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earlgreyreads. So my book club group all cheated on our schedule this month and finis

So my book club group all cheated on our schedule this month and finished The Program early! What are you reading this weekend? • The Program is YA dystopian that is framed around the idea of teen suicide as an epidemic. The state's solution to this has been to commit any youth who have caught "the sickness" into The Program, where their harmful memories will be wiped clean. • It is a very captivating, heartbreaking concept that had me enthralled, and for that I am giving it🌟🌟🌟🌟 • There are a few problems I had with the premise. This is a very sensitive subject, and I'm not sure the ideas that depression is contagious, or that bad memories lead to suicide is a healthy or respectful approach to mental health issues. I was hoping for an explanation of what caused the epidemic- overuse of anti-depressants? brainwashing? Sloane and James are very sweet together and the book is filled with romantic, heart warming scenes! It is a truly enjoyable book if you don't question too much and let yourself get wrapped up in it! • Check out my full review on Goodreads (link in bio)! • • • #bookreviewer #bookmail #canada #readingisfun #booksandtea #bookphotography #bookish #bookstagram #bookshelf #reading #bookgirl #currentread #bookreview #reading #bookblogger #canadareads #theprogram #suzanneyoung #YAfiction #YAdystopia #dystopian

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I’ve come down with a classic case of #bookstagram made me do it. It’s very contagious, please be cautious. • I’m very excited to now have all these buzzed about books in my library!! I have a few e-galleys to get through before I dig in, but I’m thinking that first up will be Nine Perfect Strangers! • What’s been your favorite of these titles?

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bibliothea. i hope you’re enjoying your saturday! i’m at may dad’s house currently

i hope you’re enjoying your saturday! i’m at may dad’s house currently, watching football and getting some nice food in me. i’ve read a few chapters of my current read, #little, this morning, and hope to read another one of #elizabethgaskell‘s #shortstories this evening, the last one i have to read for my seminar. and i also did work a bit on my presentation for that same seminar, but i can’t really be bothered - it’s only fifteen minutes of talking about #gaskell‘s short stories, in fact, so it’s pretty doable. . have you read any short stories or story collections yet this year? 🌿

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A goal of mine for 2019 is to continue to grow as a reader, a reviewer, and book enthusiast. Which for me means: staying on top of books that I’ve promised to read and give my personal opinions of them. I have a pile of books that I’ve been blessed with by publishers that I can’t wait to get to this year!⁣ ⁣ Thank you to the tagged publishers for gifting me with these beautiful finished copies.⁣ ⁣ #partner #2019goals #reader #bookreviewer⁣ @harperbooks @pegasus_books

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b.o.o.k.s.t.a.g.r.a.m . I feel like if I said this to someone who wasn't a book addict, they would think I was being a little over dramatic. However, I know you guys will completely get where I'm coming from! There are very few things that test my patience more than someone trying to talk to me whilst I'm reading. Anyone else share my pain? . It's been a really lovely Hump Day this week! I went in to read to our eldest's preschool class this morning (which she was delighted about!), and then took a little trip to @traderjoes which is always fun. I've been putting off buying chocolate for a good week or so now, but I finally caved today and told myself that it was purely medicinal because I've got a cold...I'm now looking into some very exciting new projects...keep an eye out for more info very soon! . Happy Hump Day, bookstagrammers! We're on the downhill slope to the weekend now, right?! I hope you're all going to manage to get some reading in at some point today. I can't wait to snuggle down on the sofa with my kindle later...

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b.o.o.k.s.t.a.g.r.a.m . One of the hardest things about being addicted to reading is the never ending and constantly growing TBR. I have countless books on mine, but everytime I finish one, I seem to add about 3 more to it. This happened yesterday when I was trying to pick my next book and instead of choosing one from my list, I decided to read one I'd never even considered - A Handmaid's Tale. I know I'm super later to the party but I'm pretty excited to finally read it! . We've had a really fun Tuesday, I have to say! We went to check out @ryeairfield this morning which is an indoor skate park and they have a morning for kids - the girls absolutely loved it! Then we had ballet this afternoon - they were pretty exhausted when we got home so I got to get some editing done which was pretty great. I feel like I'm making loads of progress at the moment! . Happy Tuesday, bookstagrammers! I hope you've all had great days and have managed to get some reading in somewhere. I can't wait to curl up on the sofa with my kindle later! What are you all reading?

