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rawssana. Our second #womencircle with @laya_bodywork and amazing women🦄💞
So m

Our second #womencircle with @laya_bodywork and amazing women🦄💞 So much #connection #awareness #reflection and #sharing on the topic of #femininity #selfdoubt #judgement with such #humility and #acceptance ✨ We are literally in the process of freeing ourselves from over- imposed and limiting #archetypes entrenched within us and of re-creating and re-shaping new personal and individual concepts around #womanhood with no violence, no blaming, no external destructive reactions, but by going within and coming back home.... Sbang, pretty damn #powerful 💥 #meditation #meditate #visualisation #womenempowerment #womenwomb #womensupportingwomen #breathwork #soundhealing #switzerland🇨🇭 #zurich

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feminismishumanism. Un post spécial coupe du monde féminine de football aujourd'hui. Alert

Un post spécial coupe du monde féminine de football aujourd'hui. Alert sexisme ! 🌸 • Je voudrais commencer par signaler que la coupe du monde féminine est très peu médiatisée en comparaison à la coupe du monde masculine. J'en ai personnellement très peu entendu parler. 🌸 • Ensuite cette phrase montre que les femmes sont systématiquement jugées et notamment sur leur physique. Ici on s'intéresse plus à leur apparence qu'à leur performance sportive. 🌸 • Et puis qu'est ce que ça veut dire "être féminine" ? Si "être féminine" signifie être une femme, alors toutes les joueuses sont féminines. Mais si cela signifie être conforme aux caractéristiques qui sont traditionnellement associées aux femmes alors effectivement toutes le sont pas. Et ce n'est pas un problème. Le problème ici c'est que la négation de la féminité est utilisée comme une insulte. Comme si une femme qui ne répondait pas aux normes de genre n'était pas réellement une femme. Le genre et l'expression de genre sont deux choses qui sont à séparer. Chaque femme a le droit d'exprimer son genre comme elle le souhaite et elle ne devrait pas être jugée pour l'exprimer d'une certaine manière. 🌸 • Et est ce qu'on juge de la masculinité des joueurs de foot pendant les matchs ? Il me semble que non. Cela signifie donc qu'il a un traitement différencié des hommes et des femmes c'est à dire une discrimination. 🌸 • Finalement j'aimerais rappeler que les personnes non binaires et intersexuées sont complètement invisibilisées dans les compétitions sportives. 🌸 • #feminisme #feminism #sexisme #sexism #casualsexsim #sexsimequotidien #sexismeinteriorise #internalizedmisogyny #coupedumondefeminine #womensworldcup #football #jugement #judgement #objectification #iamnotyourproperty #sexualisation #hypersexualisation #invisibilisation #féminité #femininity #femininityhasnoboundaries #doublestandards #youcandowhateveryouwant #fuckgendernorms #fuckgenderroles #fuckstereotypes #mindyourlanguage #mindyourwords #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #womenempowerment

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Żadną tajemnicą nie jest, że uwielbiam aktywne, silne kobiety. Pewne siebie i swojej wartości, wiedzące świetnie jakie są ich atuty, sięgające po rzeczy niemożliwe jak po swoje. Też się za taką kobietę uważam, wiem ile to wszystko czasem kosztuje i wiem że warto. To jest zdjęcie jednej z cudownych kobiet jakie na początku czerwca przyszły do mnie na sesje kobiece. Piękna, filigranowa wręcz, a mająca taką siłę w sobie (mówię dosłownie, Magda to ogień i sztangi to wiedzą). Na sesji gościłam też inną świetną dziewczynę, która także umie w sztangi i też ją tu niedługo pokażę. To najlepszy możliwy przykład żeby pokazać niezdecydowanym kobietom, że siłownia to nie droga do męskiej sylwetki, a wręcz przeciwnie. To droga do turbo kobiecej sylwetki. A co najważniejsze, to droga do siły i pewności siebie, między innymi, stąd wynikającej. 💪 Kocham no. #femininity #kobiecość #lookslikefilm #niezleaparaty #fotografpoznań #bodypositive #womenwholiftweights #womenwholift #lifter #gymlove #shesquatsbro #fotografślubnypoznań #portraitpower #portraitmood #makeportraitsnotwar #naturalnafotografia #whiteshirt #blackandwhiteportrait #sesjaportretowapoznań

