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Friday nights are for... Dropbacks! . Having fun with 🤸‍♀️ @danielle_bit & 🤸‍♂️ @rodgom . 🚨 Sound on for chipmunk voice 🐿 🚨 . . . . . . . #dropback #dropbacks #friends #community #urdhvadhanurasana #fullwheelpose #friday #friyay #friyayvibes #fridayvibes #fridaynight #tribe #tribu #highspeedvideo #video #soundon #goodvibes #trainhard #trainhardfeelgood #trainhardplayharder

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hana_leithyy. ✨Breath✨For✨Health✨

Slow, deep, smooth and steady. Breathe with stren

✨Breath✨For✨Health✨ Slow, deep, smooth and steady. Breathe with strength, with softness.. with ease. Breathe with honesty, not trying to do anything.. Just BE. Breathe in your pure essence, breathe out the clutter you’ve accumulated. Breathe out the chaos. Breathe out, PURIFY. Breathe in PURITY. . . photo credits to the most talented @qtrlens 📸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yoga #fitness #yogapose #meditation #warriorflow #yogaforall #yogamotivation #dohahealth #dohafitness #dohayoga #fitnessmotivation #qatar #yogafit #yogaindoha #doha #marassi #yogaflow #namaste #crossfit #qataryoga #lululemon #handstand #fullwheelpose #handstand #cairo #beach #egypt #yogaposes #aloyoga #yogaegypt

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the.zenbee. “A limitless mind creates a limitless reality”... one of my favorite q

“A limitless mind creates a limitless reality”... one of my favorite quotes because we all are limitless, we all have the power to create the life we want, to free ourselves of limiting beliefs. Know that you are good enough, you are deserving of greatness, & you are loved. Think of all the possibilities you can create for yourself if you let yourself feel limitless. As humans we do have limitations but feeling limitless is a mindset, simply by changing your narrative from “I can’t do that” to “how can I do that” will allow yourself to feel like maybe the “impossible” is possible 🌸 • • • • • • • • #myyoga #myyogapractice #backbend #fullwheel #fullwheelpose #urdhvadhanurasana

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transyogagirl. “2.6.2019 #FullWheelPose [#PoornaChakrasana] #FormidableFacePose [#gan

“2.6.2019 #FullWheelPose #PoornaChakrasana] #FormidableFacePose #gandabherundasana]”: “Alone” is a #portmanteau of all & one. Like “yoga,” it’s a yoking of all of us into one. Indeed, we’re all alone, as is said across languages, that all which is added before alone, but the notion that all of us are alone is itself a contradiction & therefore #chiasmus. If we are all alone, then how is there even some unifiable “we” about which we are to assume & ascribe this property “aloneness.” “We” find the problem it raises again in another phrase, “to be left alone.” Or, perhaps, better framed as imperative: “Leave me alone.” To leave alone is to isolate, abandon, & while this predicament is the very fact of our being thrown into the world, that in being born nothing is given besides ourselves, the task of this spiritual practice that is yoga is to transpose us back into alignment as one, whether that be from the perspective of our togetherness or our aloneness. The problem is really then about how our privileges make us inattentive to those left in abandon, isolated, pluralized into this “we” without attentive respect for the singularities we become, & one such way that problem is manufactured comes from rationalizing how precarious life should be alienated, isolated, left to abandon because it’s not any more special or unique than yours or mine. Specificity is requisite to live an ethical life. Generalization is precisely how it’s wiped away, erased, in order to say, “Look at me. Aren’t I great? I gave that homeless person $5,” rather than think I may need to do more than throw coins at someone to ensure they can live their life to the fullest extent. It’s the paradox of #selfLove, that love is only possible when it’s for someone else, that self-love is really about loving oneself as another & figuring out our reason for coming into existence & being a life, that our cause to live lies not in self-image but in carrying out our mortal lives for the immortal, by caring about someone besides ourselves, by taking care to think through what happens to countless others who come after us once we die [Edit: Typical IG, they cut off when I lift my head up at the end].

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An Asana, or yoga pose, is a container for experience. An Asana is not an exercise for strengthening or stretching a particular muscle or muscle group, although is might have that effect.⁣ ⁣ It is a form that we inhabit for a moment, a shape that we move into and out of. ⁣ ⁣ Each asana is a whole-body practice where we can witness how things arise, how they are sustained, and how they dissolve or are transformed. We can see how we are affected by the experience of moving into the pose, being in the pose, and moving out of the pose, and how that might affect our lives where we meet change. ⁣ - L. Kaminoff & A. Matthews ⁣ ⁣

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Growth makes me see the potential that I don’t see myself and Growth is never comfortable. . Growth makes me deal with situations and commendations that I have never faced, only to strengthen me and give me confidence. . Trust the process, receive the seed you’ve sowed and don’t let worry or fear make you dig up what you have planted just to see if it is growing. . Weekly class Thursday @ohso.yoga.studio.wokingham with me. This week we will learn how to do wheel pose and let our heart open.....See You On The Mat #yogatakesmehere #urdhvadhanurasana

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Pontoon yoga in Gozo - sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between land and sea, between comfort and change, between past and future. Everything exists in a glimpse. Catch it while you can and make the most of it. A topple over is just a change of perspective which creates ever-renewing beautiful shapes of life. (Studying comparative literature and philosophy really teaches you how to interpret the shit out of everything 😂🙌🏻😝🤓) // // #yoga #instayoga #instayogafam #pontoon #travel #travelgram #sea #ferry #bigship #seaside #mooring #philosophy #life #balance #urdhvadhanurasana #fullwheelpose #fullwheel #pinchamayurasana #inversions #forearmstand #fit #strong #balanced #love #gratitude

