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lezette.marie. Day five of #mindfulomies was lunge. Today I’m grateful for winter. Or

Day five of #mindfulomies was lunge. Today I’m grateful for winter. Or at least I’m trying to be. It’s hard to be grateful for things that bring you discomfort. I don’t like being cold. Driving in the snow gives me anxiety. But this year I’m going to do my best to really fall in love with the season. I want to take advantage of this time inside to maybe redecorate or arrange my apartment and dive deeper into my practice. I’m definitely grateful that the cold make the cats want to cuddle more hehe. What do you do to help make the winter months a little easier? ☺️💗 ————— Hosts: @gentlesoulyogi @kelleyapril @yoginiinheels @yogi_liza @_monette Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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Taking a poll: who knows what aquafaba is? 🔥 I use it whenever I make homemade pasta or in some of my baking mixes (likes these waffles) to hold everything together just like chicken eggs! Aquafaba is basically chickpea water. You can use the thick syrupy stuff from canned chickpeas but I recommend making your own so you can avoid any chemical preservatives. Here’s how you can make your own aquafaba: 1. Soak some raw/dry chickpeas over night 2. Rinse and cook them in boiling water until they are soft 3. Remove the chickpeas and save them in the fridge for later 4. Boil the remaining water until it thickens up a bit 5. Allow it to cool before using in any recipes - keep in the fridge 🤗

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I’m seriously such a sucker for sunsets 😍

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raquellemantra. don says to be impeccable 
with your word 
but what is it about Hersel

don says to be impeccable with your word but what is it about Herself she wants to have heard? this man-made rewiring of Her beauty is only a mask to avoid others’ scrutiny because Her truth is underneath buried deep nothing discreet, just a part of Her path she must meet then she’ll find Her high form of love without religion leaving dogmatic lies behind from others’ predisposition she’ll be impeccable with not just Her words spoken but with Her constant vigilance of mending what has been broken from Her-made impeccable words of truth and of love she can release the fears she once created by her inner judge don says to be impeccable with the words you speak in order for others to hear Your-own-made reality 🖤 ps tomorrow’s #yourownmagic episode may or may not be with @alliemichellel’s & my favorite musician: @trevorhallmusic 🖤 📸 by @alliemichellel

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cherinekurdi. Rosy is one of Jihad’s mentees. She’s a mum of two and a passionate pe

Rosy is one of Jihad’s mentees. She’s a mum of two and a passionate personal trainer. She just loves to improve and learn. I love her energy. Every M-W-F we have an intense group workout led by Ji. It’s purely functional training, mobility and lots of body respect. We don’t talk. We just focus, sweat and breathe. Cos there’s no messing around with @jihadhaddadfitness and his 20 minute workout session. Come play with us.

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A huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support we received for our article on the @huffpost yesterday ❤️ Life was made to be an adventure, and we were made to embrace the unknown - to discover the beauty and wonder that exists in the world/nature around and within us - to let go and TRUST every chance we get. For us, living in a van for the past 4 years has given us the freedom and stability we needed to make that all possible. It has awakened our souls and allowed us to shift gears, reconnecting us to what’s real. Now, life as we once knew it, will never be the same, and we are infinitely grateful for the chance to share this journey into The Great Unknown with you 🙏🏼 #soultribe ••• PS- if you haven’t had the chance to read the article yet, you can find the link in our bio 🤗✨

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Get outside. Watch more sunsets. Drink water. Take a deep breath. 🌅✨

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She was the enchanting one; Made in His image. They tried to define her but labels fell to her side. She held power in her words and manifested every word she spoke. She was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of special and there was power in the knowing of her own worth.

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Anything you want in this world, you can have it. Wake up and choose to live like you already live your dream life. Wake up with joy, cultivate peace, and greet the dawn with passion for everything you choose to do that day. Quit choosing to surround yourself with uninspiring people, work, and places. Places...Your environment makes you or breaks you. Be unapologetically picky about where you spend your time and who you spend your time with. Make quality friends and choose quality environments...like @campionlafayette. If I were a student in Lafayette, I’d be so ready for fall 2019 when all this construction will be Lafayette’s finest student housing! Choose Campion because you deserve to live in an inspiring environment, complete with the largest pool in all of the town, a bark park, and gym. Choose the life you dream of now and go take a tour of the future smart apartments with my friend, Allie! Visit 801 E. University Avenue to learn more. #WhyRenewWhenYouCanLiveNew #Campion_Partner #SmartApartmentsForSmartStudents

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annab.ie. The current path I'm on is so filled with knowledge. When I come acros