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belleempiretheartofbeingwoman. Happy #humpday
This is a favourite song of mine from a favourite movie

Happy #humpday This is a favourite song of mine from a favourite movie...Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. All about how a plain book shop girl is transformed in to a top model. Of course Audrey was beautiful even as her original bookish persona, but it is amazing how alive she feels with a little hair, make up, a pretty dress and a song and a dance. Be more Audrey today. . . . . . #onhowtobelovely #audreyhepburn #femininity #glamour #songanddance #oldhollywood

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CONFESSION POST I'm a normal girl. But I always lived with understanding I can be something more than just a person who barely switches her studies she didn't love to home with very difficult and unhealthy mental environment. I knew I would express myself, be noticed, be heard. ⠀ ⠀ I'm happy that I chose that way with various public performances, music and modelling work. I love talking to the people from the stage, runway, screens when it happens. Honestly, It's still not the limit. I cannot say I'm something of an ideal I wanted to be or whoever else. I don't live "Instagram life" everyday, I share a moderate flat with roommates, love walking around the beautiful city of Prague and I solve everyday problems. Absolutely unluxury life 🤣. But I have goals and I love travelling, which happens thank to my activities. Whenever I'm upset or feel destroyed I look back. I look at the changes which have happen and progress I've made. Then I realise I'm going in the right direction. And it gives me strength to move on. I'm happy I finally found the platform to tell my story and I think I will proceed with that. ⠀ ⠀ Photoshoot for @perfect_dress.eu#MissInternationalUzbekistan2019 #59thMissInternational #MissInternational2019 #missuzbekistan #missinternational #praha #prague #ceskamodelka #missglobal #pageant #beautypageant #beautyqueen  #photomodel #photomodel #uzbekistan  #modelka  #czechmodel #foceni #fotomodelka #photoshoot  #model  #ceskarepublika #femininity #fashionshoot #dolcegabbana

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fashionboomshop. Double-Breasted Blazer with Satin-Effect Trimming 🌟
Available in size

Double-Breasted Blazer with Satin-Effect Trimming 🌟 Available in size S For all questions and to order, please write on Whatsapp or Direct 📱+352 691 777 800 __________________________________________________ Enjoy your purchase with @fashionboomshop 🛍💗 __________________________________________________ #newcollection #lightblue #feminine #suit #cocktail #dress #fashiondress #fashionboomshop #imperial #femininity #tenderness #fashion #womenfashion #italian #clothes #instafashionista #fashionlook #onlineshopping #fashionable #fashionaddict #womenstyle #fashionista #instafashion #italianstyle #luxury #style #shopping #time #luxembourg #city

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nustox. Pure #femininity in a strong #outfit
🛒 Shop #liujo on #Nustox
📷 @l

Pure #femininity in a strong #outfit 🛒 Shop #liujo on #Nustox 📷 @liujoglobal @veronicaferraro . . . . . . . . . . . #summer2019 #trend #fashion #outfit #style #shopping #moda

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adoro.te.devote. It appears that there are two movements on social media trying to disc

It appears that there are two movements on social media trying to discuss modesty. One is the Marian Modesty movement (which did not originate on IG initially) and the @modishmovement. You might guess that I follow the @marian.modesty.movement since I post on the page and it's in my bio. (And btw there are people who dress modestly but dont give it any name! I am just speaking of these two movements here for a specific reason). I thought I'd explain why I don't follow the Modish movement. First what are these anyway?? @modishmovement is based on the idea that one can follow modern trends such as jeans, shorter skirts, etc, and still be decent. Marian Modesty is based on the idea that true modesty is not just subjective and that the perfect example of a modest woman is our Blessed Mother, so we should imitate her as her daughters. One misconception that comes up about Marian Modesty is that it means dressing frumpy or old fashioned. That is not true because frumpiness and looking old fashioned are determined by style, not coverage. There might be people who would say that if you wear something long you immediately look like you're from 1915. But if you go to the mall; you would find various long skirts in style this summer. Some have immodest slits, but others are very modest. I saw some in stores like H and M or Zara. Are these stores for historical clothing? For mature ladies 65+ only? Hardly. It's totally possible to wear contemporary looking clothing but in such a way, that it covers as much as the Marian Modesty guidelines say. Another possible argument is that this type of modesty is only for nuns. Again, this is simply untrue as people of all vocations follow Marian Modesty. The third point might be that we would alienate others from the faith by dressing this way. This is a more serious argument. I wrote about it in the recent post for @MarianModestyMovement. I know about this firsthand because I used to think this same way. I used to think that a mini dress tunic with leggings is modest, and i remember feeling bewildered and annoyed when some people thought it needs to be longer skirts! (Continued in comments)

