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Ich übe viel selbstständig zu Hause und wenn ich in eine Yogaklasse gehe, dann auch fast ausschließlich im Mysore Style. Ich übe generell eher langsam und trödle extrem gerne 🙄. Da kann so eine Primary Serie dann schnell mal 2 Stunden dauern. Deswegen nehme ich mit gern mal ein YouTube Video der Ersten Serie, um wieder mal so richtig den Flow zu spüren. Thanks to @purplevalleyyoga and @markrobberds for the sweaty class! 😅 • • • #ashtangayoga #primaryseries #yogachikitsa #purplevalley #yogagoa #markrobberds #practiceandalliscoming #practiceyogaeveryday #vandegurunam #ekaminhale #countedclass #ledprimary #yoga #ashtanga #homepractice #youtubeyoga #yogavideo

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maketimeprecious. • “learning how to love is the goal and the purpose of spiritual life

• “learning how to love is the goal and the purpose of spiritual life — not learning how to develop psychic powers, not learning how to bow, chant, do yoga, or even meditate, but learning to love. Love is the truth. Love is the light.” ~ Lama Surya Das #ekaminhale #love . 📸 @sarah.pierroz

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yogalyfe. Meet Julie aka Juls! 
Julie is a dedicated student of yoga who discove

Meet Julie aka Juls! Julie is a dedicated student of yoga who discovered Ashtanga in 2010 thinking it would be a “good stretch” to compliment her marathon running. She quickly discovered through the daily Mysore practice that the benefits of ashtanga yoga extends beyond the shapes made through asanas. She’s been a dedicated student ever since. Her enthusiasm and passion to share this practice with others shines through, not only in her postural practice but also in the way she shows up for others in the community. Come on over and join Julie this weekend at the shala for #ledprimaryseries from 8-9:30 am. 745 Distel Drive, Suite 109 Los Altos! #yogalyfeashtangashala #verdespace #loveliveshere #cometakepractice #healingspace #eightlimbs #ekaminhale #breathesteady #findyourroots #grateful

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#ekaminhale en Ashtanga on utilise le souffle sonore ou plus communément appelé le souffle victorieux #ujjayi savez vous pourquoi victorieux ? Grâce à ce souffle on arrive à obtenir la victoire sur son mental et donc à réduire voir même ralentir le flot incessant des pensées #patanjaliyoga #yogacittavrittinirodhah #breath #ashtangayoga #toulousemaville #avytoulouse

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timmilleryoga. Inhale; Sharp amid the blurry. .
Sutra 1.3 - Tada drastuh svarupe’va

Inhale; Sharp amid the blurry. . . Sutra 1.3 - Tada drastuh svarupe’vasthanam (When we stop the turns of the mind;1.2) From there, the seer abides in one’s own perpetual nature. . . #urdhvahastasana #upwardhandspose #asana #fog #blurry #timmilleryoga #ekaminhale #yogasutras #claritywithin #dristi

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Si te lo permites...si te entregas al momento: oh!! Conocerás almas hermosas! Vivirás el momento y te permitirás vivir la vida conforme vaya sucediendo, manifestándose para ti y por ti. Hoy amanecí nostálgica! Y disfruto esta nostalgia!! Me siento infinitamente agradecida por cada persona que ha pasado en mi vida. Ha sido un honor cruzar camino con cada una de ustedes, me llenan de felicidad y el recuerdo de nuestras conexiones me abraza siempre. SIII a ti que se te acaba de dibujar una sonrisa en la cara mientras leías esto!! Amo y ame cada momento!! Me siento agradecida conmigo por permitirme vivirlo y disfrutar del tiempo y espacio que hayamos vivido. NAMASTE!!! Y un recordatorio: Hace todo eso que tenes ganas de hacer y decir del corazón!! La vida es cada instante que creas y permitís. Viví tu vida y disfrútala!!! Con todo y sus retos y cambios sorpresivos: son magia pura si así lo quieres ver!! #yoga #simple #sinprisa #practiceALL #amistadescuanticas #cafecuantico #ekam #ekaminhale #omishome #yogisnomadas #shalamovil #chilacayotefresco #dvDance

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bim_bim_cuenca. Bend so you don’t break 🧘🏻‍♀️ #backbend #yoga #asana

Bend so you don’t break 🧘🏻‍♀️ #backbend #yoga #asana

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sa_bi_nes_vibes. \"Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we

"Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky." Thich Nhat Hanh. #grateful 🙏 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ #onebreathatatime #practiceeveryday #practiceyogachangeyourlife #ekaminhale #beautifulearth #ashtangalove #ashtangayoga #yogajourney #yoginilife #breathtaking #fearless #trust #yogaeverywhere #themoment #bepresent #beaware #mindfullness #mountainlove #schöckl #wanderlust

