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life_as__ledger. V.I.B.E 🔥👏🏻 @modernhypeapparel use code LEDGER & bag these shades u

V.I.B.E 🔥👏🏻 @modernhypeapparel use code LEDGER & bag these shades up from @ljkids.co code LEDGER

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pupstreetwearca. Our Superdog sweater has a fully functional backpack that is sewed on.

Our Superdog sweater has a fully functional backpack that is sewed on. Perfect for carrying your pup’s doggy bag or to store treats for those longer walks 💕👌🏼🐶 #spoileddog

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I mean how can you lose when you’re doing you

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Brotherly love 💕 Happy Tuesday everyone! . . . . #spoileddog

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Check please. ☑️

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bossyssociety. Tina is in Amsterdam now #ade

Tina is in Amsterdam now #ade

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maybe in a dream world we won’t be celebrating genocide like it shaped the ideas of what we acknowledge as ‘free’

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25% OFF ENTIRE ORDER for TODAY only!! Discount will be automatically added at checkout. Happy thanksgiving everyone!! @morkiemarshall is styling in our Pucci zip up hoodie. #spoileddog

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getting ready for ADE 👋

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Happy Sunday everyone! #spoileddog

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creamiest sunday eating leftover pumpkin pie & playing with my new cream bronzer & highlighter from @kjaerweis 💫 ive been using these for 3 days straight now - applying it with fingers or with a brush etc. and i think for the bronzer especially, it works best if i dab it on my face first then use a brush to blend it out for a super natural finish. also *assisted* in making my first homemade pumpkin pie last night (as in i just helped make the pumpkin puree) and it was SOOO GOOD. I hate colder weather but i am SO excited all things pumpkin - why are pumpkin flavors not all year round?! @freshbeauty #sugarlips #freshbeauty #octolyfamily

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had to share this portrait too🌺my absolute favorite from this shoot, see the rest of the series link in bio 🌺🌺🌺 photography: @blackmages.art MUA: @caitlincwyman

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sortofobsessed. Daily Essentials🌸💕 hello!
✨Hand Cream #chanel As you may know I have

Daily Essentials🌸💕 hello! ✨Hand Cream #chanel As you may know I have been taking hand building ceramics and loving every second of it... However, the only downside is how extremely dry it makes my hands. It’s seriously borderline painful. That’s why I have to use a hand cream every single day. I apply my hand cream at night and in the morning. This little egg shape guy keeps my hands feeling quite lush! It also absorbs quickly and I can fit it in all of my purses. Very compact and travel friendly. It is $$ so I am looking for a budget friendly hand cream. If you have one that you love please share! ✨Lidstar #glossier in Lily Lately I been obsessed with lilac eyeshadow. I enjoy the little pop of color and how joyful it looks. Isn’t it amazing how a fun color on the eye lids can completely alter your look? This guy does take a bit of layering to get to optimal opacity (which is kind of a bummer), but on the bright side it stays on all day! ✨Moisturizer and Eye Cream #kylieskin I’m so glad that I gave these products a fair chance. I am now completely hooked with these formulas and I have been using them in my day time skincare routine. They are perfect for SoCal dry weather. These give me enough moisture for my combo skin, light texture, and they deliver a pretty glow. ✨Hair Clip glossier I recently cut my hair and this has been helping me “style” my hair. I clip my hair in a half pony and that’s it I’m ready for my day. P.S I’m still waiting for that October glossier merch launch - I want more of their cute merch 😍. ✨Lip gloss #dior I forgot how amazing this gloss feels! Plumps my lips, not too tacky, and gives a slight tint.

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Pawfect for those rainy days in vancouver 🤣🙃 #spoileddog

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Adidas 3 stripe trackies 🌪link in bio!!

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Authentic Gucci joggers 💧💧💧link in bio!!

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helleswardrobe. Baby blue reversible Nike puffer 🦋 link in bio!!

Baby blue reversible Nike puffer 🦋 link in bio!!

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