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G Ravinder Reddy’s “Devi-III”, standing at 7 feet tall, and painted and copper gilded on polyester, is a tribute to the femininity of the Indian woman, likening her to a goddess. The lavish surface treatment and decoration serves to highlight the monumentality of form. The texture and form of earrings, nose rings, hair braids, floral adornments, glossy lips and wide open painted eyes bring to mind a venerated feminine. Catch “Devi-III” and more of G Ravinder Reddy’s art at RASA from 8th June to 8th August at Emami Art. #EmamiArt #Rasa #RavinderReddy⠀⠀⠀ . . . #emamiart #kcc #kccinkolkata #gravindrareddy #artist #talent #exhibition #artexhibition #exhibitionsatkcc #kolkata #thingstodoinkolkata #kolkatabloggers #bloggersofkolkata #ig_bloggers #instabloggers #events #eventsinkolkata #exhibitionsinkolkata #sculpture #largerthanlife #firsttimeinkolkata #soloexhibition #mustvisit #oneofitskind #polyster #femininity

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A strong mind, a tender heart. @divinegoddessyoga | Byron Bay | June 19

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Lady in lines No. 13 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hmm, this lady is thinking big. Just like me! That’s what makes me happy. Big plans in the make.. To be continued.. ✨🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #ladiesinlines #minimalism #illustrationoftheday #blackandwhite #indianink #paper #sketch #fashion #fashiondesign #amsterdam #graphicdesign #designerlife #designer #ladies #feminin #urbandesign #girlboss #femininity #esthetic #purebeauty #beauty #flow #amazing #fransjesophie

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johanna.quednau. I want to share some personal thoughts with you: 
It is okay to be in

I want to share some personal thoughts with you: It is okay to be in love. No reason for feeling ashamed or inferior to the person who is not in love. It happens to the best of us. We don't have control over it. Sometimes we even fall in love with the wrong person. We are human, we are imperfect, we don't always have our emotions "under control". But here it gets personal: I grew up being ashamed of being in love. Yes. And I now realize: I still carry this shame within me. Why? It is not bound to age or maturity. I believe it doesn't have to do with your level of "healedness" or spiritual awareness or anything like that. No matter how old you are, if 5 or 80, love still happens. And it can be something beautiful and magnificent, but at times, sadly, also something tragic and painful. But it doesn't define us as human beings. We are worthy beyond our infatuation and rejections. We are worthy beyond our feelings and our pain. Until recently, I felt that it is some sort of power struggle and the one who is more emotionally engaged is the loser. I want to end this stigma here. It kept me from getting too close to anyone for a long time. Now I feel I am behind in love and relationship matters compared to other women of my age. Because I played it safe and always stayed in the position "of power" and comfort. I was the one who was adored, loved and admired. I was the one who they chased and dreamed of. In the last couple of years this slowly changed. It is a fucking painful process because we first have to go through rejection, abandonment and heartbreak to finally find back to ourselves and... - to be continued. I have only lived until this very moment and I don't know how the story ends. But I refuse to stay in this feeling of being humiliated and ashamed. My feelings are valid. My feelings are true, and my feelings make me human and make me feel alive. And I am thankful to feel that deeply. Again: It is okay to be in love. Have a lovely night. Johanna . . #personalthoughts #love #inlove #beinginlove #infatuation #heart #feelings #emotions #heartfelt #pain #loss #vulnerability #femininity #strength #spirituality #journey #journal #healing #path #worthy

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empoweredwomentoday. 💕💫Renewing the Divine Feminine in You💞💫 You might be wondering wha