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I am about halfway through this one as part of a buddy read with @mama_needs_to_read and @mommy_reads_ this month and I am LOVING IT! A lot of people have said this book starts slow and nothing really happens in the first half - lucky for me this hasn’t been the case! . I have loved the whole first half. Beartown reminds me a lot of the town I grew up in, in some ways. The expectation of perfection, the town rallied around the sports teams, the rules that are different for the players - its felt very familiar to me as I’ve spent time in Beartown. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and learn about the fabric of the town. How Beartown operates, what makes the residents tick, how the kids are groomed growing up, how the teenagers navigate that time in high school when you are trying to figure it all out, discover yourself and not let anyone down. I feel like I just know and understand this town. . Now that things are really picking up I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m so glad there’s a sequel (that I already have waiting on my shelf) so I can continue in this world. . Who else has read Beartown? I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to it but I can’t wait to see where it goes. 🐻🥅🏒

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b.o.o.k.s.t.a.g.r.a.m . When you've got two children under 5, finding the time to properly relax can be pretty tricky. That's one of the reasons I adore reading so much, even if you just manage to fit 5 minutes in that day, it's such a great escape from every day life. Having my Kindle plays a massive part in this as well... I love that I can get my 5 minutes relaxation anywhere! What's your favourite way to relax? . We've had a lovely lazy day today, running a few errands and playing with playdoh (our youngest has recently discovered a huge love for it!). I'm fully utilising afternoon nap time to get some bits done on the new book. Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me comments on the cover ideas on my story the other night, it was super helpful! Another reason why I adore bookstagram! . I finished Wildfire by Ilona Andrews last night and, alas, wasn't overwhelmed by it. There's a full review up on the blog... link's in my bio! . Happy Hump Day, bookstagrammers...I think we can officially get excited about the weekend now! I hope you all manage to find some time tonight to snuggle up with a good book and a cuppa. I'm planning some more Grey's Anatomy and then a few chapters in bed.

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Hi friends, happy Monday! Isn’t this the cutest block?? ✨🌇 Spotted in Lincoln Park while walking off a very good brunch with a friend. 😍 (my collection is growing over here: #thespineswalks ) • In other news, I finished a book this weekend and also started a new book last night. I don’t love starting a new book in the morning because my brain can’t hang. It’s like, you want me to start the day AND get invested in a new book?? Slow your roll, girl. • 💭 Do you pick up a new book immediately after finishing the last one?💭 I kinda go back and forth. In theory, I like to let the story permeate but sometimes I’m just ready to scoot right along. ☺️

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all_encompassing_books. 🖤 COMING SOON 🖤
Who loves enemies to lovers? 🙌🏻 Who loves @thesa

🖤 COMING SOON 🖤 • Who loves enemies to lovers? 🙌🏻 Who loves @thesaffronkent ? 🙌🏻 If you don’t, well get on board because Zach and Cleo are coming soon! Isn’t Cleo gorgeous?!? That hair!!! I can’t wait to see what this asshole Zach is up to. • Here’s a little sneak peak of the Blurb. If you want to be the first to hear about the release of this book, join Saffron’s Purple Hearts on FB!! • Cleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world -- just one -- and his name is Zachariah Prince. In grade school, he pulled at her pigtails. In middle school, he spread false rumors about her. And in high school, he ruined her prom... • Add to your TBR if you haven't: http://bit.ly/ZachAndCleo-GR • #BlurbSneakPeek #ZachAndCleo #TitleToBeRevealedSoon #EnemiesToLovers #AssholeAlpha #Angst #comingsoon #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #booksofig #bookstagram #bookblogger #bookreviewer #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookworm #booknerd #readmorebooks

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bookinitwithjules. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
MY OPINION: This series set

