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n11sha. We base our decisions on how we feel right now (the pleasure). So we s

We base our decisions on how we feel right now (the pleasure). So we sit of the sofa, eat the bad food and not make the calls we want, as it’s easier. But all for what? So, 6 months down the line we can moan about how we are unfit, we have put on weight or we not getting the result we want from life (the pain). See, you need to push yourself in the short term on the things you may hate now but will benefit you in the future. If you where told in 6 weeks you where going on holiday, getting married or you need to have an operation. You will do what necessary to get in to shape. What if there is no goal, no purpose, no motivation. Can you still get up and do what’s necessary, be that person that constantly works on themselves so when life happens, you are prepared. Start by taking control of what foods you are putting inside you.

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farinaznoroozi. صبح در کوچه ی ما 
منتظر خنده ی توست 
وقت آن است 
که خورشید مجدد باشی

صبح در کوچه ی ما منتظر خنده ی توست وقت آن است که خورشید مجدد باشی 🍃😊🥰 #farinaznowroozi #crossfitt #trxworkout #hitworkout #cardio #fatburningworkout #trxfitness #esfahan #upsidedown

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❤ È uscita la super Promo di San Valentino per tutte le coppie (innamorati,amici,fratelli...) 7+7 da dividere con chi vuoi! Vieni a scoprire i dettagli in segreteria... L'offerta è valida fino al 14 febbraio❣ #lovefitness #gymlife #sportlifefamily #promo #sanvalentino #fitnessforfit #fitnesslovers #gymmotivation

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This year I am focusing on becoming more functional. Try this in your next routine. - High Plank rope (10 a side) - Power push up slam (10)

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Vieni a divertirti con noi nelle nostre super LEZIONI di SPINNING... 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Vi aspettiamo OGNI sera per pedalare insieme, scopri gli orari in segreteria! #spinninglife #spinninglovers #fitnessforfit #sportlifefamily #sportlifestyle #gymmotivation #gymfit #mondaymood

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its not about having The skill To Do some thinG .Its about having the will,desire end commitment .To Be U r BesT 🔥 💦 👶 #Fitnessworld #fitnessindia #fitnessfreak #fitnessdaily #fitnessyouth #fitnessstars #fitnessclick #fitnessforfit #mrfitness #fitforlife #competeharder #workhard #comming #Mrarhaan 💪itssolid

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Walking in to the weekend like "freaking WALKING LUNGES" ⤵ The forward lunge is a more functional movement; it more closely mimics the dynamics of real life movements. You move through a more complete range of motion during the forward lunge. This dynamic version of the lunge also enhances balance and coordination, along with strength.🌶 Have a wonderful weekend🙌 @moesdesign 👕 @dreamfitofficial

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Repost from @myofb_consultation - Did you know you can use split squats instead of doing conventional back squats? You can use split squats to modify your program based on your current needs. Or you can add it to make your program difficult. I love eccentric split squats for more explosiveness and increased quad strength. Try this work out and feel the burn. Don’t forget to like and comment it on my affiliate page @myofb_consultation

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I may not be the STRONGEST I may not be the FASTEST But I’ll be darned if I’m not trying my HARDEST 🏋🏻‍♀️ #thatmomentyouputfitnessfirst #fitnessfirstcibuburjunction #fitnessfirstindonesia @fitnessfirst_id

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