It seems my laghuvajrasana is getting better or maybe it’s the sand on the beach which helped me to ground my legs with ease 🤷🏻‍♀️😛😛🙈 @sandeepsharma9049 📸 #laghuvajrasana #yogaonthebeach

superhumanyogi. Wanting the Outcome and not Process #transformationtuesday 
A bird doe

Wanting the Outcome and not Process #transformationtuesday A bird does not hatch out of its egg and immediately starts to fly. A pride of lion will not wake up with the power to bring down a 13,000-pound elephant overnight. A baby does not wake as a new born and starts walking. You will not go from being extremely tight in your hips to full splits after 1 week, 1 month and some 1 year of stretching. You will not lose 100 pounds in one week, when it took you years to gain that extra weight. Did you go from learning time tables immediately to calculus? Will you go from bench pressing 100 pounds to 200 in one week? Should it really take 1 hour of trying handstands before you will be great at it? Do you start at the top or the bottom and work your way up? This is why a process is a process. With any process, you will not get there overnight and will require a lot of time and practice. There is a saying that goes like this, “When you are worried about how long it’s going to take, then you don’t really want to learn because you are worried about how long it’s going to take.” What does this mean? This means when it’s really something you want to learn, conquer, achieve, you should ride the waves and enjoy the journey. In the beginning stages of your journey you will learn so much. Your brain will constantly think and process. You will be so anxious to try it again and again. Some nights you might not sleep. You will be excited to grow. Do you want that to go away fast? One day, you will have that outcome if you stay with it. After the outcome, you will probably be on to something else and you will not be as excited about it anymore. (For most, not all.) You will just be able to do it and not think about it. That journey to that one thing you wanted is over, unless you decide to keep an open mind and keep improving. You rushed to get there and now it’s over. Never let the journey end, keep growing. I still get excited about getting upside down and deepening my flexibility. I don’t want the journey to end. You can never learn too much. You stop growing the moment you think you know everything. #keepgoing

yoga.goodvibes. 🕉Follow us @yoga.goodvibes 🕉
By @susan_yoga_nature

🕉Follow us @yoga.goodvibes 🕉 . By @susan_yoga_nature . .


There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get from practicing outside in the elements. I can so easily tune inward and immerse myself in my breath and my flow...feeling my way from one posture to another. If you’ve never tried this, I highly recommend it. Find yourself a peaceful area without too many onlookers, set your phone on timelapse, (it’s on your camera app,) close your eyes, plant your feet firmly on the ground or your mat, and see what happens from there... ⠀ Thanks for joining this challenge and sharing your inspiring outdoor yoga with us! You all have been a joy and I cannot wait to see what magic you share for the last day! ⠀ #GetYourAsanasOutside Day 7 (last day😢) Yogis Choice ⠀ Big love to my amazing friends/co hosts and huge gratitude for all our fabulous sponsors! Double check that you’re following all of them so we can hand out some prizes! ⠀ Your Outside Hosts 🍂 @cece.carson 🍁 @helenehopyoga 🍂 @leighyogipilot 🍁 @sigikolbeyoga ⠀ Generous sponsors: 🌾 @quenchactivewear 🌿 @karma_collective 🌾 @omnitomyoga 🌿 @knockaround 🌾 @malaprayer 🌿 @yogapaws ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Beautiful music by @songsofeden #music #timelapse #yogaflow #magical #clouds #ocean #alaska #yogi #instayoga #yogachallenge #peaceful #asana #puppypose #outdooryoga #yogawithaview

yogalooksgood. @yogoskenz 🙏 This is from last week. I saved it originally because Lo

@yogoskenz 🙏 This is from last week. I saved it originally because Lola is just so STINKING CUTE in it I couldn’t delete it. Then i played it back, and LISTENED. . . Now my favorite part is hearing Taft behind me, at the kitchen counter getting the boys their breakfast, about to bless their food, reminding the boys that Heavenly Father wants to hear prayers from Jack and James, all the time. All the time. ☺️ and gosh do my boys know their prayers are always answered! Just ask them! 🤗 . . Anyway. Just feeling extra grateful for my family today, and for a husband who, often in the background, is always taking care of the kids and reminding them how much they’re loved. . . I was going to post something else today, and I even did, then took it down, because I just kept feeling prompted to post this instead. And I’ve learned not to ignore those feelings. ☺️ . . I hope y’all are enjoying a beautiful Sunday, no matter what you do, believe, or don’t believe- I hope it’s filled with love and whatever makes you happy, and I sincerely mean that. ❤️ . Follow @yogalooksgood for more 💛 . #yogalove #yogisofinstagram #yogapose #yogateacher #namaste #yogaaddict #instayoga #yogaeveryday #yogagram #asana #yogalifeyogainspiration #yogadaily #yogaeverywhere #practiceandalliscoming #yogapractice #igyoga #strongwomen #yogamom #igyogafam #yogagirls

