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Finally sharing the #recipe for the rajma that I make, with all of you. Let me know how it turns out for you! Also, before you ask - we use chakrata rajma at home 😊 . . Boil 1 cup rajma For masala: 1 medium sized onion 5 garlic pods 4 tomatoes 2tbsp ghee 1tsp garam masala 1tsp red chilli powder 1tsp jeera Salt to taste • purée the onion garlic and add that in in a kadhai with hot ghee + jeera. • once the onion paste begins to brown, add the fresh tomato purée • add all the dry masalas and cook this mixture for at least 30 mins on slow flame till the ghee begins to separate • once done, add this masala to the rajma and cook it again for 1 whistle of the pressure cooker • once ready, blend some of the rajma so that you get a thick gravy

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#DelectablePunjab: In Punjab whenever halwa is made in any household, the first reaction is “kyon, ki manande peye Han?” (What are we celebrating?), because halwa is Punjabi community is usually made to commemorate a special occasion. Apart from the usual aata and sooji halwa that is made, the one I love the most is the dry panjeeri that is made as a Prasad and is loaded with dry fruits and roasted wheat. During my last visit in June 2019, my Badi Mumma had made a container full of panjeeri for my sister who had just delivered a baby girl. It is said that panjeeri is not only nourishing but also helps new mothers with postpartum healing and lactation. . . Here’s what my Badi Mumma had added to this panjeeri, which is to be consumed in small quantities : Gond, kamarkas, aata, magaz, ghee, almonds, cashew, raisins, saunth, sugar, makhane (foxnuts) . . This is also made and had in winters due to its warming properties. Do try 😊

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Pindi cholle are made often in our households. They’re different from the normal cholle as they’re the same size as the kala chana. We don’t make it in Mumbai much as this variety isn’t easy to find and most people serving pindi cholle here don’t even know why it’s called that and how it’s different from the normal cholle. As far as I recollect, my Dadi told me that these were a speciality of Rawalpindi, hence the word pindi. The preparation is usually dry or semi dry and it can be eaten with bhature, kulche, paratha or even garam roti. In fact, these are easier to make than the regular chana. Want to know how? Here’s the recipe: Cholle soaked overnight -½ Kg Freshly powdered coriander seeds -8 tsp Freshly roasted jeera powder- 2 tsp Anardana-8 tsp Kasuri methi-1 tbsp Salt To taste Oil-5 tbsp Method: 1. In a pan add the boiled cholle and then add all dry masalas into the boiled cholle 2. Heat oil in a separate pan and than pour it over the cholle and mix well. 3. Your dish is ready to be served!

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#RePlug: #DelectablePunjab: here’s a dish I learnt to make from my friend Prabjyot. It was a dish I loved ordering in restaurants and always wondered how to make at home because the restaurant versions were always too sweet and oily. I made this for my Baisakhi pop-up last Sunday and it was loved by one and all. Here’s the #recipe: Ingredients 250gms paneer 10 cashews 1 onion Kasuri methi 1 cup peas 1 crushed cardamom Garam masala powder Red chilli powder Coriander powder Salt to taste Sugar Oil Method: In a pan boil water and add the onion and cashews in it till they soften Now in a blender, make a paste out of the boiled onion and cashews In a pan, add oil and heat it Add the onion-cashew paste and cook till the oil begins to separate Add the dry masalas and salt + sugar to taste Keep cooking this paste on a slow flame In the end, add some roasted kasuri methi to finish off the gravy and then add the chunks of paneer Enjoy it with hot rotis!