💕💫Renewing the Divine Feminine in You💞💫 You might be wondering what I mean when I say "feminine energy". Well it has nothing to do with gender or sexual preference. Everyone, no matter their gender has both masculine and feminine energy characteristics. Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy within us that must be balanced to achieve optimal results in our lives. Both are necessary, but what I've found is that most ambitious women have become so disconnected from living in alignment with our feminine energy in a way that feels "in flow" instead of like we're pushing against the grain in our day to day lives. Feminine energy is misunderstood as being “sexy” or maybe even “weak,” it is in fact something entirely different. Being feminine in no way, shape, or form means dressing, looking, or even acting a certain way. The old myths of the feminine as being soft, childish, unintelligent, airy-fairy, overly sensitive, or out of control no longer hold true. Feminine energy is not about control; it is about the power through which we are able to lead, manage, and create everything that we want, and through which we will be able to impact the world. Where feminine energy fuels us to nurturing, collaborative, compassionate, creative, communicative, emotionally aware, intuitive interactions. The power of the feminine is manifested when: 💕 You are open, authentic to our true self and purpose in life 💕 You feel beautiful in your body. 💕 You have fallen in love with yourself. 💕 You feel a quiet, yet powerful confidence. 💕 You are focused on what you desire and what makes you happy. 💕 You are comfortable receiving and letting go of control. 💕 You are speaking your truth. 💕 You are playful. 💕 You are vulnerable. 💕 You feel supported by your tribe Whether you are a woman looking to reconnect with your inner feminine more deeply, or a man looking to self-nurture and balance out his masculine, here are some practices that can help increase your feminine:-

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marian.modesty.movement. +JMJ. Dear friends. Don't be afraid of modesty. I want to tell you the

+JMJ. Dear friends. Don't be afraid of modesty. I want to tell you the truth. It will be hard. It will be against the world. You will be criticized or ridiculed or misunderstood, often by those closest to you. You may be opposed by your family. You will stand for what others see as unpopular, "prudish", old fashioned or laughable. You might have thoughts "this is too much. I look like I'm from another century. I am supposed to draw others to Christ.. yet they will see me as ridiculous. God accepts me as I am.. He will understand I need to follow the fashions, and in the end, would I not be a better witness, would I not draw more souls to Him?" My sisters. Who drew the most souls to Our Lord? Consider the Saints. St Francis. St Dominic. St Anthony. St Teresa of Avila. Our Lord told the Catholic mystic Gabrielle Bossis - "The Saints saw things differently from others and that is why they seemed to lead strange lives. They didnt have the same eyes. The atmosphere of the world is so false that it is foreign to truth" (He and I, Pauline press). Our Lord says the Saints seemed strange. They did not follow the world. They stood as on a mountain above. Let us imitate them. To progress in holiness, to grow in mental prayer; we need to reject the spirit of the world. Our Lady of Good Success talked about the atmosphere of our present age being saturated in impurity. If we are immersed in it; how can we remain unscathed? Did not Our Lord pray, that the Apostles be not of the world? But I do not think this would push people away from God. To reach others; we need charity. We do in a sense need to come to people where they are. But we would not lead others to sanctity by telling them - "see you can be Catholic and keep all your immodest fashions, and stay with the world!". No - you are called to be a witness. By your life; you tell the world: "look above! You are not meant for here. You are made for infinite love. For eternal life. Look beyond what this world tells you! Look to Heaven!" (Continued in comments)

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Happiness is a state of mind☝🏼

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empoweredwomentoday. 💖💖💖 Happy #WonderfulWomenWednesday 💖💖💖💖

💖💖💖 Happy #WonderfulWomenWednesday 💖💖💖💖

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chagutierrez. More progress on this new large piece. Continuing to block in figures

More progress on this new large piece. Continuing to block in figures with rough strokes, but it will become a little clearer and more refined with time. What do you see in this painting? . . . . #figurativeart #figurativepainting #latinaartists #latinxcreatives #artist #painting #acrylicpainting #artistsofinstagram #womenartists #latina #latinaartists #poc #painter #art #beauty #color #inthestudio #creativewomen #womenwhopaint #latinaswhopaint #portrait #portraitpainting #femininity #illustrativeart #illustration #feministart #portrait #latinaart #dtphxart #dtphxartist

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blossomingfeminine. When they tell you to balance you Feminine and Masculine, don't.


