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“ We’re in the world, not against it. It doesn’t work to try to stand outside things and run them, that way. There is a way but you have to follow it. The world is, no matter how we think it ought to be. You have to be with it. You have to let it be.”* Ursula Le Guin, the Lathe of Heaven

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Overlooking the beautiful city of Granada, Spain. This was one of those amazing places that you don’t know much about beforehand but end up being one of the best travel decisions you’ve made!

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Guatemala, it’s so good to be here. . Your colours. Your sounds. Your smells. Your warm, welcoming people. I’m already in love 😍 . 📸 Taken during Antigua’s crazy-busy, crazy-beautiful, crazy-overwhelming Saturday market. People here - as in most markets - very rarely like their photo taken (and rightly so; they’re here to do business, not to be models tourists prying cameras). But this lovely lady - probably because I buy my fruit and veg from her regularly (she has great courgettes!) and I always make a point of making conversation, even when she clearly wants me to go away 😂 - eventually let me press the shutter just the once. So I had to make it count 😅 “Pero no voy a sonreir”, (But I’m not going to smile!) she said with a little chuckle... so I got this fierce side-look instead. What do you think? . I know some of you guys have been to Guatemala! So please drop all your recommendations in the comments 👇🏼

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If you havent been to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex, you need to add this place to your bucket list. The ruins of the Khmer Empire are truly a thing to behold. Its definitely a struggle to get up at 4AM and endure like 90 percent humidity but once you get past that, you're golden. Miss this place and this country, definitely need to get back. One of the unique things about Cambodia I found while travelling there was that the USD was an accepted currency about anywhere you went which made things a little easier then always having to do conversions.

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nurpizar. #gargantadeltodra 💙🌎🇲🇦En algunos lugares las gargantas sólo tienen

#gargantadeltodra 💙🌎🇲🇦En algunos lugares las gargantas sólo tienen 33 metros de ancho, pero cuentan con unos acantilados de más de 100 metros de altura a cada lado Del Río.. espectacular !! • • • • • #littlestoriesofmylife #traveltheworld #wanderlust #travelaroundtheworld #travelgoals #instatravel #travelblogger #iamatraveler #travelwithaninsider #femmetraveler #dametraveller #globewanderes #wetravelgirls #thetravelwoman #shetravels #bestdiscovery #guardiantravelsnaps #bestplacetogo #livingdestinations #mydestinationguide #girlsdreamtravel #sheisnotlost

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Happy Easter ✨💐

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It makes me want a hot dog real bad. 🌭 P.S. this was a bucket list item.

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Train Street, The Old Quarter, Hanoi. After arriving in Hanoi and freshening up in @metropolehanoi we thought we'd go out to explore "The Old Quarter". We got as far as "Train Street", an actual working railway track where locals eat, wash their clothes, their pots & pans and watch their children play. We got a table in one of the tiny street food places feet away from the track, ordered our chicken noodle pho and just as we were halfway through eating it, a rumble starts, the locals clear their things away and down the track came hurtling a train. It passed by - literally feet in front of us... look at my stories the boys - especially Jonty were in complete disbelief!😂 - - - - - - #flavourpassion #welivetoexplore #foodtravel #travelphotography #beautifuldestinations #postcardplaces #mytinyatlas #littlestoriesofmylife #passionpassport #global_family #traveltoeat #postitfortheaesthetic #igtravel #guardiantravelsnaps @photosofvietnam #discovervietnam #explorevietnam #asiatravels #exploretocreate #andydenhamsunshinetours #topphotoasia #travelvietnam #passportready #travellingthroughtheworld #adventureawaits #lifeisanadventure #postcardsfromvietnam #trainstreethanoi

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#Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world. -Venerable Bede, Saint

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Feeling very Parisian eating croissants on a terrace in inner city Sydney. We have loved our long weekend exploring the big smoke. Now we head back to Byron Bay with the questions swirling around in my head ... am I really a city girl at heart? . . . #citylife

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This interesting street, Callejon de hamel is named after Fernando Hamel, a wealthy French German. The mural is painted by Cuban artist, Salvador Gonzales. This is the only street I saw with lots of beautiful mural in Cuba. A different spot in Cuba. I reckon there might be more of similar streets in the future. #callejondehamel #murals #cayohueso #afrocuban #salvadorgonzales #cuba #havana #traveling #travelholic #travelgram #wanderlust #yolo #bbctravel #natgeotravel #guardiantravelsnaps #placesofyourlife #tbt #throwbackthursday

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I was all about the entrance to Oslo’s Grand Hotel 💕 and then I spotted the fearless girl statue and loved it all the more 👊🏼 Can you see it too? 👀

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Nothing in the world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it. 🌎 well, let’s also RESPECT it while we have it! Make one small or finally one BIG change you’ve been thinking about to lessen your impact on our climate. Last year I made serious strides in reducing plastic consumption but still have a ways to go. Any new ideas? Happy earth day you beauty 🌿 #motherearth #earthday2019

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Posting photos from my last vacay until my next vacay

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Would you get on a boat for a chance to see a stunning Sakura view from atop a craggy volcanic island? • • • #instatravel #travel #travelphotography #cntraveler #passionpassport #FlyJAL #guardiantravelsnaps #lonelyplanet #natgeo #japan #shikoku #sakura2019 #boat #takamatsu #myJapan #🌸 #kagawa #japanstartshere

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Although I returned to Matsuyama at the peak of sakura season, I didn’t opt for a cherry-flavored soft cream. Instead I got a cone topped with marmalade made from oranges grown here in Ehime prefecture. No wonder this girl is so happy! • • #instatravel #travel #travelphotography #cntraveler #passionpassport #FlyJAL #guardiantravelsnaps #lonelyplanet #natgeo #japan #LYDHjapan #sakura2019 #ehime #shikoku #icecream #matsuyama #🌸

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An Earth Day 🌈, from another rainy day last October in Scotland 🙏🏻🌍💚

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Me siento llena de gratitud por poder viajar con mi familia, poder tomar fotos en calles solas que pudimos disfrutar a nuestras anchas, con plenitud. Mi papi se ve al fondo ❤️

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peeling back the layers

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