yogimemes. 100k TOP TEN @yogimemes countdown #4. I relate to this meme so hard I

100k TOP TEN @yogimemes countdown #4. I relate to this meme so hard I can’t even tell you! Any Kermit meme is always a success, this one better than the rest. - . I just announced my Brunch & Flow yoga event at @wphsouthbeach on November 10 in #MIAMI. If you live in South Florida you don’t wanna miss this. Check out my story or “Events” story highlight for details! Let’s yoga! #yogimemes #yogi #absaf #yoga #miamiyoga #brunchandflow


By listening to the global Vayumudra Tribe, we know that many yogis struggle with uncomfortable apparel. Our products are designed for freedom of movement, flexibility and a naked feel, so yogis can take their yoga practice to new dimensions! • @lildjzen moving freely in Vayumudra Asphalt yoga set. • #vayumudratribe #yogini #yogapractice #asana

feimingthe. Day 7#HappyBodyHappyYou2 
Asanas to play for H

Day #HappyBodyHappyYou2 #ploughpose #halasana . Asanas to play for Happy Body 😊😍: . . 💚 Day 1 - 15 Oct - Legs (Splits or Extended hand to big toe pose) . . 💙 Day 2 - 16 Oct - Hips (Goddess pose or Cow face pose) . . 💜 Day 3 - 17 Oct -  Navel (Seated twist (half lord of the fishes) or L-Sit) . . 💛 Day 4 - 18 Oct - Heart (Wheel pose or Bow pose) . . 💚 Day 5 - 19 Oct - Arms (Four-limbed staff pose/ chaturanga dandasana or Dolphin pose) . . 💖 Day 6 - 20 Oct - Shoulders (Flipped grip or Reverse prayer pose) . . 💙 Day 7 - 21 Oct - Neck (Fish pose or Plough Pose) . . ❤ Day 8 - 22 Oct - Head (Headstand - supported or tripod) . To participate: ➡ repost this flyer and tag some friends to join the fun ➡ follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in each of your daily posts ➡ make sure your profile is public so we can see your daily pics 📷 ➡ play safe, have fun and ask as many questions as you want! . . 🤸Your #happybody hosts: . 💙 @yogi.hemaxi . 💜 @indira.yoga . 💛 @yogameg.uk . 💚 @yogasouthcrete . . 🎁Your generous sponsors: . 💙 @yoggys_foryogis . 💜 @szmalas . 💛 @myyogawheels . 💚 @infinitystrap . 💖 @insideoutsideoutsidein . ❤ @liquidoactive #liquidoactive . @igyogachallenge @myyogachallenge @quantumyoga . #yogachallenge #octoberyogachallenge #asana #practiceandalliscoming #yoga #instagramyoga #igyoga #instayogi #yogainspiration #yogalove #yogafam #yogalife #yogisofinstagram #yogaeverywhere #iloveyoga #yogafit

yesocimcoz. #Repost @ozgurceyoga (@get_repost)
Beşinci çakra, Vishuddha, eleme

#Repost @ozgurceyoga ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Beşinci çakra, Vishuddha, elementi eter, duygusu dürüstlük. Boyun, omuzlar, ağız, kulak ve burnu içeriyor. Halasana, sırt, omurga ve bel çalıştıran, aynı zamanda tiroid bezinin bulunduğu boğaz bölgesine baskı yaparak o noktayı dengeleyen bir duruş. Yorgun bir günün ardından sırtı ve bacakları müthiş rahatlatır. Kendimizi dış dünyaya duyurduğumuz ifade merkezimiz olan bu çakrayı, duruşların yanısıra şarkı ve mantralar söyleyerek, ses rezonansı ve bu noktaya özel nefeslerle pratik yaparak güçlendirebiliriz. Burada belirtmek isterim ki, Hormon Yoga Terapi derslerimde direkt olarak ikinci ve beşinci çakra ile çalışıyoruz. Duruşlarımızın ve nefeslerimizin büyük bölümü bu iki çakraya yönelik! . . . #yoga #ozgurceyoga #beşinciçakra #vishuddha #ifade #dürüstlük #sırt #bel #omurga #boyun #tiroid #şarkısöyle #sesiniçıkart #halasana #asana #yogini #yogaeverwhere #yogaeveryday #myyogapath #yogalove #yogainspiration #yogaasana #yogaphotography 📸; @anilgurcaydede

