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Gelbschnabeltoko oder auch "Flying Banana" genannt. Er gehört zu den Nashornvögeln. Seine Nahrung besteht aus Früchten, Samen, Nagetieren, Insekten und - wie lecker - Skorpionen. Dieser lief uns am Rastplatz Afsaal vor die Füsse, als wir einen Stopp gemacht haben. Daran sieht man schon, dass er sich am Boden wohl fühlt. Er hat einen unverwechselbaren Ruf: es ist ein lautes abgehacktes Wuk-Wuk-Wuk. Dies war auch das, was ich zuerst gehört habe und dem Ruf bin ich gefolgt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Werbung, da Namensnennung ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #suedafrika #suedafrika_erleben #südafrika_erleben #reisen #spassamreisen #intrepid #intrepidsuedafrika #coachingundreisen #meinsuedafrika #deinsuedafrika #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafrica #südafrika #meinesafari #meinsüdafrika #deinsüdafrika #südafrikaliebe #africa_vacations #travelafrika #reisenistschön #fernweh #wttwcommunity #flyingbanana #gelbschnabeltoko #Afsaal #krugernationalpark #kruger #krüger

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Cozy rooftop bar with the best views of Marrakech ❤️🙏 📷: @balthazartours #TheWildCollective

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* NAMIBIA * 'People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think that animals are worthwhile.' -  David Attenborough. 📍CAPE CROSS CAPE FUR SEAL COLONY, NAMIBIA 📆 10/5/2018 ⏩ Swipe to see 2 extra pictures Do you know where the home is of one of the largest colonies of Cape fur seals in the world? It's in Cape Cross, a small headland in the South Atlantic in Skeleton Coast on the west coast of Namibia. ▪️ The best-known breeding colony of Cape fur seals along the Namib coast is at this reserve, where the population has grown large and fat by taking advantage of the rich concentrations of fish in the cold Benguela Current. The sight of more than 100,000 seals basking on the beach and frolicking in the surf is impressive to behold, though you’re going to have to contend with the overwhelming odoriferousness of piles and piles of stinky seal poo. ▪️ 👀 My other pictures of Namibia & Africa & Animals:  #hildelikesafrica  #hildelikesnamibia  #hildelikesanimals #africanwilderness #all_animals_addiction #asi_es_natura

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I could see the outline of a head, the thick bush blurred my vision but the harsh back light showed her shape. The light hair that from her ears and the long whiskers glowed a shade of gold, this had given her away. As I studied her head, she studied the bush in front, it was bare all but two francolins who pecked in the dust. Their reddish beaks picked at almost nothing as if they pointlessly wasted time, little did they know that their time could all but be up. As my eyes strained harder to see the leopardesses intentions I wondered why these francolins? What happened next was a surprise. The golden tips of her ears turned back as her whiskers lowered, the gorgeous rim lights disappeared just like her, she became one with the bush. I expected her to leap out onto the francolins creating a brown explosion of feathers, but it never came. Patiently I waited. The chipping alarm call of the francolins lit up the bush. They realised there was a game being played, one they did not want part of. It was not the leopard we had watched that flashed forward from the bush but a bright eyed cub. The cubs clumsy steps had startled the francolins & they took to the air screaming in disgust as they went. The cub looked back at its mother, eyes wide with wonder in what it had done wrong. It was for the cub, just another lesson in life. It’s mother stepped forward, dropped her head & brushed past skimming the cubs head with a touch of love & care. The mother walked on leaving the lesson behind knowing one day the cub will get it right, it’s survival depended on it, it was a leopards life. The cub realised it was falling behind its mother who had not bothered to look back. Her movement had presented another opportunity for the young one who only minutes before had blown its attack. The young cubs eyes narrowed as it stared at its mothers tail, it had now become the focus of what the youngster wanted to nail. A short burst of pace put it right into its mothers heels, but the cubs killing intention had seemed to yield. A playful look had engulfed the cub, maybe this morning was not the one it would become a trained killer in the scrub.