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. “We’re living in the future’s past. What kind of future would you like to see? What are you willing to contribute towards creating that future?” . . Can we re-write our old stories? Can we forgive and accept more? Can we surrender and trust the impossible possible . . . ? can we? can I? #notetoself #imagine #livinginthefuturespast #beginagain #jeffbridges 📸 @sarah.pierroz 💛

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There aren’t many places nowadays to disconnect and just be present with yourself. Yoga is the perfect place to start tuning into YOU! As you move through the practice, you commit time and energy to care for your mind and body...this is a space for YOU. To be supported. To grow. To start holding space for yourself 🌻 . . Post teaching snippets! Caught saluting the sun during my practice this morning.❤️ . Come for Ashtanga tonight @sarvamyoga with yours truly. See you on the mats at 7.30 pm . . 📸 by the one and only @stellar.states

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Practicar 💙 Cada día asi sea solo los sun salutations si no tienes mucho tiempo (como yo 🤷🏻‍♀️) agradece al cuerpo por la práctica, por vencer el #comfortzone , por vencer el #miedo , no hay definicion de una practica buena o mala porque lo importante es que estas practicando y cada día el que ganas eres tu ⭐️ La mente siempre esta alli poniendo excusas 🙄, desenrrollemos el mat y vamos a practicar 🙌🏻🧘🏻‍♀️ Mis fines de semana son full de practica puedo estar alli horas practicando, encontrando espacios en mi cuerpo, en ese pequeño espacio sagrado que creo desde el primer #ekaminhale (los ashtangis me entenderan 😉)

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every time I make the same mistake again. I leave home for a nice relaxing yoga vacation and have forgotten again, that this is not what it‘s going to be. after some days the magic of this powerful practice unfolds, suddenly my life is turned upside down. on my way home now I‘m picking up the pieces of who I was two weeks ago and am pretty comfortable with who I am right now. Thank you @tylandrumyoga for beeing who you are, I‘m deeply grateful for your guidance. and thank you lovely, kind and crazy ashtangis for your company, for the talks, the laughter, the gelato,.... ♥️ . #ekaminhale #howyogaruinsyourlife #releasethesoftpalate #foundnewfriendsandwanttokeepthem #cheeseman #dupidufreutsich

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yoga_cikitsa. What do we do if we feel off and can't put a name on what it is that w

What do we do if we feel off and can't put a name on what it is that we're feeling? . If it's not the numbness of severe depression that might cover it completely (temporarily!), there always ARE somehow accessible feelings going on - maybe they don't seem to make any sense in the situation or fit together in any way - maybe they're blurred underneath many opposing, confusing or un-finished thoughts - maybe we don't like admitting what it is that caused us to feel that way - maybe what's bugging us the most is the fact that we don't have a satisfying answer to what it is that we're feeling. . First of all: we can't ever get rid of them. (As opposed to: once you "are positive" enough or have your life together you can be free of all of them forever). It's ok to have them and to not be able to figure them out completely - now or even ever. . And still - these feelings influence what we do, what we inflict on ourselves and on others. The more I learn about myself and about others, the more I think trying to provide a space for inquiring on these hard-to-grasp feelings is one of the (maybe THE one) most important process(es) towards inflicting less harm and damage on our relationships - with others and with ourselves (in yoga: think ahimsa, also satya and svadhyaya). Not even talking about headstates that our systems would stick a diagnostic label on, just the human tendency to sometimes feel off without knowing why and then letting it influence our interactions and decisions in a negative way. We all do that, to varying amounts. . I think the ways to find that space are as diverse as human beings are. I do not at all think yoga is THE one way. Though what might have to be included is the providing space that isn't purposefully used and filled immediately. So that your mind gets a chance to expose you to these feelings that apparently already had a reason to not appear as openly as would be nice and easy. Practicing yoga is one way to do it. What's yours?

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Ekam inhale. Back to self practice, being touched by an elegant mala (a string of prayer beads used in Hinduism) of sunlight. #ashtangayoga #yoga #ekaminhale #yogaathome #cologne #koeln #germany #rayoflight #yogamala

