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carol.731. 🐝\"Maybe the point is not
 to love many
 but to love deeply
And in doi

🐝"Maybe the point is not to love many but to love deeply And in doing so, lose yourself in another; surrender into their soul and see all their beautiful fears and love wholly fully madly.",🐝 #pocket_world #ig_landscape #dream_spots #visual_heaven #landscapephoto #landscape_lover #natgeoadventure #earthexperience #mthrworld #majestic_earth #igworldglobal #ilovenature #ig_divineshots #EarthOfficial #theworldshotz #discoverglobe #landscapelover #landscapehunter

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PNW summers are unbeatable, and I will stand by that always💛

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Over the last three days I’ve been exploring the incredible John Day River in eastern Oregon. I’m on a shoot for @onepercentftp partner the @freshwatertrust. I started my journey at the John Day’s terminus on the Columbia River then headed south and ultimately east following this epic and wild river to its headwaters near the small ranching town of John Day in eastern Oregon. Later today I’m meeting up with the Freshwater Trust team and my buddy @bobridges who will be helping capture some video and interviews with local ranchers. It’s been an amazing roadtrip so far with some great car camping, a bit of sketchy 4x4ing, and multiple sunrise and sunsets spent on (or above) the John Day as it winds its way north to the Columbia. The highlight of the trip so far —an unplanned dinner with a local rancher / wheat farmer and his wife near Condon, OR. Sam and Darla Seale are in their late 70’s and they invited me to their ranch for an amazing dinner served with warmth and homemade hospitality of another era. Great food and conversation that night. They were kind enough to not only feed me, but they let me shoot sunrise on their property overlooking the John Day River’s version of Horseshoe bend. Amazing people...amazing river!The Seale family has been wheat farming and ranching in the Condon area for over 110 years. Darla and Sam’ showed me that small town hospitality and kindness are very real and alive in eastern Oregon. Hope you enjoy. #johndayriver #freshwatertrust #hospitality #river #oregon #roadtrip

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🐋🐳Pushing a few Berg’s around in Endicott Arm last summer had to go to the top when it comes to epic experiences! 🦀🛥 Saying hello to a few local seals with the chopper! 🚁 • •🏔⚓️🌬🌊🌎 • • #dronestagram #drone #dronephotography #droneporn #dronegram #droneworld #dronedesire #topdronephotos #dronepic #dronephoto #dronepilot #dronejunkie #dronenature #skybangerz #droneofficial #droneart #dronepointofview #fromwhereidrone #droneshots #droneaddicts #dronespace #dronedaily #dronepedia #dronelife #droneglobe #dronemultimedia #natgeotravel #earthofficial #wildlifeconservation #alaska

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froggym7m. Posted @withrepost • @earthofficial The ‘Antelope Jackrabbit’ has extr

Posted @withrepost@earthofficial The ‘Antelope Jackrabbit’ has extremely large ears that make up about a third of its total body length. These ears not only provide the jackrabbit with excellent hearing but the long appendages also help regulate its body temperature. Notice how the blood vessels in his ears have expanded? Spread ears and summer breezes help cool the rabbit’s blood. During the winter, these ears are held against the body and the blood vessels constrict so they lose less heat to the cold air." | Photo by © Mario Martinez (@pachucos_art) #earthofficial Follow 👉 @earthofficial for more! Tag someone that should see this!

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“Há um mundo cheio de pessoas incríveis para conhecer, lugares para visitar e histórias esperando para serem vividas. Não desamine.” 😌💪🏻. . . 📍 O viaduto ferroviário Paulo de Frontin, é uma construção de arquitetura e engenharia Belga e o único viaduto férreo em curva do mundo. O Viaduto Paulo de Frontin está no km 103,037 da linha Auxiliar. A linha Auxiliar original iniciava-se na Rua Figueira de Melo (Estação Alfredo Maia km 0.000) inaugurado em 7/11/1902. Com um percurso de 240,1 km, alcança Porto Novo da Cunha em Minas Gerais. .

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thecollectorsmag. model: @lindaxvanessa 
photographer: @mattreyes.photo

model: @lindaxvanessa photographer: @mattreyes.photo

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Just over here counting down the days till I can run away to the forest again. #estherinainmaine

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New Panama Hot Spot! • • Check out my friends Ryan and Anthea - They are leaving their high profile finance jobs in TO to follow their dream of opening a small boutique hotel in a rustic surfing and diving town in Santa Catalina, Panama. From Bay St. to the Beach, these guys are leaving the Toronto grind with a 3 year old and 3 month old in tow ~ @catalinashideaway is an eco-aware, beachfront community. Great food, music and vibes. Come immerse yourself in undisturbed nature & world class surfing & diving. • • #bayst2thebeach • • I know I will be visiting this Winter when I’m traveling through Central America 💯

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The boom hanging

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When in Roma 🏛 @daniellebux

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