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@thiago_vladimir un gran cambio en tan poco tiempo💪🏻 felicitaciones a nuestro alumno ejemplar🎉 acompañando siempre a nuestros clientes a lograr sus metas👏🏻🔥 #motivacion #focus #gym #fitness #fitnesslife

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fabio.roberto97. 🔸️Das Leben ist besser, wenn Du lachst🔸️
🔹️La vita è piu bella quan

🔸️Das Leben ist besser, wenn Du lachst🔸️ 🔹️La vita è piu bella quando ridi🔹️ ➖ #lachen #picoftheday #italian #nürnberg #laugh #pictureoftheday #fitnesslife #sicily #smile #fitnesslifestyle #italia #ridi #lachenistgesund

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Happy Sunday Funday!!! 🦋🐬🐠🌴🌊 I was soooo hesitant to post this, but I look so happy!! All I kept seeing was the imperfections since I’m no where near where I dream of being, but then I thought that the whole point of this is to keep progressing! I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when I’m making a daily effort to better myself and I think all you guys are too! That is why we continue to build one another up and giving each other mini motivational pep talks. The point is that any positive change, even small changes should be praised. When we fall, our focus should be on the moment we have gotten back up! The world is so challenging and heartbreaking enough as it is, and there are so many things out of our control. This however, we CAN control.

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Shrimp avocado bowl made quick and deliciously for a long or busy day!...or just Becuz it’s yummy! Just chop up some lettuce, avocado slices, add cooked shrimp seasoned as you prefer, fresh salsa, Greek yogurt (my fave go-to for protein), chives, and spicy organic sprouts. Ps- I secretly went back and added a butt load of extra Greek yogurt since it taste jst like sour cream and I jst can’t get enough of sour cream 🥗🍤🥑🍅🌶

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Subtlety ignoring that pile of clothing in the background and going to the gym 🙃

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