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Kadhi: Ingredients for kadhi: 1l mattha/chaas 3tbsp besan (chickpea flour) 1 cup water 1 inch ginger 5-6 pods Garlic 1 Green chilli Ingredients for tadka: 1 chopped onion 5-6 chopped garlic pods 1tsp methi dana 1tsp mustard seeds 1tsp jeera 1tsp red chillies whole 1tsp Turmeric 1tsp Red chilli powder 4tbsp mustard oil Pinch of asafoetida Salt to taste Ingredients for Pakoda: 4tbsp besan (chickpea flour) tsp Turmeric 1 tsp Chilli powder 1 finely chopped onion 2-3tbsp water Salt to taste Mustard oil to fry Method for pakoda: In a bowl add besan, salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, salt and chopped onion and mix these dry ingredients well Add water to this mixture and whisk it till the lumps from the liquid go away and there is a medium thick consistency In a pan, add mustard oil and bring it to heating point Now, add 1tbsp mixture of the pakodas and fry them till golden brown. Keep this aside Method for Kadhi: In a deep dish, mix the mattha, water and besan till the besan lumps vanish Separately make a ginger, garlic and green chillies paste and then add it to the mattha-besan mix Cook this for minimum 2-3 hours till it achieves a slightly thick consistency Method for tadka: In a pan, add mustard oil and bring it to heating point To this add the jeera, methi dana and let them crackle Add finely chopped garlic, followed by onion and cook till golden brown Add the dry red chillies Later add turmeric, red chilli powder and asafoetida Once cooked, add this tadka to the kadhi and mix

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“जेड़ी मौज छज्जू दे चोबारे, ना ओह बलख ना बुखारे” (the comforts that your own home can provide you can’t be found anywhere else). First meal at home after being away for ten days. Made a simple onion-tomato pulao with leftover rice, some paneer tikka, achaar and dahi. ❤️ . . Planning one last #DelectablePunjab pop-up before I leave. Would you guys be up for it? 😊

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delectable_reveries. In Punjab we made dahi bhalla with split urad dal instead of urad dal,

In Punjab we made dahi bhalla with split urad dal instead of urad dal, with a touch of ginger and green chillies to enhance the taste. I’m bringing to you our family recipe for making dahi bhalla in this #DelectablePunjab recipe video. ❤️ . . I’ve made these using the recently launched @hamiltonbeachindia Juicer Mixer Grinder. I used their presets and ground the batter using the same. See for yourself the beauty this product is! You can also buy this product on @amazondotin . #SayHelloToPerfection #ProResultsAtHome #JuicerMixerGrinder #HamiltonBeachProfessional . . . #thaali #indianfood #foodporn #food #foodstagram #foodlove #foodblogger #igtv #recipe #regionalfood #mumbai #IndianFoodMovement #localindianproduce #followforfollow #foodies #gharkakhana #tasty #yummy #foodisfuel #mondaymotivation #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarian #eeeeeats

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My another plate of Lunch 😋😋🍽️ In Frame : Palak Paneer , Dum Aalooo ( it's gravy got reduced) with Boondi Raita 😋... Punjabi's Food ( Top layer of Desi Ghee) This was served with Plain CHAPPATI 😆😆 @thefoodlegacy @thefoodlegacy . . . #homecook #chef #homemadecooking #loveforcooking #likesforfollow #foodvsco #foodpics #punjabi #foodblogger #bloggerstyle #bloggersofinstagram #instagramers #instaphoto #foodpassion #delectablepunjab . . @fbci_official @foodbloggerai @ranveer.brar @saranshgoila #followalways #following #follow4like #likesforfollow #foodie #foodporn

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Replug: #DelectablePunjab: contrary to the popular belief, we don’t really have much variants to paneer except the quintessential matar-paneer, bhurjee, palak-paneer or a simple onion-tomato gravy with paneer dunked in. Nope, we don’t have paneer Lahori, Amritsari or lababdar – these are nothing but restaurant concepts! . . This paneer that you see here, I served it in my pop-up and it was loved by all. It’s a simple no cream and less oil preparation with literally just 4-5 cashew nuts added to make the paste. This is as rich as a gravy would get on special occasions. It’s easy to attain creamy and silken textures by adapting to those small hacks, but it takes patience and simple techniques to get that same texture naturally. Respecting our ingredients and patience while cooking is the key. What do you think? 😊 . . Here’s the #recipe to make this paneer: . . In a pan add 2tbsp refined oil To this add one bay leaf, black cardamom and jeera Once it begins to crackle, add 1 medium size chopped onion and 4 pods of garlic When the onion is translucent, add 4-5 cashews Switch off the gas and let this all cool down Once cooled, make a paste out of it in a mixture grinder and then add the paste to a pan To this add 1tsp garam masala, 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp chilli powder and salt to taste and sugar to taste Later add a purée of 4 medium sized tomatoes Let this all cook till the rawness goes away and mixture starts separating from the oil Add paneer cubes and roasted crushed kasuri methi Serve with hot rotis or paratha