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Perspectief van een Yogi . Deze maand deelt Marjolein @dlevtninam haar verhaal. Hopelijk inspireerd ze jullie net zoals ze ons dat iedere keer weer doet 😊❤🙏. . "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart." . - Carl Jung . Toen ik voor het eerst naar een Mysore les kwam, wist ik niet precies wat me te wachten stond. Inmiddels is deze traditionele manier om ashtanga te beoefenen een belangrijk onderdeel in mijn weg naar vrijheid door de ruimte voor interne focus die ik in andere lessen nog niet had gevonden. De practice vormt voor mij een terugkerende spiegel, een moment om enkel met mijn adem op de mat te staan en in stilte te observeren wat er zich intern voordoet. . Soms is de waarheid van deze zelfreflectie een confrontatie met oncomfortabele of onderdrukte gevoelens. Het vergt moed en openheid om met eerlijkheid te kijken naar onzekerheid en angst, patronen die je het liefste niet zou zien of de donkere kant van je binnenwereld. De realiteit is op sommige dagen voor mij lang niet alleen gelukzalig en licht. Maar tegenstellingen kunnen ook aantrekkelijk zijn: zonder schaduw is er geen licht. . Door het maken van verbinding met mijn lichaam, komen onbewuste patronen aan het licht en is het mogelijk mijzelf beter te begrijpen, te transformeren en steeds vrijer te worden. Het mooiste is om dit proces samen met anderen te kunnen delen, wat maakt dat ik heel dankbaar ben voor die eerste sprong in het diepe.

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What an amazing time! I’m again and again grateful...for all the great people from humble, caring, funny, gentle, knowledgable Petri ( @petriandwambui - I missed you here Wambui ❤️), to all the beautiful souls I met in @frantsilaherbfarm. Is was just 5 days, but it felt like a whole Summer and an eyeblick at the same time. The practice here was gentle and strong, assists precise, meditations long and deep and workshops eye opening... and the awsome food 👌🏻. I didn’t know how wonderful could be to sing not just in sanskrit, but also in finnish - in a language I don’t know a single word (actually now I know “kitos” 🙏🏻). I had some very inspiring conversations was inspired to become bold. We had here a hot tub in the garden, and when I asked my roommates if I should go in swimsuit or without, beautiful @hanssuli said “It’s better for your soul when you go naked” 😅...so I did and than yesterday I came to the lake at sunset, there was noone around and the water was sparkling...first I was afraid and felt like walking back to the farm, but that I took off all my clothes and ran into the water. I didn’t feel so alive for ages! I could not stop laughing! What a freedom. So thank you all. For this amazing experience. It was definitely not my last time on Finland 💙 🇨🇿 Jen pár dnů a tolik úžasných zážitku! Laskaví, zkušení, jemní, ale precizní učitelé, oči otevírající workshopy (kdo by řekl, že bude skvělé zpívat ve finštině), dlouhé a hluboké meditace a báječné konverzace s novými i stávajícími přáteli...a to úžasné jídlo. Krásná příroda a jezero kam dojdete za chvíli a i když je zima, musíte se vykoupat (dokonce i když u sebe nemáte plavky 😅). Jógové retreaty umí člověka nabít energií i pomoci najít nové rozměry praxe. Pokud pravidelně praktikujete a máte trochu času, tak rozhodně doporučuji 😘

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Judge me oh Lord and Favour my cause ———————— #tbt #hello #newmoon #megeve #chamonix #montblanc #chamonix #yoga #aiyoga #ohm

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LISTEN . As musicians we were never taught to listen, we are always taught to perform. Whether a scale or rudiment, a performance piece, a new beat we’re always practicing our part, creating or writing. The act of “listening” is a skill that comes through collaboration & interaction. What happens when we listen? We are able to better absorb what’s happening around us, even tuning into space & silence. It’s when we listen where we can more effectively add. Play a note (or beat) with purpose and not simply filling space. In our yoga practice, we can apply the same principles...listening to our bodies, tuning into what’s happening around us and breathing into space & silence. . Coming up August Midwest tour: . 8/15 Cleveland @aliciamhansen @balanceandbrews . 8/16-18 Detroit @barefootandfreeyoga w/ @chelseykorus @starseedyogis plus more . 8/18 Columbus @ashtangacbus @dawnmountblevins @trinifoundation . . One of my favorite images from @ashevilleyogafestival @tracee_stanley Cave of the Heart collaboration (also being featured by the NYT this fall) . . . #yoga #drums #ashevilleyogafestival #traceestanley #yogafestival

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La magia de la práctica de Ashtanga Vinyāsa está en la posibilidad de accesar el silencio a donde danza la respiración. En ese silencio, mientras el cuerpo se dobla y se alarga, podemos reconocer las capas, escudos y máscaras con las que caminamos cada día. Empiezan a caerse los velos y surge el ser con los primeros rayos del Sol. La magia de esta práctica trasciende las fronteras de la piel. Puede parecer que se trata del cuerpo, por la complejidad de las posturas, pero el cuerpo es una llave para accesar al ser, mientras que la fuerza y la flexibilidad son sólo un efecto secundario. . . . Half Lead Primary Series guiada por @luanafarayoga en @anandasamsaarayoga #ekaminhale #ashtangavinyasa #primaryseries #yogacostarica #ashtangacostarica #yogapractice

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