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howtopracticeyoga. 6 steps to warmup and training splits! For the foundational poses and

6 steps to warmup and training splits! For the foundational poses and modifications, as well as progressions, check out our ebook (link in bio). Save this for your practice and share with someone that could benefit! #yogateacher @the_exit_strategy ・・・ When I was a little girl I could make splits in every moment of my day without warming up... those times are gone 😁 I lost completely my splits for many years and with dedication and persistence I’m coming back to them 💪🏻💖💁🏻‍♀️. I do need warm up 🙌🏻 and thought to share with you my steps. Please remember we’re all different 😊 feel free to modify them according to your needs 🙏🏻 Have a safe and mindful practice 🙏🏻❤️

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cheerconditioning.academy. OK, Cheer People! We have put together our TOP 10 FLEXIBILITY MISTAKES

OK, Cheer People! We have put together our TOP 10 FLEXIBILITY MISTAKES & TIPS based on the questions you’ve answered.. we really hope these help when it comes to improve your stretches!! 👉🏻 LINK IN BIO 👈🏻

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abby. STRETCHING: Middle Splits Edition 👀👏 (make sure you LIKE 💛 & BOOKMA

STRETCHING: Middle Splits Edition 👀👏 (make sure you LIKE 💛 & BOOKMARK this so you can get flexible this year!) . we hit front splits earlier this week…now it’s time for middle splits! 👏 these have always been the MOST challenging splits for me 🙇‍♀️. why? maybe because I hate stretching them, maybe because I hate stretching them I never do…whoops. That’s why I’ve designed this routine to ease into those “heavier” stretches, so by the time you get to a full split it’s not as brutal 😅. . ❗️Remember: always stay within a range of motion you can control and maintain proper form on - flexibility will come with time❗️ . THE WORKOUT: 1️⃣ rocking adductor stretch 2️⃣ rocking plié stretch 3️⃣ wall straddle 4️⃣ rocking frog pose 5️⃣ forward fold to split . TAG A FRIEND to try this with! 👀 Music: pjanoo - eric prydz 🎉  #flexible #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #stretching #stretches

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Check out @junktramp to see more of this epic garden! 🙌🌳 Flips by @son.moku @jojotrampo @gomex19

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Человечек даже учится в шпагатах 😂. Трудолюбие очень ценное качество. Всем доброго дня. . . #smartdance

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Motivation Monday! 💪🏻⠀ ⠀ Don’t let where you are now discourage you from where you want to be. ⠀ ⠀ The small moments of effort over time really add up to a lot!⠀ ⠀ #aircandy #flexibilitytraining #needlescale @air.candy

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Omg you guys... I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of @bendy_becca 🥺 When she started training with me she was just your typical super bendy, super one-sided, wannabe contortionist (love you, Becca! 😘). We spent over a year working on evening out the sides of her back, and have been training hard ever since. At the beginning, Becca drove from Reno to San Francisco as often as she could to take classes, and about a year ago she made the big move to the city so she could train all the time. And now she is absolutely a REAL contortionist 🤩 Her performance in the #contortionintensive2019 showcase was absolutely stunning, and she is well on her way to having a *comfortable* handstand. I am so so so proud of you Becca, and so happy that we have become dear friends along the way 💛💛💛 #trainingwithcatiebrier #contortiontraining #notyoga

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A few Spaces still available: Discounted rate of 20 euros good until Friday :) After that, 25 euros. This workshop is a chance to get an in detail understanding of the work we do in Functional Mobility sessions. We will explore the Yang, through Functional Range Conditioning/Kinstretch Methods and the Yin, through Somatic Movement/Feldenkrais. It's your moment to have a teacher to help you to assess your Range of Motion and see how you, as an individual, move. You will come away from this workshop feeling much more knowledgeable about your body structure. Toes, Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, & Pelvis What it will help: Life, Low Back Pain, Posture, Squatting, Forward Folds, Lunges (all standing postures), Splits, Balance, Jumping, Climbing, Walking, Running, Gym. Basically necessary for all people always. This workshop is an excellent moment to check into your posture, your particular body patterns, and your compensations in movement. The idea is to use this new understanding as a supplement to keep you pain free and explore new pathways in the body while keeping your regular practice. We work by understanding the movement of the joints before the muscle, and the nervous system before anything else. For full details: http://www.littleyogaspacelisboa.com/workshops.html for full details For questions/registration: Contact Lisa (teacher) Email: moveplayflow@gmail.com WhatsApp +351 918 475 144 Thank you so much and hope to see you there :) . . . . #lisbonyogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #movnat #yogateacher #movementtherapy #movementculture #yogagirl #yogateacher #myyogalife #movementsnacks #lisbonmovementlab #movementgames #functionalrangeconditioning #inversionaddicts #mobilitychallenge #flexibilitytraining #animalflow #portugalmovement #yogalisbon #yogachallenge #mobility #streetworkout #yogaportugal #moveplayflow