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#DelectablePunjab: Lunch yesterday was cholle, dahi vadas and loon-jwain paratha. A few days back my friend @thefinelychopped asked me what’s the difference between cholle and channe and I realised how frequently asked that question is because even in Punjab a lot of us call cholle as “chitte channe” but then when I pondered on it a little longer then I realised that in our homes we call white chickpeas as kabuli channe or cholle and the black gram is kala chana. But the Peshawari side of the family calls even these cholle as channe...so maybe it’s more to do with which region one comes from than any hardcore technicality. Do you have any other POV? I’d love to know 😊 . Every household makes cholle in their style and nowhere will you be able to taste the same flavours. What marks the difference is the way they’d make their masalas. While some would add that additional boiled tea water for the brown colour, some would consider that a complete no-no. Some would make a khada masala, and some might make it in puréed mixture. The list is endless. But like they say, “khaana pyaar se banao toh humesha accha banta hai”, and that couldn’t be more true. In my house itself different ways of making cholle, where my mom makes it a certain way, my bua makes it a certain way and my Badi mummy makes it a certain way. What’s common? They all taste fabulous! ❤️ . . Paired with bhaturas/poori/paratha, pyaaz waale chawal, cholle is that versatile dish that can never go wrong! . . Our masala for cholle comes from Dehradun and I don’t know what makes it so special, but we’ve never been able to use any other masala except for that one. 😊

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I’m sure everyone knows that Moringa is a superfood and it’s advantages aren’t hidden from anyone. During my trip to Punjab last month, I tasted aam or swaanjhan ki phali ka achaar. Swaanjhan/Sehjan is drumstick aka moringa oleifera. My Badi Mumma had made this achaar at home during her annual pickling ritual. Honestly, I had never tasted this before in a pickle and was intrigued to know if it is a regular fare in Punjab or not. Apparently in the year 2007-2008 when a meeting was held in the directorate of agriculture in Punjab, an officer from Delhi passed an order that every farmer must grow one moringa tree per farm and then there was no looking back. Every farmer was given a shrub after it was grown in the government nurseries. Slowly as the awareness about the benefits of this tree grew, more and more people started growing it in their backyards as well. . . These drumsticks were supplied to my Badi Mumma by a distant relative who grows them in their backyard and after having eaten it in sambhar for various years, she decided to give it a Punjabi twist and has started including it in our achaar, in turn making this pickle also a healthy choice! . . Swaanjhan/Sehjan might be new to Punjab but I am in love with the way it has been adapted and being made into a part of our cuisine. At the end of the day, this is what #DelectablePunjab is all about 😊

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We cooked a full meal yesterday at our new house, for the first time since we shifted last week. The work is still going on, but our kitchen is now fully functioning and we thought of having a small house warming lunch with the workers who’ve made this house into home. The carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters were the guest of honour, as it is because of their tireless efforts and dedication that we have a place that is turning out to be so beautiful. ❤️ . . Here’s what we cooked - cholle-poori, boondi raita, pulao and some nimbu ka achaar. As they all sat together in the living room after taking a break from their respective work, the joy of serving them was unparalleled. “Khaane mein taste bahaut hai” one of them said, and well, we couldn’t be happier. 😊 . . The kitchen is now open and I can’t wait anymore and have some of my friends over soon for a #DelectablePunjab meal ❤️🙏🏼