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Driving through Morocco 🇲🇦 • Some of the most beautiful moments we had while visiting Morocco were actually from inside a car 🚙 From the windows we were able to witness a truly local side of Morocco and the daily life of its people. In the middle of long desert roads we found villages and cities bustling with life. Children walking from school 📖 women buying food 🍎 and men driving all types of transportation. • For most of us, Morocco 🇲🇦 is an exotic destination that is incredibly near and easily reachable, but for these people it’s home 🏠 • • Pelas estradas de Marrocos 🇲🇦 • Alguns dos momentos mais bonitos da nossa estadia em Marrocos foram de dentro de um carro 🚙 Pelas janelas fomos vendo um lado verdadeiramente local de Marrocos. No meio das longas estradas do deserto encontramos aldeias e cidades cheias de vida. As crianças a caminhar para a escola 📖 as mulheres a comprar comida 🍎 e os homens a conduzir todo o tipo de transportes. • Para muitos de nós, Marrocos 🇲🇦 é um destino exótico tão perto de casa, e de muito fácil acesso, mas para estas pessoas é a sua casa 🏠 . . . . . . . . . . #twofindaway #moroccovacations #inmorocco #ergchebbi #visitmorocco #simplymorocco #moroccoplaces #travellingmorocco #colorfulmorocco #loves_morocco #morocco1001 #topmoroccophoto #africa_vacations #discoverafrica #visitafrica #africantravel #igersafrica #amazingafrica #onlyafrica #checkoutafrica #estouaquipúblico #mylpguide #condenastetraveler #wanderlustmag #escapeandwonder #allaboutadventure #roadsofinstagram #travelbycar #portraitsoftheworld #takemoreadventures

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Suite des posts sur Marrakech mais ... guère la fin. On parle souvent du « riad BE » qui a envahi nos feeds depuis certaines années. Je me rappelle avoir voulu y manger avant leur agrandissement. On m’avait proposé un « repas traditionnel » pour 20€. Malheureusement, nous avions un séjour trop tardif et nous étions tombés en pleins travaux. Pour l’anniversaire de maman cette année, je décide de l’emmener finalement là-bas un midi. Bon je vous passe l’épisode où on a tourné en rond pendant une heure, sans trouver l’endroit (pas malignes pour le coup ehe). Le prix a augmenté à 35€/personne ce que je ne considère pas comme donné… J’ai remarqué sur leur site, qu’ils proposent plusieurs services qui n’existaient pas auparavant … Le cadre est en effet très beau, ça serait dommage de ne pas pouvoir en profiter. Quant à mon expérience, il y a eu de l’attente mais il faut dire que nous sommes arrivées en retard et que c’était l’été .. cela nous a ainsi permis d’observer les recoins, visiter les lieux. Le repas est bon/convenable - pas exceptionnel cependant pour le prix- mais on paye le cadre, c’est le deal. L’esthétique est partout dans cet havre de paix et de légèreté. C’est aussi très calme et on y rencontre de petites tortues bien mignonnes (qui se baladent par-ci par-là), lors de la dégustation. Conclusion: nous avons passé globalement du bon temps, et je ne regrette absolument rien. .

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🆕 Get also inspired by: @london.vacations & @europe.vacations 📷 Picture by: @mijlof ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ 📍Location: #southafrica #capetown 🔎 Chosen by: @toinou1375 ≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔≕≔ #⃣ Tag your pictures with: #africa_vacations

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Yellow billed stork living dangerously. Mandavu Dam, Hwange.

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Escape the city noise and pollution for an adventure experience in the hills of Mt Elgon Also the home of marathon runners . Learn about the local community and share a day in their shoes who life feels else where ! The photography was taken at the Sipi falls ,Mt.Elgon national park in Uganda . Whatever reason you have to travel ,we got you ! #sipifalls #visituganda #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelgram #Uganda #mtelgon #waterfall #adventureshots #kemptensafaris #travellingthroughtheworld #wanderlust #pictureoftheday #adventuretime #africantravel #africa_vacations #africannature #welcomehome #instagood #gol

