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jsrsolutions_. In this episode of #WorkWednesday 🛠️ we focus on the step before the

In this episode of #WorkWednesday 🛠️ we focus on the step before the fabrication. __ Many times our clients have an idea 🤔, but don’t have the skill set, knowledge, or sketch proficiency to show us exactly what they are looking for. __ Our job is to carefully listen to their ideas and create a concept where we have a starting base for the fabrication process. __ At #JSRSolutions, we use #Fusion360 to “design test” and render pieces before they go into production! Here is an upcoming project recently rendered, stay tuned! _____ 🔥 Follow us to see what else we create ⬆️ _____ #ArchitectureDesign #Architectural #ArchitecturalDesign #CustomFurniture #FurnitureDesign #InteriorDesign #InteriorDesignIdea #FurnitureCustom #FurnitureInterior #FurnitureModern #FurnitureDesigner #FurnitureMakers #NYCFurniture #NYFabricator #NYCFabrication #FurnitureNY #NYFurniture

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The #Frida is #Alf's latest venture in #ultra-modern design. This #bedroomcollection features an unique combination of Grey Wood High Gloss Lacquer and Matt Piramis textured surface that reflects the light in the room, bringing to life a geometric pattern. . . . . . #canalfurniture #modernfurnituredesigns #homefurniture #furnishings #furnituredeals #furnituresale #furnitureny #furniturenyc #nyc #italianfurniture #alffurniture #alfbedroomset #hgtv #diy #amazinginteriors #extraordinaryhome #bedroomideas

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From collaborative lounge spaces and casual meeting areas to lunchroom applications, cafe-style hangouts and more, the places these tables can go prove endless. For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please email us: sales@bfg-furniture.com

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The #I800 #Leather #Sofa by #Incanto is perfect for your entertainment room. You would not believe the level of #comfort this italian model achieves, come to our #showroom and experience it yourself. . . . . . #canalfurniture #modernfurnituredesign #interiordesign #homefurniture #furnishings #modernfurniture #nyc #showroom #nycfurniture #furnituresale #furnitureny #sofa #leathersofa #italianfurniture

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New Bionic PowerFit chair, demonstrating high performance design advancements, material improvements, and revolutionary technical innovation. First-of-its-kind Bionic Spine technology reacts to individualized body styles and postures, providing unparalleled nine-point pressure relief across the user’s entire back.

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One of our finest collections the “Glimmering Heights” from our beloved @michael_amini is available for your glamorous style. Swarovsky diamonds because diamonds are a girls’ best friend! #michaelamini #bedroomset #furniturebronx #furnitureny #yonkers #luxury #homedecor #design #Interiordesign #imported

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Here at @cornerfurniturebx we have great quality furniture for every taste! Don’t forget to ask about our #solidwood living room collections. #igotitatcorners #cornerfurniture #furniturebronx #furnitureny #furniturenj #furniture #bronx #tristate #nyc #nycfurniture #yonkers

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My coworker @julianne_mcc one of our designers showing one of our beautiful fireplaces available now! If you want it we’ve got it! #igotitatcorners #furniturebronx #furnitureny #furniture #fireplace #westchester #yonkers #yonkersfurniture

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New contemporary collaborative tables, features a top with a 2" built-up edge and table heights of 30", 36" and 42". Specify with one of two end panel designs, and choose from a wide range of sizes, finishes and a full line of power and data solutions. Email us your questions or floor plan: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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Check out our recent projects: https://broadwayofficefurniture.com/recent-projects/ Complete your office design with us today, send us a message: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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With its incredibly soft surfaces and impeccable finish, Monochrom stands out as the ideal choice for luxurious reception areas. The Monochrom collection makes no compromises on excellence, using top-quality materials for details of an unmatched precision.

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Feeling distracted in the open-plan office? You are not alone. Noise is the biggest problem in offices because it reduces our ability to concentrate. The most common source of noise is your colleagues speaking on the phone or a group having a chat nearby. Phone booth offers privacy for one-on-one meetings and focus without interruptions in an open plan or activity based office environment.

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BFG benching system options will give your office a unique touch. With an extensive selection of finishes, hardware options, and styles to choose from, it's easy to create meaningful and beautiful workspaces. Please visit our website www.broadwayofficefurniture.com or call us at 212-216-9220

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Simple structure and organic shapes - this reception desk repeats patterns found in nature, catching eyes with its characteristic backlighted element. Modern white implies a sense of trust and order. Send us an email: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com and we will get back to you promptly!

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Irregular shape poufs introduce a climate of freedom and independence to every interior. Customizable layouts are believed to be the element of nature in less formal public and work spaces. Seats, designed for chill-out zones and social areas, can also be employed in waiting rooms, halls, and meeting places. Call us at 212-216-9220

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This chair designed from the bottom up around you with a shape that fits you, supports you and looks great. An incredibly versatile series with upholstered, mesh and welded fabric back options.

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furniturebazaarli. Happy Independence Day. 
Quality furniture a

Happy Independence Day. www.furniturebazaarli.com Quality furniture at Bazaar prices #furniturebazaarli #longislandny #furnitureny #furnituresale #longisland #interiordesign #suffolkcounty #nassaucounty #furnitures #patchoguevillage

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This private office line represents a very minimal approach to casegood design by focusing on minute details and clean lines. It holds itself to a higher standard of precision and attention to detail, and its style features sophisticated mitered corners, giving it a thin appearance all throughout the product.

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Lasso is a collaborative seating and table system that can be easily moved to create clusters around the three seat stool. The Lasso seating range is ideally suited to project work within open spaces. For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please email us: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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As we know, the way we all live and work is evolving, with employees seeking out areas away from their desks to focus on independent work or to work within collaborative groups; however, space within the modern work place is at a premium. Booths can be used within open plan spaces as acoustic havens for individual or collaborative working when meeting rooms are in use, it's an exciting new solution to support agile working!

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The mobile tech table provides users the ability to move through their days, from workstation to third space, connected to digital technology. This lightweight and easy-to-move table offers a sturdy design that can support users work gear. Pick it up and move it to wherever your work takes you!

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BFG offers contemporary desks for functional and affordable workspaces. Private office designed for focusing, privacy as well as collaboration and interaction. Send us an email: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com and we will get back to you promptly!

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This upholstered lounge chair and sofa, the Fiji range offers a significantly different aesthetic to other lounge chairs, as the plush upholstery provides a welcoming cocoon-esque retreat. The hidden swivel on Fiji chair makes it ideal for a multitude of situations. Complete your office design with us today! Phone: 212-216-9220 or email us your floor plan: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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This sofa marries residential style with contract durability. Full, plush cushions appear to float above the ground to provide a serene lounge space. Removable ganging legs allow units to be configured and re-configured as spaces and needs evolve. For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please email us: sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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BFG offers a cost effective way to separate work areas yet still allow light and interaction throughout your entire office space. We can provide and install glass partitions within any office or working environment, creating space and providing the ideal solution. For more information please email us at sales@broadwayofficefurniture.com

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Making a noteworthy first impression has never been easier. The crisp, clean lines and impeccable styling of Intima convey luxury at its finest, while its sophisticated tailoring details and exceptional comfort invite mass appeal. Featuring lounge chairs in two sizes, a love seat and sofa, the series adapts beautifully to a range of environments, and does so with everlasting elegance.

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