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riseabove_lifestylewellness. It’s finally here! This has truly been a dream in the making and we ca

It’s finally here! This has truly been a dream in the making and we can’t wait to take the next steps with this endeavor to support the addiction/recovery community. For the past year and a half it has been our mission to support lifestyle wellness in the drug and alcohol recovery community through the GoFit Dining message of lifestyle balance and positive mindset. This mission went from a passion to give back to a fire deep within our souls to want to make a lasting impact and change lives. It’s through this unrelenting passion to help others that we’re excited to announce the launch of our newly formed non-profit, Rise Above - Lifestyle Wellness. It’s our heartfelt belief that this new endeavor will share love, change lives, and restore hope. We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of this journey. We’ve met so many amazing people along the way and look forward to the opportunity to connect with many more. We couldn’t do this without each and every one of YOU! #riseabove #grateful #togetherwerise For more exciting details visit: www.riseabovelifestylewellness.org

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Eating well is just one component of feeling great, and we all want to feel great, right?! I’m pretty sure no one wakes up saying, “I really hope I feel terrible today”...said no one ever! Okay, so we’ve focused a lot on good foods and great places to eat and where to workout, but it’s time to bring the two together + a little mindfulness and relaxation for good measure! We’re so excited to be sharing all of this with our giveback partners as we move forward, because lifestyle balance is so important with drug and alcohol recovery. #gofitlifestyle #riseabove #recoverylifestyle

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What is your WHY? What lights a fire inside of you to want to make this world a better place? Who has touched your life in such a way that it has literally changed the whole trajectory of your life? GoFit Dining was created from a fire inside to make a difference in the lives of those battling drug and alcohol abuse. It started as a giveback to support these programs, but as the fire continues to grow it’s expanding to a mission, a mission to support recovery programs nationwide and build a post-recovery program community of wellness and support. Recovery is a lifestyle. Life at its best is life with the ones you love. #riseabove #gofitlifestyle

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We’ve been so blessed this past year to have had such great support of the GoFit Dining card sets and our greater mission to giveback to drug and alcohol recovery programs. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of this effort. You are truly providing hope and healing to those battling addiction. To those who have battled addiction themselves or have had loved ones who have/are battling addiction, our hearts go out to you and we believe that where there is life there is hope. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and the lives that will be transformed! #hopeandhealing @livingfreerecovery

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​​We remain grounded with the support of others. We find purpose and meaning in life when we are part of a community. We rise by lifting others up. We rise above + conquer when we persevere, strive to understand not judge and love not hate. We seek balance in life, but balance requires strengthening. We find strength from our faith, from our family and from within. GoFit Dining was established with the desire to help others rise above, to rise above addiction to drugs and alcohol, the addiction that so easily entraps the lives of loved ones and holds captive the hearts of friends. We give back to recovery programs to give hope and share love with those who have seemingly lost all hope. We’ve been in those shoes, we’ve walked that path with family and it is our mission to shine a light in the darkness. This past year, the GoFit Dining card sets have not only given you the opportunity to enjoy deals at great restaurants throughout the Twin Cities, they’ve allowed us to give back to local drug and alcohol recovery programs. As we look ahead we’re so excited to expand our give back mission, encompassing all areas of wellness into a lifestyle approach to help others rise above. #liveforagreaterpurpose #recoverywarrior

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Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner...so, who is ready for a treat? Trick question, right?! We all love a good treat once in a while! No tricks here, just a super sweet treat! Our GoFit Dining restaurants have some awesome treats of their own, whether you’re looking for a yummy acai bowl, pressed juice, ice cream cone/cup or T-Rex Cookie (because, life is all about balance and sometimes you gotta have your cake and eat it too) there are plenty of sweet GoFit Dining card deals to check out, and that’s just the start. Not only will you get to enjoy some sweet treats, each GoFit Dining card set allows us to give back to local drug and alcohol recovery programs, forever impacting lives (sweet, huh?!) #happyhalloween #sweettreat

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How have you seized your opportunities? What kind of mark do you want to leave? What are you pressing towards and what motivates you? These are things we should think about each day. About a year ago GoFit Dining was established with a mission to support drug and alcohol recovery programs and each GoFit Dining card set helps make that a reality! This past year we’ve been popping up at events all over the Twin Cities to share this mission and our heart to build a community of wellness and support and give hope to those battling addiction. We can’t thank this community enough for all of the support you’ve given and truly the hope you’re helping provide. We have so many exciting developments that we’ll be sharing as we approach the end of the year and can’t wait to let you know the new heights we’re soaring to in the coming year! Stay tuned as we unfold these exciting details. We’re looking forward to making a mark for all the right reasons as we help others Rise Above. #gofitdining

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Triple Threat @physicalculturev with Marissa and juice from @vibeorganicjuicebar to start the day 🙌🏼 Now, we’re ready to conquer anything 😀 #jointheculture #triplethreat

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riseabove_lifestylewellness. Ready for your weekend workout?! We’re pumped and ready to get after i