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Sunday lunch "Authentic Punjabi Chole (Chickpeas) with Sourdough Naan loaded n topped with Homemade cultured Cows Ghee ,ghee dripping as we punjabis would love to have😂💪.The Chole didn't get the dark colour as been known to every one by using tea water But it is authentic Chole ,so the herbs and spices and home grounded masala used gives that Dark Rich colour to the Chole.,the chole masala also made at home to render the flavour divine and so as to translate it Authentic in its real meaning.😇 will soon post the recipe.😊.On the sides other than the pickled onions are julienne cut ginger ,they are not served as plain ginger .My mom used to make this ginger crispy by adding flour and seasonings and by frying it in oil/ghee to make 'crisp of ginger'. I m less tolerant towards green chillies but the punch of spiciness that one gets from ginger is to die for .my childhood memories revisited with this Crisp Ginger especially.Gratitude always 🙏🏻😌 #foodforfoodies #wholesome #lunch #punjabifood #chole #naan #authenticfood #delectablepunjab #punjabicuisine #instagramfood #thefeedfeed #instafoodporn #saladsofinstagram #foodphotography #healthyeating #indianfood #gratitude

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There are these moments, the in-betweens of life. The ones where you stand still as everything else moves by. The one where you stand back and wonder where you really are. After all the toil, where have you really reached? These are the moments when you're tired, at the most vulnerable, like standing under an open sky in front of a bunch of shooting stars. It may only be for a few seconds, but at this moment, everything stands still. Static, silent, waiting for the lull to break over and the race to begin again. A few quiet seconds, where you sit and look back at how far you've come from the shore. Musings: 24/07/2019 . . 📸: @elizabethgeorgeportraits

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We’ve shifted to our new home, and though it’ll take time for us to get used to the new place and surroundings, the idea of being able to finally cook basics in our kitchen is very comforting. Yesterday, my mother made prasad as a form of gratitude for all that’s been and will be. Sooji was bought and halwa was made for about 14 people ( 4 of us + ten workers who’ve made this possible). Trust me, halwa never tasted sweeter ❤️🙏🏼 . . Though I don’t have a photo of that halwa, I do have this kheer to share with you. For all special occasions there’s either kheer or halwa at offering, at our place and I just wanted to share some happiness and prayers with you guys too ❤️ . . Thank you everyone for your blessings and best wishes. They mean a lot to us. We will soon begin to settle, till then the kitchen is able to produce basics like tea and toasts and that’s keeping us happy. Can’t wait to cook here and host another #DelectablePunjab meal ❤️

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Have you ever experienced eating Prantha 🌯🍽️ while getting drenched in Monsoon Rain's 🌧️🌧️.. It was like getting our childhood days back 😉😉.. This one is Mooli Ka Prantha ( Radish Prantha) topped with loads of yellow Amul Butter @amul_india . @street_food_chandigarh @foodie_couple_chd @foodbloggerai @foodiebliss09 @an_hedonistic_tale . #delectablepunjab #punjabifood #prantha #loveforfood #monsoon #yummy #nomnom #foodblogger #chandigarh_diaries #chandigarhblogger #followers #instadaily #instavsco #instamood #rainy #chef #homemadecooking #likesforfollow #l4l

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There’s a continuous debate that goes on when it comes to sambhaar and it’s authenticity. While most say that the one we get in Mumbai isn’t the traditional one, what I’ve learnt is that, that it is how sambhaar in the Udupi region is and that’s where most of the Udupi restaurants have adapted it from. Is it wrong? I don’t think so. Can there be a right or wrong in food and traditions? That’s debatable, isn’t it? 🤔 . . There is space and audience for everything. What’s tradition to you, might not be a tradition to someone in the similar demographic. For instance, there’s dal makhani of the restaurants and there’s mah di dal of our Punjabi homes and both have takers. Hell, I find comfort in both! Is dal makhani as a concept wrong? No. The added cream was to achieve a texture that the land of Punjab automatically offers, while away from there. Justified, I feel. But what’s important is for us to know the difference and accept those and let the two co-exist peacefully. Similarly for this sambhaar, I feel it isn’t wrong, but just different....and different is alright. ☺️ . . Personally I love this one, but not as much as the sour spicy one that I’ve had in restaurants of Tamil Nadu or the homes of my friends. Why choose when I can have both? 😄 . . What’re your thoughts on this? I’d love to discuss 💕

