11 #alohaamore2017 #happyanniversary #ifnotnowwhen #2yearanniversary #anniversary #hawaiianwedding #aloha #maui

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leva_maria. 💀


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rebecca_caution. That sounds amazing⁣
I need this so much⁣
I'll do it when I have⁣

That sounds amazing⁣ I need this so much⁣ I'll do it when I have⁣ more time⁣ more money⁣ more space⁣ when the kids are older⁣ once Christmas is out the way⁣ once things have settled down and life is calmer... ⁣ .... ⁣ .... ⁣ and then she died⁣ ⁣ Early bird ends tomorrow at midnight. ⁣ ⁣ #ticktockticktock #harshtruths #realtalk #ifnotnowwhen #lifeisnow #timeislife #powerofnow #takeastep #takeaction

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To celebrate one year of @sorrentohubcoworkspace we’ve got a special deal to help you get stuff done over this busy period. ❤️ A few patterns have emerged over the last year of observing and hearing from our coworkers and workshop participants, these are the key ones 👉🏼 + people are really productive when they work at the Sorrento HUB. No distractions and lots of focus. + our coworkers make great connections that are good for morale and business. + people take their work more seriously and feel like they’re making a great investment in themselves and their work. + Commuting less is good on every level - mind, body, spirit. You’ll save hours and hours + $$$ and it’s likely your family will like you more when you commute less 🙃 + Ocean Beach Rd is a fantastic place to work. ❤️ So many good reasons to get coworking at Sorrento HUB Coworkspace 👍🏾 #sorrentohubcowork #sorrentohubcowork #ifnotnowwhen #get2free #thefutureiscoworking #digitalnomad #mornpencoworking #mornpensmallbiz #mornpen #mornpensmallbusiness #sorrentovictoria #ryevictoria #sorrento_village #blairgowrievillage #portsea #sorrentobeachsidetourism #sorrentochamberofcommerce #fromwhereyoudratherwork #workwhereyoulive #lovelocal #lovewhereyouwork❤️

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frenchwicks_candles. Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want - Helen K

Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want - Helen Keller • • • We started to design our website (thank you @inkandmousestudio ) and I feel like a kid in art class! I’d be lying if I told you I had all the confidence in the world. I don’t. What is for certain...I’m going a little scared, a little apprehensive but also a little (okay..a lot) excited. I love creating things, and sharing that with friends...you. I am choosing to trust in the Lords timing and I submit to His pace daily (sometimes hourly). I want to race ahead and do all the things, but I’m learning...forever learning. 🙌🏻 Thank you, sweet friends, for following along on this very new and sweet little adventure...candles & quotes 🧡🙏😍. • • • • • #comealongwithme #newbusiness #startupbusiness #lifeisadventureornothingatall #soycandles #candlesandquotes #betruetoyourself #ifnotnowwhen #goingscaredandlovingit #hiswaysarehigher #gratefulheart #psiloveyou #letsstartacandletribe

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louise_denver01. SYDNEY smoke filled sky tonight #climatecrisis #action #ifnotnowwhen �

SYDNEY smoke filled sky tonight #climatecrisis #action #ifnotnowwhen 😡

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The gateway is FULLY OPEN Do you have the courage to step up to the plate??!?!! Listen to words of wisdom by @thehoodhealer. #truth #courage #spirit #light #ancestors #portal #reality #ifnotnowwhen #yougotthis

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There’s no one else I’d rather be walking through this incredible life with than you @dmacchi11! Even in just 2 years, we’ve already managed to create a lifetime of memories together! I still get that lovestruck feeling everyday with you, and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us! Happy Anniversary mio Dolce Italiano! ❤️ #alohaamore2017 #happyanniversary #ifnotnowwhen #2yearanniversary #hawaiianwedding #travelingreception #maui #santacruz #italy #aloha 📷: @kathennessey

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dmacchi11. Celebrating year two of Aloha Amore 11.11.17 back where it all started