Ready for your weekend workout?! We’re pumped and ready to get after it @physicalculturev tomorrow morning! You definitely don’t want to miss this...We’re coming with fresh, tasty juices (Gangsta Green + V.C. Blast) from our awesome friends @vibeorganicjuicebar 😀 See you tomorrow! 🎉 #jointheculture #weekendworkout

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Nothing beats some hearty Minnesota eats! 😋🙌🏼🍽 Local. Fresh. Delicious. @redstagmn #bestofmn #mplseats

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Chilly temps got you grabbing the Snuggie and binging on Netflix?! Don’t get me wrong we love Netflix (and Snuggies), but those couch cushions don’t do the same work on our glutes like a workout @physicalculturev does! So, grab a friend and join us this Saturday for a great workout that’ll leave you feeling hot 🔥💪🏼Plus, we’re featuring AMAZING samples from our friends @vibeorganicjuicebar 😋 Now, that’s workout motivation right there (woot woot)! 🎉 Check out @physicalculturev for class times. #weekenddreaming #mplsfitness

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Need a little pick me up on this rainy Monday? @dulceriabakery is just the sweet treat you need to brighten your day and Dulce herself is a true gem 💎💕 So, treat yourself, at this #gofitdining restaurant because life is all about balance! Go on and enjoy a little sweet treat filled with love. You’ll be glad you did and you’re sure to make a new friend or two at the bakery #bakedwithlove #mondaypickmeup #communitylove

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Winners circle @teamontrack #npcnorthstar 💪🏼🏆🎉 Congrats to all competitors!

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So excited for the #npcnorthstar tomorrow at the Ames Center in Burnsville! We’ll be featuring @lakestatekombucha 😋 Come join us and enjoy some delicious booch🙌🏼

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What do you fear?! Food can be a source of fear for many of us. We fear not eating the “right” foods or sticking to a particular eating style. We fear looking a certain way or what others may think of us. Some of us fear where our next meal may come from. Whether food related or not, fear, of all kinds,is a driving force in our society. It can grip and entangle us or motivate us to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Many times we confuse our self worth with what we fear. What you fear is not a reflection of who you are, it doesn’t define you. You are more than your fears. YOU are valuable. YOU are worth it. YOU are filled with potential. Believe, love and respect the amazing person you are and kick fear in the teeth. YOU are created for greatness! RISE ABOVE. @passionflowered #gofitdining #gofitlifestylebalance #riseabove

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Looking forward to cheering on all of the great competitors at the #npcnorthstar this Saturday (10/6) at the Ames Center in Burnsville 💪🏼 This is going to be an awesome event + an amazing opportunity to see an IFBB Pro and fitness legend, guest performer @oksanagrishina Come Join Us! 🎉🎉🎉 Check out @teamontrack for info

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Start Strong, Finish Strong - A10 @alchemy_365 North Loop 💪🏼 365 Challengers, keep up the great work! Stay on track through the rest of the challenge with GoFit Dining deals. Grab your cards at www.gofitdining.com code: ALCHEMY365

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It may be chilly outside, but we’re still enjoying the ride inside @addictioncycle 🚴🏽‍♂️🚴🏾‍♀️

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Gearing up for a fun time @addictioncycle this Saturday (9/29)! Come enjoy the ride with us and our friends from @lakestatekombucha 🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏽‍♂️ ・・・ Check out @addictioncycle for class times & to book your ride. Code Gofitdining for $10 off 🙌🏼 See you there 😀

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Join us this Saturday with Lake State Kombucha and Go Fit Dining. A great workout followed by delicious Kombucha and healthy dining info. #addictioncycle #lakestatekombucha #gofitdining #indoorcycling #rideinside #train #healthylifestyle #mnbusiness #medina

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A Big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to @thedancemile today and got funky with us, you all are awesome! 🙌🏼 A special THANK YOU to all of the great vendors, gyms & studios, MC & DJ that helped make this an AMAZING day, we appreciate you! 🎉🎉🎉 Of course, @thedancemile fam, THANK YOU for making this #epic event possible! We appreciate you and can’t wait for the next adventure #dancemile #minneapolis #justdance @omaurbliss

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AStrong Going Strong!💪🏼@alchemy_365 Rock Your #alchemy365challenge With a Set of GoFit Dining Cards 😀

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Minneapolis Dance Mile 2018 this Saturday (9/22) 🎉 @thedancemile This is gonna be EPIC 😀 Want to join us?! Just Say YES! It’s easy- First 10 to LIKE @gofit_dining_llc & COMMENT BELOW GET FREE TICKETS! See you there 🙌🏼

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GIVEAWAY!!! We want YOU @thedancemile with us this Saturday (9/22), so we’re giving away 10 FREE TICKETS 🎉 Will you join us?! Just say yes!!! *Here’s How it Works: • Like + Follow @gofit_dining_llc and @thedancemile • Tag 2 Friends (because dancing is better with friends 😀) • Tell is your fave dance move •TEN WINNERS announced Thursday (9/20) 🙌🏼🕺🏼💃

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