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yoganataraj. Happy #humorpostsunday folks! This here is the FULL wheel pose.  #damn

Happy #humorpostsunday folks! This here is the FULL wheel pose. #damndaniel . Also! Sorry for not posting too often these past few weeks! Nataraj Yoga has been going through a transition and so have I! More details to come once I'm settled in 😊😊💖 . . . . . . . . #yoga #yogamemes #humorpost #sunday #spiritualmemes #flexible #fullwheelpose #ouch

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coco.wc0604. ———
我的燒餅😭😭😭 Thanks to @yahling98 
for cap

——— 世界上最遙遠的距離 就是還差五公分 我就能吃到你了 我的燒餅😭😭😭 Thanks to @yahling98 for capture this sad scene😭😭 #bridge #fullwheelpose #flexibilitygoals #stretching #backbend

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Yay! I got to my toes today 😋 make your Goals, Gains. Catch me for some #aerialyoga @crunchgym Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Thursday’s. 🙏🏽 #yoga #fullwheelpose #footbridge #Ūrdhvadhanurāsana #menofpole #gayboy #flexibility #backbend #nojudgments #yogi #gay #strength #calisthenics #fitness #abs #contortiontraining #poleathlete #Crunchtv

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Practice Practice all is coming. After practicing yoga on and off for 7 years now there’s not many “first times” very frequently anymore. However today I felt like it was time for #fullwheelpose and I’ve only ever done this once assisted a couple of years ago and it was so freaking uncomfortable I hadn’t bothered getting assisted in it again. I only do what my body responds positivity too and what feels good. I can’t believe I managed to grab both my heels today of all days on my own. . Officially the strongest and most flexible I’ve ever been in my life- at 31, lifting 70kg stones and bending into full wheel 😏✌🏽💪🏼 . I noticed recently that it’s my quads and hip flexors that are restricting my backbends the most- so decided to do a good quad and HF weight session at the gym yesterday and today they just felt so grateful for the firing up. Sometimes we think we need to stretch to build up flexibility- but actually we need to strengthen just as much. If your interested in hearing more about these tips comment below and I’ll do a video for you all.. xx love you . . #yogateacher #wheelpose #urdvadhanurasana #flexible #contortion #gymnastics #acrobatics #mindfulness #strength #pb

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I still do bendy stuff by the way. I have news to impart though about my yoga journey. I'll get to it when I've recovered from a long week.

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. ✨w e e k e n d s c h e d u l e✨ FRI 12pm @goodtimesyogastudio 6:15pm strong flow @loomyoga wburg 7:30 candlelight flow + restore @loomyoga wburg SUN 9:30am & 4pm @goodtimesyogastudio

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betweenevenings. Wheel and Forearm or Dhanurasana and Pincha Mayurasana: Wheel was part

Wheel and Forearm or Dhanurasana and Pincha Mayurasana: Wheel was part of Vinyasa and included Pincha at the end. I’m sure I felt Wheel deepen without blocks under the hands, it sure feels like it’s lighter. Kept it where I could focus on good breath Ujjayi. Still working with a tight knee, some issues on inside and back but today it feels easier again. Knee can be awkward and quite often have to back off to let it heal itself. However I’ve decided to work with it and around it, and inside of it and seems to be paying off. Believe it’s releasing like the rest of my body and so if I keep releasing hips and all other parts then it must help the knee being connected. Wheel felt good and once up had breath, it works every Chakra and sure feel awesome after coming out. Initially you can see I hit one level, breathed and felt where I could move and moved that way: then lifted a little again. Pincha wow 😯: what a great surprise. It sure feels like my shoulders are opening: I was raised up onto them more and was finding balance. Held it, was breathing into it and held, hold it, squeeze core, point toes, press floor. Body talking to me like crazy 🕊🔥. My entry into it needs improving, this will help get into the balance and not over shoot. Very exciting this felt more open and really good. All the work is paying off yayy. Love its other name, Feathered Peacock Pose. Love the birds and to be healed by their presence is everything to me, thanks creation thanks peacocks 🦚😅❤️. I spent time with this today including stepping up using non dominant leg. That to was surprisingly better. Inversions improve circulation as well as activate almost all upper body. Right now I’m feeling an energetic glow again, inside airy lifted. Last night in town it was almost ghostly the psyops were not there. So nice without them sat spying from their coffee shops and trying to lure you here and there. I notice in there lying false 🤥narrative press an agenda to make their forces look macho and gentle holding babies. the other day a huge guy holding a baby definitely tried to antagonise 😈👺 me and then turn away as of i was supposed to attack him or something. Beware humble people

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j.a.d.e.a.l.x. I'm actually feeling positive and productive today. Here's to some yog

I'm actually feeling positive and productive today. Here's to some yoga in the sun. Might need a fitted top to show the proper position next time. 🧘‍♀️ #urdhvadhanurasana #fullwheelpose

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I won Elrow & Birdy thinks so too 🐥🌈 #elrowtownlondon ta @max99x

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Transiting from Chakrasana to Purna Chakrasana is a real challenge. It doesn’t involves just the strength of the thighs, glutes and arms, it triggers more muscle groups such as the opening of the shoulders + heart and deeper backbending. Just have to keep practicing to get there by myself one of these days. #sgyoga #fullwheelpose #purnachakrasana #chakrabondpose #Tiriangmukhottanasanavirations #advancevariation #backbend #deepstretch #balancing #ialsocandoit #iloveyoga #yogapractice #ilovepractice #enjoyingmypractice #practicesmakeperfect #practiceeverydamnday #masterguidance #thankyouuniverse #eloweeee #spartangirl #aloyoga .. .. .. 📸: Kelly

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