Celebrating year two of Aloha Amore 11.11.17 back where it all started❤️ Year one was amazing with our traveling reception and getting the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family all over the globe! Year two was packed with more adventures, travel in uncharted locations, creating new traditions, 52 guacamole Sundays, growth in our business ventures and so much more! Truly grateful for all that we have created together and stoked on what’s in store for our future! You’re simply amazing @alohagiselle 🙌 #anniversary #alohaamore2017 #travelingreception #mauiwedding #santacruz #italywedding #tuscany #lifeisbetterwithyou #maui #aloha #alohavibes #maui #ifnotnowwhen

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yes_we.are_crazy. Are you committed or just interested in crushing your goal of #2020dre

Are you committed or just interested in crushing your goal of #2020dreambod?! It takes 40 weeks to make a baby. We elect a president for a 4 year term. It takes 8 semesters to get a bachelors degree. 21 days to break a habit and reform a new one. It takes 8 weeks of consistent work to see a change in your fitness and up to 4 months to overhaul your health & fitness. 🔥I am not ever going to quit. I am consistent. I won’t throw in the towel (hell I’m not even bringing a towel to the party) before I actually allow my body to heal. I REFUSE to give in to immediate gratification like so many times before. I am worth it. I am DONE with quick fixes and it SHOWS 🔥 Are you willing to invest in yourself? What if you committed to 90 days? now think what a difference you would see in 6 months?! Think about the life change you‘d experience! Plexus has products to increase your energy, help with your anxiety, stress & hot flashes (if you’re in that stage of life), improve mental focus & clarity, cut cravings & balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, block carbs & sugars, restore your gut health, help you knock your soda or caffeine addiction, curb your appetite, & improve your sleep! Not to mention Joyōme can give you glowing, hydrated, beautiful skin! Why WOULDN’T you try it? Or try it again if you didn’t stick with your commitment the first time? You are worth it!! 💙 #doitforyou #youdeserveit #ifnotnowwhen #nottomorrow #today #commit #realresults #noquitting #youcandoit #letsgo #rise #getbackup #standupforyou #yourbabiesarewatching #youcanbeanythingyouwanttobe #itjusttakestime #itjusttakescommitment

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krystenmariahills. The me over the last few years has ventured towards easy and comfy: yo

The me over the last few years has ventured towards easy and comfy: yoga pants and running shoes. . . But as I was getting ready to walk out the door today I literally heard Rachel Hollis’s voice in my head: ‘If not now, when?’ . . She was referring to putting on makeup when she said those words and asking what qualifies as a good enough reason to put it on but in that moment those words made me chose to wear these boots instead. . . Would you have chosen the boots? . . #DressedUpWithSomewhereToGo #IfNotNowWhen #GirlStopApologizing

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What can we do to help? Have a fire plan. If you don’t already have one, write it today! Otherwise you become part of the problem. If you need help with that check out myfireplan.com.au Then read this post for a full run down of things you can do to help others:, copied with permission from the amazing Sarah Wilson @_sarahwilson_ . “I’ve been asked this all day. And I’ve just watched all the news# reports and I’m crying so hard for our planet and our lives and the hearbroken humans. There are material things and also things of solidarity that we can do. To the former: • Donate to the Rural Fire Service @nswrfs • Donate to the Australian Red Cross appeals @redcrossau • Donate to WIRES Emergency Fund @wireswildliferescue To the latter: Watch/listen/read the news. Know and feel what is happening to those affected. A fundamental need of the human experience, I believe, is to have others bear witness to your grief and pain. Bear witness! Be angry. We are allowed to be. Our government categorically should have done more to prevent what we’re seeing. See my next post and stories for details. Get activist and political and don’t buy it when “leaders” tell us we shouldn’t be talking climate crisis right now. TAG ANY POSTS OF SOLIDARITY WITH #AttnScottMorrison If not now, then when. #giveashit ❤️ And thank you @stoll_photography for your loving captures of this crisis do to help those who have lost so much. #ifnotnowwhen #AttnScottMorrison