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas MY OPINION: This series sets my soul ablaze in the best possible way. I didn’t want this book to end because I’ve become so invested in the story and I have a soft spot for all of the characters (well...almost all of them). I live and breathe for Rhysand but I did miss the slow burn romance and flirtatiousness of book two. However, I liked that we got to see that bond grow and deepen and become such a powerful entity throughout the story. I don’t typically love books that revolve around a big war or battle but this didn’t read in that cluttered way that often comes with writing battlefield scenes. There were plot twists left and right in this bad boy and we got most, if not all, questions answered by the end. Sarah J. Maas’s writing in this series makes for such an enjoyable experience and you can’t help but get super emotionally attached to everything and everyone. The magic system/world-building is interesting but not difficult to understand and even though there are so many characters, you really get to see strong character development with pretty much everyone. I dare you to read this series and not fall in love and be hooked! Lol you can’t! RECOMMENDATION: I would recommend this series to fantasy and contemporary lovers alike. If you’re looking to relive the days of your initial Twilight/Harry Potter/Hunger Games obsession, this is definitely for you. You will be just as invested. I guess I wouldn’t recommend this to people who really dislike fantasy/magic in books...but still….you’d probably like it anyway. It’s just a really likable series. RATING: 📚📚📚📚📚

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SPECIAL INVITATION You are specially invited to the *Book Signing & Presentation* of 'Quiet Storms' by Melisha Ann @melisha.ann published by Fiesta Publishing Support Services USA. Date: Saturday 2nd February, 2019 Venue: Three Sisters Books & Gifts, LLC 7 Public Square Shelbyville, IN 46176 Indiana, USA Time: 10am to 12noon (Prompt) Enquiries: +1-2404131057 @purplecrain22 #fiestapublishingsupportinc QUIET STORMS out on AMAZON, AMAZON UK, AMAZON KINDLE, BARNES & NOBLE, APPLE ITUNES, OKADABOOKS, SCRIBD, KOBO, NOOK. GET READY for one of the most thrilling collection of poems by an American Author, Melisha Ann. Edited by Oluseyi Ogunlana aka Mr Fiesta. ************************************************** For Book Writing, Editing, Publishing Support & International Promotion/Distribution, please CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP: (+1) 2404131057 #Amazon #Okadabooks #kindle #ebook #nonfiction #prose #author #poetry #poet #americanpoet #africanwriter #truelifestory #thriller #writer #africanwriter #editor #booklovers #readers #bookreviewer #publishers #africanpublishers #bookfair #library #nigerianbloggers #Africanbloggers #anericanbloggers #instagramtrenders #instagramwriters

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tashalikesbooks. Finished The Miniaturist by #jessieburton and LOVED it!!! What an amaz

Finished The Miniaturist by #jessieburton and LOVED it!!! What an amazing historical fiction with a twist. Since my kindle needs to charge I decided to pick up The Strange Case of the Alchemist Daughter by #theodoragoss I’m excited to get into this one. 🍍 🍍 How is your reading going this weekend?

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sethijo. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5
This is the 4th book in the series and somewhere along th

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 This is the 4th book in the series and somewhere along the 2nd one, I knew I wanted it to be at least 15 book series. And that I want to own them all, read at them again and remember all the different world. As always, the narration resembles a tale. This is the first time when the inner workings of the world are so clear. We follow a young girl to the Goblin market where above all you need to know the fair value. The girl is Katherine Lundy, who we met before in Every Heart a Doorway. At this point, I love this series too much to give it anything other than 5 stars. And this book was the best one yet. #ebook #libraryread #library #bookreview #favbooks #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bibliophile #bookish #bookblogger #goodreads #bookishfeatures #bookreviewer #bestbook #mybookfeatures #amreading #whatiread #bookcommunity #readinglife #bookgram #bookstoread #ilovereading #ilovebooks #alwaysreading #aty2019 #aroundtheyearin52books #waywardchildren #seananmcguire #inanabsentdream

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book_dude. Stirring the Sheets is a beautiful, dark story about a man struggling

Stirring the Sheets is a beautiful, dark story about a man struggling with grief over his wife who died a year ago. I won’t spoil anything, but the man works in a funeral home, and one day a body comes in that resembles his wife. It’s a very sweet love story. I promise. #bookstagram #book #books #bookreview #bookreviews #bookreviewer #read #chadlutzke #stirringthesheets #bloodshotbooks @chad_lutzke