The current path I'm on is so filled with knowledge. When I come across one thing, something else shows itself. Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass is one of the best books I've read this year. 😍 I'm only half way through, but it's a book that keeps on giving 🙏🏼🕉☯️💜 what's the best book you've read this year? I'd like to add more to my ever growing list 😂 . . . . . . . . . #YogaGirl #YogaCircle #Namaste #KundaliniYoga #IrishBlogger #InstaIreland #YogaBlog #YogaTeacher #HathaYoga #InstaYoga #YogaGoals #YogaPose #NamasteIreland #YogaBlogger #HappyCamperYoga #SoulOnFire #YogaInspiration #YogaEveryDamnDay #WellnessBlogger #WarriorPose #Virabhadrasana #YogiBear #YogaHub #YogaAsana #WarriorOne #YourOwnMagic #MindBodyBalance #Yoga #IrishYogi

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gypsea__child. “Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set yo

“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”🌞🦋✨ #thehse #tribalwellnessmovement #thebibclique #yoga #yogamiami #mermaid #yogini #yourownmagic #gypsylife

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cherinekurdi. How to make the best Decisions.

I always get these questions about “

How to make the best Decisions. I always get these questions about “ Chérine, how can I make this [ fill in the blank ] difficult decision, what’s the best decision? Should I do this. Or that? My answer and what I personally apply on myself is: focus on your truth and your energy. Ask the truth teller inside of you and your energy level what they both think about it. They always have very wise counsel isn’t it? You always find the right answer that works for you when you go inward, tune in and you’re honest with yourself. No one else but you will know what’s best for you. Then once you get that truth it’s all up to you if you want to act upon it or not. Cos it’s also your choice not to act upon your truth.

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I've been an actor on a stage playing a role I have to play. I'm getting tired, it's safe to say, living behind a masquerade. No more performing out of fear. I'm trying to keep my conscience clear. It all seems so insincere; I'd trade it all to meet You here. I'm losing my religion. I'm losing my religion. Light a match and watch it burn. But to Your heart, I will return. No one could love me like You do, so why would I want a substitute? 🕯 These lyrics by @lauren_daigle have brought SO much peace to my soul. I’m okay, but I’m tired. I think we all are if we can be honest with ourselves. 💛 I can’t find perfection in the eyes of the world. I certainly can’t meet religious ideals and expectations. I haven’t even looked myself in the eyes and honestly said, “I really freaking love you,” and meant it in a while. All of the expectations I put on myself can be overwhelming. I feel like a hamster on a freaking wheel. Can you relate? ✨ Peace be still. 🕊 Get up, go look in the mirror (literally look into your pupils), and repeat after me: I am enough. I love myself. Gosh, I love YOU. I am proud of myself. I am a good person because I’m doing my best. I am loved the way I am. I am whole the way I am. I am loving. I am light. I bring joy and harmony to every place I go. I am enough. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Did anyone else need to hear that, or was that just for me? If we don’t really love ourselves, how can we love the people around us properly? We always remember to “love our neighbor,” but we tend to forget the last part, “as yourself.” When I think back about the times I hurt people most, it’s been when I didn’t love or respect myself. Hurt people hurt people. It’s time to stop hurting, dig deep, and appreciate who we are. 👁 Take off the mask and look into your eyeballs! It’s okay to take time to have some healthy self talk. It’s called mirror work, and it’s life changing. Let’s do this everyday, grow in self love, and watch how that love affects those around us. 👖 PS: You can find this entire look at @mavenwomenswear! I call it my snazzy little sexy rancher’s wife get-up 😜— it’s not my usual girly look, but I’m kinda obsessed! 🧥 #MavenGirl #Maven_Partner

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Self-support. Sometimes, the world around you is trembling. Sometimes, you have those days where it feels like all is overwhelming. This can be connected to people leaving that you never wanted to leave. It could be having a useless fight with people you love and care about. It could be that you get bad news about friends or family. For those days, don‘t expect too much. Maybe, expect nothing. It is normal that there are days that suck. We all have them. The trick is to find something to support your inner strength, to activate it. Whether this is journaling, listening to music, taking a walk, party, dance, meet friends... the list is endless. For me, during those days, yoga is the most healing and supportive activity. Next to it, I draw a lot and also love journaling. As soon as I feel better, I love to invite my friends and cook for them. To just be with them and have nourishing food is what makes my day. I hope you find something for those days, those days where you feel low. A tip: it‘s in the little things. 🙃 Lots of love, Mandy xx #yoga #yogaforlife #yogainspiration #feelgood #loveyourself #supportyourself #yourownmagic