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Das Breitmaulnashorn - dieses Exemplar gab es im Kruger National Park. . Kennt ihr eigentlich den Unterschied zwischen dem Breitmaulnashorn (engl: White Rhino) und dem Spitzmaulnashorn (engl: black Rhino)? Das Breitmaulnashorn hat eine quadratische, breitere Lippe, das Spitzmaulnashorn sieht eher aus, als ob es einen Kussmund macht - es hat eine spitze Lippe. Das Black Rhino ist ein Laubfresser und ernährt sich von Blättern und Büschen. Deshalb ist es auch wesentlich gelenkiger und mobiler als die White Rhinos. Diese sind typische Weidetiere und fressen Gras. Da sie beim Grasen den Kopf nicht höher heben brauchen, können sie dies auch nur bis zu 45 Grad. Da Breitmaulnashörner mit Augen und Nase oftmals dicht am Boden sind, haben sie einen feineren Gehörsinn, um Gefahren schnell zu erkennen. Deshalb haben sie längere und etwas größere Ohren. Eine weitere Unterscheidung sind die Größen der Hörner. Das Spitzmaulnashorn hat 2 fast gleich lange Hörner, während das Breitmaulnashorn eine längeres vorderes Horn besitzt. . Um die stark bedrohten Tiere vor Wilderern zu schützen, werden inzwischen häufig den Nashornern die Hörner gekürzt. Ohne Horn sind sie wertloser und werden nicht für ihr Horn getötet. Die Wilderei ist auch der Grund, warum im gesamten Park keine Tipps zum Auffinden von Nashörner weitergegeben werden. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Werbung, da Namensnennung ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #suedafrika #suedafrika_erleben #südafrika_erleben #reisen #spassamreisen #intrepid #intrepidsuedafrika #coachingundreisen #meinsuedafrika #deinsuedafrika #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafrica #südafrika #meinesafari #meinsüdafrika #deinsüdafrika #südafrikaliebe #africa_vacations #travelafrika #reisenistschön #fernweh #wttwcommunity #nashorn #breitmaulnashorn #rhino #whiterhino #kruger #krüger

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The great Sphinx - Wonders of the world 🌍 follow us to embark on the ultimate journey around Africa! ⁣ 📷: @hilvees#TheWildCollective

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From the MT archives: “Table Mountain and its surrounding cliffs may as well be the sudden, climactic, and definitive exclamation point on the world as we’re familiar with it, ending this insane earth-bound story with a rocky bang, only to be followed, dozens of blank pages later, by a somber, chilly, Antarctic epilogue.” . Full “9 Lessons” post linked in bio 😎

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When I first started taking pictures I thought it was easy. Different subjects create different images, great light or sightings & the images would be great The more I shot I realised that I’ll never be on top of my photography For me I always want to push the next idea & do something different Long ago I realised it would be better to focus on a subject, a subject that would help me grow, something that would evolve as I did. If I make mistakes I could try again, try new ideas & accomplish seeing those ideas come to fruition The last 5 years I have really been pushing myself, I’ve tried many different ways of changing things up, creating images that really speak to me. I am lucky as I have an amazing relationship with a number of Himba villages that I can try to create something, create something that evolves & is natural even if I am pushing it My photographic journey has taught me that I have to plan, I have to think about Images. Life does just happen but if you have not thought or planned for certain ideas or locations things won’t come together. This image is along the lines of what I have been playing with. This is not an image that will make the grade but I am sharing it here as a bit of an insight. In the future the other images will see the light of day in a platform that really showcases the images for what they are. Looking at this image I reflect on the relationship & connection I have with the Himba. This has allowed me to try new ideas, here it allowed me to play with multiple lights while life went on without my presence really changing too many things I guess what I am getting across is that photography for me is not about the image, it’s not about the likes or followers that come. It’s the learning & necessary planning that needs to be put in for many years. It’s the forming of relationships & the understanding of what you shoot. Many of you may not agree but this has led to this image I don’t really like it so I’ll go back, get some more images but more importantly, spend some time with the people in the image In between then & now, I’ll play with new ideas, ways & study more!

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“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George A. Moore . Travel to the farthest ends of this beautiful world or explore your own backyard -you don’t have to go far to create your own adventures. If you're planning to travel in #SouthAfrica soon, see my recommendations on where to stay on my blog or swipe up in my stories. 📷 #Knysna Lagoon #GardenRoute #TravelTuesday #shotleft

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tagsafari. Enjoying your Tuesday like this guy? ❤ • Tag Safari •

Clothing, Gear

Enjoying your Tuesday like this guy? ❤ • Tag Safari • Clothing, Gear & Style For All Your Safari & Outdoor Adventures. For All Those Who Love Enjoy Experiencing Our Beautiful Earth. Helping AFRICA Through TRADE. Since 1990.

