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creativeoptic. // CreativE Optic // 💥👓
⊛ 📷 by ☛ @jude_allen
↠ chosen by @jhavisual

// CreativE Optic // 💥👓 ⊛ 📷 by ☛ @jude_allen ↠ chosen by @jhavisuals | #creativeoptic | #CO10K#co_jude_allen . . ⊛Visit these amazing artists: ↠ @julianlallo | @quenchmethods@keinanvanunu | @jaws.visuals@pcusinex | @jhavisuals@aakaashbphoto | @its.tizzle@deanbeanfotos | @im_jasonanthony . ⊛ founder @creativejoos | partner @prozpris . _|Our Partners|_ #launchdsigns | @launchdsigns #enlightsolutions | @enlightsolutions #lightroommasters | @lightroommasters

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Blue hour somewhere in Idaho, in knee deep snow with the biggest smile on my face. • • • • • • • #visitidaho

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earthxclusive. You are in trouble. 😂
Baby burrowing owl is so cute. 😍
Follow us -

You are in trouble. 😂 Baby burrowing owl is so cute. 😍 . Follow us - @planetframed . Fantastic work by @beaudayphotography . Share to inspire. #planetframed

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Currently boarding a flight for my first trip of the year. First stop: Singapore. Very excited for all the street eats, hawker centres, and basically just eating non-stop and pretending I’m in Crazy Rich Asians 😛

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Sunsets at the Prom💫🌅

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SF Light Trails 🚃 ___________________________________________ Photo: @dan.dvong Use ➡️ #CITYKILLERZ ___________________________________________ ⚠️ CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO TO CHECK OUT OUR ADOBE LIGHTROOM PRESETS! 🔥 ___________________________________________ #moodygrams #symmetricalmonsters #hbouthere #instagood #illgrammers #estheticlabel #heatercentral #streetdreamsmag #theimaged #way2ill #urbanandstreet #eclectic_shotz #fatalframes #sf #bayarea #sanfrancisco #cali #california

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illlueminati. Tú Me Acostumbraste

Tú Me Acostumbraste

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trust the vibe, energy doesn't lie.⚡️

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vero_film. Girls in the woods 
#jeju #금오름

Girls in the woods #jeju #금오름

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Went for a walk the other night. To get food obviously. A burrito stuffed with chicken and shrimp to be exact.

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Pause and enjoy the view, you’ll always find a new perspective

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Loneliness adds a unique beauty to life. There's something special about just swimming around and living your best life 🙏💙

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where the sun sets

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There’s a moment that stands out in my mind when I think about motherhood. I was living in New York City and was pregnant with Ava. I was sitting on a bench (probably shovelling Chipotle in my mouth, let’s be honest) when the most glamorous mommy walked by me. She had oversized sunglasses, a chic updo, designer dress, and sky-high stilettos. Her perfectly manicured hands were juggling a Starbucks travel mug and... the most epic stroller I’d ever seen. It was modern and sleek and... beautiful? AND it turned on a dime. There. I’d seen it. THAT was goals. One day, I wanted to be a glamorous mommy with an aesthetically pleasing stroller that didn’t require brute force and loud grunting to be maneuvered. It turns out that I rarely used strollers, and ended up being much more of a baby wearing mama who was totally comfortable stepping out in t-shirts and flip-flops. Ok ok ok fast forward ten years... I just went to the mall with my new baby and new stroller, and guess what? My dreams came true. I just found out that I now own the stroller of all strollers. It’s sleek, all black, and arguably beautiful. It has a million pockets to hold all of my random crap, an adjustable handle bar, and it turns on a dime. It responds to my every slight move almost as if telepathically. I was waltzing around the mall on cloud nine this afternoon when suddenly bébé got crusty. No problem. I held her in one arm, and continued waltzing around the mall on cloud nine while pushing the stroller with my available pinky. Hubby smiled and nodded while I explained the stroller’s features and our nice walk, but I don’t think he can quite get on my excitement level for this one (that’s ok, in fairness I smile and nod at his Kemper amp specs monologues). Either way, he gladly took a photo of us in front of this fun mural and now I’ve clocked enough happiness to last a while.

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emilyhannah.prods. // T W O //
like a force to be reckoned with,
a mighty ocean or a gent

// T W O // like a force to be reckoned with, a mighty ocean or a gentle kiss, i will love you with every single thing i have.

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In my time, I've traveled some roads A rolling stone, nowhere feels like home I've seen people come, then they go Life is just a story of some highs and some lows Tell me do you believe in miracles I'm standing here before your eyes I've cried many rivers I've walked through some pain Seen my world crumble And I carried the shame But I know somebody He calls me His own I can hear Heaven singing out Oh, you're never alone Oh, you're never alone Everybody wants to be king We put all our hope inside material things In Your light, I now understand That everything I have ain't everything that I am But sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough But that's when love says you're mine I may have took some time, but now I realize My imperfections were a part of your plan And if all things work together in the end The broken will be beautiful Tori Kelly song

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@birchhtreee pitted and frothy💦 / @buellsurf @team_suncoast_surfshop

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teaganperry. there was just a slight breeze when we took this 💫

there was just a slight breeze when we took this 💫

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Reservations have are now officially confirmed for my Martha’s Vineyard Summer Holiday!! I’m so excited for the opportunity to relax and create beautiful images from the vineyard. Maybe I’ll even meet a few of my IG friends for coffee at @mochamotts!! #marthasvineyard #visitedgartown #oakbluffs #mvy #GirlyGirlLiving💋 #writer #photographer #passionatetraveler #artislife #thecreative #artofvisuals #wanderlust #holiday #theprettycities #nikonlife

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🎨 NIGHT-TIME GRAFFITI 🎨 | I’ve been really loving experimenting with blending photography and photoshop elements lately. Taking photos that aren’t that remarkable originally and trying to edit them into something completely different is not only a fun challenge, but it’s also a great way to get the creativity flowing. Let me know what you think! 😎

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dicey_dungeons. No words for today’s dice mail. 
The most beautiful pieces I’ve ever o

No words for today’s dice mail. The most beautiful pieces I’ve ever owned. @moninacreations

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