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_yogilee_. 💮 Days 4 & 5 #wintergoddessyogis .
I am 3 days behind, shock, so putt

💮 Days 4 & 5 #wintergoddessyogis . I am 3 days behind, shock, so putting two together. I feel like the days are on fast forward and by the time I sit down it's 8.30pm or later, I need some wind down time before I go to bed or I'll be wired and awake all night! . So questions #wildthingpose what sets my soul on fire? For me this is my yoga practice, that feeling of movement and just sinking into my music while I stretch and strengthen my body. I also felt the same after a good run or hiit workout. I just love the feeling of movement in the body but also the stillness in my mind, while I'm moving I'm not thinking of any of life's demands, I'm present and that in itself is a great feeling 🥰 . #extendedpuppypose What makes me smile? Looking through all our old photographs definitely makes me smile, seeing where me and my husband started, watching our family grow, seeing all the memories we've made along the way and seeing how our children have changed over the years. These moments make me feel very blessed 🌟 . . . Beautiful hosts @traveling_yogigirl @sandyrosenthal @monica.b.wilson @gentlesoulyogi @marianisprose . Sponsors @aloyoga @alo.moves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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chloe_troyanda_shevchuk. Abs🤔 👰 @hazelllllxx

Abs🤔 👰 @hazelllllxx . . . #abs

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polethreadsaus. 📷 @heidikarinaonyx⁣
We can't even with this photo ⁣🔥
Have you got

📷 @heidikarinaonyx⁣ We can't even with this photo ⁣🔥 ⁣ Have you got your ISIS set yet, linkin.bio⁣💻📲

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The Top 7 Benefits Of Forward Lunges- 1. Better Balance 2. Be More Functional! 3. Superior Symmetry 4. Increased Hip Flexor Flexibility 5. Improved Glute Activation 6. Better Core Stability 7. Spinal Deloading Reminder: Proper Technique Is Required To Reap The Rewards . . #buddyworkout..<link>@ashwin.panchal8</link>

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yogagypsygoddess. 🔻When the mind knows what to do but the body doesn’t follow 😅 🔻 Whe

🔻When the mind knows what to do but the body doesn’t follow 😅 🔻 When you can’t even do a simple transition thanks to your stiff middle & upper back 😅

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#foxgirl This fox likes learning new tricks I just wish I could master them already lol

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#Repost @antony_roughley_bodylign_smt ・・・ Garland Pose Targets: Hips, groin muscles Level: Beginner Garland Pose (Malansana) is yoga's deep squat. It opens your hips and groin in counterbalance to the tightness you can develop from sitting too much. You can make use of props for support at first so you can do the pose in a way that not painful. Then work over time to slowly wean yourself from the props by lowering them little by little. It can be a long process, but it works and is important for your long-term mobility and for pain prevention. Step-by-Step Instructions 1. Come to stand with your feet about mat's width apart. 2. Bend the knees and lower your butt toward the floor to come into a squat. 3. It's natural for your toes to want to turn out and that's OK, but don't overdo it. Eventually, you're working toward keeping the feet closer to parallel. 4. Take your upper arms inside your knees and bend the elbows to bring the palms together into anjali mudra (prayer position). 5. Try to bring your hands to your heart center with the forearms parallel to the floor, allowing the pressure of your elbows to open the knees slightly. 1. Keep your spine straight, your butt moving toward the floor, and your shoulders relaxed away from your ears. 2. Stay here for five breaths, then straighten the legs to come out. You can come directly into a Forward Fold if you like.  3. Try repeating the pose three times to take full advantage of getting warmed up. If you are practicing at home, it's fine to do some other poses in between your squats. Want to know more message or email 📧 aroughley@hotmail.com #officestretches #flexfriday #2019goals #bringingsexyback #flexible #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #massage #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #massages #muscle #musclerecovery #rest #mindbodysoul #therapy #therapist #therapistlife #physicaltherapist #miltonkeynes #bletchley #newportpagnell #olney #personaltrainer #fitness @aroughley