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nerdlovebook. Credit : @sm.yairlevyauthor.. Thank You
\"They say it's good to let you

Credit : @sm.yairlevyauthor.. Thank You "They say it's good to let your grudges go, but I don't know, I'm quite fond of my grudge. I tend it like a little pet." Liane Moriarty. ———————————— Books with movie/show adaptation covers. Yay or nay? 📚 📚 Hello friends! I like a good adaptation cover, but if I had to choose... I'd go with the original book cover. Like here, while this cover is nice, I can't get over the fact that Madeline is blonde! (Even though Reese Witherspoon is perfect for her character.) Have you read this book or seen the TV show? I started the show first and stopped to read the book. So far I really like both! What about you? 📚 📚 📚 Don't forget to enter my Strange the Dreamer ! Check out my feed for more info. ❤️ 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚 Follow us @nerdlovebook . . . #nerdlovebook #bookreadhappyhour #yaliterature #readinglover #mybookfeatures #bookbag #booknerdchallengenov15 #readingismyhappyplace #readinglist #newbookrelease #bookphonechallenge #kidsbook #readingaddiction #reader #coffeebooks #readingisfun #readingiscool #igbookshop #readingwrapup #bookreviewer #bookcover #bookaddictions #ireadyalit #newbooks #readingishappiness #culturetripbooks #readinggirl #booknerdlife

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david_l_morgan. Time for a guilty pleasure
Another Patterson Thriller

I g

Time for a guilty pleasure #review Another Patterson Thriller I guess I could say that about everything Patterson writes these days. Even though this is an Alex Cross novel it felt more like a compilation of characters. Yes, Alex was at the center of the narrative but maybe because we follow the path of of five deadly assassin's we heard less of him. His best friend, John Sampson, got completely lost in the shuffle. In the end that's all okay. The story is a riveting, edge of your seat, high speed thriller that leads to a cliffhanger ending. I can't wait to read who "M" is. I recommend this book to all you Cross, Patterson fans looking for a fast thrilling read. #Bookstagram #bookstigrammer #bookreviews #bookreviewer #bibliophile #ilovebooks #ilovereading #jamespatterson #jamespattersonbooks #alexcross #target @jamespattersonbooks

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inspiredtoread. Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is the

Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand . My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is the 4th and final book in the Winter series and while I enjoyed this series for the most part, I'm glad to say goodbye to the Quinn family. ❄️ I loved that this series was broken up by following different story lines of each Quinn family member and how they intersect- it's more interesting than just reading the story straight through. I didn't love that this 4th book introduced a new person/storyline (Eddie). I thought that was a little random and unnecessary. I did 100% cry at the end which is why this book gets 4 ⭐️s from me. I can't remember the last time I cried reading a book! 😭 All in all I recommend this series, but try to read it around Christmastime if you can. 😉🎄

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wanderwithjon. Which Classics would you love to have a retelling of?

It would be fan

Which Classics would you love to have a retelling of? It would be fantastic to know what people's perspective are with We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I would, most definitely, be interested to know what they think would happen if the events in the book are different. Or what might have happened to the girls after everything. Also, I think all of the books on the photo closely relates to today's prompt! Shit definitely escalated in all, if not most, of them. #bookreadhappyhour | 20/01 | Shit escalates! Have a wonderful day! All the love! -- #bookstagram #booksbooksbooks #booksofinstagram #bookworm #booklover #bookporn #bookaddict #bookblogger #bookreviewer #whattoread #amreading #amwriting #wehavealwayslivedinthecastle #shirleyjackson #animalfarm #georgeorwell #thepearl #johnsteinbeck #lordoftheflies #williamgolding