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#DelectablePunjab: In most Punjabi houses parathas are a taken for granted breakfast. You can either have a stuffed paratha or you’ll see some even indulging in leftover subzis or ensuring that they cook enough so that it can be used the next morning with parathas. While I personally love stuffed parathas, but on some days I like to eat like my grandparents would - hot namak-ajwain parathas paired with leftovers. Like this cholle that Mumma made, which I relished with one hot paratha, the next morning. 💕 . . I’ve always been the kid who’d be more than happy to eat paratha over any other bread. Even in my childhood as I’d visit my family friends homes, they’d offer to make paratha for me and serve it with ketchup. They lovingly still call me “paratha-sauce” and trust me, I’d still choose that over anything! 😊 . . What’re you favourite pairings with paratha?

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#DelectablePunjab : When we landed in Amritsar this summer, it was blazing hot and the heat was unbearable, but within minutes we could see the weather taking a turn for good and you could feel the cold breeze and slight drizzle. It was almost as if everything started falling in place for our short visit where a lot of time was going to be spent in the lanes and by-lanes of old and new markets. 🌧☔️ . . Stopped at Haveli on our way to Jalandhar for a quick grub and some garam-garam chai. Can you feel the happiness in this picture? 💕 . . Here’s to the craziness that’s about ensue in full swing in the coming four months! But today, we enjoy the rains and sit back and relax 🤗

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#DelectablePunjab : Still tucked in bed, I can hear the pitter patter of the rain drops outside my window and the frequent breeze that comes into my room and makes me want to snuggle deeper into my blanket...isn’t this just the most beautiful weather? I know it’s tough being out on the roads today, but please don’t forget that we need these rains, lest you wish to run of water in a few years. So make friends with it, even if grudgingly 😊🌧 . . Reminiscing about these aloo-karela Parathas I had a few days back in Punjab, on a rare rainy day. Using leftover karela peels and mixing it with boiled potatoes and then either using it as a stuffing for bharwaan karela or as a stuffing for paratha is a common practise at our home. The slight bitterness of the karela mixed with the saltiness of the butter is a combination that is way too delicious. 💕 . . What I love the most about Punjabi cuisine is the manner in which we use our leftovers - somehow everything can find its place inside a paratha 😃 . . Here’s the recipe for the aloo-karela stuffing: . . Take two boiled potatoes + peels of karela (first apply salt to them and leave it for a few hours, then squeeze the salt water out of it to remove the bitterness). In this add finely chopped onions, green chillies, salt, coriander powder, red chillies powder and a pinch of amchoor and mix it all together. Keep aside for a few minutes. Later stuff this into the dough and make Parathas 😊

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Woke up to the beautiful sight of rain soaked Mumbai and it looks like monsoon has finally arrived in its full glory! While having my morning tea with mom, we reminisced about the pakodas we had last week at Hoshiarpur at Pandit Bihari Lal Di Hatti in the old market. A shop that is almost a century old and serves fifteen types of pakodas with imli and mooli chutney and is an icon in itself. What you see here are begun pakoda, aloo-matar pakoda, mixed vegetable pakoda. Love how he uses eco friendly donas to serve them! ☕️💕 . . The shop is now managed by Pandit Ji’s son post his demise and you can see that he’s mastered the skill inherited from his father. If you ever happen to be at Hoshiarpur, I’d recommend that you do visit his shop 😊 . . Now, to fry some pakodas that I can actually eat and not just reminisce about! 😆 . . What’s cooking at your home today? 🌧☔️❤️

