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Never... Strong... Enough... @livelargefitness has the right idea! Gotta take a douchey #selfie every once in awhile 🤷🏼‍♂️

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@wrreecckitrob_20 515lbs for a new PR. No hype man needed. #Bigbaby #conventionaldeadlift #ironcoregymharlingen #personaltrainer

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515lbs for a new PR. No hype man needed. #Bigbaby #conventionaldeadlift #ironcoregymharlingen #personaltrainer

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515lbs for a new PR. No hype man needed. #Bigbaby #conventionaldeadlift #ironcoregymharlingen #personaltrainer

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Paused @ 435 🦎

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I officially started my meet Prep today... and I continued with my hips being to high🤦🏾‍♂️. I’ll figure it out one day 365x10 second set shown #deadlift #backday #conventionaldeadlift

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deadlifttillimdead. @bryan_trill A very solid top single of 725 on my poverty stance of su

@bryan_trill A very solid top single of 725 on my poverty stance of sumo...but it’s 25lb PR and only 10lbs below my best conventional pull which is a major accomplishment of progress thus far! Awesome finally getting to lift with my bro @strongjustforfun today! Def added some hype to my never hyped lifts lol @nbs_fitness @deadlifttillimdead #powerlifting #yes #deadlift #conventionaldeadlift #sumodeadlift #powerlifter #strength #goals #sport #power #determination #inspiration #dedication #gym #physique #squat #bench #strongman #bodybuilding #biceps #quads #abs #bigback #traps #diet #fitness #fit #workout #getfit #cardio

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Deadlift work today. Worked up to 345lbs for 7. Another rep PR! These definitely felt and looked better than last week since I had a rep counter thanks to @arosegardner 😬 This week is supposed to be my deload week but due to life stuff coming up that will have me traveling across the country for up to possibly 2 weeks, I'm pushing it back a week. Then onto high bar pause squats (not shown) at 185lbs for 4×6. Little bit lighter since there was lots of travel this past weekend. Accessories to finish up. . . Sponsor 💀 @conquertheweights Programming 📝 @paynterperiodization _____________________________________ Use code STAR10 at checkout for 10% off at conqueringbarbell.co (or click the link in their bio ➡️ @conquertheweights ).

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borjastam_power. 16/09/19 DAY 51 of PLT.
-DeadLift Conv. With Band (TOTALLY RAW).

16/09/19 DAY 51 of PLT. -DeadLift Conv. With Band (TOTALLY RAW). . La primera vez que pruebo esto de la gomita enganchada a la barra. . Al parecer sirve para fortalecer el recorrido de mitad para arriba y además no perder la tensión. . Creo que no ha ido mal🤷🏻‍♂️. . DESLIZA PARA VERLO TODO👉🏽 . #powerlifts #powerlifing #powerliftinglife #deadlifting #deadlift #pesomuerto #conventionaldeadlift #powerliftingspain #sport #strength #workout #fitness #box #gym #powerliftingespaña #instafit #gymmotivation #lifting

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gymhackers_. @christopherchickson one of the heaviest deadlifts at 18 & with hookgr

@christopherchickson one of the heaviest deadlifts at 18 & with hookgrip! 😳 Just recently he got released from prison after 2 years, hopefully we see him back at 800lbs+ soon 👊 Bodyweight: 238lbs . . #powerlifting #conventionaldeadlift #deadlift #powerliftingmotivation #rawpowerlifting #uspa #powerliftinglife #powerliftingtraining #powerbuilding #deads #deadlifts #wrpf #fitness #fitnessaddict #workout #lifting #gym #powerlifter #fitnessmotivation #uspapower #squatbenchdeadlift #deadlifttillimdead #workoutmotivation #gymmotivation #powerlift

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First time ever that i hit 275lbs, after my back injury back in October 2018. 230lbs × 10 250lbs × 10 275lbs × 1 Body weight: 160lbs ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Never give up in life, no matter what you go through, there's always good after bad, I got injured and i couldn't lift anymore, i couldn't wrestle anymore, i was just like a dead body. Before you give up, Always remember why'd you even started in the first place.

