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“Champ came into my life 2 years back, when I saw a facebook post about him being put up for adoption. He was 2 years old, and the family couldn't take care of him anymore. I always had dogs in my family, so something just made me go and meet him. And when I did, I knew that all he needed was some extra love, and attention. He was so anxious and aggressive -- I knew that was his defence mechanism. So without thinking twice, I got him home. I made sure to make him feel safe and secure -- like he had nothing to be afraid of. And within 2 months, he became such a friendly, happy and kind dog! He became so attached to me, even my husband couldn’t kiss me without his consent! He’d love going on rickshaw rides, he became friends with all the auto drivers in our vicinity! Around that time, we adopted another dog -- Mia. In no time, Mia and Champ became the best of friends! Once, I’d gone out and left both of them alone at home. I’d kept all the food out of Champ’s reach, because he’d always eat more in my absence. But when I came home, I saw Champ rolling in food...turns out he made Mia jump and get the food for him! But just a few months after getting him home, within the span of 3 days, he got 21 seizures -- he had canine epilepsy. It was terrifying for us. His treats were replaced with medicines, his rickshaw rides were replaced with vet visits. The doctors told us that there’s a possibility he may not live that long...but we didn’t give up. We followed up on all his treatments, changed his diet, did everything in our power. And even Champ didn’t give in... within a few months, he got better! He’s a ‘champ’ in every way… he’s been through so much but he never fails to make us, or anybody else he meets happy! We don’t know for sure, whether Champ will be okay -- but we want to make sure he lives his best life, at least till the time he’s with us.”

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prettty.fits. Which outfit? A or B ??? 💙
Follow @prettty.fits for more 💙

Which outfit? A or B ??? 💙 - Follow @prettty.fits for more 💙 - Hashtags ✨ : #explorepage

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trending._.outfits. Some of you guys were requesting for me to do a school Uniform look to

Some of you guys were requesting for me to do a school Uniform look to give you some ideas for back to school. I hope you guys like it! Let me know if I should post more of these❤️ • • • #baddieoutfit #schoolfits #style #pngs #baddiefits #dailyoutfit #viral #likes #baddieoutfits #outfitinspo #cute #outfitinspiration #nike #dailyoutfitinspo #clothes #inspiration #trending

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Be sure to always STOP & smell the flowers 🌼 . 🌼 as a society we are in a constant rush. In a hurry to be in the place everyone else is. To have a career, a nice home, a relationship. We forget to stop and appreciate ourselves and the little things around us! . 🌼 easier said than done but lately I try to make sure that everyday I am putting aside time for me, myself, & my thoughts. A little self-care every single day. Whether it is reading a book, taking a walk, or simply sitting without my phone for a while. . 🌼 what is something you guys do to relax your busy minds?

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Eu goxto de uma boininha 🐞

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pugbasement. Dis someone say weekend? | photo by @evie_thepug

Dis someone say weekend? | photo by @evie_thepug

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espvalentina. O sábado É AQUI 🔥
Coleção nova em todas as lojas 😱✨

O sábado É AQUI 🔥 Coleção nova em todas as lojas 😱✨ TAQUARA & MÉIER esperam vocês!! . . ✈️ Enviamos para todo o Brasil www.espvalentina.com.br Agora estamos em 4 endereços ☺👇 Lojas físicas MÉIER & TAQUARA - Rio de Janeiro . ❤️ TAQUARA - Jacarepaguá . 📍Avenida Nelson Cardoso 995 (Próx. ao BOB’s/ ao lado do Subway & BRT Aracy Cabral) . ❤️ MÉIER . 📍Rua Manuela Barbosa, 14 (Esquina com a padaria imperator) . 📍Rua Arquias Cordeiro, 295 (Ao lado da estação de trem do Méier) . 📍Rua Dias da Cruz, 210 Ao lado do mc donald’s . Segunda das 9h às 19h Terça das 10h às 19h Quarta à sexta das 9h às 19h Sábado das 9h às 16h ❗Aceitamos todos os cartões de crédito e débito. ❗Enviamos para todo o Brasil, compras pelo nosso site! ❗️Não vendemos atacado. 👉 PROIBIDA a cópia das imagens postas. #vempracá #vempraEspaço #fashion #love #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #happy #tbt #cute #modaparameninas #follow #riodejaneiro #inspo #summer #picoftheday

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oli_corgi. 有人想搭UBER基嗎?可以指定我喔

#corgi #corgipuppy #corginstagram #dog #cute #uber

有人想搭UBER基嗎?可以指定我喔 #corgi #corgipuppy #corginstagram #dog #cute #uber @3ctim

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