@whitney.vanburen workin hard and making sure everyone’s getting their drinks asap! 🙏🏻🙌🏼.

katieosumi. if only instagram had smell-a-vision..my morning smells like a misty,

if only instagram had smell-a-vision..my morning smells like a misty, pebble beach morning; cue the baby deer 🦌scampering around on the 14th hole. ⛳️. @bodewellhome candles are my new favorite splurge! completely #nontoxic, they are #cleanburning and #ecofriendly. but my favorite part is that their mission states: “light a candle, create a job, empower a person with disabilities.” these days i’m trying to be a little more discerning with my pocketbook; if i’m going to spend money, i want it to have “value” beyond what the product is....if you’re an #orangecounty #newportbeach #costamesa local these candles are for sale at @shopfdl in a ton of gorgeous scents! love, katie


@nikkitaylor5 looking mega-amazing on the megaformer 🔥💚 #trimfitnessstudio

hitimecellarscheese. Did you know we stock a large number of vinegars and olive oils? Well,

Did you know we stock a large number of vinegars and olive oils? Well, it’s true. We have many olive oils from famed wineries located around the world. We have many “farm to table-single varietal” examples as well as domestic flavored oils. When it comes to vinegar we have aged balsamic, sherry as well as other flavors. As usual, we urge you to come on down and ask us for a sample!


Breathe. Relax. Repeat. 🌅 Sometimes we need a little reminder of the beauty of where we live. 🔊⬆️ Thanks to @donmurrayphotos for his video taken at Laguna's famous tower. 🏰 #MomentOfZen #OCwanderlust


Tonight, Thursday, 9/20 • Casa Presents Echo Sparks • No Cover • Doors at 8pm 📸 @withinadream #djs #livemusic #dancerock #electronica #funk


Aprons made for @ocoyouth


Next week we're celebrating #NationalChocolateMilkDay on Sept. 27, by offering one FREE children's hot chocolate or chocolate milk with your drink purchase. Who comes up with these holidays, we don't know, but we thought free hot chocolate sounded like a good idea. See you next Thursday?


We balayage all day every day 🖌️


You know you’ve arrived at our shop when you see these two things! Our storefront and nice cars. 🏁 We work on all types of vehicles but exotic and luxury cars are our usual customers. 😁 In need of a new sound system? Give us a call! We’ll get you sorted out. 👍🏼 @newportautosound #newportbeach #costamesa

thesinnsationallife. Kai’s very best attempt at a smile like brothers 😂😂😂

Kai’s very best attempt at a smile like brothers 😂😂😂


Just sayin... grateful for my life, my career, my clients...fucking grateful 🙏


ICE COLD ❄️ #FormulaForged 22” FCS-109 wheel finished in custom color match to Bentley’s “Glacier White” bundled up in a 22” Pirelli Scorpion Zero tire. 🤗 @formulawheelsusa @pirelliusa #TireThursday


Big thanks to all our Ambassadors for coming out to get down to the sounds of Sirus Hood, Daroh, and Stefan Seay 🔥 We look forward to seeing you all next week for Golf Clap, Magda Halina, and Zendlo 😱 📸: @modern_paparazzo

theorganicarmoire. Wouldn’t you like to flaunt your absolute best skin everyday?  Tired o

Wouldn’t you like to flaunt your absolute best skin everyday? Tired of acne, blotches, and old scars. Get clear, nourished, healthy, blemish free skin; and smell irresistible and feel alive all at once! Don’t you want all the great things life has to offer you? Well we’re offering you beautiful, radiant skin you can be proud of, all you have to do is click the link in our bio.


It’s fun to lift things up, And then put it back down 😏 . . . . We have the weights, We have the racks, We have the trainers, We’re just missing you 👈, Call or email us and let’s lift heavy stuff and put it back down 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️ . . . . #primalfitness #bemoreprimal #fit #training #strong #oc #orangecounty #costamesa #newportbeach #irvine #socal #california #health #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #gym #hardwork #gains #trainer #nodaysoff #summer #strengthtraining #motivation


👯‍♀️shake what your moma gave you 👯‍♀️I don’t do kids hair really anymore but how could i resist giving this one princess hair? . . . . . . . . . #cooperativesalon #handtiedextensionsoc #habithandtiedextsnsions #beachwaves #newportbeach #orangecounty #hairvideos #hairvideo #costamesa #costamesasalon #colorspecialist #kidshair #kidscut #kidsfashion #kidsstyle


First time client came to see me 🤗 BUMPY TEXTURE = CLOGGED PORES Usually caused by build up of dead skin cells, skin care products, oil/debris, and pollution 💨 Keys to getting smooth skin - extractions and regular exfoliation. Book a Facial Today and achieve the best skin of your life!!!


