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from.me.to.me_notes. Bismillah.


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carmanzygadlo. The Exception. ✨

The Exception. ✨

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byabigailkuhn. words are weapons... aim wisely. too often i hear words being tossed a

words are weapons... aim wisely. too often i hear words being tossed around in my daily life. i hear them being used to hurt people, and for people like me, words can do a lot of damage. i know that i get extremely sensitive when it comes to harsh words. i would rather be hit than be hurt with words. always take a second to think whether or not you mean it or if you are just saying it because of the heat of moment. sometimes it’s not us talking, it’s the anger or anxiety that feeds are thoughts and we just need to take the time to recognize it. we are not perfect and we will say things that we know we shouldn’t say, but we can always make an effort to try to speak for the best. @byabigailkuhn - - - - tags: #poems #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryporn #poet #globalagepoetry #poemgasm #poetryworld #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #quote #quotesandsayings #poets_community #writerslife #wordsofwisdom #words #deepquotes #positivity #poetryslam #wordstoliveby #aspiringpoet #poetryoftheday #poetsandwriters #writer #writingcommunity #anxiety #poetryworld #quotesforyou

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sagittariuspoetry. 🌙 orbit - 13/12 ✨
This piece revolves around space, the unknown world

🌙 orbit - 13/12 ✨ This piece revolves around space, the unknown world above us that holds mystery, but also endless wonder and fantasy. I found home within you, within your divinity and your ethereal beauty. I fell for you, despite not knowing anything about you. i’m trying to move on from you, but no matter what, everything i do always comes back to you. you became my entire world in the blink of an eye, and now i’m forever in your orbit. you’re in every poem i write, in every song i listen to, and in the last glimmer of hope i hold in my heart.

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🌷 “tulips” - 03/12 ❤️ This poem is about the Dutch woman with whom I was infatuated with. This past week I expressed my feelings to her and told her what she did for me and for my art, by being my inspiration. It’s been a month since we first met, and my feelings for her had only gotten stronger as time went on. She replied to my silly little letter and told me that she appreciated my work, and to keep writing. I didn't expect her to reply, but I was thankful that she did. She made me unashamed of myself and my feelings, and to accept myself for who I am. I could tell it was merely out of courtesy, since I laid my emotions bare in front of her, simultaneously scaring her and flattering her at the same time. Still, I don't regret what I did- not a single bit. To think that if I hadn’t met her and acknowledged these feelings of mine, that I wouldn't be pursuing the thing I loved the most right now, isn’t a world I want to live in. But, I realize that by having this crush, I'm just hurting myself with my expectations of the version of her I created in my head. In reality, she’s straight, twice my age, and is someone who i’m never going to see again- another case of the all too familiar, unrequited love- with a slight touch of psycho. Hopefully this will be the last poem I write about her, as I move on to another chapter of my life and look back with gratitude and honestly, in laughter. D, If you're reading this, which you might, I wish I could have said all this to you in person, but I was glad that I at least had the chance to tell you how I really feel. I will never forget you or will I ever regret what I did for you, as crazy as it may seem now. But to prevent myself from spiraling into a cycle of self-pity and despair, I realize I had to “switch off” my feelings for you for a little while. Deep down, I wish that I could have another chance to start over, but I know this has to mean goodbye, for both of our sake. You truly have been my one in a million, and have given me my once-in-a-lifetime chance in doing something that I, never, in a million years, thought would ever do. But hey, it’s definitely a killer story for the both of us.

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sagittariuspoetry. 🌹 free - 11/24
today is my 18th birthday, a new milestone in my journ

🌹 free - 11/24 today is my 18th birthday, a new milestone in my journey of self-growth. freedom tastes sweet, once you realize your worth and choose to dissociate yourself from society’s expectations and impossible standards that you cannot possibly live up to.

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sagittariuspoetry. This is the story of how I fell in love with a stranger. A beautiful D

This is the story of how I fell in love with a stranger. A beautiful Dutch woman, with the initials D.B., that I had the privilege of crossing paths with in early november. It was her mysterious, yet powerful and enchanting aura that drew me to her, and it was her kind eyes and loving smile that made her someone to remember. I didn’t remember a single thing from our conversation, though I wish I would’ve- a result of my pounding heart and burning questions about this burst of emotions that came rushing towards me with no warning. It’s been 3 weeks since I last saw her, and I can't get her off my mind. Every single day she crosses my thoughts, distracting my everyday activites without a prior notice. Twice, she showed up in my dreams, and I was left awake in the middle of the night, wondering what this all meant. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever she pops up in my head, and I'm filled with this burning desire of wanting to get to know her. I don't know how to put these thoughts of mine in words, so like any other hopeless romantic, I looked to poetry. This is the story of how I catched feelings for a stranger. An older woman who doesn’t know me just as much as I don’t know her. She’ll never know how much she meant to me, and how she was my inspiration behind starting this account and sharing my creative voice with this world- my muse, perhaps.

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