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Ujan emang enak cari anget-anget di #baksoquah ! Terima kasih Kakak-kakak sudah datang ke @baksoquah . Ditunggu balik dan baliknya lagi buat coba bakso Qu yang lainnya.

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kusakarits. ちっす🙌🏾今日は朝マズメ👍🏾一人(@yasu83oku )例外なく寝バックレ🙌🏾🤣

ちっす🙌🏾今日は朝マズメ👍🏾一人(@yasu83oku )例外なく寝バックレ🙌🏾🤣 釣果はワカシ2本とコハダ多数💦コハダは一投で必ずかかる💦もう、腕パンパン🤣で、今日は(@yumi.buru )最悪だったね〜💦😱来るときにまさかの信号無視で捕まるし…🤣嘘かと思ってたよ🤣🤣サワラ❓サゴシは寄せたのにバラすし…💧正直な顔が表に出てニコニコしちゃった🤣🤣🤣あ💧大事にしてたサゴシtuneも無くしたよね🤣🤣コケたし🤣🤣持ってるな👍🏾ね~さん乙〜🤣🤣また行こーねー👍🏾ではここで一句🎍信号を無視して罰金9000円🤣🤣ね~さん…そのうちいい事あるって…ププッ( ・ิω・ิ)ではチャオ🙌🏾 #ナンプラー會 #雨男 #寒い #青物 #シーバス #ディアルーナ106mh #ツインパワー5000xg #コハダ #釣り #釣り好き美容師 #盛大に転んだ #コケる #あざ #信号無視 #そのうち #いいことあるって #多分 #きっと #ねーさん #lfl #l4like #l4l #youonlyliveonce #yoro #yolo #fishing

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mocha319. #jaanikatalts


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🎼“I'm fucked up, I'm black and blue I'm built for it, all the abuse I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows I'm good on, that pussy shit I don't want, what I can get I want someone, with secrets That nobody, nobody, nobody knows“ - Gangsta 🎶 #Baseball #blondehair #college #🃏

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Perfect trio for festive dinner - olivie, vinigret & herring under fur coat😃! All classic salads usually served during festive season🎄🎄🎄 If you would like to try, all of them are available today at Cambridge market. Welcome! #cambridgestreetfood #oliviesalad #vinigretsalad #селедкаподшубой

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A romantic dinner by myself😌

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pattyivon. Hay amores que no son de este mundo... esos son los amores eternos!! #

Hay amores que no son de este mundo... esos son los amores eternos!! #grief #willloveyouforever #onemonth #heartbroken #youandme #foreverus @gildasgouet 🖤🇨🇵

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ga.galeri. Setelah Ummul Mukminin Khadijah wafat, Rasulullah menikahi seorang per

Setelah Ummul Mukminin Khadijah wafat, Rasulullah menikahi seorang perempuan yang telah berusia. Dialah Saudah binti Zam’ah. Seorang wanita Quraisy yang dicintai Aisyah radhiallahu‘anha. Berikut ini kisah tentang beliau. . . Namanya adalah Saudah binti Zam’ah bin Qays bin Abdusy Syams al-Qurasyiyah al-Amiriyah. Ibunya adalah asy-Syamus binti Qays bin Amr. Beliau adalah istri kedua Nabi Muhammad dan termasuk orang yang pertama-tama menyambut dakwah Islam yang dibawa nabi. Tentu ini keutamaan yang sangat besar. (kisahmuslim.com) . . SAUDAH set . . •gamis cutting aline dengan pluy tengah tampak slim namun lebar •busui friendly •right pocket with zip •nonpad classic khimar , non split hand, khimar 130/140 •niqab bandana #shafa2012 . . material : micro jetblack (ringan, dingin, matt finish) . . Price : 797.000 . . #gamissethitam #gamispoloshitam #hijabsyari #shafajilbab #shafajilbab2012 #saudahset #saudahsetshafajilbab #jilbab #khimar #jilbabsyari #khimarnonpad

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brokengrandma. We took the Lil Rappers to meet my Great Grandmother today. Grenny wil

We took the Lil Rappers to meet my Great Grandmother today. Grenny will be 98 in August! She's lived a long life filled with some really cool experiences. She grew up on a farm as 1 of 12 kids, during the depression. She was "farmed out" to a rich family when she was 13, and worked for them for many years as a housemaid and nanny.* My Great Grandfather went missing during WWII; he was captured by Germans who would have killed him, were it not for the fact that PA Dutch/German is so similar to high German. They were able to use him as a translator for other English-speaking prisoners, and thus spared his life. When he returned home from the war, they had 2 children: my Pop and our Aunt Barb. Gren really enjoyed hanging out with my babies, and it was incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming to watch her dote on them. She loves animals, but rarely gets to see any live animals, let alone tiny bottle babies, so this was a real treat for her! She has moderate to severe dementia, but today, her mind was sharper than it has been in years. The healing power of animal love, right there in front of all of us. ♡ * Being farmed out was common in large families during this time period because birth control didn't exist and babies just kept coming. It was a sort of indentured servitude where children were sent to live on other local farms to work; pay was usually room and board, maybe a few meager cents sent back to the families. It took pressure off of parents with too many mouths to feed. My Pappy was also farmed out as a 7 year old child; a sad necessity as 1 of 19 siblings.

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