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Chores are done! Best treat is snuggling in with my favourite series #threesisterisland trilogy. Tomorrow it’s part two of meal prep, the baking side of things. Will be prepping my healthy gluten and dairy free, paleo friendly Frangipani mini loafs, and doing a little adventures in the kitchen as I begin my attempts at modifying my favourite Five Roses breakfast recipe! What are your Sunday plans?! Have a cozy, cuddly night friends! : •|• : #teaforte #booksandtea #teaandbooks #norarobertstrilogy #bookrecommendation #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #bookreviewer #bookreviews #booknerd #booklover #goodreads #cozynightin #hyggehome #datewithabook

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nikki.lovesromance. Woohoo! So giddy to have this beautiful ARC on my kindle! @naimasimone

Woohoo! So giddy to have this beautiful ARC on my kindle! @naimasimoneauthor is amazeballs! Such a stunning cover!⁣ ⁣ 📕📗📕📗⁣ ⁣ #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #instabook #advancereadercopy #blogger #bookreviewer #sexytattoos #ilovebooks #romancebooks

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lunelecteur. 🌸 Good evening, nerds and nerdettes!!
🌸 I'm bringing Peaky Bli

🌸 Good evening, nerds and nerdettes!! . . . 🌸 I'm bringing Peaky Blinders because I miss Kaz Brekker and the dregs. I think I just need to reread Six of Crows, but my pride wont let me. 😂 . . . 🌸 Its bitterly cold, so I'm snuggled up with Ace of Shades and sims. I'm creating a bookish town. 🙈 What are you up to tonight?? . . . #bookstagram #booknerdprobs #bookishgirls #bookstagrammerlife #booknookstagram #bookstagrammersdaily #bibliophile #booklover #totalbooknerd #bookreading #booksofinstagram #readingiseverything #bookphotography #igreads #booknerd #bookreviewer #ilovekazbrekker #heartbrekker #sixofcrowsduology #guysimfreezing #whyisitsocold #yabookstagrammer #yareader #bookfriends #booknerdigan #totalbooknerdlife #bookstagramlove #booksbooksbooks📚

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bookloverteam. ☆ R E V I E W ☆
Ninja Camp
By Sue Fliess
Illustrated by Jen Taylor 

☆ R E V I E W ☆ Ninja Camp By Sue Fliess Illustrated by Jen Taylor 32 Pages @runningpressbooks/@hbgcanada Available TODAY! • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 • This is such a fun book! Kids at a Ninja camp get into humorous situations while they learn the secret's of how to become a Ninja warrior! Great for boys and girls! Its action packed, has rhyming verses and features lots of bold and vibrant illustrations. My son and I read it several times. He now wants to go to Ninja camp! • Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy. . . #bookalongreview] . . #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookblog #bookdragon #picturebooks #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #childrenslit #ninjacamp #biblio #bibliophile #childrensliterature #kidsread #kidsreading #illustrated #happypubday #bookbirthday #books #2019books #newreleases #goodreads #readersofig #arc #kidsbookshelf #booksforkids

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Thank you to everyone who came out today and supported Tim Dorsey and Brant’s Book! We had a great turnout! Can’t wait for our next book signing! 📷 @for_reading_addicts

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chapter_ichi. Are you looking for a good holiday read?

The Right Place - Carla Caru

Are you looking for a good holiday read? The Right Place - Carla Caruso is a sweet romance and a lovely holiday read. The novel begins with Nella leaving Melbourne, her ex and a failed business venture. She journeys to Adelaide to help clean up her Nonna's estate and come to terms with her loss. The novel also follows parts of her Nonna's life as she moved from Italy and settled into life in Australia. The dual timeline is well written and the insights into Nonna's friendships and family life were very moving. For my full review please head to my blog www.chapterichi.com #chapterichi #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookrecommendations #bookreviewblog #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookworm #bookworm #carlacaruso #therightplace #aussieauthors #australianauthors

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myarmchairadventures. Is anyone snowed in this weekend and if so how are you handling the fo

Is anyone snowed in this weekend and if so how are you handling the forced free time? I’m always excited for a snow that leaves me with an excuse to cancel anything I had planned... introvert much?? We fixed a broken pipe under our kitchen sink and I caught up on laundry. Mostly, we are gearing up for the Chiefs v. Patriots tomorrow and planning all the snacks and food!! And of course, I’m reading! ❄️ #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookaddict #booknerd #bookworm #readmore #bookreview #bookish #bookaddict #booksofinstagram #bookreviewer #fiction #bookstagramfeature #igreads #bookphoto #bookphotography #booklover #bibliophile #bookishfeatures #lovetoread #kcbookstagram #bookfeaturepage #myarmchairadventures #mybookishfeatures #snow #snowman #teacup