When they tell you to balance you Feminine and Masculine, don't. This has been one of the greatest decisions I made. I don't have an inner Masculine, I am Feminine and from my feminine I can do everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. Achieving success, building a business, dating, career, actualizing, fitness, health & well-being, manifesting... . When you do everything from your Feminine, all areas of your life will feel connected, and a sense of order will establish itself. If you are trying to balance your Masculine and Feminine know that you are splitting your energy and split energy never provides fulfilling results. You'll feel it, the struggle, the inadequacy, the push. This is why I am all in when it comes to my feminine embodiment journey. How the Masculine and Feminine operate looks different even if they are doing the same thing. None is better than the other, simply different. So don't worry about trying to balance Masculinity and Femininity. Just choose one and decide this is what you will be. I am Feminine. How about you?

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taylahroseiswildexo. You are my Puddin, until the end
More than a buddy, you're my best fri

You are my Puddin, until the end More than a buddy, you're my best friend I love you more then you will ever know I will never let you go ❤️🖤 #woman #women #womanempowerment #queen #loveinmadness #love #allyouneedislove #harleyquinn #harleyquinn #harleenquinzel #harleyquinncosplay #southsideserpents #ladyinred #feminine #femininity #feminineenergy

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Have you ever had that one relationship where life just opened up to you? Do you feel like you could grow 10 years with that person in just 10 minutes? I know I have. Recently, in fact. It's what got me on this journey to find my own masculine identity. Relationship can shake up our world and show us who we truly are and who we are going to be. When it does, it burns red-hot. As men, we feel known as we are in that moment. Even more, we're inspired to face our challenges to bring the world back to the person who means everything to us. I learned the hard way that romantic passion, without a container of safe commitment and presence, can burn out the human soul. So how do you conduct yourself consciously in your relationship? 1. Recognize the relationship itself is a teacher of your own karmic issues. The drama inside of your relationship reflects the drama inside your soul. You will naturally attract and notice the people who reflect your inner struggle. By refusing to listen, put up with, or work through the issues of the relationship, you're reflecting your own attitudes to the issues of your life. 2. Set commitment. You can't effectively work together on those issues if one partner feels like the other will run at the sign of trouble. Commitment is very hard to come by these days--that's why it's such a valuable currency if you have it. 3. Be present. Listen to your partner's emotions. Feel their energy and soul. Know where they are at all times, to the best of your ability. Set your intent for each interaction with them. If you think your communication can coast by, your relationship is heading to the rocks.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #masculinity #femininity #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #masculineenergy #feminineenergy #spiritualrelationships #menscoach #datingcoach #relationshipcoach #menswork #manosphere #manhood

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Men's Junk Episode #3 - Toxic Masculinity is UPLOADING!🏋️‍♂️💪❤ Are you ready to hear two nightclub bouncers discussing Toxic Masculinity? Well strap on your suspenders and bowties and shine up those shoes because it is about to go down at Men's Junk. Men's Junk meets Toxic Masculinity. Our brave hosts explore what toxic masculinity is and break it down into its' individual parts. We then do a dive into how toxic masculinity has affected our own lives as former and current bouncers in and outside the work place. All of this, of course, to open up an objective discussion with other men about this touchy matter. We are releasing new content every two weeks! Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest release. Thank you to all the men and women who have shown us support in launching our hot new podcast. We SEE you. Credit to Wow Magazine Nepal for this picture.

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boldbare. Boldness is a state of mind ft @ursulolita⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Boldness is a state of mind ft @ursulolita⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Boldandbare #beboldbebare #naturalskincare #boldlife #beautyrituals #selfacceptance #girlboss #loveyourskin #naturalbeauty #truebeauty #selfconfidence #girlpower #thefutureisfemale #empowered #naturalbeautyatitsbest #femininity #powerofwomen #femalebeauty

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aja_cortes. @liftrunbang is a Man I’ve followed for a long time and I’ll readily s

@liftrunbang is a Man I’ve followed for a long time and I’ll readily say he’s been a role model in his honesty, his openness to sharing the vulnerable parts of his life, and his unapologetic strength in all of it The word I was looking for the in my recent IG story was “interdependence”, and his defining of it was so coherent and clear, I had to share it. I should also mention, he’s a world class strength and physique coach and a phenomenal writer. If you follow me you should follow him. . . . . . #brutalfuckingtruth #mementomori #selfdevelopment #ballet #femininity #masculinity #mcm #bibliophilia #philosophy #fatloss #friendship #selfdiscipline #personaltrainer #friendship #mentorship #podcast

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