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Fitting mural for our Board meeting.... #greta #climate #ifnotnowwhen

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Night snack was 

BATTLING THE BEAST WITH A BAR FROM T BESTEST 😭 💕 Night snack was @cadburyuk Cadbury Brunch Bar Raisin Flavour and ☕️ Coffee ofc made with Semi Skimmed Milk and Syrup 👊🏻 First day of increase at home complete! ✅ since I was alone and it was really late and thoughts got really loud and the compulsions to restrict were coming into my head really strong I felt so guilty for this and just wanted to skip my snack but I was determined not to rain all my hard work and let my friend down as she gave me this part to have a snack and promised she would have the same one as it was one of the options we were going to have together but we didn’t get to have it and I really wanted to try it as I have not had a brunch bar in so long! I always see them in the supermarket and really want to try them but they just seem like an unhealthy bar because of the chocolate and all the sugar and dried fruit it just seems really bad but most people would see this as a healthy alternative so I know it’s an irrational fear and nothing bad will happen… And OMG this bar was so yummy I specially like the solid milk chocolate layer that had that creamy Cadbury goodness and it went perfectly with my creamy warming coffee 👌🏻 combination of chewy raisins and crunchy bran flakes in this bar was just the bomb I will have to get some of these for myself yes I feel awful about it but I’m glad I stopped what I had planned to have find my best to block out the thoughts about all the numbers and how many calories I have consumed as I know it’s way more than usual but I know it’s the only way to get me to freedom and I’m trying to reassure myself I needed this fuel feel like I have had way more than my friend but realistically I know I haven’t it’s just my ED trying to trick me and giving me a reason to not eat this but if I was at my friends I would be made to have it so I’m using that to justify it… It was even harder the fact my parents didn’t even tell me to have my snack and didn’t bother to check I was eating but it does not give me an excuse I know what I have to do 🙏

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November to Remember: Oils to Enhance Your Lifestyle ❤️. . Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Globulus, Gratitude & Present Time. . Pictures credit to Huda Jemain for Scentsibility ❤️. . #oilloversandfriendsa #oilmetender #eotlc #youngliving #younglivingklcc #younglivingkualalumpur #younglivingmalaysia #younglivingessentialoils #kl #klcc #ampang #hospitalgleneagles #wonderdroppers #seedtoseal #wellness #selfcare #health #healthy #behealthy #calm #beauty #maketheswitch #ifnotnowwhen #nature #natural #essentialrewards #promonovember #novemberpromo

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Dinner ladt night was 

SMASHING A CHALLENGING CHICKEN STOFRY 💣 😻 Dinner ladt night was Chicken and Broccoli 🥦 Chinese Style Stirfry with Rice 💯 meaning Chicken Breast Broccoli and Cauliflower in Sweet Chilli Sauce with Brown Rice ✅ such a delicious dinner and One I haven’t had in awhile as it’s on the other menu from IP my friend said she was having a chicken stirfry with rice for dinner and I wanted to have something similar to make me feel more comfortable as we would kind of be eating the same meals as if I was still at her house so it made me feel like I had a mission to eat this… Thought I would recreate the chicken stirfry that are used to have from the other menu but swap things around a bit to Sainsbury’s didn’t have my usual stirfry sauce so just improvise with some sweet chilli sauce I found in the cupboard and it actually went so nice! Chicken was juicy and succulent and the sweet chilli sauce was sweet sticky and slightly spicy I meant so nicely with the broccoli I did buy some lime and coriander rice but thought it would be nicer with just plain boiled rice and it made for a quick and easy flavour packed dinner I only Rafi measured everything out to try and continue with not obsessing over numbers just used the amounts that are used to have to make sure that this was enough I felt really anxious before eating as I didn’t know the exact calories but I’ve had this meal before and I know it’s really healthy any ferocious so it doesn’t matter I refuse to restrict in giving to the voices I can’t lie preparing it was really tough as I was trying to shave of calories here and there but I managed to stay strong and have what I needed at this early so I just had to heat up in the microwave and it still tasted nice and didn’t dry out too much my head can shut up as this is a healthy balance dinner I’m not listening to the lies 🛑 Ugh Felt like a portion of rice was way too much and I had way too many carbs but I weighed it out so I just have to ignore the thoughts about what it looks like on the plate anorexia always convince me it’s too much it will never be good enough so what’s the point in worrying? 😦