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Nada ocurre por casualidad. Todo está perfectamente creado. Cuando entras en profunda meditación y dejas de ser tu cuerpo, entiendes que la Vida es un Milagro. La inteligencia universal que sustenta todo ser material y todo ser espiritual puede ser comprendida en ese espacio de quietud y silencio donde el tiempo no tiene ningún significado. Cuando comprendes que todo ocurre Aquí y Ahora, y que la intuición es la hija más fiel de la Creación, dejas de lado la razón para obrar desde el Corazón. #goodmorning #yogamorning #yoga #yogapose #yogavideo #yogapractice #yogaspirit #yogalove #yogagirl #yogastudent #yogainspiration #yogainspo #yogachallenge #challengeyourself #vinyasayoga #backbend #backbendlove #urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose #camatkarasana #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #wellbeing #healthylife #posturadeyoga #yogaparatodos #yogaysalud #saludybienestar #bienestarinterior #conscienciaplena

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cphflexclass_official. Today is a very different bodyposition.... this one is for body and so

Today is a very different bodyposition.... this one is for body and soul. It's very important to remember your mind and relaxe in a bussy every day rutine. When you are relaxed in your mind, your body is much more ready to work.... ❤ #flexiflex #flexible_people #flexible #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #stretching #stretch #tutorial #strengthandconditioning #bodyandmind #bodycontrol #dancer #ballet #gymnastics #cheerleading_is_mylife #bendy #amazingflexibility #flexibilitynation #dance #cheerleading #contemporary_art #flexigoals #strength #strengthening #flexi #flexibilityposts_ #flexibilitygoals #middlesplits #dancehall #dancemoms

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LEZIONI di FLEXY Il corso migliora e potenzia la mobilità articolare e l'elasticità. Questo allenamento, oltre a prevenire infortuni muscolo-tendineo-articolari a chi regolarmente pratica attività sportiva, è molto indicato per tutti coloro che necessitano di lavorare sulla postura, l'allungamento muscolare, la coordinazione e la propria consapevolezza corporea. Lunedì H13-14.15 Lunedì H20.15-21.30 Venerdì H17-18.15 Sabato H13-14.15 Prenota la lezione di prova gratuita tramite messaggio privato oppure inviando una mail: info@thisislife.it #flessibilità #stretching #bendyback #sport #fitness #fit #workout #poledancing #active #poledance #pilatesmat #lifestyle #getfit #exercise #gym #sportgirl #flexy #poledancersofig #happylife #flexibilitytraining #pilatestime #sportphotography #sport #sportlife #poledance #pilates #yoga #flexibility #flexiblegirl

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What’s going on here now?🤨 Is it yoga?? Is it mobility/flexibility practice?? Why are the lamps on the ground?? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s a damn good stretch!!! . #mobility #flexibility #yogalife

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adrenadine_pnp. Je suis plutôt à l'aise sur le #FORWARDfold et sur une jambe. Mais cha

Je suis plutôt à l'aise sur le #FORWARDfold et sur une jambe. Mais changer un placement de jambe, en la mettant derrière plutôt que devant + le passage des mains, rend la pose directement plus complexe ! . . . #stretchandflex #yoga #yogavibes #yogagram #yogajourney #yogaeveryday #igyoga #igyogacommunity #bodypositive #highvibetribe #feeltheyogahigh #leaveitonthemat #mattime #stretching #flexibilitytraining #energy #focus #practicenotperfection #girlswhodoyoga #namaste #forwardfolding #yogagirl

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🏋️‍♂️Hip Mobility🏋️‍♂️ • 💥If you’re experiencing hip pain, knee pain, or low back pain, immobile hips may be part of the problem. • 👉 Open up your hips with this easy exercise👇 • 1️⃣Set up in a 90/90 position and sit up tall. Take 3-5 deep breaths in. 2️⃣Rotate and sit tall. Take 3-5 deep breaths. 3️⃣Keep the rotation and come down on your forearms. 3-5 deep breaths again. 4️⃣Reach out with your arm (opposite arm of the direction you’re turning) and another 3-5 deep breaths. • 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️You’ll feel tightness in your rib cage, low back, and/or hips. Work through these areas and breathe. • 👍Assess your hip mobility before and after and see the results! • 📲Tag a friend who needs more hip mobility! 💃🕺🏼

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Escoge una persona que te mire como si quizás fueras magia🧚🏽‍♂️ . #flexibility #flexibilitytraining #poledance #flexible_people #picoftheday #boy #boypic #boylove #gayboy #flexboy #flexibilitygoals #boysboysboys

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