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I finished this session and went straight home to nap for an hour & a half. All that needs to be said ⬇️ •Low deficit deadlifts - 150kg 5x5 •Pause deadlifts - 120kg 3x5

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The Little Things Matter! I know you've heard it before, but the message is one that matters. Everyone can learn a lot about life in general, from the gym. More specifically, from lifting heavy shit. Why? Because just like all the hard stuff in life that is actually worth accomplishing, lifting heavy shit isn't just something you can walk up and do. Some people are naturally gifted, yes. Some people will probably have an easier path than others, with less obstacles. Some people will inevitably achieve more, no matter how hard you work. However, consistent achievement is not just "something that happens".⠀ -⠀ What does this have to do with a video of Dan's leg? Well, I'd like to draw attention to something that many people might not look at straight away. The Bar Path. When we train, we try to do it as effectively as possible. We put in place a series of goals, with specific processes that will help us achieve what we have set our minds to. Zooming in on those processes, we care about the little things like whether or not the bar is moving in the most efficient path. Why? Because even this little stuff will contribute positively in the long run!⠀ -⠀ Long story short, don't forget about the little stuff. What are your goals? What plans have you made to achieve them? And most importantly: What are the little things you do every single day that will add up in the long run and create success? Take notice of your habits. Work on your "bar path" for your life goals. Do the little stuff right, and the big stuff will fall into place. Train Smart, Train Hard.

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repsfitnessinc. Great post by our friend, @syattfitness ・・・
The thing about tight hams

Great post by our friend, @syattfitness ・・・ The thing about tight hamstrings is, many times, they aren't really tight. - Even if they feel tight...they're often being over stretched because you're standing like Kim K (pelvis tilting forward, low back arched, butt sticking out) which tugs on your hamstrings and stretches them further. - This is one reason why people *think* they have tight hamstrings - because they feel tight, even though they're actually over stretched. - In this case, the "fix" is not to stretch your hamstrings. - That makes it worse. - Instead, you want to focus on strengthening your abs and glutes because weakness in these two muscle groups (coupled with tight hip flexors) cause this whole mess of muggles to happen in the first place. - There are many hundreds of spells and charms and exercises to strengthen your abs and glutes. - The simplest and arguably most effective being planks and glute bridges. - Do these daily (twice daily, if you can) for 1-3 sets of 15-30sec planks and 8-12 glute bridges. - As you get stronger progress to more challenging variations of each (single leg planks, single leg glute bridges, etc). - Important to note... - This does not apply to all witches and wizards and muggles and squibs and house elf’s and warlocks. - Some really do have "tight" hamstrings. - Many men, for example, just have terrible mobility and would do well to stretch their hamstrings daily. - But many athletes and women fall into this "Kim K Posture" and relentlessly try to stretch their hamstrings but never make much headway and this is exactly why --> their hamstrings aren't tight, they're actually over stretched. - Love you. - #hamstring #hamstrings #legworkout #lowerbodyworkout #deadlift #deadlifts #sumodeadlift #conventionaldeadlift #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #ladieswholift #chickswholift #yoga

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Everything felt heavy today but had a great time @pitofirongym like always. 455x1 struggle city then did 315xamrap Lots of work to do. #powerlifting #gains #bodybuilding #lift #liftheavy #deadlift #bench #squat #deadlift #training #nodaysoff #deads #deadlift #sumo #conventionaldeadlift #backday #legs #pull #cardio #abs #core #power #waitonit #trusttheprocess

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resilient_performance. ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟɪꜰᴛ ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏ

Conventional deadlift 80% 1RM:
144kg x 3 x 2 sets.

ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟɪꜰᴛ ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏ Conventional deadlift 80% 1RM: 144kg x 3 x 2 sets. Speed deadlifts 60% 1RM 100 x 5 x 3sets. Snatch grip deadlifts 60kg x 7 x 2sets. Superset 1: 6 x 3sets DB Reverse lunges GHR Superset 2: 6x3sets Barbell glute bridges Ring pull ups When doing S&C don't look for some crazy specific movement, stick with the basics compound movement. Another think you need to consider is the maximum recoverable volume (MRV), when the total amount of volume starts to become greater than your recovery and you start impeding your progress. Work on those big lifts and use assistance/accessories to strengthen the weak links. ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴇꜱꜱɪᴠᴇ ᴏᴠᴇʀʟᴏᴀᴅ

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lmknives. #deadlifts Finishing up #week36of52  with jordan @wongstwong #thebestc

#deadlifts Finishing up #week36of52 with jordan @wongstwong #thebestcoachinswfl and 80% felt like 90 today. #conventionaldeadlift : 5x4 @ 80% (last set in vid) Be Blessed #LMKrew and live #RepulsedByAverage because you deserve it #fact

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142.2kg (313lbs), 140kg, 137.2kg.

