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Nothing better than catching up with good friends during a crosssit competition! The calm before the @wod_off_jakarta storm and some civilized / yummy Japanese food 😋! Will be nice to remember before I’m a hot blubbering sweaty mess tomorrow 😂👍! #fitfam #fitspo #crossfit #crossfithongkong #wodoffjakarta #fitfamhk #madebyasphodel #mastersathlete #training #crossfitmen #crossfitguys #fit #health #crossfitjakarta #wodoffjakarta2019 #madebyasphodel #crossfitmen #crossfitmasters

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"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." - Derek Zoolander ———— Was so proud that I could turn left. #persistentfam 📷: @apasionese

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Made it to @bengkelsnc from Hong Kong in one piece and home for the next few days with @wod_off_jakarta 💪🎉! Excited so time to have some fun with it 👍! #fitfam #fitspo #crossfit #crossfithongkong #wodoffjakarta #fitfamhk #madebyasphodel #crossfitgear #mastersathlete #training #crossfitmen #crossfitguys #fit #health #rokfit #crossfitjakarta #wodoffjakarta2019 #madebyasphodel

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New to TORQ? Athletes of all levels are welcomed here! Take advantage of our 2019 New Customer package for only HKD299: buy one class and get one for free! It's the perfect chance to try something new. 🚴🏼‍♀️ _ _ _ _ _ #fitfriday #fitnessinspiration #fitnesslife #personaltrainer #gymlife #gymtime #fitnessmodel #strongbodystrongmind #hongkong🇭🇰 #homekong #discoverhongkong #hkigers #fitfamhk #cycling #spinstagram #spartanrace #ironmanedit #cyclingmotivation #cycling_queens #cyclinglife #independentgym #weightlosscommunity #indoorcycling

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champnutrition.hk. 過度訓練以及如何避免 - 標籤一位認「再生」太被高估的朋友。😉
- 以訓練釋

過度訓練以及如何避免 - 標籤一位認「再生」太被高估的朋友。😉 . 首先,讓我們解釋並簡化建立肌肉及提高運動表現的主要原則: - 以訓練釋放刺激物,這需要超過一定的刺激臨界點。🏋🏻‍♂️ - 我們的運動表現隨住身體壓力而減少,而導致肌肉有微撕裂。 - 訓練結束後,我們的身體會再生。💪🏻身體提高其運動表現超出以前的水平,以便能夠承受未來的身體壓力。🔥 . 在一開始階段,很難發現過度訓練。它取決於許多因素,例如飲食,訓練,睡眠,日常生活中的壓力,而這是非常個人的。🧐一個簡單的過度訓練,經常伴隨著持久的疲勞。😴它還可能導致缺乏訓練動力,頭痛,身體疼痛和運動表現下降。🤯 . ☝🏻為了避免過度訓練,你需要知道肌肉群需要多長時間才能再生。這非常視乎個人的,而通常需要有很多經驗才能得知。以下是有幫助的工具: - 訓練日記,以跟進表現(有助於發現運動表現下降,而你可以作相應調整)📝 - 訓練計劃(任何訓練計劃對剛開始時都很有幫助。找一個你喜歡做的,並堅持下去。我們最近談過推拉腿訓練,不妨看看。)💪🏻💯 - 管理你的日常生活,盡量避免壓力📆 - 確保有足夠蛋白質攝入量💪🏻💯 - 連續睡眠至少6-7小時😴 . 如果你覺得此貼文有用,請給一個❤️,令我們會知道各位將來想要看到更多什麼內容!😊 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overtraining and how to avoid it - Tag a friend, who thinks regeneration is overrated😉 . First of all, let’s clarify and simplify the main principal of building up muscles and to increase your performance: - through training stimuli are released, these need to pass a certain stimulus threshold🏋🏻‍♂️ - Our performance decreases through the physical stress and leads to micro cracks in the muscles - After the training, our body regenerates. 💪🏻The body increases its performance passed the previous level in order to be able to withstand future physical stresses.🔥 . Overtraining is hard to spot in the beginning phase. It depends on so many factors like diet, training, sleep, stress in daily life and is very individual. 🧐A simple overtraining often comes with lasting fatigue. 😴It can also lead to lack of motivation for training, head aches, pain and decreased performance.🤯 ☝🏻To avoid overtraining, you’ll need to know how long the muscle groups need to regenerate. This is very individual and usually takes a lot of experience. Tools that can help: . - Training diary to track performance (helps to spot decrease of performance, so you can adjust accordingly) 📝 -Training plan (any training plan is fine in the beginning. Find one that you enjoy doing and stick to it. We have recently talked about push-pull-leg Training, check it out.) 💪🏻💯 - Manage your daily life and try to avoid stress📆 - Make sure to cover your protein intake🍗🥚 - At least 6-7 hours continuous sleep 😴 . If you have find this helpful, please give it a❤️So we’ll know what you guys want to see more often😊

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nickworley82. In order to combat ⚔️ a legend like @jayjohnson1581 and his new kicks.