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booksireadthisyear. 💔💔\"The Chemist\" by Stephenie Meyer; genre: mystery? Spy thriller? Ro

💔💔"The Chemist" by Stephenie Meyer; genre: mystery? Spy thriller? Romance? Not sure. ▫️ You have to admit that if I made it to 36% of this book then I did give it a fair try before giving up. The beginning is not bad, overbloated, perhaps, but the spy plot is intriguing enough that I kept reading. But then the heroine becomes enamoured with the handsomest, kindest, sappiest idiot under the sun (love-at-first-sight with his torturer!) and the spy plot disappears and instead we are handholding at a ranch. Oi! This is the last time I gave a chance to Ms. Meyer. ▫️ #bookreviewer #booklove #bookreview #bibliophile #booknerd #bookgram #bookstagram #bookcover #bibliophile #fantasy #booknow #book #bookish #booklover #bookaholic #bookaddict

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sethijo. I will not put my rating here. Reason's below.
I don't know about this

I will not put my rating here. Reason's below. I don't know about this book. Roxane tells her whole story which is illuminating and devastating at the same time. It made me feel uncomfortable on many occasions. Sometimes it made me feel like a bad person because I am only slightly overweight. The author says at the beginning that she is not a survivor, she is a victim. And the book reads exactly like that. But on the other hand who am I to judge that? But then if I can't judge, why publish something this personal. But then again everyone should be able to express themselves the way they want to. Is there such a thing as oversharing in a memoir? The book itself was repetitive and very chaotic. It should have been way shorter and it would have a bigger impact. I feel bad for giving it a low rating because of the story but I can't get over the chaos. #audiobook #bookreview #memoir #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bibliophile #bookish #bookblogger #goodreads #bookishfeatures #bookreviewer #bestbook #mybookfeatures #amreading #whatiread #bookcommunity #readinglife #bookgram #bookstoread #ilovereading #ilovebooks #alwaysreading #aty2019 #aroundtheyearin52books #roxanegay #roxanegayhunger

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marcopoloreads. Happy Saturday everyone! I've mentioned before that I didn't enjoy rea

Happy Saturday everyone! I've mentioned before that I didn't enjoy reading IMPULSE by Ellen Hopkins, but my friend who let me borrow the copies of her books has convinced me to continue on with the sequel PERFECT. I think I'm enjoying the second book in the duology a lot more than the first, but I still am going into it hesitantly. I haven't had that many great experiences with her books so far. 📚📚 📚📚 📚📚 📚📚 📚📚 #rainbowreadersbookclub #ilovebooks #reading #bookstagram #teenreads #readers #instabook #booknerd #bookworm #booksaremylife #booksaremagic #booksarelife #bookobsessed #bookreviewer #bookreview #readersofig #bookcommunity #bookishcommunity #amreadingnow #readersofinstagram #bookworms #bookphoto #bookphotography

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booksandcleverness_. A rare case of watching the film and then reading the book!

I’m in an

A rare case of watching the film and then reading the book! I’m in an unusual situation where I prefer the film to the book (maybe because of Blake Lively but who can be sure?) but I hate the ending of the film and would pick the book’s ending any day. Told from the point of view of Stephanie, her best friend Emily, and Emily’s husband Sean, the book weaves an intricate net of truths and lies through blog posts and internal monologues. From ditzy, loving Stephanie, to aloof and desirable Emily, to mysterious and devoted Sean, no character is as white as they first appear. Also, I could see Blake Lively in my minds eye as a read so that was a real bonus. #bookstagrammer #bookreviews #reading #bookrecommendations #reader #amreading #book #books #bookstagram #igreview #igread #igreads #igbook #igbooks #bookshelves #bookshelf #review #bookreview #bookreviewer #asimplefavour

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