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kevinliu2018. #chengduexpat


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katarina_pineapple. Let’s talk about Beijing 
Am I happy that I’ve been to Beijing? Absolu

Let’s talk about Beijing Am I happy that I’ve been to Beijing? Absolutely Would I move there? No • Beijing is an amazing city full of historical places, beautiful temples, long history and special vibe. I am sure my experience would be even better if we didn’t struggle to get around the city. I am not sure how is Beijing transportation usually but since they’ve been preparing for 70th National Day on October first, the city was an absolute mess. Closed streets for cars, subways skipping the stations were not my favorite thing about the city. • The experience of the tip was, of course, The Great Wall... the words can’t describe how amazing I felt once we got up. I will say more about it in the next post, stay turned 😊 • #china #chinachengdu #chengdu #chengduexpat #traveldrugari🗺️ #chinaoldtown #chengdutravel #travel #travelblogger #blogger #zivotukini #kina #jinli #girlstime #chinesearchitecture #chinesefood #chengdujinli

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This magnificent art piece Timeless Fashion (2015) by the Beijing-based contemporary artist Li Xiaofeng is exhibited at the Niccolo Hotel in Chengdu. Wait for my next post that will show the male counterpart – a porcelain suit. Li Xiaofeng uses hundreds of ancient shards of traditional Chinese ceramics and sews them together to create unique porcelain garments. His artwork pays homage to China’s past while looking toward the future. “The shards contain the history and culture of China. Through grinding, polishing, and sewing them together, it narrates the country’s past, present, and future to its audiences,” the artist says. Li Xiaofeng’s works are exhibited all over the world such as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. He also engages in cooperation with fashion brands like Lacoste and Louis Vuitton. 🐼 Your #sinoexpert

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sinoexpert. A big thank-you goes to AußenwirtschaftAustria (@aussenwirtschaft_aust

A big thank-you goes to AußenwirtschaftAustria (@aussenwirtschaft_austria.at) for this nice post of my interview about my life in Chengdu, China. #wirsindAustria 🇦🇹 Below is an English summary of parts of the interview: WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I grew up in the beautiful region of Swabia, more precisely in Waiblingen. WHAT LANGUAGES ​​DO YOU SPEAK? German is my native language. Besides, I speak English and Mandarin [Chinese] (I enjoy the Beijing dialect, which is easy to understand; currently I am having a try at the Sichuan dialect). Unfortunately, my French, Spanish and Italian skills are currently limited to good listening and reading comprehension. When talking, Chinese words are constantly mixing up. In fact, I also learned Classical Chinese at the university. However, this can not really be counted, because it is - like Latin - a dead language that is not spoken. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT CHINA? China is an incredibly fascinating country. In China you can almost feel the pulse of the time, be it in political, economic or sociological terms. All the contrasts between backwardness and rapid upturn, the sight of laundry hanging out of the window and in the background gigantic skyscrapers, megacities and sleepy villages, vivid cultural traditions and at the same time a reinvention of society characterize this country and forbid the reduction to a few keywords. WHAT ARE THE CLICHÉS ABOUT CHINA? Responses to China often refer to eating habits, which is of course a popular topic for stereotypes. [No, dog is not a regular dish. Actually, it is rather frowned and originally a Korean dish! But yes, marinated chicken feet are a popular snack.] Sichuan, the province where I live, is relatively unknown abroad. Occasionally, the association to Bertolt Brecht's "The Good Person of Szechwan," is drawn. Furthermore, the numbing spicy Sichuan pepper is familiar to a few. When explaining that the province of Sichuan is the panda’s habitat and in size and population comparable to Germany, I often cause astonishment. 🐼 Your #sinoexpert

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clariivd. 🌿'' Tuesday Chillin'' 🌿 🧖‍♀️ #abouttime #offday #hotsprings #onlygo
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wtf_baopals. The seller of this electric razor claims that it is so quiet you could