Part 2. 1. Listing Supply is Increasing Both existing and new construction inventory is on the rise. The latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors revealed that inventory has increased over the last two months after thirty-seven consecutive months of declining inventory. At the same time, building permits are also increasing which means more new construction is about to come to market. 2. Buyer Demand is Softening Ivy Zelman, who is widely respected as an industry expert, reported in her latest ‘Z’ Report: “While we continue to expect a resumption of growth in resale transactions on the back of easing inventory in 2019 and 2020, our real-time view into the market through our Real Estate Broker Survey does suggest that buyers have grown more discerning of late and a level of “pause” has taken hold in many large housing markets. Indicative of this, our broker contacts rated buyer demand at 69 on a 0- 100 scale, still above average but down from 74 last year and representing the largest year-over-year decline in the two-year history of our survey.” With supply increasing and demand waning, we may soon be back to a more normal real estate market. We will no longer be in a buyers’ market (like 2007-February 2012) or a sellers’ market (like March 2012- Today). Prices won’t appreciate at the levels we’ve seen recently, nor will they depreciate. It will be a balanced market where prices remain steady, where buyers will be better able to afford a home, and where sellers will more easily be able to move-up or move-down to a home that better suits their current lifestyles. Bottom Line Returning to a normal market is a good thing. However, after the zaniness of the last eleven years, it might feel strange. If you are going 85 miles per hour on a road with a 60 MPH speed limit and you see a police car ahead, you’re going to slow down quickly. But, after going 85 MPH, 60 MPH will feel like you’re crawling. It is the normal speed limit, yet, it will feel strange. That’s what is about to happen in real estate. The housing market is not falling apart. We are just returning to a more normal market.


Part 1. Is the Real Estate Market Finally Getting Back to Normal? | The housing market has been anything but normal for the last eleven years. In a normal real estate market, home prices appreciate 3.7% annually. Below, however, are the price swings since 2007 according to the latest Home Price Expectation Survey: After the bubble burst in June 2007, values depreciated 6.1% annually until February 2012. From March 2012 to today, the market has been recovering with values appreciating 6.2% annually. These wild swings in values were caused by abnormal ratios between the available supply of inventory and buyer demand in the market. In a normal market, there would be a 6-month supply of housing inventory. When the market hit its peak in 2007, homeowners and builders were trying to take advantage of a market that was fueled by an “irrational exuberance.” Inventory levels grew to 7+ months. With that many homes available for sale, there weren’t enough buyers to satisfy the number of homeowners/builders trying to sell, so prices began to fall. Then, foreclosures came to market. We eventually hit 11 months inventory which caused prices to crash until early 2012. By that time, inventory levels had fallen to 6.2 months and the market began its recovery. Over the last five years, inventory levels have remained well below the 6-month supply needed for prices to continue to level off. As a result, home prices have increased over that time at percentages well above the appreciation levels seen in a more normal market. That was the past. What about the future? We currently have about 4.5-months inventory. This means prices should continue to appreciate at above-normal levels which most experts believe will happen for the next year. However, two things have just occurred that are pointing to the fact that we may be returning to a more normal market. Andres, Lic 1343492, with Bonaventure Realtors. Direct 949-306-9260. #realestate #home #house #housing #homeprices #values #homevalues #homeequity #homeowners #homeownership #homeowner #irvine #tustin #santaana #cypress #costamesa #fullerton #orangecounty #california #florida #tampa #washington #utah #tacoma #Lakewood


BENEFITING MIKA: We're excited to draw attention to the work of Mika Community Development Corporation @mikacdc as we host Costa Makers on Saturday, September 29th (11am-3pm). . Mika’s unique work is to build whole relationships through leadership development and community building. Mika engages neighbors in an empowering process in order to address the broken relationships that prevent the poor from making decisions necessary to overcome poverty. For more information about Mika's work, visit www.mikacdc.org. . At Costa Makers, 100% of food sales and 10% of art and vendor sales are donated directly to Mika CDC. Please stop by their booth at the event to learn how you can get involved in their work. . . #costamesa #cityofcostamesa #orangecounty #newportbeach #popupartshow #artgallery #makerfair #craftfair #modernmaker #artshow #ocarts #orangecountyarts

coastlinerop. On October 27, join us for McCarthyBuild 's McCarthy Partnership for W

On October 27, join us for McCarthyBuild 's McCarthy Partnership for Women Construction Day 101

isa_eats. That one time when a dozen doughnuts took close to $50 from my pocket

That one time when a dozen doughnuts took close to $50 from my pocket (with tip). Flavors were delicious (and some not so much) although I do wish majority were yeast doughnuts as I’m not a huge fan of cake doughnuts since they tend to be dense. @sidecardoughnuts . . . . #isaeats #instafood #eeeats #food #f52gram #goodeats #foodpics #oc #orangecounty #la #lacounty #donuts #whatdiet #dailyfoodfeed #california #teambigbites #costamesa #cali #sidecardoughnuts #sweets #breakfast