je_ldnm. You may see JE in central. -
Abs courtesy of @ldn_muscle Cutting Guide

You may see JE in central. - Abs courtesy of @ldn_muscle Cutting Guide 💪🏼✂️🔥 -

train_insane_with_cass. ⁣
I get a lot of questions about what a typical workout week looks lik

⁣ I get a lot of questions about what a typical workout week looks like for me! While I’m teaching a lot and will sometimes workout 3 times a day these days 😅 .. if I were on my “normal” schedule this is what it would look like: ⁣ Monday: insanity + weights⁣ Tuesday: weights + HIIT⁣ Wednesday: run⁣ Thursday: weights + HIIT⁣ Friday: run or take a rest day⁣ Saturday: long run (between 8-20 miles)⁣ Sunday: rest⁣ ⁣ I also want to point out that I don’t isolate one part of my body on any given day (like Monday is leg day, etc). I might emphasize a specific body part like legs or shoulders during my workout, by doing more of this body part but I always do a full body workout every time! When you work your whole body, you burn more calories .. and who doesn’t love that!? 💪🏼 ⁣ I hope this answers some questions!


ARE YOU WORTHY? 🤷🏻‍♀️ - It is a waste of time and energy to do something only to be considered as worthy and to gain the respect of the sleeping masses. The masses whom are stuck in an illusion. Don’t do it because you will never find happiness in the process. You are worthy. 🧡 - How cute is this co-ord set from @prettylittlething - it is one of my favourite new additions! 🙌🏼


Do you prefer training solo, or with a partner? 🤔 - I train with my Mom, and I love it! Having a supportive training partner can really make all the difference during a tough set.❤️💪🏼 - That being said, there’s a certain “zen” that comes from training by yourself and just getting into your music 🎧 and your workout. - I’m definitely comfortable with both, but I’m curious what you guys prefer and why?! 💪🏼 - #monday #flexing

banhass. 🔝Hair tip : Eat enough calories .
No amount of biotin, hair, skin &

🔝Hair tip : Eat enough calories . . No amount of biotin, hair, skin & nail supplements or @kerastase_official products are going to save you if you're eating 1000 calories a day #NotanAd #JustCommonSense

tillyhulse_fit. 6 months training vs 2 and a half years training 💪🏼🍑
A true and o

6 months training vs 2 and a half years training 💪🏼🍑 - A true and obvious transformation takes years of dedication and hard work. My transformation has been huge but it has also been a constant development over a long period of time. Consistency and wanting it is what motivates me and gets me where I am today. I am by no means at my final goal but I am well on my way 😁 I for sure want to grow the size and shape of my legs and get some more definition to my upper body💪🏼 - If you really want it you can definitely go get it!😁💪🏼 - #fitness #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #inspiration #summer #summerbody #summergoals #strong #muscles #workouts #gym #booty #instafit #bootyworkout #gluteworkout #bootygains #gains #bossgirls #girlsthatlift #bossbabes #femalemotivation #fitsporation #progress #glutes


It’s a bucket hat kind of day. Stay safe and dry everyone. #ootd Btw. My youtube channel link is now up in my bio. Make sure to subscribe because I will be uploading my first vlog at the end of the month. What content do you guys wanna see? Comment it down below.😊 Photo by @iamrheabue

madelinefit. On bad days, like today, where I get discouraged & down on myself for

On bad days, like today, where I get discouraged & down on myself for stupid things... I am reminded of why I started doing this in the first place. I am reminded of how far I’ve come & that I’ve worked way too hard to get to this point, just to dog on myself. —— I spend far too much time preaching to people about being positive and loving themselves. And not enough time taking my own advice.💛 —— #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #100to0 #duespaid #legionofboom #neversettle #1stphorm4life #weare1stphorm

staywild_befree. #RepostSave @macrolabnutrition ・・・ YOUR TIMELINE by: @chaddriscoll