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Ouuu I really can’t get enough of the practice of gratitude. Thanksgiving is prime time for this, right? But you know what else this time is full of?? Stress. Fall semesters are always my hardest. It’s so hard to get in the groove after hanging out and playing all summer long. We’re getting toward the end so it is crunch time! Also, this can be a stressful time for family. I’ve said it before but I have a pretty chaotic family life. Even though it’s exciting it’s also a little nerve recking. Plus additional holiday festivities.. So when I saw the #mindfulomies challenge I was like this is legit perfect for me right now. It’s been a crazy time and sharing gratitude everyday is just what I need. I’m a little behind but I’ll catch up! For day one, I am grateful for the practice of gratitude! It’s a little obvious but what’s not obvious is the impact it has had on my life! I don’t always write it down in a journal and some days are the same small things but it seriously has shifted my perspective so much. I think it’s also helping with some of coping skills and triggers. I’ve noticed that I’m really able to let go of frustration much quicker than in the past. Still not perfect at it! But I can see some beautiful changes!! I don’t think it’s too late for other people to join to so come play if you can! ☺️💗 ————— Hosts: @gentlesoulyogi @kelleyapril @yoginiinheels @yogi_liza @_monette Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves

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our.soulstories. by @reinstudios ✨

by @reinstudios ✨ ————— #oursoulstories

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our.soulstories. by @lilly_prinz 💛

by @lilly_prinz 💛 ————— #oursoulstories

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cherinekurdi. If your life is a garden. Then you would do your best to care for your

If your life is a garden. Then you would do your best to care for your garden. Water the plants. Talk to the flowers. Let the soil breathe. And the more you do that, the more your garden blossoms and attracts the birds and the bees that'll spread the seeds of your beautiful garden elsewhere. Even in far away lands you have never been to. But there's one thing an experienced gardener will never never do. It’s to care, water, and talk to bad weeds. Ask around you. An experienced gardener will ruthlessly pluck them from their roots and make sure they never grow up again to weaken his garden, his plants and his flowers. He'll prevent that to happen with all his might. He knows that's the only way to safeguard and preserve the beauty and health of his garden. Similarly in your life, it's important you learn to pluck out people, situations, your own crappy attitudes towards yourself and anything that will plague the garden of your life. Happy Plucking! Chérine Tips to make it easier on you: Always pluck out your weeds after the rain. The soil is damp and it's easier to pull them out.

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educating.earthlings. Most of you know this already, but I am a full-time nanny. I created E

Most of you know this already, but I am a full-time nanny. I created Educating Earthlings in 2016 to give myself something productive to work on during my down time when the kiddos were napping (instead of always just binging on Netflix or scrolling through Instagram). It started out as a way for me to share my experience going vegan and post my favorite recipes. Now it's turned into my passion, and a business I dream of making my full-time job. Making Educating Earthlings my full-time job requires monetization. I started out running a few ads, then partnering with some brands and finally writing my own eBooks. As my online business developed, people started reaching out asking for support in other ways. After trying a few different forms of online coaching, I decided to create the Educating Earthlings Learning Center, which has been in the pilot / development process for the past 6 weeks with 8 amazing students. Today, the finishing touches were put on the programs and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!! Check out the link in my bio to view the courses and programs I’m offering! 🤗🥰😘😍 I love you. Photo cred 📸 @amberdphoto

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Life is too fleeting. Donuts are too good. 🍩 The abdominal lines you see in fitness photo shoots are attainable. They are real. But they show after a fasted workout and fluid restriction. I felt like enjoying a champagne-filled brunch the day I took these photos. 🍾 What you see is what you get. Yes, abs look great, and I had them right after my workout. But then I wanted to drink a healthy amount of water, indulge in champagne, and eat like a human. Just being real with y’all. So don’t let anyone fool you, not even me. 🍰 Go love yourself now. If you’re hungry, go eat something, okay?

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Hosted my first live event tonight! And guess what….NOBODY showed up 😅 That’s right, not even one person. But I’m not letting that get me down because I showed up & prepared and at the end of the day I was doing it for myself. I want to be seen and felt as a leader. I want to be consistent and reliable. I want to push myself to try new things without fear of the outcome. And tonight, I did that. Cheers to this party of one! 🥂💃

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I’ll probably be dreaming about this wedding for the rest of forever. 😍This week I’ll be working on my 7th wedding since the beginning of October, and then I dive right into holiday parties! Like always, I’m a busy little lady, but a very very happy one. 🙌🏻 #lovewhatyoudo #yourownmagic

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yoga.horse. “As a breeze ruffles the surface of a lake and distorts the images ref