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little.simplicity. ✨Week 20 ✨ 
We are half way to meeting our little BOY🖤 Now is the tim

✨Week 20 ✨ We are half way to meeting our little BOY🖤 Now is the time they say things get a little easier. But, to be honest, I know life is full of surprises and challenges to learn from and every day is opportunity for growth. I’m trying to stay aware, present and feeling everything I should. I’m enjoying every moment and appreciative that it takes 9 months to cook a baby👼🤰 I’ve always looked at pregnant women as having a little secret. Now I get it, with every little kick and new discovery, you do have your one- of-a-kind experience! My sweet @jamstafford has been the most amazing support system I could possibly ask for🖤 With the changes happening in my world, moving forward, I am excited to become more raw and real with you as I share more of my personal world and behind the scenes moments here at Little Simplicity!🤗 What kind of things would you want to see more of?! . . . #werehavingababy #changes #20wks #letsdothis #hesgoingtorockourworld #waterbaby #worklifebalance #growingpains #announcement #itsthelittlethings #thehappynow #helloplantlover #bunintheoven #boho #happyplace #rawandreal #ifnotnowwhen #supportsystem #amomentintime #sunset #babyboy #whatdoyouwantfromme #fullmoonvibes #littlesimplicity

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Los Lunes son Motivantes 💖 El tener un estilo de Vida saludable me ayudó no tan solo en mi Salud 💕 también me ha ayudado con mi autoestima... 💕 Cuando haces cambio para bien y te sientes espectacular jamás volverás a ser la persona que eras antes. 💕 Amiga te Fe en ti misma 💕 Confía en tu inteligencia y en tus capacidades para tomar decisiones y resolver tus asuntos independientemente 💕 . Cuando una mujer confía en si misma se Ama ,se respeta y añade valor a su Vida💕 Enfócate💕muchas no logran sus metas porque no creen en si mismas y hoy te digo que si puedes ! 💕 Te Invito a que formes parte de mi Último Grupo Reto de Este año para terminar el Año Renovada y Transformada 💕 Y así comiences el 2020 llena de energías nuevas , sin miedos , y encaminada al Éxito 💕 Que te Ofrezco 💕una vez aceptas el Reto ... 💖 Apoyo 1:1 💖 Plan de Alimentation 💖Rutinas de Ejercicios desde Tu casa Amiga tienes la Oportunidad de Comenzar desde Cero , y la única Competencia serás tú Misma 💖 #fitnurse #fitgrandma #fitwithasthma #asthmatic #abuelaenforma #enfermeraenforma #gruporeto #enfermeraboricua #enfermeradecorazon #mujeresemprendedoras #mujerde45 #asmatica #asmaticaquecorre #sisepuede #mujercreeenti #ifnotnowwhen #sinoesahoracuando #over40 #mujerguerrera #guessoriginal #guessgirl #healthcoachlife #teambyebyebelly #lunesmotivante #bendecida #blessed

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pureimpressions. This 💯⁣
Do hard things so they get easier.⁣
Do things you don't know

This 💯⁣ Do hard things so they get easier.⁣ Do things you don't know how to do so YOU CAN KNOW HOW TO DO THEM.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #selfgrowth #getoutofyourownway #madeformore #letsgooo #growth #personalgrowth #growthishard #iamstrong #instamoment #mood #empoweringbeliefs #personaldevelopment #growthmindset #iamsmart #ifnotnowwhen #positivevibes #gogetit #change #positivemind #inspireothers

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