#RepostSave @macrolabnutrition ・・・ YOUR TIMELINE by: @chaddriscoll - I have been really big on these transformation topics lately because I really feel people need to be told the truth about how it all works. - I want you to know it is 100% possible for everyone! If you think otherwise you are naive, plain and simple. - I have made this timeline to kinda show you what it will look like over the course of a year if you’re being consistent. - Fall in love with slow progress because I will guarantee that will happen! Notice on the timeline I am saying you won’t see dramatic progress for quite some time. Love it, accept it, make that your expectation. - If you have been even thinking of starting, please do it! Start today. It is better than doing nothing at all! - Much love. . #macrolabnutrition #weightloss #dieting #fatloss #fatlossjourney #nutritionplan #nutritioncoach #nutritiontips #ifitfitsyourmacros #dietstartstomorrow #cardiosucks #fitnessmotivation #highprotein #caloriecounting #weightwatchers #proteinshake #flexibledieting #preworkout #irishfitfam #fitsporation #fitnessgoals #fitnesslifestyle #intermittentfasting #weightlosssupport #fitness #cleaneating #fitspo




Defintely my favorite exercise at the moment 💪💪💪💪💪💪 Weighted dips 12kg x20, 16kg x15, 20kg x10, 20kg x8, 12kg x20 💪💦💪💦💪💦💪💦💪💦 Getting stronger while using high reps and volume by tracking my weights every session and always pushing for more. 💯💯 Stay accountable, stay on track 🤙💯🤙💯 . . . . . @anytimefitnessfyshwick @anytimefitnessaustralia @crohns_and_colitis_australia #theydidyoucan #theydid #youcan #affyshwick #anytimefitness #anytimefitnessaustralia #motivation #holistichealth #holistic #health #wellbeing #mindset #chest #clarity #makeachoice #doitforyou #chestday #dips #strong #makeadifference #changeisgood #weights #fitsporation #pt #crohnswarrior #trustheprocess #believe #accountability

auramd_body. We offer solutions 💪🏼

We offer solutions 💪🏼

undot2d. THE BEST WORKOUT by @SyattFitness reposted by @UndoT2D -
🦄It's not se

THE BEST WORKOUT by @SyattFitness reposted by @UndoT2D - 🦄It's not sexy or marketable or a lucrative business model to say this but it's the truth --> There isn't a single "best" way to workout. There isn't one "right" way to exercise. And regardless of what you choose, the most important thing, above all else, is you enjoy it. Because if you hate what you're doing, you won't be consistent. And if you aren't consistent, you won't make progress. - ☕️Keep in mind, I'm a powerlifter. I competed at an elite level for years. I was also brought up using kettlebells and TRX and doing yoga, as well. The exercises on the "bad" side aren't "bad." They're simply there as examples to make clear it does not matter what you do so long as you enjoy it and, with time and patience, it delivers on results. - 🦄Find what you love. Do it with vigor and passion and determination and patience. And let your love of the process be the driving force behind your success. - ☕️Also, I heard sex is a good workout but that's just via word of mouth so don't take my word for it. - #sfinnercircle #alwaysoptimal #syattfitness #workout #workouts #workoutmode #workoutdone #workoutmotivation #workouttime #workoutgoals #workoutgear #gymfit #gymfreak #workoutfreak #workoutaddict #gymaddict #fitnessboy #fitnessaddict #fitnessaddicted #fitsporation #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer #personaltraining #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #undotype2diabetes #undot2d ( #📷 @syattfitness )

justxxjan. Jump roping in 87 degree weather with 85% humidity.... not fun.. 🔥😒☠

Jump roping in 87 degree weather with 85% humidity.... not fun.. 🔥😒☠️😒🔥. #Day9 #AlphaShred #imDED #SOS #ImFailingAtJumpRoping


Just over here aging like fine wine! 🍷🤣 This image on the left popped up in my memories the other day...an entire DECADE ago. I was in my 20’s, had my first child after multiple miscarriages, but yet still feeling completely sad, lost, and given up on myself. Just seeing it brings back emotions because I remember those feelings too well, sad that I was ok with life then. I was literally wasting my life away in a state of unhappiness and never took action. My entire 20’s I don’t even feel like were me, almost like a blur. Fast forward to now, 37, three children and so completely in love with life. I feel like I have a purpose, passion, happiness. Three kids you’d think would make me feel more lost but I actually feel more alive, and able to enjoy my kids more now than ever before. And yes the number on the scale has gone up and down over the years but it has nothing to do with the physical transformation. It’s the transformation that happened within! I began to invest in myself and prioritize myself- which in turn makes me a better person and better caregiver for others!


