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WINTER IS COMING 🌨 FREE WINTER CHECK ❄️☃️ So as we do every year to help you guys out we are offering our FREE vehicle winter checks to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter that’s on the way! I know it feels like summer shouldn’t be over but living in Northern Ireland we all know better 😂 Give us a ring or message or you can just call in and we will get everything checked over for you totally FREE to make sure you are all set for winter 👍 See you soon!

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We have been asked about ‘Adblue’ quite a lot recently, we have heard horror stories of people paying £40-£50 for 10litres for their vehicles. This is ridiculous, if you are in need of any give us a shout it’s £14.99 with us!! And if you are really nice we will put it in for you 👍

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We are big fans of Porsche in general but this is just another level of vehicle, with a £12,000 Exhaust fitted it sounds like a jet plane 💥💥

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We can order properly fitted Mat sets for any make or model, luxury carpet and rubber available. Just send us a message or call in and we will check it out for you. Prices starting from as little as £14.99!! 👍

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BEFORE and AFTER of our shop! It is now officially opened and ready for business. Stocking full ranges of car detailing products with the option to order anything that you might need and we also can supply all car accessories from wheel trims to boot mats to fitted car mats for most cars anything you can imagine nearly 👍

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Crazy day in the garage today, if anyone fancies getting their hands dirty we need help in here 😂

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Aston Martin DB9, sometimes we just get real lucky with what customers bring in 😍

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Sometimes when your having a bad day all you need is to hear one of these animals going🧨

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Cars like this make Fridays just that little bit better!

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Full range of the amazing Autobrite detailing products, anyone who has used these before will know how unbelievably good they are! Call in or send us a message for any car cleaning needs!

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Stock arriving for the new shop that opens this week!

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Most importantly somewhere to sit for the most important people. Our fantastic customers!

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Next up is the ramps, all brand new and top quality!

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Let there be light!

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Then the hard work started, first start was brand new lighting the whole way round the garage. The future is bright as they say!

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The garage when we first got our hands on it! Changed just a bit since then!

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stevielynn8_6. Coming soon 🚗🚗🚗

Coming soon 🚗🚗🚗

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stevielynn8_6. One of my good customers has just dropped me off one of his fantastic

One of my good customers has just dropped me off one of his fantastic bottles of gin, made in our own city. Thank you, its very much appreciated 😊👍🏻 #belfastgin #1stopmotorshop #northernireland #newtownabbey #belfast #ni #mallusk #fixingcars #fixingvans #cargarage #carmechanic #mechanic #mechanicslife #cars #discoverni #discovernorthernireland #busybusy #gettingdrunktonight #gin

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stansautoandbodyrepair. 2016 Vauxhall Vivaro had seen some action recently... The sill wouldn’

2016 Vauxhall Vivaro had seen some action recently... The sill wouldn’t pull back out, so a new section was fabricated and welded in flush with the surrounding metal 😎 #stansautoandbody #longeaton #carbodyrepair #carbodywork #bodyrepair #bodyrepair #bodyshoplife #likenewagain #fixingvans #vauxhallvivaro #vauxhall #renaulttrafic #weldingwednesday #likenewagain #whitevanman

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