The seller of this electric razor claims that it is so quiet you could cut a baby’s hair while they are sleeping and they wouldn’t notice. We’re just thinking that it would be pretty good for pulling pranks on your friends... 🤔 . . . #funny #wtf #shanghai #beijing #chengdu #china #zhongguo #chinaexpat #shenzhen #shenzhenexpat #guangzhou #shanghaiexpat #beijingexpat #chengduexpat #guangzhouexpat #kunshan #kunming #hangzhou #suzhou #lifeinchina #expatlife #chinalife #shopping #shoppingchina #baby #razor #shave

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rosiejbrown. This is Lincoln, one of my two foster kittens (the other is the super

This is Lincoln, one of my two foster kittens (the other is the super tiny one in my previous post!) 🐱 This little fella has learnt to climb out of his pen when the lid is unzipped 😎 Swipe to see how horrific before photos 😥 He came to us last Monday with his jaw broken in half - likely hit by a motorbike 🏍 You wouldn’t know the difference now!

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下雨了☔️ ,虽然不尽人意,但是撑伞就好了呀... It is raining, not what I expected, but hey, nothing an umbrella can't fix... Embrace the rain, get dry later! #chengdu #china #chengduexpat #chengdulife #chinesestyle #peaceful #rainynight

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•Age is a question of mind over matter.If you don’t mind,it doesn’t matter• . #shootoniphonexr . . #chengduexpat #chengducity #shootoniphone #respectforoldage

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gigi_wondrous. Peaceful 😌
#china #Chengdu #chengduexpat #Travel #hotel
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The Temple of Heaven in Beijing was one of the most important religious places during Ming and Qing dynasties. The complex was visited by the Emperors for prayer to Heaven for good harvest • Today it’s a famous touristic spot with beautiful gardens all around the temples. • How to get there? Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station; leave from Exit A • #beijingtravel #beijingexpat #chengduexpat #chinaexpat #beijing #templeofheaven #temple #china #chinatravel #travel #traveldrugari🗺️ #igtravel #travelblogger #blogger #explore #adventure

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rosiejbrown. Taking my latest foster to the clinic for his medicine 😌 He is wayyy

Taking my latest foster to the clinic for his medicine 😌 He is wayyy too small for a cat bag so I just pooped him in my handbag on a towel, but he much prefers to travel inside my shirt 💛 We walked all the way to the clinic like this (to be fair it’s only a 5 minute walk from my flat) What an angel! 🌈

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Burgerrrrrrrr n chips 🍔🍟🍗🥤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 7/10 This is actually one of my favourite burger places on Chengdu at the moment. It is usually a bit nicer but it was a little bit cold. I did order it on Saturday night so I’m assuming they were very busy! But still a great meal 😍 The beef patty actually tastes like a home made beef patty, which is amazing! I also got a spicy chicken wing, chips, chicken nugget filled with cheese and thousand island dressing as dipping sauce! My fav combo 👌🏼 #chengdufood #foodporn #burger #burgers #burgerandfries #bestcombo #food #foodphotography #foodie #foodies #foodgasm #iloveburgers #chengdu #chengduexpat #love #foodreview

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CoCo is always a good idea 🍑 ft les ptites fesses du panda • #cocobubbletea #coco #peach #drink #fresh #pink #juice #ifs #cdifs #chengdu #chengduifs #chengducity #panda #aboard #chengduexpat #travel #china #chine

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rosiejbrown. We are all coming to terms with Nemo’s Summer weight gain 😂🐱 It seem

We are all coming to terms with Nemo’s Summer weight gain 😂🐱 It seems he comfort ate his way through the summer vacation (plus ate double the snacks as Fig was poorly) whooops! But now he is extra soft and cuddly 💛

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The most incredible vegetarian Mediterranean brunch at @casachengdu ☕️Would highly recommend it! Really boutique, family feel about the place. So lovely to hang with my gals @emma.darling00 and @queeenshala too 💛

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