Just believe... In your self. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Fair Lawn Pompton Lakes ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Don’t forget to connect with the rest of the Elite Family on Facebook at: elitesupplementcenter for the latest news, products, promotions, events, tips, and fitness buzz! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- #aesthetic   #aestheticsarmy #igfitfam #igfitnessfreaks #igfitclub   #fitfam #ig_fitness_freaks #ig_fitness #fitnessmotivation   #fitsporation #fitspo #instafitness #instafit #igfitspo   #bodybuildinglife #physique #gains #fitfam


I used the new shaker by @ga.shakerplus today during my workout this morning. It was seriously handy to use around the gym. The strong magnetic side to it meant it latched onto any of the equipment I was using 💪🏼 It also holds my gym membership card 👍🏼 If you wish it will also hold your mobile phone to take video or pictures of you working out 📸 All that with a really sturdy build means this is something I'll keep using in the gym. You would never have to worry about it breaking or leaking. Big thumbs up👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 . I recieved this product from @leydenssportsnutrition @lsnreviews to sample and give an honest opinion of 👍🏼

fineigfitness. Another impressive transformation from online fitness coach @duncanluk

Another impressive transformation from online fitness coach  @duncanlukas ! . ⬇️8 WEEK PLAN FLASH SALE⬇️ 🚨Click Link in his BIO  @duncanlukas Or Visit www.LukasDuncan.com/Special . For more info: 📧email LBDTraining @LukasDuncan.com

queen.stephie.bee. I haven’t been feeling well the last few days so I decided to take it

I haven’t been feeling well the last few days so I decided to take it easy. Sunday I opted for #yogaforrunners by #christinefelstead. I know I need this workout at least twice a week but yoga always seems to fall to the wayside. Monday I rested from exercise but ran around from vet to MSU vet to get Jake checked out. Looks like he needs TPLO surgery, which is fairly expensive. I’m getting quotes from other clinics. Today I woke up feeling very female, bloated and cranky. I could have easily talked myself out of #running but I didn’t. I just took it super easy. There were a few walk breaks in the second and third miles. But the #sunrise was gorgeous. I had a fairly good day at work and came home to eat a healthy dinner: sirloin, sweet potato and sautéed summer squash, zucchini, broccoli and onions. I hit my #protein. Score!


Client Spotlight!: Allen works hard each and every day. He is a perfect example example of hard work and dedication. He has learned so fast and absorbs my instructions like a sponge. The most he ever pulled before this was 165lbs. Today he pulled 295 x 5! He did this in less than a month! Keep killing it Alllen! I love working with you and I'm excited to see you hit 400 in the near future. You the man! #client #beast #coach #theketohulk #hulksmash #strong #deadlift #hardwork #killit #machine #training #powerbuilding #power #fitsporation #proud #irish


Grab a chair and let's get moving! • 🛑 save it now and try it later. • You can workout anywhere! I didn't have much time, I am #24weekspregnant and it's hot out. What's your excuse?? I'm sure you have a chair and if not, then skip the chair. • Now let me apologize for my lawn 🌾🌿☘. We will get to it one of these days 🤣 priorities you know💪?! • 🎯 4 exercises 🎯 only 6 reps (each side) 🎯 AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 🎯 rest between rounds as needed but try to keep it to a minimum! 🤰 to my pregnant mommas, take more time to rest and watch your heart rate! • Keep moving. Be happy. Kick ass. • • • • • • • • #workoutanywhere #chair #strength #balance #core #control #workout #workoutmotivation #getoutside #move #noexcuses #fitsporation #inspiration #fitchick #fitmomsofig #fitmommy #fitlife #fitjourney #pregnant #bodycare #tuesday #fitness #summer #nofilter #babybump #bbf


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