In order to combat ⚔️ a legend like @jayjohnson1581 and his new kicks....you need a legendary shoe of old 👟!! Pumped as the @reebok #nano2 is back and got to me just in time, so looking forward to seeing how they help me @wod_off_jakarta this weekend! SPOILER - they won’t help but at least I’ll look sharp 😂! #fitfam #fitspo #crossfit #crossfithongkong #wodoffjakarta #fitfamhk #madebyasphodel #reebok #nanoclub #crossfitgear #mastersathlete #nanoforall #itson #youdontscaremejay #okyouscaremealittle #imsorrydonthurtme #shoes #crossfitshoes #training #crossfitmasters #crossfitmen #crossfitguys #fit #health #reebokclassic #reebokhk

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fitfamhongkong. Can't make it to Tamar Park on Wednesday nights? Why don't you come pl

Can't make it to Tamar Park on Wednesday nights? Why don't you come play with us in North Point on Thursday mornings then 😏

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Mid-week sweaty party 🥳 Happy hump day, FitFammers!

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champnutrition.hk. 我們的產品以科學為基礎,為給你完美體驗及效果而最佳化。👩🏼‍🔬CHAMP乳清蛋白含有約60%的水解分離式乳清蛋白,眾所周知,這是最佳形

我們的產品以科學為基礎,為給你完美體驗及效果而最佳化。👩🏼‍🔬CHAMP乳清蛋白含有約60%的水解分離式乳清蛋白,眾所周知,這是最佳形態的乳清蛋白。💪🏻與任何其他形式的乳清蛋白相比,它更容易消化並更快地到達到你的肌肉。🔥因此,你的身體就會在你正需要時有蛋白質使用。享用蛋白質奶昔後,你就不再有胃痛或不斷打嗝!💯🤩 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our products are science based and optimised for a perfect experience and result. 👩🏼‍🔬 CHAMP Whey Protein contains around 60% of hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, which is known as the best form of Whey Protein. 💪🏻It is super easy to digest and reaches your muscles faster than any other form of Whey Protein. Therefore your body is fuelled with protein right when it needs it. 🔥No more stomachaches or constant burps after enjoying your Protein Shake!💯🤩 . 📸 @hkkluk

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Solid BACK and BI’s (Pull) session last week💥. Definitely give it a go if you wanna grow your wings 🦅. SWIPE & SAVE to try it out 🙏🏽. ————— Full Workout Details: Exercise 1: ☄️ Pendlay Row 4 x 10 - 12 reps ⚡️Been enjoying this variation of rows, great for explosive power and uses less momentum Exercise 2: ☄️ Superset: A: Wide Grip Pull Ups 4 x 10 reps + (No Rest) B: Cable Pullover 4 x 10 reps ⚡️One of my favourite back exercises, feel a great contraction when squeezing the wings Exercise 3: ☄️ Superset: A: Supported DB Row 3 x 10 - 12 reps + (No Rest) B: DB Rear Delt Row 3 x 10 reps Exercise 4: ☄️ Front Lat Pulldown 3 x 10 - 12 reps (each arm) Exercise 5: ☄️ Single Arm Cable Row 3 x 10 - 12 reps (each arm) ⚡️New fav isolated back exercise, not too heavy and really feeling the late when contracting Exercise 6: ☄️ Superset: A: EZ Bar Curls 4 x 12 reps + (No Rest) B: Reverse Grip EZ-Bar Curl 4 x 12 reps Let me know if you have any questions about the workout in the comments below ⚡️✌🏽. ————— #persistentfam #workoutvideo #bicepworkout #backworkout #pullworkout

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champnutrition.hk. 心態,是冠軍人馬與其他人與別不同的地方。💯我們的生活是一個充滿挑戰的旅程,每個人都需要克服挑戰。這取決於你的心態和面對這些挑戰的態度。💪

心態,是冠軍人馬與其他人與別不同的地方。💯我們的生活是一個充滿挑戰的旅程,每個人都需要克服挑戰。這取決於你的心態和面對這些挑戰的態度。💪🏻最終,我們每人都有兩隻眼睛,但我們的觀點肯定不同。成功並不神奇,而每個人都可以。成功由你開始。🔥🚀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAG A FRIEND WITH A STRONG MINDSET - Mindset is what separates a Champion from the rest. 💯Our life is a journey with a lot of challenges that everyone needs to overcome. It’s up to you with what mindset and what attitude you face those challenges. 💪🏻At the end of the day, we all have two eyes, but we for sure don’t have the same view. Being successful is nothing magical, everyone can be it. It starts with you.🔥🚀