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tiffieldtwins2. Reposted from @johan_van_zyl_photography (@get_regrann) -  South Luang

Reposted from @johan_van_zyl_photography (@get_regrann) - South Luangwa is now internationally recognised as a prime destination for photographic safaris with its very high number of lions, elephants, buffalo, hippos and above all leopards. It is estimated that there is one leopard for every 2km², which is higher than the leopard population of the Kruger National Park. Here, the mysterious leopard is not so elusive. It can often be seen resting in the trees, stalking in the bushes or even drinking by a stream. It is not rare to see one, two or even three different leopards on one game drive. I cannot wait to return to this destination, which has without a doubt become one of my favourites. . #WildEyeSA #SouthLuangwa #Zambia #ThisIsAfrica #WIldAfrica #Leopard #TravelPhotographer #TravelGram #TravelTheWorld #Africa_Vacations #AfricanPortraits #AfricanNature #WildlifePhotography

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bonvoyagecleo. 🇲🇦 Marrakech. Au fur et à mesure des années, une tradition s'est imp

🇲🇦 Marrakech. Au fur et à mesure des années, une tradition s'est imposée: dorénavant, c'était décidé, nous allions y partir chaque été, avec ma maman. J'ai pourtant commencé à découvrir le Maroc à travers une autre ville, ayant aussi prêtée ses façades à plusieurs films: Ouarzazate. C'est là où j'ai appris vers mes trois ans à nager sans brassards, où j'ai vu pour la première fois le Sahara, où j'ai commencé à danser n'importe comment en me prenant pour une princesse, où j'ai exploité l'ensemble de mon vocabulaire en anglais (HELLO BYE) aux uniques touristes non-francophones. Quelques années plus tard, j'étais de retour, à arpenter la Médina de Marrakech, à croire que le marchandage était un jeu, à me penser déjà adulte à repousser gentiment les vendeurs-enfants de serpents en bois sur la place Jemaa El-Fna ou dans les souks pour que ma maman ne fasse pas une crise de panique ... (bah oui, elle a la phobie de ses bébêtes, même en jouet). On a vu la ville évoluée, en quelque chose de plus touristique encore- l'aéroport s'est agrandi, les commerçants sont devenus parfois plus agressifs, les touristes davantage mal-élevés. Certains vont jusqu'à dire que "ce n'est pas vraiment le Maroc". Pourtant, j'en suis amoureuse. Ses rues étroites et cachées, ses riads et jardins secrets, son artisanat coloré.... pour la découvrir pleinement, il faut être curieux, se dégager parfois des sentiers battus (sans trop s'éloigner si vous avez pas un excellent sens de l'orientation hein aha, faites gaffes y a des gens mal-intentionnés aussi ...qui peuvent volontairement vous perdre, comme partout). Pour conclure ce post, j'aimerais également vous prévenir contre ces personnes qui en reviennent et qui vous font croire qu'on peut "faire Marrakech en trois jours". Comme je vous disais, j'y retourne chaque année et j'ai toujours quelque chose de nouveau à voir, un endroit où me perdre et aimer ça. Bref, je suis amenée à continuer à publier sur le sujet, j'essayerai de vous parler de mon ressenti et d'axer sur les clichés qui résident. En attendant, il y a toujours ma story à la une qui vous donne quelques tips rapides pour un séjour sur place. Des bisous 🌞 . . 📍La Sultana

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Even in cold and misty weather, despite swimming in the ocean there is dangerous ... Diaz Beach in Cape Point has definitely a lot of charm and it’s worth to see 💙

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Fellpflege bei Familie Pavian - ich bin mir nicht sicher, was der Junior gerade denkt..."oh, ist das schön! Bitte weitermachen!" oder eher "ach nö, nicht schon wieder! Warum denn jetzt - ich wollte doch lieber spielen!" Was meint ihr? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Werbung, da Namensnennung ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #suedafrika #suedafrika_erleben #südafrika_erleben #reisen #spassamreisen #intrepid #intrepidsuedafrika #coachingundreisen #meinsuedafrika #deinsuedafrika #southafricaza #meetsouthafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafrica #südafrika #meinesafari #meinsüdafrika #deinsüdafrika #südafrikaliebe #africa_vacations #travelafrika #reisenistschön #fernweh #wttwcommunity #baboons #paviane #krugernationalpark #kruger #krüger

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On a dark desert highway in the middle of nowhere 🏜️ 📷: @candyz.land #TheWildCollective

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