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When we started our company we didn’t have access to flower so we began combining CBD with other botanicals it works alongside to recreate the entourage effect. In cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenes work alongside each other to create targeted effects. Essential oils are high in terpenes and by combining the right essential oils we are able to mimic terpene profiles to create the desired effects.

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valeflo__happy. Happy and me💙golden retriever#dogsofinstagram#dogs_of_instagram#dogof

Happy and me💙golden #exklusive_shot#

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Monday, our favorite day of the week! We all have an opportunity to set our week up for success! We have been working hard the past few weeks to begin setting up our west coast operations and setting our year up for success! It starts with speaking our goals into existence so that others can hold us accountable, holding ourselves accountable, and most of all execution. We have been executing on our goals to get us to where we want to be. What are you doing to set yourself up for success?

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@hempbluejs singles are now available in our Downtown Asheville dispensary in all of @selectsflower menu strains! Should we start offering singles online as well? Yall’s feedback could make it happen? 🙏💙 #chirpchirp

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Year and year later and still the tried and true! Our Infused Salve & Gel have made a difference in lives since day one! How have they made a difference in your life?! And is it even possible to pick a favorite?! 🙏❤️

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What does balance mean to you and how do you find it? It’s Saturday and on Saturday we practice balance and remind y’all to do the same. The key to finding balance - listen to yourself for the answer. 🙏💙 #chirpchirp

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Introducing: 🦋 MARIPOSA - bred and cultivated by @davisherbfarms We are proud to add this brand new strain to our menu exclusively for our @selectsflower and @hempbluejs For years our friends at @davisherbfarms have been breeding a new line of CBD genetics and the Mariposa is the mother of all the strains they are dropping this year! We have been blessed with this indoor grown flower that burst with notes of citrus, chocolate, and kerosene! It’s not often that we are gifted flower directly from the hands of the breeder and we are honored to share this gift with the #BlueRidgeNation 🙏💙 Look at for the Mariposa stopping in the coming weeks exclusively in our @selectsflower and @hempbluejs

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#Repost @cbdsuperfood ・・・ Reducing refined sugar doesn’t have to mean getting rid of your favorite treats! 🍫 . Our @cbdsuperfood Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil offers a way of cooking with chocolate that is free of refined sugar, so you can enjoy the rich flavor of cacao combined with the natural sweetness of coconut sugar! . It also means that you can recreate your favorite chocolate treats in a way that supports your body. These @cbdsuperfood vegan butterfingers are filled with nourishing ingredients and made crunch with cornflakes—we think they taste even better than the real thing! Click on the link in our bio to get the recipe, and enjoy!

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#Repost @cbdsuperfood ・・・ At @cbdsuperfood we love eating food that honors our southern roots! We also love simplicity, because simple recipes are the easiest way to incorporate nourishment in your routine. . This buffalo hot sauce is the perfect combination of southern and simple! It requires only two ingredients, and can be used in so many different ways—dip in some hempeh from @eathempeh, drizzle it over cauliflower, or find your own way to use it. Our @cbdsuperfood x @goddess.ghee CBD Ghee imparts a rich, creamy flavor that is a buttery vessel for the spice! . Click on the link in our bio for the recipe, and enjoy.

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For the classic way to consume we went for the classic look! Our @hempbluejs prerolls are nestled in a 100% recyclable and reusable tin! Each tin contains 5 half gram petite hand produce cones filled with our @selectsflower strains! Take em where you want em and practice self care your way! 🙏💙

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Introducing the Lobo “Presidente” 3.5g Premium full flower, .5g sauce for max potency and flavor, Glass tip and Hemp wrapper for that smooth burn 🔥🍁💨 . . . . . . . . . #lobo #preroll #createxplore #luxurylifestyle #topshelflife #cannabisculture #420 #wedontsmokethesame #cannabisculture

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#Repost @cbdsuperfood ・・・ The best things come in threes ✨ . Our @cbdsuperfood ghees (and coconut oils!) come in three varied flavors so that you can enjoy the benefits of ghee and possible benefits of CBD in as many ways as possible. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of our original ghee, spice of our golden spiced, or subtle sweetness of our dark chocolate, we have a flavor that will enhance your home cooking and your overall wellness! . Head to our website to grab a jar of all three! Which flavor is your favorite? Let us know in the comments 👇

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