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powerlifting.motivation. If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never q

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. //@powerliftingmotivation c/o @elistotel cc @tedkostov Available now - online

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A new program started today and I felt awesome!! Was given positive feedback and I’m so excited to see what November brings. I’ll go back tonight to finish up accessories. 6x4 @ 245(but did 6 🤦🏼‍♀️) 3x5 @ 160(SSB Tempo) Band pull throughs getting use to these, but I like them. Other accessories to follow. #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #momswhopowerlift #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifter #strong #strongwomen #strongmom #notstrongforagirljuststrong #girlswholift #girlswholiftheavy #deadlifts #conventionaldeadlift #ssbsquats #allweaskiseffort #dungeonsquad #ironknightgym

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youngin.jang. 9월 17일 월 #등운동
오늘의 운동정리
-. 심콩 이벤트 인증겸 심콩과 운동하기.
-. 데드 185kg실패. but 퍼포먼스

9월 17일 월 #등운동 오늘의 운동정리 -. 심콩 이벤트 인증겸 심콩과 운동하기. -. 데드 185kg실패. but 퍼포먼스 회복 완료 -. (심)슨에게도 추전할만한 (콩)은 심콩! -. @eunice_yunae 이분 보면서 철인 3종도 도전할 계획 겸사였는데 심콩 이벤트도 당첨! ⠀ 무릎보호대 : #Rehband 정강이보호대 : #Rehband 리프팅신발 : #컨버스 스트랩 : #shick 스트랩. 유산소 스마트 워치 : #garmin245music ⠀ 현수준 풀가동범위 기준. (괄호는 지난 운동 대비 무게) 스쾃 180kg(0) 데드 180kg(0) 벤치 110kg (0) 목표치 스쾃 200kg 데드 220kg 벤치 120kg 0. 워밍업 -. 국민체조오오오 -. 족저근막 마사지 -. 가자미근 스트레칭 10회 3세트 -. 비복근 스트레칭 10회 3세트 -. 대내전근 스트레칭 15회 3세트 -. 고관절 동적 스트레칭a(개구리자세)15회 3세트 -. 고관절 동적 스트레칭b(고관절 8자돌리기) 15회 3세트 -. 어깨돌리기. 음... 그리고... 다 이름이 뭐드라.... ⠀ 1번째 운동. #pullup 몸무게 포함 100kg 3reps * 10set -. 어깨가동성. 숄더패킹 항상 머릿속에 넣기 -. 몸무게가 빠지면서 점점 가벼워짐. 100kg under로 내려가면 중량턱걸이로 변경. -. 100kg로 5회 10세트 목표. ⠀ 2번째 운동. #conventionaldeadlift deadlift 20kg 15reps * 1set ok. over grip. strap X 60kg 12reps * 1set ok. over grip. strap X 100kg 8reps * 1set ok. over grip. strap X 140kg 5rep * 1set ok.over grip. strap X 170kg 1rep * 1set ok. strap. 180kg 1rep * 1set ok. strap. -. 차주 운동에는 180kg 1rep * 5set로 다시 도전. -. 슬랙아웃 제대로 하니까 힘이 남는다. -. 등을 펴줄려면 팔꿈치가 살짝 뒤쪽을 보게끔 위팔뼈를 회전시켜주자. 날개뼈가 뒤로 모이면서 등도 펴짐. -. 복압컨트롤! 복식호흡! -. 둔근을 바짝 조여주면서 힙을 앞으로 힘껏 보냅시다! -. 중량욕심보단 역시 자세와 부상조심. -. 고관절. 중둔근. 요방형근. 햄스트링 스트레칭 꾸준히 할것. ⠀ 3번째 운동. #오버그립 #overgrip #랫풀다운 #latpulldown 85kg 8reps * 5set (3세트 6회 2회로 끊어서 함.) -. 목표 보조없이 85kg 8reps *5set 4번째 운동. #로우풀리 #lowpully. 75kg 8reps * 5set. (3세트 6회 2회로 끊어서 함.) -. 목표 85kg 8reps * 5set -. 치팅은 웬만하면 하지않기. ⠀ 5번째 운동. #원암로우풀리머신 #onearmlowpullymachine. 60kg 12reps * 4set. -. 시간이 없어 4set 했지만 5set로 할것. ⠀ 6번째 운동. #언더그립 #undergrip #랫풀다운 #latpulldown 85kg 5reps * 1set 80kg 3reps * 4set -. 목표 보조없이 85kg 8reps *5set ⠀ 7번째 운동. #스트레칭 벨트마사지 10분 하체 폼롤러 5분 상체 폼롤러 5분 중둔근 스트레칭 30초 3set 요방형근 스트레칭 1분 1set ⠀ SKIP. #유산소 #조깅#빨리걷기 40분동안 조깅 및 빨리걷기. -. 가민 좋당. ⠀

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Squats 3x8 220/214/209. Bench 3x8 107/107/105. 4th time trying to post this bc insta is being dumb af. My right wrist & thumb are getting sharp/shooting pain with any weighted extension, so had to not tuck my thumb for squats, felt weird. Hoping it goes away in a couple days. Had my hip rotation worked on yesterday, and my back feels the best today that it has in forever. @smgpowerlifting @russeyohiggins

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