“As a breeze ruffles the surface of a lake and distorts the images reflected the run, so also the chitta vrtti disturb the peace of the mind. The still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it. When the mind is still, the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it. The yogi stills his mind by constant study and by freeing himself from desires. The eight stages of Yoga teach him the way.” -Light on Yoga 🌈It doesn’t matter what posture, ‘pose’ or sequence, this is the practice. 🌼come to yoga tonight to calm that monkey mind 🌸5:30 core flow 🌿7 evening yoga We’ll be practicing the same thing in both. #peace 🌈 Both an accessible, one hour. or. stay for both :) #chittavrtti #chittavrttinirodhah #manifest #yourownmagic #wheredoesyourmindwander #vrttis = #fluctuationsofthemind #mountainsolyoga #practice #alllifeisyoga Photo from @running_rivers many moons ago :) 🌿 “When the senses are stilled, when the mind is at rest, when the intellect wavers not- then, say the wise, is reached the highest stage. This steady control of the senses and mind has been defined as Yoga. He who attains it is free from delusion.” -the Kathopanishad

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💫Love Your Body 💫 Do you pay attention to and appreciate your body? I don’t just mean in the sense of nothing it’s beauty, but noting it’s function too. Your body is with you everyday, getting you from A-Z, breathing and living. Even if there’s things ‘wrong’ with your body, it still functions well enough to keep you alive. To keep you going. But I often find we overlook this, we disconnect from our bodies. Refusing the core part of ourselves love, attention, and appreciation. Notice your body right now, how it feels and where you’re holding tension. Then just...let go of that; breathe it out and feel openness. It’s okay to feel disconnected from ourselves at times, but remember to love your body, it’s here for you! 📸: @ali_tate_cutler

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our.soulstories. poem on @chasingthebliss_ ‘s blog ✨ link in her bio!

poem on @chasingthebliss_ ‘s blog ✨ link in her bio! ————— #oursoulstories

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our.soulstories. by amazing @el.gilly 💕

by amazing @el.gilly 💕 ————— #oursoulstories

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This is all I know: ☝🏽 Life is too full of contrast to pretend we have it all figured out. Mistakes make us wiser. Grace makes us grateful. Pain makes us stronger. Love makes us hopeful. We’re only human, so we can’t be perfect; but we must pursue progress. 💪🏼 My life has been much like baking a chocolate cake. The eggs (or in my case, plant-based egg replacer) tastes pretty icky on their own. Even the cocoa powder is bitter without sweet ingredients…But even the sweetest sugar, without the diversity other parts, wouldn’t be that appetizing either. 👩🏻‍🍳 Life is a mix of the good and the bad. Contrast is what creates beauty. I wouldn’t be who I am without all the parts, even the worst parts that have “baked” me into who I am today. ☯️ Believing that ALL THINGS work together for your good is the simplest way to find peace in the midst of pain, despair, discomfort, or disease. Believe that now. Breathe deeply and take hold of hope. Don’t give bitterness the opportunity to take root in you. 🙏🏽 Speaking of baking…As a college student, I would have loved a luxurious kitchen to bake cookies and cake in. @campionlafayette (the future finest student housing of Lafayette) is going to have top-of-the-line kitchens, complete with beautiful appliances — perfect for baking late-night studying treats! I thoroughly enjoyed chilling in your future, fabulous kitchen! 🍪 Visit Campion Headquarters at 801 E. University to tour the whole apartment today. #SmartApartmentsForSmartStudents #WhyRenewWhenYouCanLiveNew #Campion_Partner

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Even more magical than a typical library 💛

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cherinekurdi. This is a ficus bonsai tree if you look on the right it’s the real bon

This is a ficus bonsai tree if you look on the right it’s the real bonsai which is the art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed trees and shrubs in pots. You will notice its distinct small leaves. . On the left, it’s our decision not to keep on dwarfing the tree but allow it to just be true to itself. So it grew bigger leafs. They’re 4 times bigger. . Our true nature always takes over. #thecourageousyou

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There’s magic in all of us. 💫 You gotta fall in love w/ yourself to find that all the inspiration you were looking for was already within you. Open your eyes. Open your mind, your heart. Let go of all your fears. Let go of the shitty energy. Listen to Mother Earth & just do more of what makes you happy. 🌸 🌎 👁 👂

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cherinekurdi. The Husband helped me with today’s set up for my encore live mastercla

The Husband helped me with today’s set up for my encore live masterclass. I have to feel comfortable when I have a 90 mn workshop. And also I have to have an inspiring view in front of me. . He took care of that. Once again. I’m grateful.

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