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While this may not be the most appealing picture in my Instagram feed, it surely is a very special one. You see, my Punjabi family is prepping for our Punjabi-bong wedding in the way we know best - adapting to Bengali food and accepting it as our own. They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and this special marriage of khichuri-begun bhaja and kadhi-chawal was a winner! ❤️ . . Bua and my cousins insisted that I make some khichuri and bhaja on a rainy evening. I made this using the trusted recipe by @euphorhea and begun bhaja was similar to our Punjabi kachri. Well, who says matches are made in heaven? At our place they’re made in kitchens! 😊

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#DelectablePunjab : How often is it that we pause to think about where our food comes from? How often is it that we thank the nature for its bounty? How often do we pay gratitude to the farmers who toil away in their fields to put a meal on our plates? This #DelectablePunjab trip wasn’t just about the food from Punjab, but also to explore and connect to the deeper roots of who we are and where we come from. Spending a day in the field and seeing the work that a farmer and his family puts in, is similar to conceiving a new life and giving birth to it. That first sprout of the leaves to the bountiful harvest at the end of the season - there’s no bigger joy. Kulvinder Aunty (Bua’s help) took me to her pind/village and showed me around her farm where they grow crops like maize, mango trees, jimikand (suran) bushes, arbi, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. She even allowed me to get in the middle of the field and take pictures, all while being highly confused as to why I, someone who lives in a metro city, is interested in her humble village life. All this while the wise Punjabi saying - “जेड़ी मौज छज्जू दे चोबारे, ना ओह बलख ना बुखारे” (the comforts that your own roots can provide you can’t be found anywhere else) kept ringing in my head. I am extremely excited to take you all on a virtual tour of Punjab and my learnings from this trip through my new blog posts. This has been a special trip for more reasons than one 🙏🏼❤️

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Garlic pickle( Lahsun Ka aachar) I tried it for the first time , didn't happen to be perfect but it's really Yumm 😋.. Made a small batch just to try .. Too simple to make 👍😋 . . . #thefoodlegacy @thefoodlegacy . . . @street_food_chandigarh @foodie_couple_chd @foodiebliss09 @foodtalesofficial @highonkhana @foodbloggerai . . . #indianfoodie #chandigarhblogger #foodgasm #liker #follow4like #likes4follow #foodieincarnate #delhi #delectablepunjab #foodinsta #foodvsco

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#DelectablePunjab : We don’t need an occasion to make kadah prasad at home! It’s raining here today and Bua felt like making some and we of course were more than happy to encourage her to make it. A rather simple recipe but what you see is a result of immense patience. That’s the thing with simple dishes that they’re the toughest to get right. No? . . Too many things to be thankful for. With everything that is wrong in the world, there is someone there who is setting it right...it is all about the faith and love you invest in him. Here’s praying for peace, love and good health for everyone. 🙏🏼❤️

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#DelectablePunjab: If you see beyond my tired face, you’d be able to see the happiness I feel currently. In the comforts of my roots and home and a place that gave me a sense of identity, when I spent a long time seeking it. I have nothing but gratitude for the farmers of India who put a meal on our plates daily, after toiling away in the fields. I spent my day in a pind (village) today, where Kulvinder Aunty took me through her fields and showed me the various crops she has. I saw a sense of pride and satisfaction in her eyes when she spoke about her work and introduced me to her neighbours and near dear ones. She proudly proclaimed - “kudi bahron aayi aa sikhne te sadda pind vekhne” ( the girl has come from far to see our village and learn more about her roots). 💕🌽

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Big Brunch for the Day 🤓🤓🤓 Massive lunch which includes 3 SABZIYAN 😆😆 with curd( Black pepper n Black Salt) One is Aaloo Gobhi 😋 , Black chana 😋 , Aaloo with Dried Methi ( Fenugreek ). This was only only for a single person As this was accompanied by CHAPPATI 😆😆😁.. @thefoodlegacy #thefoodlegacy . . . @foodbloggerai @street_food_chandigarh @foodtalesofficial @highonkhana @foodiebliss09 @an_hedonistic_tale @bruschetta_basil . . #delectablepunjab #punjabifood #foodie #blogging #foodiegram #foodaholic #followforfollowback #likes #likes4follow

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