yoga.laplata. Asana , lo que se ve de afuera

#yoga #hatha #asana #yogalaplata #phot

Asana , lo que se ve de afuera #yoga #hatha #asana #yogalaplata #photography


..🧘🏼‍♀️♥️🧘🏼‍♀️🌙... 🍂🌟🍂CHALLENGE . from October 15-21 Day 6 Wild Thing Pose.. “Reaching for the moon🌙 “ #MoonYogaVibes #octoberyogachallenge. I’m in are you? Thank you for great and inspiring challenges. ♥️🍂🌙 Love the inspiration on IG 🤸‍♀️✨🤸‍♀️ 🙏 * * * 🌛🍂Your Moon Hosts 🍂🌜: . 🌙 @suchitra_rx . 🌙 @__sil_06 . 🌙 @yogi.hemaxi . * * * 🌛 Your Moon Sponsors 🌜 : 🌛 @moonchildyogawear . 🌛 @mymalanecklace . 🌛 @narabellabrand . 🌛 @insideoutsideoutsidein . 🌛 @yogalotusmatstore . . . 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️ * * * 🍂🌛 Our lineup 🌜🍂 : 🍂1) Puppy pose . 🌙 🍂 2) Humble warrior .🌙 🍂 3) Goddess pose .🌙 🍂 4) Standing backbend . 🌙 🍂 5) Half moon pose . 🌙 🍂 6) Wild thing pose . 🌙 🍂 7) Camel pose/ Wheel pose . . . . .. ✨🤸‍♀️✨ * * * #yogaeveryday #practicepracticepractice #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #bodyweightstrength #yogagirl #CorePose #WildthingPose #yoga #strongyogi #yogi #core #yogaaddict #balance #healthyandfit #asana #mobility #yogachallenge #instayoga #Sweden #yogaposes #yogachallenge #strength #fff #bendnotbreak #yogisofinstagram #Camatkarasana #followforfollowback

codyoga. First day of ytt was awesome!!!

First day of ytt was awesome!!!


Day 15 #30BetterDays #FeelBetterBeBetter #pain #progress #process #yogachallenge ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ “The goal is to do the #asana with as much possible intensity of intelligence & love. To do this, one must learn the difference between “right” pain & “wrong” pain. Right pain is not only constructive but also exhilarating and involves challenge, while wrong pain is destructive and causes excruciating suffering. Right pain is for our growth & for our physical and spiritual transformation. Right pain is usually felt as a gradual lengthening & strengthening feeling and must be differentiated from wrong pain, which is often a sharp and sudden cautionary feeling that our body uses to tell us we have gone too far beyond our present abilities. The challenge of yoga is to go beyond our limits—within reason.” #BKSIyengar #LightOnLife #book #exerpt I have had to be very careful with backbends and have been working on my range of motion in my arms and shoulders and the healing I have some issues in the upper back. The progress I have made with consistent practice has allowed me to work into some backbends that I have not been practicing, due to chronic pain & injury. The deepened awareness yoga has given me of my body & mind has also helped to guide a steady, educated understanding of my limits. The use of the props were so helpful & gave me points of progress to feel where to stop & be so I can continue to progress & gain strength, healing along the way. The mind has a great deal to do with knowing the limits of our bodies & honoring this keeps allows me better progress & I believe, more sustainable healing. 💪🏼🧠💪🏼🧠💪🏼🧠💪🏼🧠💪🏼🧠💪🏼 #yogapractice #meditation #focus #concentration #mindbody #mindbodyspirit #freedom #yogaforhealth #yogaforathletes #activerecovery #brainhealth #mentalhealth #breathe #bebetter #goodhabits #fit #healthy


When by the ocean, do a mermaid 😉 photo by @niannelynn who will make an awesome instagram wife!

debyoga78. Take me back to Bali and that villa! #yogapractice#yoga#yogainspiratio

Take me back to Bali and that villa! #yogaoutside

yogabybridge. And this is what \"between the yoga poses\" look like.
Check out my webs

And this is what "between the yoga poses" look like. Check out my website www.yogabybridge.com to see my upcoming workshops on Maui, Hawaii . . . . #aloha #yogaphotoshoot #yoga #yogabybridge #yogapants #waileahealingcenter #balance #october #morning #tropical #paradise #yogainparadise #hawaii #graceful #garden #yogaposes #asana #namaste