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healthloverlilian. 今日就要挑戰下波比跳😆😆😆 1分45秒 内完成 25下💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 <Burpee> 中文音譯為「波比」是一項無氧運動,結

今日就要挑戰下波比跳😆😆😆 1分45秒 内完成 25下💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 <Burpee> 中文音譯為「波比」是一項無氧運動,結合了深蹲、伏地挺身及跳躍一連串的動作。常被列為燃脂、瘦身的運動課程的項目之一,只需簡單6個動作20秒就能燃脂💗 練Burpees 為什麼會瘦? Burpee會訓練到全身百分之70以上的肌肉群,包含核心肌群、腳、手臂、腹部、臀部及背部等,除了訓練肌耐力、彈性、活動性外,它對於心肺適能的訓練也非常的有幫助。 練Burpees 的其他好處 [ 心血管方面 ] 1、可以提升心肺功能,也就是說可以有效的提升我們的運動能力。 2、體脂含量更低。 3、4分鐘高強度訓練就可以有效增加血管健康標誌物的水平 [ 代謝方面 ] 1 單位時間內運動強度大,可以高效的達到減脂所需的能量虧空。 2 與經常進行耐力訓練以及不參加體育運動的人群相比,可以有效減少胰島素抵抗的水平。 3 降低空腹血糖指數,從而減少人群代謝綜合症的風險。 #burpees #波比跳 #燃脂 #瘦身 #運動營養 #fitfamhk

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Looks like waking up is getting easier and easier - big group this morning! Thanks for coming out to sweat, and wishing @conniescw the happiest of birthdays! Burpees coming right at ya 😉

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tess_ll. 😊😊😊


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Fat loss. If you wanna get lean and take awkward gym mirror selfies like me 👀, then follow the basics of fat loss below 1.⚡️Eat at a caloric deficit If your weight plateaus either reduce calorie intake or throw in some cardio 2.⚡️Repeat the above and if calories end up being too low, take a break from the deficit and eat at maintenance for a few weeks. Then follow step 1 again. ————— Currently trying to maintain this level of body fat, not gonna lie it’s tough when travelling 🇦🇺 (this pic was taken 2 weeks ago weighing in at around 87kgs 👌🏽) Travel tip: I usually try to stay in Airbnb’s so I can cook and workout regularly ————— Pull workout coming this weds 🔥💥 ————— #persistentfam

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Join us on 19th September @f45_training_causewaybay for the Spartan event 8pm. This will be explanatory session about the Spartan race to make sure you are well prepared for it and of course, we’ll have some protein snacks prepared for our F45 CHAMPS! If you aren’t a member of F45 yet, you are welcome to sign up for a free trial on 19th before the 8pm event to experience the classes. There will be classes at 6.15pm and 7.10pm. SEE YOU THERE! AROOO! . Get a FREE 8 days trial (for HK residents only). https://f45training.hk/causewaybay/

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@peter_castella_ifbbpro is one week out from the @asiagrandprix_official in 🇰🇷 Very inspiring bodybuilder with a great attitude. A real Champ! 💯 Definitely check his page for some bodybuilding motivation. Peter, we wish you all the best for the last week of prep! 加油, add oil from 🇭🇰 ! 💪🏻 . Posted @withrepost • @peter_castella_ifbbpro A quick shout out and thank you to @champnutrition.hk for the care package they sent over today. They have a whey protein in chocolate and vanilla, a ready to drink lemon iced tea flavoured whey isolate and a protein pancake mix. Once I’m finished with my prep I’ll try everything and do a video review. . #champnutrition #supplements #wheyprotein #wheyproteinisolate #wheyproteinreadytodrink #proteinpancake #bodybuilding

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Heavy rain in Kowloon and all sunny in Tung Chung... Hong Kong, you never stop surprising us! Rain or shine, we GO 🤪👊🏼

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“There’s a certain beauty to weightlifting, as it helps you physically, mentally and emotionally by letting you focus all your energy on getting the barbell overhead!” 💪🏋🏻‍♂️ ! Funday Sunday session with 135kgs (297lbs) @crossfitasphodel 🎉! #fitfam #crossfit #fitspo #crossfithongkong #crossfitters #crossfitmen #fit #health #healthy #hongkongfitness #olympiclifting #liftheavy #liftheavyshit #madebyasphodel #weightlifting #fitfamhk #crossfitasia #barbell #mastersathlete #hwpo #rokfit #harbingerfitness #betterthanyesterday #barbellclub #gym #health

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